Why you can’t just give up when things fall apart — Meet Jessica

October 13th, 2014 | Jennifer Ong

Editor’s Note: The first class of Boss School has officially started, and we could not be more excited. Each of the women are ambitious, driven, and motivated to make their dreams happen. We’d like to introduce you to one of them: Jessica Jameson. Jessica won one of our “Be the Boss, We’ll Front the Cost” full scholarships to get access, and after you read her story, we’re sure you’ll understand why 🙂 


By Sarah-Guyton Runnels


No college degree. A son to provide for. A marriage on the brink of failure.

This was the turning point in Jessica Jameson’s life.

When life happened and veered her into a different direction, Jessica had to do something provide for her new family. She quickly got a job working for a clothing boutique and worked her butt off to become an assistant buyer.


“It was really a blessing and kinda crazy they took a chance on me.”


She rocked at the job. Her new position gave her travel opportunities, and she played a critical role in promoting business growth, but unfortunately this also had Jessica away from her new family and missing valuable time with her growing son.

“From the outside looking in, everyone thought I was so cool… and I had this cool buying job… and got to travel to LA, Vegas and New York…”

But what the people on the outside couldn’t see was her whole world crashing down.

The stress from both Jessica and her husband’s careers started to impact their relationship. Although she left her job to focus on her family and marriage, they soon realized they had grown into two different people and decided it was time to part ways.

And now she had to figure out what to do.

Without the job she worked so hard for or a college degree to fall back on, what was she supposed to do now? Where was she supposed to go? How will she supposed to recover?


“ I was literally having to start all over and I was terrified.”


Her self-confidence was extremely low, and she struggled to get a job. She was worried that she would never find a career that would give her the same opportunities as her previous employment, and that she would miss out on opportunities just because she hadn’t finished her degree. She was searching for something that would give her clarity.

“I slowly started figuring out who I was….possibly for the first time in my life.”

Divorced life ended up being a blessing. When she didn’t have her son, she would run or exercise to help make time pass more quickly.

Soon, her attitude improved. Slowly and surely, she started believing things would get better. She began to realize that exercising was helping her heal make her stronger, both mentally and physically.


“Listen, I’m not this shredded ripped fitness queen…It’s just my attitude has changed.”


While on this path of self discovery and recovery, she met amazing women who shared their stories and experiences with divorce and life struggles. She took time to read books and learned that things typically fall apart right before they get better (Editor’s Note: totally true!).

She started working as a personal trainer and quickly realized her favorite clients were women, because she really connected with helping women get stronger and helping them feel better about themselves. It wasn’t about having six-pack abs, amazing arms, super toned legs or an amazing butt.

“It was about feeling better… together.”

Jessica’s story reinforces the fact that you can’t just give up when things fall apart. You have to keep going, and learning, and pushing through so you can get to the great part coming your way.

Jessica wants to create a business that breaks the traditional “women led by women business model” by creating a boot camp that empowers women to become stronger mentally and physically. She doesn’t want to have the stigma of an all-female gym or the embarrassment of counting points. She wants to create an atmosphere of women helping women feeling better about themselves in all aspects of their lives.

We’re sure you will see her name in the near future. She is excited that Boss School will help her skip the “figuring it out” stage and put her many steps closer to getting her business of the ground. Her bubbly attitude, commitment and drive are extraordinary, and we are so happy to have her apart of our first class!