How to Get Sh*t Done

January 27th, 2015 | hellofearless

By: Hanna Bier

How many items do your currently have on your to-do list? 37? 6?
You don’t use to-do lists? (Oh, you rebel, you!)
Well, if you DO write them, do you always finish each task on your list?
Do you sometimes beat yourself up for not completing everything?
Do you silently judge your laziness and call yourself stupid when you work your ass off without any tangible results?

I have a very passionate hate/hate relationship with my to-do lists. I know I need to write down my tasks in order to visualize my daily goals, but I also have a habit of writing down ridiculous things like “brushing teeth” and “e-mailing my aunt” and crossing these tasks off first in order to keep me feeling like I am making progress.

And then at the end of the day I realize I did NOTHING that actually drove my business forward! I wasted an ENTIRE DAY doing stuff just so that I could tell my friends: “Oh. You know running a business is SO FREAKING HARD, I worked all day and there’s still SO much to do.”

So much for being a grown up and having my shit together.
Luckily I am a life coach and this means that my job requires me to face my vices and walk my talk.
So let’s stop the glorification of busy and actually get some shit done.

Step #1: Ask yourself, what are your three business goals for the year?

What are your three business goals for the quarter?
What are your three business goals for the month?
What are your three business goals for the week?

Get very specific, add some numbers and deadlines and write it all down. Then, look at your list and check if the weekly goals lead to accomplishment of the monthly goals and the monthly goals to accomplishment of the quarterly and yearly goals.

Revise if necessary (and make sure to stick to three).

Step #2: What actions do you need to take each working day in order to reach your weekly goals?

Identify one main goal and two back-up goals.

The main goal is the goal that will truly drive your business forward and make you money! Which task is the most important one for the success of your business?

Do that first.

The backup-goals are still crazy important but don’t have the highest priority and will be done after the main goal is taken care of.

Step #3: Get it done and then get a life.

That’s right. Your productivity is also dependent on what you do in your free time, so make sure to LIVE. Spend some time outside to rest your brain. Talk to your family and friends. Go to that pole dance class you’ve been meaning to check out.

Because one of the reasons why we start and run businesses is to have more freedom in our schedules, so USE that and have an amazing day!!

Do you realize what this means? The faster you get your three goals done, the sooner you can enjoy your life and you don’t even have to feel guilty because you just took crazy important steps that ensure your businesses success!

Oh, and the little tasks you left behind because they’re not THAT important?

Honor your time and life and delegate the small stuff.

You’re welcome, love.

Do you have any other tips on how to get stuff done? Comment below and let me know!



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