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Lodolite Quartz: Meanings, Powers and Crystal Properties

Lodolite quartz is a type of quartz that contains inclusions of Multiple Mineral Species. The most common include: Feldspar, Muscovite, Lepidolite, Amphibole (hornblende), Biotite and occasionally other minerals. The result is a stone with interesting patterns and colors.

Some specimens have a sheen that resembles oil on water. Lodolites are found in Brazil, India, Madagascar, Mozambique, Namibia and Zambia. Below we will share some of the Lodolite quartz meaning and properties that help you to understand this popular quartz crystal.

Lodolite Quartz:  Meanings, Powers and Crystal Properties

Meaning and Symbolism of Lodolite

Source: Canva

Lodolite is a variety of clear quartz with multi coloured inclusions trapped inside it, giving the stone its unique appearance and texture.

It is among the most dramatic-looking of the many types of quartz, having a menagerie of richly colored assorted minerals like Chlorite, Feldspar, Calcite, Hematite, Pyrite and other minerals.

These inclusions vary greatly, and each adds to the effect of the stone.

These mineral inclusions give the crystal various colors, such as golden, yellow, orange, red, green, brown, all swirled together in a strikingly outlined picturesque scene.

It is fascinating how this magical scenic rock mimics scenery in nature.

Look within a garden quartz dome and see lush gardens, faeries, elves, forest revels and underwater world.

How Did Lodolite Get Its Name?

The word Lodolite comes from the Greek word ‘lodos’, which means mud, and ‘lithos’ means stone.

The general translation is ‘mud stone’.

It was named by early miners in Cornwall who mined it for its tin content.

Where Is Lodolite Found ?

Although included quartz occurs worldwide, lodolite is a rare stone. It is mined in only one location in the world Minas Gerais, Brazil, an old gold rush town.

Teófilo Otoniin, the northern part of Minas Gerais, is one of the most prolific producers of this gem.

Lodolite History and Lore

Lodolite has been used for thousands of years to heal illnesses, renew the soul, attract prosperity and help us to manifest our dreams.

Lodolite is not a new gem. It was used in 19th-century jewelry, but not on a large enough scale.

Shamans/spiritual healers have used these stones throughout history to pray to their ancestors and ground their spirits.

It is believed that the Wise Women in medieval Europe prized lodolite above all other crystals due to the magical pictures found within its structure. They thought this stone could help them connect to mother Earth and access its powerful energies.

It is believed that lodolite mystique and power come from ancient times' plants and forests.

This belief extends into the cultures of today, with many people adorning lodolite in rings, pendants and necklaces.

Symbolism of Lodolite

Source: Canva

The vibrant landscape of lodolite is a metaphor for personal exploration.

Gazing into lodolite can take you on a journey to another realm; some even believe them to be portals to the world of fae.

Just by looking deeply into the crystal will fill you with peace, calmness, and serenity.

Their naturally charged scenery helps raise spiritual vibrations, which enable communication with the spirit guides.

Not only will its high vibrational frequency envelop you with its spiritual intrigue, but you will also find something new each time you turn it.

Lodolite is also a great visualization and manifesting tool.

It can induce trance visionary experience and soul healing to anyone who lays their eyes on it.

Lodolite and Zodiac Sign

Lodolite isn’t exclusive to one zodiac sign, nor is it a traditional birthstone for any month.

Yet anyone can use it if they are drawn to its healing powers and vibrations.

Source: Canva

This crystal is attributed to all houses of the zodiac but is most empowering to Aquarius and Scorpio.

Its heavenly vibration can help you connect with the angelic realms and boost spiritual development. This is helpful for the Aquarians since spiritual growth can be pretty challenging with Uranus and Saturn as their ruling planets.

It also resonates with those born under Gemini. It can strengthen their communication skills, intuitive ability and promote mental clarity.

Mystical Powers of Lodolite

Lodolite is a magical and mystical crystal.

Crystal healers love this stone for its ability to enhance extrasensory perception (ESP) and to heighten the knowledge of past lives.

It is said that this crystal can recollect ancient memories that date back thousands of years.

Lodolite is known to evoke lucid dreaming. It assists in maintaining consciousness as one enters and navigates the dreamscape.

Thought to enhance clairvoyant abilities, it connects the inner soul to the energies of the mystical realm for the highest illumination.

It also enhances psychic intuition. It is a handy helper for those on the path of a shamanic journey. It also assists in karmic healing and in spiritual communication with higher realms and the cosmos.

Use of Lodolite in Engagement Rings and Jewelry

Source: Canva

Lodolite is favored in engagement rings because of its availability in larger carat weights, a wide variety of sizes and shapes, affordability, and striking colorful shades.

Many people like to wear lodolite as rings for its insane beauty and intriguing array of colors.

Its rich earth tones compliment most outfits and can also suit neutrals.

It’s advisable to choose a ring setting where the stone is in direct contact with the skin, as it will work effectively to transmute its healing vibrations straight to your chakras.

No two lodolite stones are ever the same, making it an even more special gemstone to have.

Besides the color and beauty, its hardness makes it favorable for rings. Lodolite is a hard stone and is rated between 6.5 and 7 on the Mohs scale. This makes it an excellent stone for daily wear as it won’t chip or break easily.

It can be used in rough form, however, most unpolished specimens exhibit opaque coatings on their surfaces, so they're often polished to better display their beauty.

A testament to lodolite's resurging popularity is its sale by top auction houses.

A triangular cabochon lodolite, secured by textured wire claws and pointed surmount, with brilliant-cut diamonds was sold for £ 6,875 (US$ 9305) at Bonhams Auction, London.

Metaphysical Properties of Lodolite

Metaphysical Properties Overview
Meaning Translation means "mud stone" from Spanish lodo = mud, sludge.
Zodiac None
Symbolism Represent a land or Seascape through
Birthstone Not a traditional birthstone for any month
Chakra Crown Chakra

Uses at Work, Home and Feng Shui

Lodolite can be used in Feng Shui around the home or your office/ workspace.

Not only does it serve as a unique and eye-catching decoration, but it will also bring its healing and uplifting properties into your space.

Keeping this crystal on ones’ desk can subtly shift the energies and attitude of those who enter ones’ space, dissolving negativity and making positive interactions more likely.

Placing it in your homes’ living room will promote harmonious relations with family and friends.

Lodolite provides wood energy associated with growth, expansion and well-being.

Wood energy is associated with the East and Southeast areas of home. When placed in this area, lodolite attracts vibrant energies and gentle strength. It also helps in inviting prosperity and keeps the universal life force flowing.


Lodolite attracts energies of harmony, stability, and balance –everything a solid and loving relationship needs.

It is an effective stone when you want a healthy and deep relationship.

If you’re nursing a broken heart, trying to patch up with a loved one, or feeling uncertain about the future of your relationship, this crystal will give you emotional support.

When you work with the energies of lodolite, you will be kinder, compassionate and more appreciative.

This stone bolsters your confidence and will help you let go of any fears about love, passion, and intimacy.

It opens all the communication lines, nurturing communication with your peers and partners.

It is also helpful in breaking past life attachments and repetitive patterns in relationships.

Lodolite and Chakras

Lodolite is a highly resonating gem.

This crystal has a wonderful effect on inactive or blocked chakras, and realigns their distributed frequencies.

While lodolite can clear all the chakras, it is primarily associated with the Crown Chakra.

Called ‘Sahasrara,’ this energy point is the last of the seven chakras. The crown chakra is the gateway to the expanded universe that connects you with the divine.

When this chakra is balanced, it can bring enlightenment and inspiration.

You can use Lodolite at both the Crown and Base chakras to boost energy and grounding frequency that flows to all the chakras and keep them clear and energized.

Hold this stone near your head to balance the crown chakra to focus the energy and funnel it down into the body.

Lodolite also triggers the Third Eye Chakra, fortifying your intuitive powers and encouraging you to follow the gut feelings.

This chakra can help balance your internal thoughts. It opens new visions and ideas and controls the flow of energy within all the chakras.

Healing Properties and Benefits of Lodolite

Lodolite has various healing properties and benefits that can impact many facets of your life.

Physical Healing

Lodolite is a powerful physical healer.

Being a variant of clear quartz, it offers the energies of the master healer with amplified benefits.

This crystal accelerates the body's healing process and can help cure virtually any disease.

  • It cleanses the organs and makes the body fit and active.
  • It nourishes the nervous system by bringing everything into balance.
  • Being a natural antiviral agent, it can boost the immune system.
  • It alleviates congestion and mends digestive disorders associated with the pancreas, kidney and liver.
  • It protects the respiratory tract and can heal flu, colds, and bronchitis.
  • It supports the health of the thymus glands, pineal and thyroid glands.
  • Placed around hips, it eases PMS and support during menopause.
  • It helps with ailments of the heart and blood and boosts the functioning of the circulatory system.
  • It is also effective for chronic fatigue, arthritis, rheumatism and bone injuries.

Spiritual Healing

Those looking to grow spiritually have a lot to gain from Lodolite. It is a stone of spiritual amplification, awareness and higher self.

Because of the crystal’s slow formation, it has absorbed immense wisdom that can help you put the past into perspective.

Its spiritual powers will be beneficial to both your subtle and etheric bodies.

It connects the spirit of the wearer with the spirit of the cosmic world and increases the spiritual energies.

Lodolite is also a wonderful stone for cleansing your auric fields.

If your aura feels a little dull, using lodolite can bring energy to the aura. Some people believe that by using this gem, they can see others’ auras with more clarity.

Emotional Healing

Lodolite will also support you if you are going through any form of emotional upheaval.

This crystal will soothe your distressing memories and send you peace of mind by radiating infinite calm.

At its core, lodolite is all about growth, maturity and self-esteem.

It enables one to acknowledge all emotions, good and bad and helps to release anything that no longer resonates with your emotional body.

Healing cellular memory and assisting in getting to the root of a problem, it is a powerful soul healer.

It also helps to release past life trauma or early childhood memories stored in your body’s energy field so that you can progress forward on your path unimpeded by those blockages.

Healing Benefits

Radiating a powerful yet grounding energy, lodolite is a therapeutic gem having incredible healing benefits.

  • It harmonizes the vibrational energies of the aura and is powerful at all levels- cosmic, soul and personal.
  • It allows you to tap your innate psychic potential.
  • It transmutes stagnant energy into positive, by passing negativity back to earth where it can dispel naturally.
  • It gives you calming energy during the loud and busy days.
  • It provides strength to your body so that you feel stronger and keep on moving.
  • It encompasses the hopes and dreams of its owner. It will help you achieve your desired goals.
  • It is a seeker transformer stone, used when you want to change a part of your life to something that will make you happier, prouder and satisfied.

Lodolite and Wealth

Lodolite carries the shoots of strength and vitality that can lead you on the path of abundance and prosperity.

This lucky stone is often used by those seeking greater financial prosperity.

It can help stabilize your financial goals so you can focus on the one that most resonates with you.

It can also keep you aware of the market and money transactions and foster your financial well-being.

It’s believed that lodolite helps you to enhance communication with people in the business world.

It enhances your thinking process, helping you to make wise and well-thought decisions, ultimately increasing the flow of money in your life.

Lodolite For Protection

Lodolite is a natural protector against negative vibrations and entities. Its high vibration blocks stressful energies and stimulates calmness.

It helps to stay away from people filled with negative vibes. It absorbs toxic energies and returns them to the universe, transforming them into positive and loving energies.

Known for emotional protection, lodolite can break addictive thought patterns and help you move into your higher consciousness and ward against overwhelm. It also provides protection during shadow work and karmic cleaning.

Lodolite And Meditation

What if, like lodolite, the layers within you were visible, and you could see the wondrous world that exists right under your skin?

With your inner eye, you can!

Meditating with lodolite is a powerful way to reap its many healing benefits. Looking through this crystal to the depths of its inclusions enhances contemplation.

It is a formidable meditation companion which can put you in a deep meditative state, quietening your mind and guiding you towards a more profound understanding.

It also helps reduce distractions, boosts concentration and opens a person’s memory. The best time for meditation practices with this crystal is during the full moon or a new moon, as this will help you balance your energy.

Here’s how you can meditate using lodolite:

1. Find a quiet place to meditate and hold this crystal in your non-dominant hand.

2. Gaze into its depth and allow your conscious mind to give way to your subconscious.

3. Once you have achieved a sense of mindfulness, close your eyes and tune into your own energy system.

4. Breathe deeply several times. You can either sit or lay down.

5. Focus your attention on the stone and ask it to cleanse you of what is no longer needed. Your wish will go inside the crystal and give you the power to make it true.

6. When it’s time to return to the present moment, withdraw your attention and open your eyes.

7. Ground yourself by putting down your root deep into the earth and standing up and stamping your feet.

How to Cleanse And Program Lodolite

An act of care for your crystal is to regularly cleanse it so that it continues to work at its full potential.

Depending on your personal preference, there are a multitude of ways in which you can care for and cleanse lodolite.

To clean the stone, you need to wash it in warm, soapy water and pat dry with a clean cloth. Using a soft brush, you can remove the dirt from its surface.

As crystals readily absorb the energy and vibrations of all, they need to be cleansed, especially before being used for the first time, to take out all negative energies and fill the stone with your energy.

To charge and effectively cleanse it, you have several options to try:

Light- Both moonlight and sun allow for the perfect opportunity to cleanse lodolite.

You can let it soak in the lunar energies of the full moon for recharging.

Place the stone on your windowsill or outside under the full moonlight.

You can also put them out in the sun from dawn till afternoon.

Salt- Keep the crystal in a bowl containing sea salt or Himalayan salt for about 12-24 hrs. before first use.

The salty energies absorb the toxic frequencies and recharge your stone.

Incense: You can smudge lodolite in incense smoke.

Circle it anti-clockwise to create a spiral in the air over your stone. Place it on a fireproof plate and direct the smoke, so it encircles the crystal.

Quartz crystal: If you have a large quartz cluster, you can put the stone on the cluster to purify and rejuvenate it.


Once a crystal is cleaned and energetically recharged, it needs programming to ensure that it works in harmony with you and in accord with your intention.

To program the crystal, hold it in your hand, thinking about what you want from it.

Affirm your positive intentions and send them telepathically into its structure.

Lodolite Physical Properties

How is Lodolite Formed?

Lodolite owes its unique appearance to secondary crystal growths that form within the bigger quartz crystal. You might wonder when and how this formation takes place.

Just when that creation took place is itself a mystery.

Lodolite is formed on earlier existing quartzes that crystallized over the course of several million years.

As the clear quartz crystals grow, there are often pauses in growth during which various minerals deposit on its surface. Subsequently, the quartz envelopes these surrounding minerals, which then become a part of the crystal, wrapped deep inside.

Is Lodolite a Mineral

According to Britannica, A mineral is a natural inorganic substance with characteristic chemical composition and structure.

Lodolite is a natural gem variety of Quartz, which is one of the most common minerals on earth.

What Color Is Lodolite

Color is a critical quality factor that determines the gem’s value. It is a combination of Hue, Tone and Saturation. Hue is the stone’s primary color.

Tone refers to the degree of darkness or lightness of color.

Saturation is the color’s strength or intensity. Various minerals color Inclusion quartz, and all the colors of the rainbow are seemingly entrapped within this stone.

While inclusions usually reduce the clarity and value of a gem, it is, in fact, valued for the beauty of these inclusions.


Luster is the appearance of a gem’s surface in reflected light. A gem’s luster can also indicate its hardness or refractive index.

Lodolite has a vitreous luster, which is the most common luster for gemstones. To determine luster, reflect light off the surface of the stone.

Look at all polished and rough surfaces to observe the glass-like surface appearance.

Diaphaneity (Transparency)

Diaphaneity is the degree to which a gem allows light to pass through it. The more transparent an object, the more light passes through it.

Lodolite has varying degrees of transparency in a range from transparent to translucent.

Does Lodolite Have Cleavage or Fracture ?

Cleavage is a smooth flat break in a gemstone parallel to planes of atomic weakness.

Lodolite has a weak cleavage. Instead, it has a different form of breakage called Fracture. It has a conchoidal fracture which yields a surface pattern of concave ridges.

How Hard Is Lodolite

Hardness is the ability of a gemstone to resist scratches and abrasions. Diamond is the hardest known mineral with a hardness of 10.

Lodolite has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale. It is a relatively hard stone and doesn’t scratch easily. ss Scale

Density (Weight)

Density is how heavy a gem is in relation to its size. It is measured by comparing the weight of a gem with an equal volume of water. This results in a ratio known as Specific Gravity.

SG of Lodolite is 2.65. It is 2.5 times as heavy as the same volume of water.

Worldwide the jewelry industry uses the metric carat (Cts.) as the standard unit of measurement for gem weight. One carat lodolite equals 0.20 grams. The approx. carat weight of a 2mmlodolite is 0.04 cts.

Chemical Composition

Chemical composition is like a recipe that describes the type and relative quantities of atoms in a given substance.

Lodolite is classified as a silicate. It’s a variety of quartz composed of silicon and oxygen, so its chemical composition is Si02. Along with it, it has hematite, chlorite, pyrite, and other minerals.

Crystal System

A gem’s crystal structure is a regular, repeating internal arrangement of atoms in a material. Lodolite has a Trigonal (rhombohedral) crystal system and hexagonal crystalline structure.


The subtle beauty of lodolite is very hard to miss. The combination of its magical, color-rich exterior and potent healing benefits make this stone an influential crystal companion.

Add it to your collection and turn to it when you are ready to expand your vibrations or build a paradise of balance within your chakras.

Whether you get one of the raw crystals or you wear it in jewelry, you won’t regret your time spent with lodolite.

Lodolite Quartz: Meanings, Powers and Crystal Properties