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Violet Crystals - The Best Violet Crystals To Help You Heal

Violet crystals are said to be able to cure depression. Is this true?

Violet crystals are believed to be effective in treating various mental disorders such as anxiety, stress, insomnia, and depression. They are also known to improve memory and concentration.

The use of violet crystals is not new. In fact, they have been used for centuries by the Chinese and other cultures around the world.

The ancient Egyptians were among those who used violet crystals for medicinal purposes. It was even mentioned that Cleopatra used them to treat her menstrual cramps.

In modern times, violet crystals have become popular again. There are many brands on the market today.

Some claim their products can help with weight loss, while others say it will boost your energy levels. Many people swear by these crystals. But do they really work? Let’s find out!

What Are Violet Crystals Used For?

Violet crystals have been used for thousands of years for a variety of health benefits. These include:

Weight Loss – This is one of the most common reasons why people buy violet crystals. They believe that if you eat less but still lose weight, then you must be eating more than what you need. So, they think that violet crystals will help them burn fat faster.
• Stress Relief – If you feel stressed out all the time, then you might want to try violet crystals. People who suffer from chronic stress often experience headaches, muscle tension, and digestive problems. And when you take care of these issues, you can get rid of your stress.
• Memory Improvement – When you are trying to memorize something or learn something new, you may find yourself getting distracted easily. That’s because your mind keeps wandering off. You end up forgetting what you learned. However, violet crystals can help you remember things better.
• Energy Boosting – Do you ever feel tired after a long day at work? Or maybe you just don’t have enough energy to complete your daily tasks? Well, violet crystals can give you some extra energy.

violet crystals
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How To Use Violet Crystals Safely

There are several ways you can use violet crystals safely. Here are two of the best methods:

1) Take 3-5 drops of violet crystal oil directly under your tongue. Hold it there for about 10 minutes. Then swallow it. Repeat this process once every day.
2) Mix 5 ml of violet crystal water with 50 ml of pure spring water. Drink this mixture twice per week.

What Is The Importance Of Healing Stones In Your Life?

Salt therapy, or crystal therapy, involves using crystals to cleanse the body. Many people use this method to help heal themselves after an illness or injury.

Past life regression therapy, or hypnotherapy, involves going into a trance state and reliving memories from previous lives.

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This practice was once used by psychotherapists to treat patients who were suffering from severe depression.

Healing stones are wonderful for balancing emotions and raising vibration. They also clear our chakras and help us to walk in the light of whom we really are. Healing stones bring comfort and support and make us feel more connected to ourselves and others.

Red is the color of love, passion, and strength. Crystal gems are very beautiful, and they make people feel happy and energetic.

Physical Healing

Red gems are the most powerful stones for improving health. They increase energy and vitality. They help to improve blood flow and circulation. Red gems can be useful as tools for enhancing passion and sexual potency.

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Root Chakra Healing

Red gemstones have a strong connection to the root chakra. They help to set solid foundations for which you will be able to grow into your whole being.

They also help to clear blockages and fears from the lower chakras. Red gemstones help you realize and put your inner power to practice!

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Red stones are very passionate, spicy, and fiery. These stones bring out passion and energy in people.

Moreover, they are great for relationships because they get people excited about themselves and others. They are also great for sex because they increase libido and give people more stamina.

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Red gemstones bring abundance and prosperity. They help us move out of dreaming and start doing. Red gemstones are high vibrational active stones.

They attract people to them because they want to do something new or different. People who sit on the fence when it comes to making changes will benefit from using red gemstones.

Image by Nattanan Kanchanaprat from Pixabay

What Are Violet Crystals?

Violet crystals are beautiful stones that help you connect with the spirit world. Their colors are associated with a spiritual connection. They are also in use as healing stones. Violets are magical stones that bring out feelings of love and romance.

They help people who feel lonely or depressed. Violet crystals are calming stones that make you more positive. They help you follow your intuition.

Violet stones help us tap into our inner spirit and connect to our Higher Self. They also help us be more aware of ourselves and others around us.

Violet stones have deep healing energy. Most of that energy is centered on serenity and clarity and helps people who suffer from emotional turmoil. These stones also help people develop healthier sleep patterns, and lower their stress and anxiety levels.

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Violets are beautiful flowers that bring softness to your life. They help you get rid of stress, anxiety, and depression. They help you connect with your spirit guides. You feel more confident when you wear violets.


Purple gems bring peace, love, and happiness. They are often used as healing stones. Amethyst is a very popular crystal because it is a calming stone that brings serenity, spirituality, and calmness. Amethyst is a powerful stone for opening our minds to new ideas.

It can help us relax and get better sleep. It can also boost our intuition and psychic abilities.

violet crystals
Photo by Ilze Lucero on Unsplash

Amethyst is a beautiful gemstone that brings peace and calmness to a person. It helps them be more alert and aware of what's going around them.

It also enhances spirituality. Amethyst is used as a natural tranquilizer. It calms down angry individuals and keeps them from becoming violent.

Amethyst is an excellent remedy for insomnia because it helps your mind relax while sleeping. It also boosts your immunity and cleanses your blood.

Amethysts are crystals that come in many colors. They're used for protection against psychic attacks. They also help you feel better when you're sad or upset.

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Tanzanite is another gemstone that can open our minds to new ideas and help us relax and get good rest. It can also help us connect with clear energy and strengthen our psychic abilities.

Tanzanite is a stone that brings out the spiritual side of people. It encourages them to be truthful and honest with themselves and others.

violet crystals

A stone that shows them how to be kinder and have compassion towards other people. This helps them see things differently and understand that there is more to life than materialism.

Moreover, it allows them to be more open-minded and less judgmental. It is a great stone to use if you want to improve your relationships with friends and loved ones.

Grounding stones help to ground you and your work. Hematite pulls down higher vibrations into the physical realm. This helps to attract, attune, translate, and activate higher knowledge. Hematite pushes you into putting this energy into practice.

Purple Lolite

Purple Lolite helps you find your way. It helps you see things more clearly. In addition, it helps you get along better with others. It helps you relax and feel calmer and helps you sleep well and stay healthy. Interestingly, it helps fight fevers and heal wounds.

Iolite is a great stone to use for detoxing and healing. It helps the liver and nerves and calms the mind. It is used as a sleeping aid and cleanses the blood.

The vision stone helps people who feel lost or confused about themselves. It shows them how to be more confident and powerful. It gives them the tools they need to overcome their problems.

Codependents are people who depend on others too much. They are always looking for someone else to make them happy.

For example, if you're having trouble sleeping, your partner might be upset because you didn't come home last night. You might feel guilty about this and then start feeling bad about yourself. This could lead to an unhealthy relationship.

Iolite reminds us that we are the master of our own lives and that we don't need help from anyone or anything else. We can do things ourselves, and we should try to do things ourselves first before asking other people for help.

Violet Charoite

Violet Charoite is an empathetic stone that helps light workers bring their loving thoughts to others. It helps people get along better with each other and with themselves. It helps people be kinder to themselves.

Charoite are stones that are used to bring out the best in people. They help people overcome negativity and make them feel better about themselves. They also help people feel more confident and become stronger emotionally and mentally.

This course helps people who want to be more authentic. Also, it helps those who want to become better healers.

In addition, it also helps those who want to learn how to give more energy to others. It teaches us about ourselves and our past selves. And it teaches us to reflect on what we did and how we could improve.

Charoite stones are used to purify other gems. They are usually kept in a bowl of fresh water and rinsed regularly. Holding your charoite in incense smoke is a great way to cleanse it. Submerging it in saltwater is another effective method.

Chanting while holding your charoite is also an excellent way to cleanse it and recharge it. Charoite is often used as jewelry. Make sure that you wear them carefully because they're fragile.

Lilac lepidolite

Lilac Lepidolite can be used to enhance your psychic abilities. It can help you see things from different perspectives.

You can use this stone to connect with the spiritual world. You can learn about yourself and others by connecting with your intuition.

Lepidolite is a powerful cleansing stone that helps to open up your heart. It clears away any blockage that may be preventing you from connecting with your higher self. It also opens up your third eye, allowing you to see what the universe has planned for you.

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Lepidolite is a grayish-pink-colored lithium-bearing mineral of the mica group. It contains many kinds of minerals like spodumene, quartz, and pyroxenes. This stone is notable as one of the main sources of rare alkali metals such as rubidium and caecum.

Its name was after the lavender color of the mineral. Lepidolite is a mineral that is very rare. It is a soft stone that is used as an ornamental gemstone.

It comes in different colors. Lepidolite is made up of elements that make it hard to cut. It has a high refractive index. It is also a glassy material.


Lepidolite is a dark purple stone that is used by shamans to heal people who are sick or injured. It is also useful to help people deal with emotional issues.

People say that this stone brings out the healer in everyone. They think that it improves intuition and communication skills. Also, they believe that this stone encourages creativity.

Lepidolite is used for balancing and healing emotional imbalances. It helps you stay grounded while you work through your emotions. You feel more confident about yourself because you're dealing with your emotions instead of being overwhelmed by them.

A stone that doesn't want to harm you, but instead wants to help you learn how to be happy and healthy. It gives you the support and guidance to become more aware of yourself and others around you. You feel guided by the universe because it is a part of the same thing.

Purple Fluorite

Purple fluorite is a soft lilac-colored crystal that is useful to clear out the physical body and open up the third eye.

People believe that it allows access to intuitive information. Another is that purple fluorite opens up the throat chakra and helps to connect with the spirit world.

Image by Carla Burke from Pixabay

A simple Fluorite balancing is done by holding a Fluorite Octahedral in each hand, with the top of one placed over each eye. This balances the hemispheres of your brain and clears the mind of unwanted mental clutter.

Purple fluorite is a powerful Wind element stone that utilizes the power of thought, concentration, and focus to produce rich visions and insights, and strengthen one's ability to receive psychic information.

Meditating with purple fluorite clusters in the workplace will initiate conscious mental clarity. Purple fluorite is a wonderful boost for when the mind is exhausted, confused, or imbalanced.

Fluorite crystals bring balance, order, and harmony. They help us to focus on what we want to achieve. They open up our awareness to the chaos present within ourselves.

These crystals promote a sense of peace and balance while encouraging clear, concise, and focused action necessary for creative ideas and inspiration to manifest.

Fluorite enhances our memory and concentration. It opens us up to understand our relationships with ourselves, others, and the divine. This crystal also protects us by dissolving impurities, negative energies, and blocks.

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Furthermore, it strengthens our resolve, enhances self-confidence, and improves our ability to communicate with honesty and objectivity.

This also strengthens the aura, deflects negative thought forms, and brings bodies into balance and cooperation. Purple fluorite helps you see things more clearly. it makes your mind sharper and calmer. It also helps you remember what you learn and understand things better.


Fluorite is a mineral that looks like crystals. Often, it is in use to help people who feel stressed or anxious. It helps them relax and calm down. Also, it is useful to help people who want to be strong and not let anything get to them.

Fluorite brings clarity to the mind and purifies the body. It helps you get rid of addictions. It is an excellent antiviral stone. Fluorite is an element that helps people stay focused and calm.

Image by Ursula from Pixabay

It makes them more aware of themselves and what they want out of life. Fluorite also helps people when they are feeling confused or uncertain. It helps them figure out what they really need to do next.

Fluorite is an element that balances well. It calms down people who are too excited or nervous. Additionally, it allows you to be more creative. It makes you feel calm and happy. Ultimately, it brings out the best in you.


Purple stones symbolize strength, courage, power, wealth, spirituality, and healing. They also represent royalty, nobility, and beauty. Purpurite is an exceptional stone for connecting to your innermost feelings and emotions.

It stimulates spiritual growth and personal development. Also, it opens up communication with others and helps you to be yourself without fear or inhibition. It promotes peace and harmony.

Image by Stefan Schweihofer from Pixabay

Grape Agate

A mature agate looks like a grape, as the name suggests. It has a calming effect on people and helps them relax. It expands your mind and gives you more confidence. You can use this stone to get rid of negative thoughts and emotions.

A powerful stone that allows one to control their dreams and make them clearer. It also helps one to connect to their higher self and live at a higher frequency. Grape agate is a very rare gemstone. You can find it in Australia and New Zealand.

An excellent healing stone to use when you need to clear your mind or relax. It helps you connect with your intuition and angelic guides.

Moreover, it enhances your ability to communicate with others and maintain focus during meditation. It is in use by many spiritual practitioners as a tool to increase psychic abilities.


Kunzite is a calming stone that helps you to let go of fear. It helps you to make wise decisions. It is a great stone for meditation.

A stone that brings an element of calmness to people when they are upset or angry. It helps bring people together by making them more tolerant and understanding. This stone also encourages people to express themselves freely and openly.

Moreover, kunzite is an amazing crystal for cleansing negativity from your life. It helps you to become more loving and accepting of yourself and others.

Kunzite is a great heart-chakra stone. It clears out any blocks that may prevent you from being open to others and allows them to accept you as well.

Kunzite is an earth stone that connects to the crown chakras. When your heart and crown chakras are open, you become a ripe vessel for all the magic, divinity, and guidance that the world has to offer.


Smithsonite is a crystal that helps people who are mentally ill. It makes them feel better by giving them some peace and happiness.

This crystal helps them get rid of bad thoughts and feelings. It gives them more confidence because it helps them be happy and calm. Also, it makes them feel less stressed out and relax.

Smithsonite is a powerful crystal that calms the mind and clears emotions. It helps one to see things more clearly and allows them to make decisions based on facts instead of emotion.

Additionally, it helps you let go of old hurts and past mistakes. It gives you the strength to move forward and face new challenges.

This stone is the perfect ally to combat anxiety, depression, and shyness. It gives you an inner reflection and helps you find a deep strength that you didn't know you had. It shows you the power you have inside and allows you to find confidence and self-esteem.

You should carry this stone with you every day. Smithsonite helps you meditate and relax while activating your psychic powers.

You can use it to travel astral planes, enhance your intuition, and become more aware. Smithsonite is pronounced "Shmoot-sone" as opposed to "Smit-son."

Shamanic Sugilite

Sugilite is a very popular stone on today's market. It's also known as sugilite or sugilite. This stone is named after the town it was found in.

It was discovered in a mine in Pennsylvania. It is believed to be an ancient meteorite. The rock weighs 4.6 pounds and measures 14 inches long by 9 inches wide.

Sugilite is a very rare stone that was discovered in South Africa. It is known as The Healers Stone. It brings Light into the Body and aligns the Chakras. People who use this stone say it enhances one’s Healing Abilities.

Violet gems are powerful stones that can be used to clear your mind and bring out your inner white witch. You can use them to reach new heights in life, or learn how to manifest magic.

Violets are beautiful flowers that bring light to dark places. Their color symbolizes the ability to see things as they actually are.

Ultimately, they help people become more aware of themselves and others. They help us let go of negative emotions. They also have an association with spirituality.

Other Stones That Can Be Used With Violet Crystals

Violet gems are super-rich in energy, but they need to be paired with other crystals to make them more powerful. Rainbow moonstone works well with violet gems because it brings nurturing feminine goddess energy and insight.

Purple tourmaline helps ground and back up the sense of letting go of attachments. Blue topaz is a great stone for healing because it brings a lot of energy into our aura.

Violet crystals help us to let go of dead weights and find the truth inside ourselves. We should wear them close to the skin.

Violet crystals are used in feng shui to enhance your environment. Reiki healing uses them to help people heal. You can keep them close to work with psychic abilities.

Final Thoughts

We hope that this article has helped you to discover all the uses and meanings behind all types of violet crystals available!

There are countless purposes for them in your life, and it's up to you to decide how they can help your everyday life! So, get stuck into the life of crystals collecting and enjoy it while you're there!

Grape agates have been known as "the stone of love" since ancient times. The name comes from the Greek word 'graphe' meaning "to write."

Grape agates are believed to increase the flow of energy between two lovers. We highly recommend starting with this crystal if you're unsure!

This crystal is one of the lighter shades of crystals, and an ordinary understanding of them is all you need!

Violet Crystals - The Best Violet Crystals To Help You Heal