The feminine way of running a business

February 24th, 2015 | hellofearless



As women, we are equipped for mind blowing success.

Our combination of strong intuition, open and graceful hands and being natural creators is an energy source that, if properly tapped, will never go dry.

Even though I always try to keep the three pillars of running a feminine business at the core of each of my business activities, sometimes I forget and I find myself getting caught up in the masculine way of doing, striving and achieving.

So let’s all take a deep breath and remember how to run businesses the feminine way.

The wise woman begins any endeavor by first grounding herself, strengthening her spirit and tapping into her intuition.
– Erin Telford


Pillar 1: True self-care is what drives my business forward

I am a firm believer that what we see in the outer world is first created within ourselves. Our environments mirror our internal state very precisely and if we don’t keep ourselves happy and humming, our lives will be an exact reflection of that.

This is especially true for service entrepreneurs. I have to be a living example of my word and walk my talk every day. The more that I embody what I believe in and what I want to see in the world, the more my friends, family and clients will embody that too.

The people around us are an image of us and so are our businesses.

Success is 90% inner game and only 10% inspired action. By nourishing myself, I nourish my business and life.


Pillar 2: I honor my flow

Did you know that there are four phases to your cycle?

Depending the phase you’re in, your hormone levels either rise or drop and this affects your mood and energy levels. For years, I have been trying to reach a perpetual state of flow, not knowing that this is just not realistic. Women’s lives and bodies move in cycles and the more we can get in tune with our inherent rhythm, the more we will experience a state of true flow.

Let me walk you through the four phases so that you can align yourself with the natural cycle of your body:

Phase one / Menstruation Phase / Winter

Winter is the perfect time for resting, integrating and turning inside. Use the time of your period to slow down, take a break and check in with yourself. Oftentimes we feel a sense of relief around this time, so this would be a perfect time to declutter your life and let go of old ways of thinking and being. As you take time to yourself, make sure you keep yourself safe and well cared for since you might feel a little vulnerable around this time.

The menstruation phase usually lasts around four to six days.

Phase two / Follicular Phase /Spring

The snow is melting and the world is giving birth to new ideas, beauty and life. Use this boost of energy to bring down the house at networking or speaking events and schedule your most important meetings and public appearances for this time. You’ll be reaping tons of amazing new contacts and deals. Your great verbal skills will make you the star of presentations and parties, so go out and socialize!

This phase lasts until days 10-14 of your cycle (start counting from day one of the bleeding phase)

Phase three / Ovulatory Phase/ Summer

You are a showstopper! Photoshoots, TV appearances, weddings? Whatever you do and wherever you go, people just can’t take their eyes off you! You are radiant, your skin glows and your confidence is at an all-time high!

During your ovulatory phase, your fertility and sex drive is going through the roof. Looking to start a family? Now is the time to do it!

Also, you might notice a heightened sense of vision, smell and taste along with ridiculous energy and irresistible looks.

Think dating, marketing, photoshoots and extreme exercise!

The ovulatory phase lasts only a couple of days.

Phase four / Luteal Phase/ Fall

After ovulation you find yourself still riding high off of the hormones and endorphins of your time in the spotlight. As you start winding down from that though, take time to really make the transition from “out there” to “in here”.

Just like the trees let go of their leaves, you eventually have to shake off the glitter, slow down and integrate. Clear your calendar and stay close to home. This is the perfect time to organize, write and revise. Create a structure for the cycle ahead so that you can use the four phases of the month to your benefit.

You might also be craving carbs and comfort foods, so make sure to nourish yourself and take care of your body.

I found that the more I move with my cycle and hormonal levels, the easier and better my work gets. I made it a habit to schedule around my phases and to really take time for myself when my body needs it.


Pillar 3: The power of sisterhood

We don’t have to do it all by ourselves. Having a strong support system to keep you on track with your goals and intentions is gold. I credit the sisterhood created by my mentor Jeannine Yoder for my fast growth and I truly believe that without someone by my side all time, I would have crashed and burned many time thus far. They keep me accountable and they don’t let me fail. The strength and support I get to give and receive every day is incredibly healing and energizing.

Reach out to your tribe and join a sister circle or mastermind. Together, we can achieve anything!

Let me know in the comments:

Which steps are you taking today to honor the three pillars of running a feminine business? How do you take care of yourself first? How do you honor your cycle? How do you tap into the magic of sisterhood?



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