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The Statice Flower Meaning, Spiritual Symbolism, Color Meaning & More

The Statice flower, with its unassuming appearance and understated elegance, has always held a special place in my heart. Often overlooked amidst more flamboyant blooms, the Statice is a symbol of subtle beauty and deep significance. 

The Statice Flower

In this article, I'm excited to take you on a journey into the enchanting world of Statice flowers.

Together, we'll unravel the hidden meanings, spiritual symbolism, and the fascinating language of colors that these delicate blossoms possess.

From ancient traditions to modern interpretations, the Statice has much to teach us about its role in human culture and the messages it conveys.

Key Takeaways

  • Cultural and Spiritual Significance: The Statice flower is more than just a decorative plant; it holds cultural and spiritual importance worldwide. In many cultures, it symbolizes missing loved ones, offers condolences during grief, and represents memories of cherished moments.
  • Victorian Symbolism: During the Victorian era, the Statice represented remembrance, reflecting nostalgia and conveying love and missing someone.
  • Worldwide Cultural Significance: Globally, the Statice is associated with empathy, grief, and sympathy. However, controversially, some view it as a symbol of encouragement for success, often included in bouquets for celebrations.
  • Color Symbolism: The flower comes in various colors, each with distinct meanings. For instance, purple signifies success, blue represents calmness, pink conveys love and happiness, white symbolizes purity, and yellow represents optimism.
  • Symbolic Attributes: Statice flowers symbolize endurance, resilience, eternal life, remembrance, peace, tranquility, healing, and a connection to the divine. They are believed to balance energies, promote meditation, and signify purity and enlightenment.
  • Enduring Symbolism: Dried Statice flowers, known as the 'everlasting flower,' can retain their symbolic meaning for extended periods, making them suitable for memorial arrangements and spiritual practices.
The Statice Flower Cultural and Spiritual Significance

Flower Names

The statice flower goes by several names. These include: the statice, English statice, wavy leaf sea lavender. Notch leaf marsh rosemary, sea pink, seafoam, and sea marsh.


Flower Habitat

The marsh rosemary is native to Australia, Asia, North America, and Africa. It is a commonly featured flowering plant in Mediterranean areas. Found all over the world today, the statice enjoys meadow environments. However, it is commonly found thriving in wet, salty soil. Thus, it grows freely along the coast.

Statice Flower Types: Cultivars & Hybrids

  • Avignon: Features delicate white blossoms with thin and papery petals.
  • Ballerina Rose: Boasts beautiful petals in shades of light pink.
  • Beltlaard: These flowers have a captivating dark blue color.
  • Charm Blue: Blossoms in mysterious shades of lilac-purple.
  • Emille Lavender: Presents pretty lilac-colored flowers.
  • Lemon Star: Features captivating yellow flowers that live up to its name.
  • Oriental Blue: This variety has a deeper blue hue compared to Beltlaard.
  • Tres Bien: Translates from French as 'very good' and is known for its dainty pink blooms.

Flower Meanings

Before we delve into the deeper symbolism associated with the statice, let’s take a quick look at the etymological meaning of this incredible flower.

Etymological Meaning Of The Statice

Limonium is a word derived from the Greek word, leimon,’ which translates as ‘meadow,’ and links to the plant thriving in such environments. The translation of the Greek word, ‘sinuatum,’ is ‘wavy edges.’ This translation also gives a nod to one of its other known names, ‘the wavy leaf sea lavender.’

Flower Symbolism

The statice is a flower that symbolizes the following:

Missing A Friend, Or Loved One

Since the Victorian era, one of the key symbolic meanings of the statice flower remains. The flower represents how much someone may miss and think of their loved one.

Offering these flowers, either alone or in a bouquet to someone you are missing, is a way to show they are in your thoughts and loved.

Grieving And Sending Condolences

At the difficult times in life when we lose someone, the statice is there to show support to those who are left grieving.


Lay the statice flower on a gravestone, or display them in your home to mark an anniversary of a cherished memory gone by.


Victorian Meaning

To the Victorians. The statice symbolizes remembrance. For this era, the flowers carried a sense of nostalgia. Gifting the flower would be to tell someone they were loved and missed.

Victorian Meaning of STATICE FLOWER

Worldwide Cultural Significance

In many parts of the globe, this is the flower to symbolize empathy, grief, sympathy. compassion, and sorrow. Understandably, then, they are a common flower at funerals, remembrance days, and to lay on someone’s grave.

Controversially to this meaning, many people regard the flower to symbolize encouragement for success. When sending a loved one a bouquet of flowers to celebrate a new job or promotion, people often include the statice flower.

Flower Color Meanings

This delicate and pretty flower is available in a range of colors. Each color holds important symbolic value. Here are some of the key color meanings attached to the sea lavender.

Purple Success, admiration
Blue Calmness, tranquility
Pink Love, gratitude, happiness
White Purity, innocence
Yellow Happiness, optimism
Lavender Enchantment, love at first sight
Red Love, passion (dyed)
  • Purple Statice: Purple symbolizes royalty, dignity, and success. Purple statice can be given to someone to convey admiration and appreciation for their achievements.
  • Blue Statice: Blue represents calmness and tranquility. Blue statice flowers can be gifted to provide a sense of peace and relaxation making them suitable for someone in need of comfort.
  • Pink Statice: Pink is associated with love, gratitude and happiness. Pink statice can be given as a token of appreciation or to celebrate a joyful occasion.
  • White Statice: White symbolizes purity and innocence. White statice flowers are often used in weddings and other ceremonies to represent the purity of emotions and intentions.
  • Yellow Statice: Yellow signifies happiness and cheerful thoughts. Yellow statice can be a great gift to uplift someone's spirits and bring joy to their day.
  • Lavender Statice: Lavender represents enchantment and love at first sight. Lavender statice can be given to express feelings of admiration and fascination.
  • Red Statice: Red typically represents love and passion. While statice flowers are not naturally red, they can be dyed to achieve this color to convey deep romantic feelings or intense love.



The white colored flowers are symbolic of spirituality, sincerity, trust, and purity. They are ideal to include in a memorial bouquet, representing a spiritual link and purity of the soul.

The white statice also stand for respect and value. Therefore, they are sometimes given to someone you admire, respect, trust, and value in your life.


The color of yellow symbolizes optimism and happiness across the world. Should you know someone who is feeling a bit under par, or needs a feel-good boost, this color of statice is the perfect choice. The yellow static flower will bring positive energies into your life.

Whether you gift them for a friend who is feeling unmotivated or blue, or you simply want to enhance the good vibes in your house, this color of statice cannot help but bring joy, and brighten up your life.


The lilac flower has deep links to spirituality. They are a great choice for combining in a floral display at a church gathering or event. Additionally, they are a lovely flower to enhance spiritual connections when in meditation.


The purple statice signifies exquisite beauty, luxury, and royalty. They are the perfect accompaniment to take to a high-class event or celebration.

Light Or Royal Blue

Both shades of blue statice flower represent the same symbolic meanings. These are demonstrative of appreciation and gratitude, as well as showing great intelligence or a loyal friend. As such, this color of statice is a good choice to include in a bouquet for a friend or person you wish to give thanks to.

On a separate note, the blue statice flower can offer another meaning. When given to a partner, it represents deep intimacy, trust and value.

Perhaps someone has given you a great deal of support or in difficult times. Maybe a friend’s advice or actions were a huge source of help or inspiration to you. These would be the opportune times to gift them blue statice flowers.

Medicinal Uses Of Statice Flowers

The statice flower’s medicinal use is centuries old. However, it is not backed by medical science. The statice flowers use is of an alternative or complementary nature. Herbalists have long since used the statice to alleviate certain complaints. These are:

Toothache Alleviates symptoms of toothache
Piles Reduces pain from hemorrhoids
Diarrhea Acts as an anti-diarrheal aid
Sore Throat May improve symptoms of a sore throat
Mood-Boosting Promotes feelings of well-being and balance


Like the properties in lavender, the statice combines components known to alleviate the symptoms of toothache.


Some people claim the statice flower oil to greatly reduce pain induced from hemorrhoids.


According to some herbal practitioners, the oil from the statice flower, when mixed in drinking water, is a good anti-diarrheal aid.

Sore Throat

Some people believe that the statice flower essence will greatly improve symptoms of a sore throat.


The essence of the statice flower can promote feelings of wellbeing. It is claimed to ease worries and anxieties. Furthermore, it can help people to gain better perspective and balance of mind.


Flower Facts

Key Attributes Symbolic Significance
Endurance and Resilience Lessons in persisting through difficult circumstances
Eternal Life and Remembrance Honoring and remembering loved ones
Peace and Tranquility Creating a serene and meditative atmosphere
Healing and Protection Promoting well-being and physical/spiritual healing
Connection to the Divine Linking with the eternal nature of the divine
  • Endurance and Resilience: Statice flowers are often seen as a symbol of endurance and resilience. Their ability to thrive in challenging environments, especially in arid or less hospitable conditions, is seen as a spiritual lesson in persisting through difficult circumstances.
  • Eternal Life and Remembrance: The common name "everlasting flower" hints at the spiritual significance of statice. These flowers are often associated with the concept of eternal life and remembrance. They are used in memorial arrangements and rituals to honor and remember loved ones who have passed away.
  • Peace and Tranquility: Statice flowers' delicate appearance and calming colors, such as blues and purples, make them a symbol of peace and tranquility. They are often used in spiritual practices to create a serene and meditative atmosphere.
  • Healing and Protection: Some spiritual traditions believe that statice possesses healing properties. They are thought to provide protection against negative energies and promote well-being. The use of statice in rituals and ceremonies is believed to bring about physical and spiritual healing.
  • Connection to the Divine: Statice's enduring qualities and its ability to retain its beauty for extended periods are seen as a reflection of the eternal and unchanging nature of the divine. These flowers are often used as offerings in religious and spiritual rituals to connect with the divine.
  • Balancing Energies: In some spiritual practices, statice is believed to balance energies and bring harmony to one's life. It is used as a tool for aligning the spiritual and emotional aspects of a person.
  • Meditation and Inner Peace: Statice flowers are used in meditation practices to promote inner peace, mental clarity, and spiritual growth. Their delicate and calming presence aids in focusing the mind and achieving a state of deep contemplation.
  • Purity and Enlightenment: White statice flowers are associated with purity and spiritual enlightenment. They symbolize the quest for spiritual truth and the pursuit of a pure and righteous path.

Overall Uses And Benefits Of The Statice Flower

Uses and Benefits Description
Dried Flower Displays Long-lasting and versatile
Florist Arrangements Ideal filler for bouquets
Versatile Gift Choice Suitable for various occasions
Different Color Meanings Choose based on symbolism
  • Longevity: Statice flowers can be used as dried flower displays as they last for a very long time, making them a durable choice for decoration.
  • Florist Favorites: Florists often incorporate different colored statice flowers in bouquet arrangements due to their small size and vibrant appearance, making them ideal fillers.
  • Versatility: Statice flowers are highly versatile, available both freshly cut and dried, and sometimes even as shrubs.
  • Gift-Giving: Statice flowers, in any color, make great gifts, whether given alone or as part of a larger bouquet.
  • Symbolic Selection: You can choose statice flower colors based on their symbolism to convey specific messages or sentiments.
  • Reconnecting: Gifting a bouquet with pretty purple limonium can show an old companion how much they were missed, making it a thoughtful gesture for reunions or special occasions.


Overall Uses And Benefits Of The Statice Flower

Final Thoughts

Although some regard the statice merely as a useful filler in a bouquet or display, you should take a moment to consider the flower’s unmistakable hidden meanings.

Cherished by the Victorians, and by people all over the world, the varieties of this incredible flowering plant bring great symbolism. The array of symbolic value continues to hold much importance for many.

Next time you choose your flowers for that special occasion, remember the different meanings each color of the statice flower brings. By picking the right color for your bouquet, you will be bringing the best and most positive energies along with you.

The often overlooked statice flower brings so much more value than being simply a filler. As we have seen, this elegant tiny flowering plant can inject much-appreciated sparkle into the lives of everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the spiritual significance of statice flowers?

Statice flowers hold spiritual significance as symbols of endurance, eternal life, remembrance, and resilience. They are often used in various spiritual practices and rituals to convey these meanings.

Why are statice flowers associated with eternal life?

Statice flowers are often called "everlasting flowers" because they retain their beauty even when dried. This quality symbolizes the eternal nature of life and the soul, making them a popular choice for memorial arrangements and spiritual rituals related to remembrance.

How are statice flowers used in spiritual rituals?

Statice flowers are used in spiritual rituals for purposes such as honoring the departed, promoting healing, and protection, creating a serene atmosphere, and meditation. They are offered as symbols of peace, purity, and endurance in these practices.

Are there specific colors of statice flowers that hold spiritual significance?

Yes, different colors of statice flowers can have varying spiritual meanings. For example, white statice symbolizes purity and enlightenment, while blues and purples represent peace and tranquility. The choice of color may depend on the intention of the spiritual practice.

Can statice flowers help with healing in spiritual practices?

Some spiritual traditions believe that statice flowers possess healing properties and can aid in physical and spiritual healing. They are used in rituals and ceremonies to promote well-being and protection against negative energies.

How can statice flowers aid in meditation and inner peace?

Statice flowers' delicate appearance and calming colors make them ideal for meditation. They create a serene and meditative atmosphere that aids in focusing the mind and achieving a state of deep contemplation and inner peace. 

What is the symbolism of statice flowers in balancing energies?

In some spiritual practices, statice is seen as a tool for balancing energies, aligning the spiritual and emotional aspects of a person's life, and bringing harmony. They are used as a means to achieve equilibrium and spiritual growth.

Are statice flowers offered in specific spiritual traditions or ceremonies?

Yes, statice flowers are offered in various spiritual traditions and ceremonies as symbols of enduring love, remembrance of the departed, and connections to the divine. Their enduring beauty and symbolism make them a common choice in these practices.

How long do dried statice flowers retain their symbolism in spiritual practices?

Dried statice flowers can retain their symbolism for an extended period. Their paper-like white centers and outer petals can remain attached for weeks, earning them the nickname "everlasting flower."

Can statice flowers be used in creating a meditative or spiritual space at home?

Yes, statice flowers can be used to create a meditative or spiritual atmosphere in your home. Their calming presence and symbolism of peace and tranquility make them a suitable choice for decorating spaces where you seek spiritual solace and inner reflection.

The Statice Flower Meaning, Spiritual Symbolism, Color Meaning & More