“Be the Boss, We’ll Front the Cost” Scholarship Announcement

September 25th, 2014 | Sara Davidson

When we first envisioned the  “Be the Boss, We’ll Front The Cost”  Boss School scholarship, we never imagined it would take off in the way that it had.

Each and every day the scholarship was open, we would constantly (okay, borderline obsessively) check our emails and celebrate each submission. We have been so heads down and focused to get everything perfect with development and design and creation…that it’s so easy to forget the whole point of why we’re doing it in the first place. Reading scholarship submissions reminded us why we created Hello Fearless and Boss School.  Because at the end of the day, this would be nothing without you: your visions, your hopes, and your dreams. Many applications made its mark in the sheer hilarity of your personalities. Others made our hearts explode and cry happy tears. But all the while, we’ve been in serious awe over each and every one of you.

We had submissions from Indiana to Guatemala to Cyprus to Abu Dhabi to Ireland, and we’ve never felt so connected with the world than at this moment. Isn’t it astonishing how community is no longer defined by proximity and location?! Thanks to the internet, we can be connected to someone halfway across the world just as easily as someone just in the next city over.

We created Boss School for all the women who have big dreams but still need to learn real life business essentials that can be used for the long haul. We learned firsthand how hard it is to build a successful business without understanding the business fundamentals. There are other programs out there that leave many of us confused and disappointed, so we want to be the school that helps you find your zone of genius and give you everything that you need to build a sustainable profitable business for years to come.

It takes brave, bold, brilliant, creative, and, yes, fearless women to take the first step to start chasing your dreams. Those of you who applied for this scholarship showed us and — more importantly, yourself — how ready you are to change your life. Each and every one of you have the burning desire to want something greater than what you are currently doing, yet you alone have the power to create your own reality. The only thing we can do is be by your side rooting you on as you’re making it happen.

It was extremely difficult for us to pick only 3 scholarship winners. Every application was sincerely amazing (and we aren’t just saying that either!)

Congratulations to the following women whom we have selected as our first Boss School Scholarship recipients:

Jessica Jameson

Jessica is a devoted mother who is motivated and ready to be a boss. In this past year, she’s been preparing herself mentally to start her own business and take that leap of faith, which we all know is key throughout this journey. Jessica dreams to help women become both physically and mentally healthy through “mind, body, and soul” fitness classes. She is determined to help women by getting them to kick  all the self-deprecating statements and thoughts to the curb and empower them to be the strong woman they truly are. Jessica’s perseverance, work ethic, and down right amazing attitude is why we are so excited to have her be a part of Boss School.

Sang Thi Duong

Sang’s story impacted us on so many different levels. This fearless woman has overcome domestic violence, lived out of her car, faced homelessness with two kids, and has turned her experiences into motivation in  helping empower single mothers to BE the change they want to be.  Her “have it all” attitude is precisely why Boss School is so lucky to have her, and we cannot wait to work with her to stop the stigma of single motherhood and make their voices heard.

Deborah Counsman

Debbie is an absolute hustler: this 20-something year-old is determined to help entrepreneurs get their professional business brand and personal fashion style working together like PB&J…but it’s hard to do so when she barely makes enough to pay her bills, her gas-guzzling car for her hour-plus long commutes and still have a little left over for necessities. We want to make Debbie’s dream a reality because we’ve been THAT girl too — the girl who busts her ass for someone else and doesn’t seem to be able to reap the rewards of doing so. Plus, we’re really excited to enjoy trashy reality shows, coffee, and sing Pitch Perfect songs with her throughout Boss School.

We hope you’ll join Jessica, Sang, and Debbie in Boss School. We’re opening our doors October 1, school starts October 12th, and it’s going to be a blast. Make right now the moment when your real life begins.