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Brecciated Jasper: Meanings, Powerful Properties and Uses

Brecciated Jasper is known as the Stone of Strength and Vitality. It is a calming energies gaining crystal. Along with gorgeous appearance, Brecciated Jasper has powerful healing energies. The practitioners are using it for thousands of years and still appreciating its benefits. The welcomes forbearance, tolerance and peace for others and for thyself when facing troublesome situation. Most importantly it has no adverse effect.

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Brecciated Jasper is a stone which is found throughout the world. But, mostly mined throughout Africa, Brazil, China, and the United States. It’s relatively common form of Jasper, making it easily available.

Brecciated Jasper Meaning and Symbolism

The Brecciated Jasper held several meanings during different period of human spotlight. At beginning it was use as a perfect stone for protection in the life. Hereafter, and then as a emblem to evoke rainfall. This, a stone of tenderness, forbearance and tolerance. Also, it arouses one’s inner strength and increases perseverance.

Also, it is known as Poppy Jasper and is a nontransparent and condensed constituent of the amorphous Quartz genealogy. It belongs to trigonal crystal structure. It contains up to 20% foreign materials or inclusions. Including organic material and mineral oxide. These inclusions are responsible for determining colour, appearance and pattern of the stone. The Brecciated Jasper appears to be opaque and requires to be highly polish.

Brecciated Jasper Meaning in Legends

This form of Jasper is widely popular in the ancient world for its medicinal and spiritual awareness. It has been used over centuries by different civilization and cultures for its distinctive properties. Legends say that Brecciated Jasper stones drives away evil spirits and provides protection against snake and spider bites. This healing crystals have medicinal values that strengthens stomach and cures gynecological problems.

Brecciated Jasper Meaning as Birthstone

It is not a natural or traditional birthstone rather it is considered as a zodiac stone. It is an excellent stone for grounding and centering oneself. However it is use to bring mental lucidity. It dismisses harmful energies from space or environment and brings it back to its new source.

Brecciated Jasper Symbolism

Brecciated Jasper symbolizes the variety that is the Earth and implies to balancing and grounding. This uplifting stone provides mental clarity and increases focus of the bearer. Brecciated Jasper helps to increase organization and reduce all the stress. The dynamic stone is beneficial to unite courage, tenacity and strength with love and gentleness.

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Brecciated Jasper Zodiac Sign

Brecciated Jasper is a stone which associates with the water signs Aries, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio. However, the zodiac sign Aires and Scorpios have strong connection to the meaning of Brecciated Jasper.

People born under the astrological sign Aires should carry the stone when they are trying to solve any issues.

Image by Nat from Pixabay

Brecciated-Jasper has the ability to bring the people under the watermark Gemini out from any depression. It makes it possible for them to take new initiative when necessary.

Also, Brecciated Jasper helps the Leos to avoid any trouble and gather strength and courage to face any situation.

The Virgos can reduce stress, boost up self-esteem and increase motivation when they are distressed or depressed.

Moreover, The Brecciated Jasper can help the Libras to relax and deal with any problem without being demotivated. It is beneficial to Libras as it balances the male and female energies within themselves.

The people under the zodiac sign Scorpio can think more clearly with the help of the stones when they feel indecisive.

How mystical powers play significant role?

There is no scientific evidence that the crystal has mystical powers. But, it possesses some benefits that is considered to provide physical, mental and spiritual healing energy. It can be use to increase concentration and enhance creativity by its magic.

The brecciated jasper stone is detoxifying stone that helps to get rid of toxicities and unwanted vibrations in the body. It combines the grounding energy of Hematite and nurturing energy of Jasper resulting to bringing mental clarity and stability.

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The magical crystal Brecciated Jasper stones are excellent for grounding excess energy and emotions. Brecciated Jasper is a must-have for everyone who suffers from a sagging spirit on a regular basis. It has gentle energy that can support in solving any kind of problems. It has rejuvenating powers that can bring peace in the midst of any crisis.

Brecciated Jasper Meaning when worn according to western astrology:

As per the western astrology, Brecciated Jasper possesses as lucky charm. By the way of people born under the water sign Aries, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio. Its ruling planet is Mars. The colour lavender-pink, orangey white, dark red, reddish-brown, and gray are favorable for the stone.

The easiest and best way to use Brecciated Jasper is to simply keep it in person. More precisely, it can be wear in jewelry form. Packs into purse or pocket or slept with it keeping it under the pillow. To wear this Jasper as jewelry. The best option is to choose jewelries like Rings, belts, ankle and wrist bracelets. As these can be worn closest to the first, second and third chakra.

Brecciated Jasper Meaning
Image by Eugenio Cuppone from Pixabay

Furthermore, Brecciated Jasper stones are important to anyone who is searching for security, stability and home. It gives the feeling of being love and staying around their family members. It releases warm and stabilizing energy that can make the user feel secured and rooted.

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This magical gemstone nurtures, protects, and grounds energies so that one can be free from any sort of destructions. With this crystal, one can become more productive on an emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental level. Since Brecciated Jasper boosts up enthusiasm. It brings stability in life by making oneself both emotionally and physically stronger.

Brecciated Jasper Healing Properties and Benefits

Brecciated Jasper stone is widely popular amongst the practitioner to provide and protect the physical body. It is famous for promoting healing. Along with emotional and mental assistance, they believes it to have health benefit as well. This, promotes better gut health and prompts the recovery process after experiencing common diseases like fever or stomach upsets. Also, it assists the gastrointestinal tract allowing beneficial bacteria to flourish. It is also helpful to the reproductive health and solving fertility problem. This is a fertility crystal promoting healthy pregnancy. Even this stone is beneficial for getting out of postpartum depression. This stone will bring you joy and vitality, highlighting all your good traits.

Emotional Healing Properties of Brecciated Jasper

Brecciated Jasper has detoxifying energies that helps to remove all unwanted vibration and toxicities that help in emotional healing. It provides support to emotional bodies and aids in recovering from distressing ordeals while boosting saggy spirit. This makes one feel more optimistic regarding life. This is a powerful grounding stone that bring stability to accept all challenges in life. It makes oneself centered and brings clarity of thinking. Also, itbuilds in ability to keep fighting to achieve the dreams and overcome disappointments and heartbreaks.

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Spiritual Healing Properties of Brecciated Jasper

The spiritual energy significance of Brecciated or poppy jasper is not similar to the other healing crystals. The other stones directly connect individuals to unworldly spirits. But, this stone is not one of those that supports in the spiritual journeys. It develops the essence that makes one self to remain true and real. But the divine power of the crystal prioritizes one’s own spirit and connects to the people in the surrounding. It doesn’t sends message upto the cosmos rather makes it possible to focus more on own spirit. It is excellent for those who are suffering from saggy spirits as it scrambles all dark energies.

Metaphysical Properties of Brecciated Jasper

Metaphysical Properties Overview
Meaning Jasper is from the Greek word iaspi, which means ‘spotted stone’.
Zodiac Virgo
Symbolism Stone of Strength and Vitality
Birthstone October- Creativity and unlock your imagination.
Chakra Root and Sacral Chakra

Places and location

Brecciated Jasper stone is widely popular for its grounding properties. Adorning thyself with a piece of brecciated jasper jewelry is the best way to enhance its grounding attributes. In order to have a prosperous home. It can be place in south or north of one’s house enhance. Also, just in the north corner of the bedroom to attract warm and loving energies.

The gentle energies of Brecciated Jasper dispel all negative. Also, self-limiting thoughts that hinder utilizing ones true potentials and innovative skills. The vibrant energies of the stated stones give a reset to life. Also, provides courage and determination that stimulates creativity and imagination. Thus having this stone in the workplace will be beneficial to reach professional career goals. It is also bring financial luck for the users.

In Feng Shui, Brecciated Jasper balances the masculine and feminine (yin and yang) energies of both place and person. Besides when the surrounding environment has ill feng shui, it invites bad luck and energies. Having Brecciated jasper in the house brings positive energy flows that transforms and balances all adversities.

People and Relationships

The poppy Jasper stone is a supreme nurturer and is best for fertility and pregnancy. By using this stone one can boost up their reproductive health, increase fertility and have a healthy pregnancy. It makes it possible for the new mothers to deal with raise the children with right mindset.

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Brecciated jasper incorporates the feeling of love, compassion and sexuality into the relationships. It is also beneficial to anyone facing lack of affection or intimacy in relationships. The excellent stone infuses relationship with joy and promotes love, loyalty and long term relationships.

Brecciated Jasper opens up the door to a comfortable world. It gives strength and increases creativity. Thus by giving this gem to children increases their imagination and helps to dream recall.

The highly purgative great stone in providing support in case of emotional crisis. It plays a significant role in dealing with mental along with emotional afflictions. This gemstone discharges relaxing essence to cool down mind and regain composure in case of mental breakdown. It helps to get rid of guilt and pain of your past relationship.

Brecciated Jasper and Numerology

The numerology name for brecciated jasper stones are 7 and it vibrated to the element Earth and Fire. The color dark red, reddish-brown, lavender-pink, orangey white and grey are favorable for the stone. In Numerology, it links with compassionate, harmonious, and patient energies. Astrologers believe that it is an excellent worry stones that vibrating with a soothing energy.

Brecciated Jasper Beauty Products

Small tumbled Brecciated jasper stone are use to make attractive acrylic hair combs. These combs are perfect accessories to beautify oneself while dressing up for any special event. Besides handmade Beauty grooming product like Hair Care items. Also,hair clips with this stone are beneficial for the hair. This stone is well-known for its ability to provide a soothing balm to the spirit. When one has experienced heartbreak or sorrow.

Brecciated Jasper and Chakras

Brecciated Jasper works best with the Third Eye Chakra. But it can be use to balance and boost up all other chakras. It eliminates all energy blockades that appear in the third eye chakra by vitalizing ones intention. It links with both sacral and root chakra.

Also, the root chakra is all about survival instincts and stability. It balances the sacral chakra that makes the individual feel more empowered motivated and relate to desires and passions. Besides, the vibrant colour of the stone also activates and revitalizes the first i.e. the root chakra which is located on the bottom of the spine.

All the energies requires for kinesthetic movement and feeling are controlled by this chakra. This stone's energies will assist you in coming up with innovative and practical strategies. Like, to get out of debt, increase your revenue streams, increase your savings, and make wise investments.

Brecciated Jasper and Wealth

It is not popular wealth fetching stone but its energies often welcome wealth, abundance and prosperity in one’s life. This stone enhances mental clarity which can help to increase savings. Also, creates effective plans to get rid of debt, make effective investment decision or just boost up income. It increases creative thinking that increases ones desire to invest in new venture. It motivates individual to work harder and dream recall.

How do you use Brecciated Jasper for protection?

The scrying crystal Brecciated Jasper has very protective energy. It can be use for decorating the house, carried in the pocket, wear as jewelry to create protective shield around the surrounding or act as auric shield against all negative energies. It has the ability to bring instant peace, serenity and tranquility.

It acts as armor against jealousy, hostility and gossiping amongst the coworkers in the workplace. It also gives psychic protection. It has strong grounding and earthy properties to provide protection against negativity by realizing all absorbed negative energies to the mother earth.

What is the color energy of Brecciated Jasper?

Red infused with the protective colors of black, grey and brown. Reds, oranges and yellow shades of the stone possess energy that make the stone energizing and stimulating to the physical body and uplifting to the moods and emotions.

The bright red colour of the stone reflects energy, passion and life. It bears a very strong meaning- it resonates the colour of blood and fire. The black colour acts as negativity banisher and releases protective energy. And the grey colour acts as energy amplifier.

Most Popular Crystal Healing Techniques

Brecciated Jasper is an underappreciated gem in case therapeutic treatment. Many don’t even know about the seamless flow of earthly energy that shrouds the body. The stone is well known for persuading a soothing feeling when softly rubbed on particular body parts where there is pain.

Therapist use brecciated jasper for its intense healing power to treat patients who are suffering from headaches, muscle cramps, issues etc. It balances masculine and feminine energies within individual and it promotes patience and social awareness amongst the user.

Simple Ways to Use Crystals for Anxiety

Brecciated Jasper acts as an powerful ally whenever in need of freshness. Also, letting go of toxic vibrations or grounding negative emotions. By having brecciated jasper around one can dispel all negativities and alleviate any symptoms of depression, anxiety or stress. Once the negative vibes are removed from the surroundings, the stone will provide contentment and happiness.

Make a Health Crystals Body Grid

A guideline to making crystal body grid for intention to get relief from body pain is noted here.

• Step 1: Setting intuition- Purpose or intentions lies in the heart of crystal body grid. The intentions can be clearly written on a piece of paper, folded and set in the center of the display. If not written it can be only thought of.

• Step 2: Picking Crystal- A stone that has ability to meet the set intention is to be selected.

• Step 3: Deciding on a Sacred Geometry- the meaning of different geometric grid bears different meanings. A shape that resonate the set intention needs to be selected. There are several ways to get it ready like printing the shape, drawing it on paper or just buying a cloth with the shape engraved in it.

• Step 4: Getting Ready. Once the intention is set and the stone is ready, the stone should be placed in the body of the grid. It should be started from outside of the geometric shape and worked on keeping the intention in mind strongly.

Brecciated Jasper and Feng Shui

In feng shui, Brecciated Jasper is useful for generating positive energy, healing, meditating, bringing peace of mind, balancing & concentration. Brecciated-Jasper absorbs bad energies and helps you to have a more positive outlook on life. It acts as a psychic guardian in spiritual reiki healing. It possess strong grounding energies that helps to attain emotional stability and dealing with crisis. In fengshui, it is believed to convey humble, companionate and calm energy.

This stone will bring you joy and vitality, has detoxifying properties. Moreover, it eliminates insecurity of the owner leading them to become more confident and self-dependent. It can be placed in various place of the house to welcome tranquil energy. It protects the user from low-level electromagnetic radiation.

Image by Marie Sjödin from Pixabay

Best Crystal to Combine with Brecciated Jasper

In order to amplify the power of the crystal or to focus on specific intention. The brecciated jasper can be combined with other crystals.

In order to provide strong grounding properties and stimulate the root chakra. Brecciated jasper stone can be combined with red jasper.

In order to have a deep feelings purpose as well as for having peace. The best option is to combine brecciated jasper with tiger eye. It will double the energy of the stated jasper.

The combination of Brecciated Jasper and Red tiger eye helps to increase passion and sexual energy.

By pairing Brecciated Jasper with Opal, it provides grounding energies into relationships and igniting fierce passion into it.

It belongs to the family of Jasper crystal. According to crystal family, Brecciated Jasper is combines very well with Aventurine and Rose Quartz.

Brecciated Jasper belongs to Hexagonal crystal system. According to the crystal structure, it makes good pair with Sugilite, Morganite, Aquamarine, Beryl, Apatite, and Emerald.

Brecciated Jasper and meditation

This stone is widely popular for yoga and meditation. It not only connects more deeply to the mother earth but also cleanse the surrounding aura preventing all destructive vibrations.

To revitalize the third eye chakra during meditation. It can be directly placed on the body or worn as a cord around the neck.

Using this grounding stone in meditation place. It balances the energy field making one feel more relaxed.

There are different forms of meditation that can be practices with Brecciated Jasper. Like Mantra meditation, Mindfulness meditation, High-Tech Meditation and Walking meditation.

The most relaxing way to meditate with the crystal is to put it in bath water. But the first thing that is to be done before beginning is just to cleanse the crystal

There are few ways to connect to the energy of the crystal:

  • Holding the crystal in the hand to develop a tangible connection
  • Placing the crystal on the associated chakra
  • Trying the crystal grid that matches the intention

How to Cleanse Brecciated Jasper

Brecciated jasper stone has a hardness of 6.5 to 7 on Mohs scale. Though it is hard it still needs to be cleaned regularly to derive its utmost benefit. As it absorbs all toxic energies. It needs to be cleanses and recharges on regular basis to retrieve back to its original form.

It can be simply washed with clean, warm soapy water. The surface of the stone can be simply rubbed by hand or brush to remove all the accumulated dust. Lastly it needs to rinsed thoroughly and then resting it to dry up.

The stone can be smudges with any herb or intense stick to cleanse and recharge the brecciated jasper. All the toxic and negative energies will be removes and purifies with smoke from the herb or stick. Sea water or salt water is excellent for cleaning and recharging the crystal. The stone can simply be soaked in a bowl full of salt water for few hours or the entire day.

The most effective way to recharge the stone is simply to keep it under the moonlight. It will absorb the rejuvenating lunar energies by keeping it under the moonlight. As it is closely relates to the nature. It can also be kept to rest in the garden to get recharged by earthly energies.

Cleaning mistake to avoid

Practical mistakes that should be avoided during cleaning the brecciated jasper are:

  • Using vinegar
  • Using abrasive tool
  • Prolonged exposure to heat
  • Using chemical and synthetic cleansers

How does Brecciated Jasper work for disease?

This stone is a guide to return to health. It connects with good health and healing from disease and illness. It boosts up physical endurance and fastens the recovery process. It prevents from dehydration. This stone's energies will aid in sexual recovery and sexual health. It is helpful in the treatment of liver, pancreas and spleen. It is also popular for preventing and curing allergies. It is great for strengthening digestive system and stomach. It is beneficial to female reproductive system and dealing with postpartum depression. It will keep the communication lines open and make you more open to receiving messages. It also stimulates the circulatory system’s function.

Brecciated Jasper Physical Properties

The name “Jasper” is derived from the Greek word iaspi meaning speckled or spotted stone. The origin of the name can be traced to few other languages like Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, Assyrian, Greek and Latin. For instance, it is relates to the word Jashpeh in Hebrew, ashpu in ancient Assyrian.

In addition, the word “Brecciated” is derived from the word Breccia. It is a geological term to identify rock composed in the broken fragments cemented together into fine gain matrix.

Also, the Brecciated Jasper stone is a primary form of quartz. It was first discovered almost 20 years ago along the shoreline of Australia. It is found where Red Jasper is mined. It is also commercialize as manmade crystal.

Furthermore, brecciated jasper is not toxic and is safe to wear. Legends believe that this stone is use to drive out evil spirit and give protection to its users.

Physical Properties Overview
History Brecciated comes from the word ‘breccia’, which is a geology term used when rocks composed of broken fragments cement.
Names Used Poppy Jasper
Color Brecciated gray and red colors
Streak White
Luster Vitreous
Diaphaneity (Transparency) Opaque
Cleavage Indiscernible
Tenacity Brittle
Density (Weight) 2.65
Diagnostic Properties Conchoidal
Chemical Composition Silicon dioxide
Crystal Structure Hexagonal
Uses Jewelry and Ornaments
Occurrence Found in veins and cracks in volcanic rocks.
Hardness (Mohs Hardness) 6.5 to 7

Brecciated Jasper Occurrence

Brecciated Jasper is forming when rocks composes into minute particles. These particles are combining together leading it to a stained glass look with incredible details. In some cuts, there is clear crystal inclusions between outlining angular particles. It possesses inclusion of hematite. An iron compound with inclusion of mineral oxide and organic materials. This is use to determine the color and pattern of the crystal.

Brecciated Jasper Varieties

The semiprecious stone Brecciated Jasper is very common as it can be found all over the world. Among the Jasper, Red jasper is the most popular one where as Madagascar jasper and Imperial jasper are the rarest of all.


To conclude, anyone seeking for a truly nurturing stone. Brecciated jasper is great to have in own collection. The brecciated jasper stone boosts up the vivacity and strength that keep individual grounded. It gives energy that can help to overcome challenges faced in different phase of life.

Due to its hematite inclusion. It has the ability to empower individual with mental lucidity and focus. The stone is helpful for balancing and organizing an unstable mind. Also, a emotionally stable body. It encourages working with dormant passion.

Brecciated Jasper: Meanings, Powerful Properties and Uses