When Doors Close, Look for a Window — Meet Debbie

October 15th, 2014 | Jennifer Ong

Editor’s Note: In case you couldn’t tell, we’ve got some pretty amazing women in Boss School. Earlier, we profiled Jessica Jameson — a single mother who is motivated to create a bootcamp-style fitness facility for women. Today we’re thrilled to introduce Debbie Counsman, a fearless hustler after our own heart. We hope you’ll love her as much as we do!


By Sarah-Guyton Runnels


Nine-to-five jobs work for some, but Debbie Counsman wants more. Like many millennials, Debbie was told that if you go to college and get a degree, you will find your career. But after graduating and working in the job market for a bit, she realized it takes much more than four years of studying to get to your dream job; it takes extreme perseverance and a great outlook on life to push through the bad and see the good in the distance. Debbie is determined to change her life, and is hell-bent on getting the job she wants.


“If you were to ask me a year ago to start my dream business I would have said there was no way… but if no one is going to give me the job I want, then I will have to create the job I want.”


Debbie is in the midst of a journey in professional discovery and during it, she is learning how to recognize signs and have faith that it will soon become reality. She is taking time to figure out who she is and what she wants from life, and envisions a company that merges professional business branding and personal fashion style.

“I started manifesting and noticing signs and learned that getting all these no’s brought me where I am now and getting an opportunity to go to Boss School…which will get me on the right path in starting my dream business.”

But she isn’t waiting around. This past summer she started worked on creating her dream company. First steps: she started a fashion blog and created a basic website…but she soon realized it wasn’t working, because she realized she didn’t have any credibility as a brand and personal stylist.

“I made a basic website and had a few beta testers to give me feedback, I was trying to market myself but no one knows who I am. I was in this place where I had hit a wall with my current job and deciding I needed something to do right now to make money so I can launch the brand stylist company the way I wanted to ….so I put it on hold.”

One Friday night, knowing she had to think of some way to make money so she could start working towards her dream, Debbie began brainstorming. Her skills as a copywriter and editor led her to realizing this could be the moneymaker she needs to allow for the freedom of her dream business. This realization, paired with some savvy Google image searching, lead Debbie to the creation of Miss-FixIt.com. By putting her dream business on a temporary hold, she is ultimately allowing for her dream to grow in ways she never knew were possible. It was a hard decision, but it was one that she recognized she had to make.

“I’ve gone through all these different trainings that left me questioning. They told me I needed a big ticket item that will give the client everything they need. But for me, sometimes I just want a professional to look over my website and tell me what they think. It may just be a few tweaks but I don’t need this huge package. I don’t need a copywriter… I don’t need a designer… I don’t need this huge package. What I’ve done is broken up a traditional package into smaller items so they can pick and choose what they want. There is a larger package if they want it for more of a fine dining experience. I’ve gotten feedback and they love it.”

Now that Miss-FixIt.com is off the ground, profitable and building some credibility, Debbie is now able to focus on what she wants to do as a career.


“Brand Stylist is my dream business — it’s something I know I can do. I’ll take my marketing background and help people with their business and personal brand…I specifically want to help entrepreneurs. You can’t show up to work in yoga pants everyday…even though we would like to. You have to have a personal fashion as well has an amazing business. I’ll look at what they are selling, see how they are marketing themselves and help them evolve their style.”


Debbie heard a lot of “no’s” in her life but what is so special about her is that when she is faced with a problem, she faces it head on. This girl is fearless. We love her hustler personality and see the huge potential in her branding/personal stylist business. When you are working from home, it’s so easy to slip on some sweatpants and not brush your hair. Believe me, I’ve been there! But the confidence you get when you spend the time to look put together is incredible. Debbie’s company would help those of us who are ready to shed our comfy clothes and embrace our inner boss lady.

We are so excited to take this journey with her!