What is a Fearless Woman?

January 29th, 2015 | hellofearless


At Hello Fearless, we had one goal — to help women all over the world become FEARLESS in their businesses and lives. To become unstoppable, to get everything they want, and then some.

What we have discovered and wholeheartedly believe is that your fearlessness is already in you! You just have to find it. Which is why we wanted to share with you a little inspiration today to help you on this journey.

We interviewed 30+ of the most fearless women entrepreneurs we know — women who are challenging the status quo, chasing their dreams, and living a life in alignment with their core selves. We like to call them #FearlessFounders, and they told us exactly what being a fearless woman means to them.

So… here are some of their answers! See what speaks to you. And if you’d like, just click the link to share it on Twitter to hopefully inspire more women to become #Fearlessin15.


What is a Fearless Woman?


“A fearless woman is a strong woman who isn’t afraid to stand up for something. When others sit by, she’s the one who stands up, steps up, and takes a stand.”
-Amy Taylor, Founder of WriteHuman {Tweet it!}

“A fearless woman says ‘knock knock motherf*cker,’ and then lets herself in.”
-Ash Ambirge, Founder of The Middle Finger Project{Tweet it!}

“A fearless woman looks for the good in herself and in others.”
-Dani Dipirro, Founder of Positively Present {Tweet it!}

“A fearless woman isn’t afraid to be authentic and fierce, yet humble.”
-Erica Berger, Founder of Catchpool {Tweet it!}

“A fearless woman supports other fearless women in her life.”
-Gini Dietrich, Founder of Spin Sucks {Tweet it!}

“A fearless woman trusts her instincts and speaks her mind.”
-Heather Whaling, Founder of Geben Communication {Tweet it!}

“A fearless woman is unapologetic about being herself.”
-Jennifer Kem,  Founder of Master Brand {Tweet it!}

“A fearless woman is someone who sees opportunities in obstacles.”
-Karin Agness, Founder of Network of Enlightened Women {Tweet it!}

“A fearless woman has opened her eyes to her amazing potential – finally seeing her great value and importance in the world – and consciously honors her passions and value with each decision, action, and thought.”
-Kathy Caprino, Founder of Ellia Communications {Tweet it!}

“A fearless woman does not allow her doubts to diminish her determination.”
-Katie Chapman, Founder of Fullanthropy {Tweet it!}

“A fearless woman knows the therapeutic power of laughter, fearless friends, and strong drinks.”
-Krista Whitley, Founder of Keepin up with Krista {Tweet it!}

“A fearless woman follows her heart, but has the strategy, the guts, and the vision to follow through.”
-Laura Scholz Founder of Scholz Communications {Tweet it!}

“A fearless woman acts on her intuition; knows that anything is possible; and believes in herself, no matter what.”
-Lynan Saperstein, Founder of The Big Factor {Tweet it!}

“A fearless woman is driven to success by her passions.”
-Megan Johnson, Founder of Tipsy Writer {Tweet it!}

“A fearless woman is vulnerable. She actually has fear but is able to overcome those fears with her strength and determination to keep moving forward and make things happen for herself.”
-Melanie Zimmer, Founder of Pink Door Development {Tweet it!}

“A fearless woman is not afraid of the word ‘No’.”
-Melissa Alam, Founder of The Hive and Femme & Fortune {Tweet it!}

“A fearless woman defies the odd and creates opportunities.”
-Sang Duong, Founder of Single Mother Academy {Tweet it!}

“A fearless woman doesn’t apologize for who she is and what she wants.”
-Sara Davidson, Founder of Hello Fearless {Tweet it!}

“A fearless woman continues to thrive, even when life turns upside down!”
-Sara Fisher, Founder of Woosah Wednesday {Tweet it!}

“A fearless woman strives to live with passion in all aspects of life. Take chances even when you don’t know the outcome.”
-Stephanie Carls, Founder of My Savvy Life {Tweet it!}

“A fearless woman defines success on her terms.”
-Stephanie Nickolich, Founder of Style your Success {Tweet it!}

“A fearless woman understands that personal and professional growth is a crucial part of life and it’s what leads to improvement, achievement, and of course … success.”
-Sylvia Browder, Founder of Browder Consulting Group, LLC {Tweet it!}

“A fearless woman isn’t afraid to fall down, get back up, and keep on keepin’ on.”
-Vasavi Kumar {Tweet it!}

“A fearless woman isn’t afraid of her own voice.”
-Amita Patel, Founder of Aligned Holistics {Tweet it!}

“A fearless woman finds her purpose in pursuing her passion.”
-Asha Dahya, Founder of Girl Talk HQ {Tweet it!}

“A fearless woman turns dreams into reality.”
-Dacia Eastin {Tweet it!}

“A fearless woman knows ambition isn’t a dirty word and pursues her passions full-heartedly.”
-Emily Raleigh, Founder of Smart Girls Group {Tweet it!}

“A fearless woman is ready to go big or go home.”
-Felena Hanson, Founder of Hera Hub {Tweet it!}

“A fearless woman trusts her instincts and speaks her mind.”
-Heather Whaling, Founder of Geben Communication {Tweet it!}

“A fearless woman listens to that quiet voice inside that says ‘keep going. You’ve got this.’”
-Jac McNeil, Founder of Coach & Thought Partner {Tweet it!}

“A fearless woman isn’t afraid to step outside her comfort zone and get gutsy.”
-Jessica Lawlor, Found of Get Gutsy Blog/Community {Tweet it!}

“A fearless woman is afraid to stand still. Her power lies in going and getting it.”
-Jill Salzman, Founder of The Founding Moms {Tweet it!}

“A fearless woman leads from the heart and speaks her truth.”
-Jolie Dawn, Found of, Intuitive Life Coach {Tweet it!}

“A fearless woman does not ask why is this happening to me, but why is this happening for me.”
-Michelle Goldblum Found of, I AM. creative {Tweet it!}

“A fearless woman has the courage to be on a quest to continually become who she is meant to be.”
-Michelle Bosch, Found of Forever Cash {Tweet it!}

“A fearless woman sees opportunity where others see failures.”
-Catalina Campos {Tweet it!}

“A fearless woman is unapologetic in her being, unstoppable in her calling and unfiltered on how she shares her truth with the world.”
-Allyson Byrd, Found of Profit Accelerator{Tweet it!}

“A fearless woman is is limitless.”
-Jackie Knechtel, Founder of The Catalyst Coach {Tweet it!}

“A fearless women mixes magic and action to create her reality. “
-Sora No {Tweet it!}