Boss School is an online course for aspiring and existing women entrepreneurs who want to turn their passion or 2AM ideas into 24/7, profitable, inspiring businesses. This 10-week, badass class is interactive, hands-on and helps you start (or whip into shape) your dream business.


You’re about to get a serious dose of legit.

We’ll take you through fun things like creating a brand, getting real on who your target customer actually is (and where to find them,) and understanding your strengths as a business owner. Plus, we’ll help you tackle all the things you’ve been avoiding, like proper legal structures, financial modeling, pricing strategies, and finding funding.

And since this is essentially a business school with heart, we’ve infused it with training bonuses to help you manage your relationships and health, overcome mindset limits and fears, and make sure your business aligns with your personal life.


Get your learn on so you can get your earn on.

The best part? Each module is led by the world’s leading experts; powerful mentors that you’ll have the chance to personally interact with. So get your learn on alongside other like-minded women from all over the world, take the modules at your own pace from the comfort of your own home, and walk away with killer insight and education on becoming the boss you’ve always known you could become.