February 8th, 2015 | hellofearless

The time has finally come to announce the 2015 Boss School scholarship winners! The past few days we’ve been pouring through an overwhelming number of scholarship applications and needless to say, we were speechless from the powerful stories and visions from each and every one of you. The ideas and motivations behind each business were unbelievable, and we’re so humbled to create a community of so many ambitious, passionate women entrepreneurs.

Our hearts are exploding with gratitude and inspiration. Here’s why.

Reading scholarship submissions reminded us why we created Hello Fearless and Boss School. Because at the end of the day, this would be nothing without you: your visions, your hopes, and your dreams. The entries we received made us laugh, cry and tugged at our heartstrings. Some made us want to emulate their lives, while others made us feel lucky about our own. But every single application was an eye-opener and we’ve been in serious awe over each and every one of you.

It has been an absolute honor to read through each and every application submitted.

It takes brave, bold, brilliant, creative, and, yes, fearless women to take the first step to start chasing your dreams. Those of you who applied for this scholarship showed us and — more importantly, yourself — how ready you are to change your life. Each and every one of you have the burning desire to want something greater than what you are currently doing, yet you alone have the power to create your own reality. The only thing we can do is be by your side rooting you on as you’re making it happen.

It was extremely difficult for us to pick only 3 scholarship winners. Every application was sincerely amazing (and we aren’t just saying that either!)

Congratulations to the following women whom we have selected as our 2015 Boss School Scholarship recipients:

Catina Mount

Catina is an absolute fighter. She is a “hope hustler” and a “purpose pusher”. With her blog AnchoredHope.org, she teaches and inspires others how to get anchored in something greater than themselves. We knew she had to be a total badass when she received over 15 nominations for this scholarship!! Catina’s perseverance, work ethic, and down right amazing attitude is why we are so excited to have her be a part of Boss School.

Tatiana Fernald

Tatiana’s story impacted us on so many different levels. Tatiana dreams to help children and teens with special needs to become both physically and mentally healthy through therapy dance classes. This fearless woman has a huge heart and has been dreaming about helping families with children that have special needs since age 6! She is determined to give them would have a fun way to strengthen their minds and bodies, as well as, express themselves. Her hustler attitude is precisely why Boss School is so lucky to have her, and we cannot wait to help make her dream a reality!

Bree Noble

​Bree is a devoted mother who is motivated and ready to be a boss. Her dream is to start an online school for female musicians to help them master the business side of their music career. As a successful musician herself, she understands how to overcome the struggle of taking your career to the next level and wants to spare other female artists that frustration. And if you think that’s fearless, listen to this- she is legally blind and has been since birth. Talk about an absolutely unstoppable woman! She won’t let anything stand between her and her dream of starting her online school for female musicians, which is why we are so excited and honored to have her a part of Boss School!

One of the most amazing things we have at Hello Fearless is our community and the support and love we always share with one another. So lets take a moment to congratulate the winners by commenting below.

Once again, a HUGE thank you if you submitted your application, for sharing your vision and story with us.


Interested in applying for Boss School? Email Emily at Emily@hellofearless.com.