How To Maintain a Clear State of Mind

March 9th, 2015 | hellofearless



Filtering bullsh!t and shielding ourselves from psychic pollution is one of the most valuable traits we can develop as entrepreneurs.

We need our brains happily humming and buzzing with positivity in order to bring our most impactful work out into the world, so how can we strike a balance between learning new skills and absorbing information while not going into overdrive and overloading our brains with data?

Today, I am sharing with you four ways to keep your brains clear and vision bright!


#1 Listen to your thoughts

My favorite way to meditate whenever I feel frazzled and my mind is out of control is to lay down on my back with my bum against a wall and my legs up the wall. This is a yoga pose called Viparita Karani and it is extremely helpful for us over-thinkers who can’t seem to get their minds to shut up.

After having taken the pose, I invite you to just listen to what comes up in your head.

Notice your thoughts moving towards you like a wave, crashing against the shoreline of your consciousness and then pulling back again. And then notice the next thought coming and leaving again.

Stay here and observe the movement of your thoughts until your mind feels free and spacious again.


#2 Brain Dump

Take a piece of paper and write down your thoughts exactly as they come up in your mind. Whenever I do this, I usually end up with pages full of song lyrics, limiting beliefs and items on my to-do list.

So whatever comes up, just keep writing it down until your head is empty.



#3 Go for a walk

Leave your phone and watch at home and just walk. Take as much time as you need and just keep moving.

Spending time outside with no time limits or any other distractions feels like pouring honey over my brain. The more I move my body forward, the more I leave the clutter in my mind behind.

Sometimes I even visualize the contents of my brain falling out of the back of my head as I walk.


#4 Don’t give as many f*cks

Whenever your brain goes on overdrive, chances are, you might be giving way too many f*cks about things.

What if the world wouldn’t end if you didn’t complete your to-do list? What if it was totally OK to not be perfect and to just let stuff be the way it is.

The more we pressure ourselves into getting it all done and achieving our goals in the perfect way (whatever that means), the more our brains start going crazy and obsessing over insignificant stuff, which results in serious mind clutter.

The cure for giving too many f*cks?

Wabi sabi, it’s the Japanese art of finding beauty in the incomplete.

How can you let one thing you would be doing now, leave the way it is and just be ok with it?

Can you NOT do your laundry and be ok with your stinky socks being stinky for one more day?

Can you NOT make that green smoothie you’re always making for breakfast and have pancakes instead?

Can you NOT be perfect today and forgive yourself for it?


#4 Nourish yourself

Call me Captain Obvious but this truly works:

Support your brain by nourishing your body!

Answer these questions and then love yourself hard:

What is your self-care recipe that allows you to function at your highest level and think the best thoughts?

How much water do you need to drink each day?

How many servings of fresh fruit and veggies do you need?

Does it help to move and sweat every day?

How many hours of sleep do you need?

What do you have to wear in order to look and feel your best?

Could you support your well-being by getting a massage/facial/Reiki session?

The cleaner our bodies, the clearer our minds!


Now I would love to hear from you!

What is your secret sauce to happy brains?


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