5 Mantras to Crush your Fears & Burn Through Resistance

March 6th, 2015 | hellofearless



Most of the time, my monumental goals and big dreams scare the living hell out of me. If I am really honest with myself and set the goals that I wholeheartedly want to pursue, I usually end up wanting to hide and I procrastinate like crazy.

It’s insane how much effort I put into resisting doing the big and meaningful work and how much I try to keep myself small.

And I know that a lot of us struggle with this.

Knowing what our calling is, most of the time is not enough. As soon as we find our purpose, which can be intimidating, we have to face the question of getting there.

So how do we move ahead when our goals seem unattainable, yet impossible not to pursue?

Here’s five phrases you can recite as many times as you want that will help you stay clear and loving with yourself when putting your souls work out into the world:


#1 “I appreciate myself for being, not doing.”

All doing is rooted in being, which means that who you are is what propels your actions. Who you are becoming over the course of your life is what truly impacts the world.

Reaching your goals is 80% inner game and only 20% inspired and loving action. I invite you to nourish yourself and focus on celebrating who you are, because the more you fill yourself up, the more your will overflow with love and impact.


#2 “I speak to my mountains. I lean into the intensity.”

What if the purpose of life was to beat us soft, so that we can be an open and flexible vessel for love and truth?

What if every challenge you are facing is an opportunity to choose love over fear?

What if every experience of your past was meant to prepare you for your calling?

There’s an answer in every question just like there’s a solution in every problem. The magic unfolds when you embrace the choppy waters and dive more deeply into them in order to find your truth.

My favorite way to do this is to recite the mantra “I speak to my mountains. I lean into the intensity.” And then to open up my hands to receive the lesson.


#3 “I feel the fear and I move anyways.”

Fear is a feeling. And it does not necessarily reflect a real life threat.

Our brains are meant to keep us safe and in situations that we survived before. So even though you might not like your current situation, your critter brain wants to keep you here because its primary intention is to help you survive. Which means that every time you grow and every time you step into a new space, there will be either resistance, fear or growth pain.

I have come to truly love my critter brain and its amazing intentions for me. Before moving ahead and taking a leap, I like to thank it for watching out for me. I notice the fear and the resistance and I am grateful for it. And I move anyways.


#4 “How could I enjoy this?”

Imagine feeling the complete opposite about this situation than you are feeling right now. What if you were over the moon with excitement and anxiously awaiting whatever is on its way to you?

Step into that persona and write down your beliefs, actions, physiology and use of words. Describe the You who knows that one can be comfortable even in the uncomfortable.


#5 “What’s the next right move?”

My biggest vice is dreaming up my ideal future and then wanting to jump into it right away. Having to have it NOW. And getting frustrated when I don’t reap any short term results.

This has led me to change my approach from envisioning my future to envisioning my future AND the steps that will take me there.

Before setting out to doing anything, I ask myself: “What’s the next right move for me right now, right here?”

Upgrading the present incrementally while staying connected to the future has helped me move from frustration to appreciation of the journey.

I dream up the path and I am just as anxiously excited for the journey to my vision, as I am for the vision itself.


How do you crush your fears and burn through resistance?

Let me know in the comments!


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