How to Quickly Pull Yourself Out of a Slump and Get Back on Track 

February 17th, 2015 | hellofearless


When things go well in my business and I am trucking away happily, sometimes it feels like it’s always going stay that way.

Naïve as I am, I can’t help but think “Oh, I am just going to stay in that flow and my business will continue expanding like crazy.”

Sooner or later though, shit hits the fan and before I know it, I get thrown off balance.

Life moves in cycles and as blue-eyed as I sometimes am, I need to use the good times to prepare for the worst.

Because climbing a mountain sometimes requires us to go back down into the valley. And moving back up is so much easier when we are prepared for the struggle.

So here’s what I remind myself of when things get rough:


#1: Mind your own business.

Nobody can tell you how to do you, so focus on your own work first.

#2: Enroll in one training program at a time or focus on one skill you want to learn.

Unsubscribe from everything else. Focused efforts yield quality results.

#3: Take time to absorb new information.

Let your new skills and wisdom become part of your biochemistry by resting after you’ve learned something new.

#4: Don’t take any unsolicited advice.

Scanning through other people’s opinions on how to live your life and run your business consumes time and energy. Trust that you have everything you need to know at your disposal and if you need more information, you’ll ask for advice.

#5: Ask for support.

Hire a coach and/or join a mastermind, so that you have someone to help you get back on track and refocus when you’ve fallen off the wagon. Nobody can do it all by themselves, we all need support.

#6: Don’t bitch about your family and friends not getting what you do and being a distraction.

Be on your own team first. You can’t expect everybody around you to be supportive of you if you don’t support yourself.

#7: Shut out psychic pollution.

Notice how your words and thoughts either support your work or hinder it. The stories we play in our minds are 80% of the psychic pollution we experience. Pick yourself up and love yourself hard. There’s a talent of yours we desperately need.

#8: Understand what perseverance means.

Get comfortable with repetition and honor your flow. Repeat what works and allow yourself to rest whenever you need it.

#9: Work on what’s important first.

What is the one thing you need to do today to drive your business forward?

#10: Nourish yourself all the time.

Keep yourself clean, happy and humming and your creative juices will flow.

And the most important piece of advice:

Increasing productivity does not necessarily mean pushing harder and squeezing even more into our daily schedules, but rather, noticing our flow and then dropping into it deeply. The more we accept our ebbs and flows, the better we get at funnelling our creative energies.

It is completely fine to slow down and then speed up. There is no shame in your rhythm, trust that it’s perfect as it is.

What are your nuggets of wisdom that you would like to remind yourself of when your productivity plunges? How do you stay creative and happy?


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