How to Get Over A Case of the Mondays

March 17th, 2015 | hellofearless



It’s Monday. Let’s walk through a little entrepreneurial journey to see if this sounds familiar…

You’re sitting in your cubicle, having a classic case of the Mondays. You dreaded getting out of bed this morning, knowing that the work you’re doing doesn’t truly make you feel alive.

You down some coffee just to keep your eyes open and thank god for Spotify that let’s you listen to some powerhouse songs that help you muster up the energy to keep going.

You start checking your emails, while still keeping an eye on your phone’s Facebook newsfeed, searching for some glimmer of inspiration from a YouTube video or a Beyonce quote. You see some people complaining per usual (and know they’ll never change) and you see some people CRAZY fulfilled, and you wonder why you don’t feel the same way.

Right about then, your boss walks up to you to ask about the TPS report you’re supposed to turn in (or insert whatever unfulfilling task it might be), and when they walk away, you say to yourself, THIS is the last year. You’re fired up. Heck, he/she didn’t even listen or even consider your last few kickass ideas. And you’re thinking…

I literally can’t go another year living like this. And you can’t stop daydreaming about this idea that you’ve had for awhile now. There has to be more.

You’re done living for the weekends, working just to live instead of living to work because you LOVE IT.

Then reality sets in… now what?!

And you question… is it really even possible? How the hell can I ever make enough money to take the leap? I’m already exhausted, how can I ever find the time to get this thing off the ground?!

You’ve seen other women do it. In fact, you continue reading stories, books keep falling off the shelf, you discover new websites offering to help you.

You think deep down that it’s a sign, but doubt if you’re really ready.

And this is your typical Monday. In fact, each week you got a case of the “Mondays.”



It’s okay, it happens to everyone from time to time. I get it, it’s not always fun to jump back into a tough work week after a super fun (or relaxing weekend). And even if you love your job, it’s natural to feel that way occasionally.

But what happens when it becomes more chronic? When you start to absolutely dread going into work wayyyy before Monday? You know that feeling… that lump in your stomach that makes you feel anxious, stressed out on Sunday evenings?

And you watch yourself becoming resentful and even a little jealous of other women you see who have thrown in the towel to their monotonous life to pursue one that’s more of a red-hot, passion-filled adventure.

Sound familiar? In my opinion, that’s typically a sign that you’re ready to make a big change.

And entrepreneurship can be your saving grace. This doesn’t mean you have to dive in head-first, quit your job and move to another city (although, I’ve done that, too). It just means that if you’re feeling:

A.   tired/bored of the same routine

B.   unable to reach your professional goals at your current company

C.   dealing with annoying/unsupportive bosses and co-workers or

D.   feeling unfairly compensated and are sick of building someone else’s dream…

E.   on the verge of a BURN OUT

… it might be time to consider building your dream business.



So why entrepreneurship?

Because it offers you complete flexibility to make your own decisions (no more “bosses”). Because it can provide you with freedom to take off for a 3-week European vacation, sleep in, go to your daughter’s dance practice or even sip a martini at 10am on a Tuesday if you want.

Because it provides you with ongoing opportunities for learning and growth, and you have the power to make your dreams a reality.

Because there are no limitations in terms of impact, money or freedom. The more value you put out into the world, the more likely you are to be financially rewarded for it (no more 1% raises, sister).

And because you can be 100% unapologetically, authentically YOU. In fact, you can create raving fans and customers just because of that.

So now you’re probably like, sure Sara… I get it, but it’s not that easy! And what can I do right now to get out of this slump?



Step 1: Make a declaration that you’re done

When you really commit out loud that you’re going to make a change and you deep in your soul know it to be true, magical things start to happen. This is exactly why we launched our #Fearlessin15 campaign, and it’s been unbelievable to watch amazing things unfold for the women who made their declaration. Write it down, share it with friends and remember what you want. This in itself will help bring new more aligned opportunities & people into your life. Trust me, it works.

Step 2: Discover more about yourself and what you really want

This is a non-negotiable. Without knowing yourself, how can you possibly find what you’re looking for and what will make you happy? Especially when it comes to business (or your career), you need to spend some time on personal growth. Books, classes, a life coach — whatever you can to get to the root of you.

Step 3: Join a community of other women who are just like you

When you surround yourself with other ambitious, driven women, they lift you up when you’re down, cheer you on and hold you accountable to your dreams. Whether it’s in-person in your city or online like in our Hello Fearless Facebook group, it’s important to have women who really get you and don’t think you’re crazy for wanting more.

Step 4: Start learning what it’s going to take to make it happen

The first three steps are essential — but it’s crucial to get the right education & mentors that can save you a lot of time and money by sharing proven strategies to make it happen. So take a free webinar, read articles and sign up for courses. You and I both know they didn’t teach you everything in school, which is why we’re so lucky to have unlimited opportunities via the internet. 🙂

I’m sharing these things with you because they hands-down transformed my life and my businesses.

The entrepreneurial promised land isn’t a myth, ladies. It exists. And the journey is filled lot of hustle, sweat, passion, hard work & happiness. But at the end of the day, you get to build YOUR dream, not someone elses.

And I don’t know about you, but I sure as hell want to wake up each day excited about what I’m doing. Whether it’s a Monday or any other day of the week.

Share with us, how do you get over a case of the Mondays?