January 28th, 2015 | hellofearless

Happy Women Power Wednesday!

If you’ve been wanting to start your dream business or have a business and have been struggling a little bit to take it to the next level, we have a super exciting announcement for you!

We’ve had SO many of you asking when the next launch of Boss School is… and it’s happening in the next several weeks!! Now we know that sometimes you just need a little bit of help to get started, which is why we are committed to giving away 3 FULL RIDE scholarships to Boss School!

We can’t tell you how excited we are! We have just wrapped up the last class of Boss School and the women absolutely blew us away with their motivation, inspiration and dedication. It has been phenomenal to watch how the Boss Ladies connect with each other and truly make their dream a reality.

This scholarship is truly the opportunity of a lifetime, where you will get an all access pass to Boss School, an amazing network of fearless founders and a community of women just like yourself for FREE. We will take you through more than just – financial, legal, marketing and all the businessy principles needed for your business (that are important)…but we will go much deeper than that. We will focus on YOU, and everything you need as an entrepreneur – you are the passion, alignment, motivation, the driving force for change in your own life.


That’s right. I’m so excited to announce the “Be the Boss, We’ll Front the Cost” scholarship, where we will pay for a few lucky ladies to get into Boss School for the best possible price — FREE!

I know what you might be thinking. And the answer is a resounding yes—Boss School is totally worth it!



On the flip side, we all know someone who has always talked about starting their dream business, but still hasn’t taken that next step. Now is her chance, and you can make it happen. You can nominate her for a scholarship to go through Boss School for FREE by telling us her story and why she should be selected. Nominate them by tagging them in our comments section on this post, and be sure to tell us why they deserve it.
We are accepting applications until Sunday, February 1st at 11:59PM EST, so don’t hesitate! Winners will be announced Wednesday, February 4th!



Do you have an idea for a business you’ve always wanted to start? Well, this is your sign, sister! All you have to do is hop on over to our page to tell us about your business idea and why you’d like to be considered.




PS- The last round of Boss School we had 3 incredible, motivated and inspiring women receive the full ride Boss School scholarship. It has been absolutely the most rewarding experience to see them live out their dreams and create a business and life they are wild obsessed with. Check out this blog post featuring the 3 winners from last year… and remember, this could be you!