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A marketing maven and business strategist, Sara helps teach purpose-driven entrepreneurs how to build highly impactful and profitable businesses that make their hearts sing and push the human race forward. After spending years marketing and building major brands & tech startups, she now helps ambitious entrepreneurial changemakers fearlessly give their gifts to the world so they can make a huge difference and achieve big, bold dreams. Whether it’s through her radio show, consulting firm or now, Hello Fearless, she is the go-to for all things related to launching, growing and scaling businesses aimed to unlock human potential and change the world (yep, change the world.)

Often described as a creative force of nature, she virtually licks her lips at all of life’s endless possibilities and is hell-bent on hers -- and yours -- being a raw, authentic, red-hot, passion-filled adventure. She’s obsessed with discovering her truest desires, achieving freedom and integrating play & fun into all that she does. And it’s this unique experience, style & moxie that draws other incredible entrepreneurs to her like a moth to a flame.

Sara is a high-energy entrepreneur and aspiring yogi who wants to see the world and meet everyone in it. Born and raised in the Midwest (yes, we really are “that nice”), she believes that no matter where you come from anything is possible. And she has near-palpable passion for empowering women to fearlessly give their gifts to the world. When she’s not building companies or heart-storming with clients + friends, you can find her daydreaming/journaling, jet-setting to another city, discovering the hottest new technologies or dancing her ass off at an Electronic Music Festival.

By surrounding herself with inspiring, brilliant people who have out-of-the-box ideas, Jen ensures that there is always another challenge to overcome and is happiest when working through her to-do list involves chocolate by her side. She has a crazy-diverse background in product, operations, event coordination, account management, sales, and marketing for nonprofits, science policy, medical device, online education, career development, and mobile companies. Yes, all of that under one fashionable little belt. A Jackie of all trades, these roles have enabled her to be relentlessly resourceful and versatile. Jen is someone who makes things happen -- often against all odds -- and particularly excels at taking a huge project, breaking it down into realistic steps, and getting it from idea to reality. If there is a wall in her way, God forbid, she’ll go over it, under it, find a way around it, become friends with it, or make it her b*&%^. Her can-do, go-above-and-beyond attitude is evident to everyone she meets, both professionally and personally.

This California native was born and raised in NorCal, educated in SoCal, and now lives in No-Cal, where she literally starts each day trying to figure out how to dress for the whole “seasons” thing. She has a fervent desire to wake up every morning excited for the day ahead and know that her work, time, and energy is being spent on something truly groundbreaking and rewarding.

When she isn’t obsessively checking the weather forecasts, you can find her reading actual books (yes, a real paperback-holdout!) or getting peer-pressured into aerials silks (amazing!), pole-dancing (not so amazing), or half-marathons (confession: only did it for the Tiffany’s). She loves FOOD! of all shapes and sizes, is determined to eat her way around the world, and prevents her pending obesity through yoga, pilates, and boot’s working only semi-successfully.

Yay! Welcome to the party.

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