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Aquarius Color: Best Shades For This Innovative Sign Plus Colors To Avoid

Embrace the essence of the Aquarius zodiac sign by drawing on the energy of your power color.

Your unique zodiac color can positively influence your mood and can help you channel all the best aspects of your character.

Although your favorite color can say a lot about your personality, your zodiac color will reveal a lot about your true essence.

And each star sign has its unique color which guides, influences, and brightens their moods.

Generally, colors are considered to have a pretty big influence on our moods.

For instance, red often symbolizes anger or passion, yellow represents joy, and blue brings a sense of calm. But when we connect color theory to astrology, we can draw upon certain colors to empower us.


As an air sign, it’s not uncommon to find that Aquarius is often associated with bright blue shades that are reminiscent of the skies above.

But even though there is a myriad of colors that bring out the best of Aquarians, there are certain shades that can antagonize their souls.

In this article, we’re going to look at Aquarius’ power color, as well as some other comforting and powerful colors that Aquarians should surround themselves with.

We’ll also be looking at colors that Aquarians should avoid, as these will only hinder your mood and disturb your spirit.

Aquarius Color


Aquarius: The Idealist Of The Zodiac

People born between January 20th and February 18th are born under the Aquarius star sign, which is the eleventh sign in the zodiac. Aquarius is represented by the Water Bearer.

This is an ancient symbol of the Gods, with the Water Bearer delivering essential nutrients to the Earth.

But many also believe that the Water Bearer represents Aquarians honesty and the pure intentions that they bring to the world.

That’s because Aquarians are very upfront people, and aren’t afraid to speak their minds. They’ll tell you exactly how it is - even if you don’t like it!

Aquarians are advanced, clever, optimistic, and self-reliant individuals. With air as their elemental sign, it’s hard for Aquarius’ to be easily defined.

These individuals are highly unpredictable, which makes them a constant flowing piece of endless possibilities.

Your unpredictability is often a result of your elemental sign, air. As an air sign, you often lack form, which means that it’s hard to classify you.

For instance, some Aquarians are active or enthusiastic, whilst others tend to be calm and sensitive.

But, no matter what personality you possess, all Aquarians love positive enforcement, and it is one of the most important aspects of their contentment.

Without it, they will become easily bored and uninterested.

Aquarius The Idealist Of The Zodiac


Other Characteristics Of An Aquarius

Aquarians also need a lot of alone time. This gives them a chance to ponder all of their ideas and plans and also gives them a chance to unwind and refresh.

This air sign is not afraid to embrace their creativity and individuality - even if it makes them stand out from the crowd. This means that they’re often drawn to anything fun or innovative.

One of the most notable characteristics of Aquarians is that they have a lofty vision, not only for their futures but for the future of society.

These forward-thinkers just want to make the world a better place, and they rely on their empathy and fairness to make this happen.

They also value freedom and wish nothing more than to ensure that it is available for everyone.

But their futuristic focus often means that they can easily become lost in thought, trying to analyze or find solutions.

Their idealistic tendencies mean that Aquarians frequently accept nothing should of perfection, which often causes them to feel discontent, melancholic, and irritated.

This means that Aquarians are often branded as having a poor temper, especially whilst they're under a lot of stress - and Aquarians hate nothing more than feeling emotionally exposed.

Aquarius: Ruling Planets

Quirky Uranus rules over the innovative Aquarius, and just like Aquarians, Uranus is the “oddball” planet of the zodiac.

This planet is all about sudden changes, bursts of inspiration, and challenging the status quo.

Aquarius Ruling Planets

It is the rebellious and revolutionary vibe of Uranus that influences Aquarius’ energy the most, as this air sign often turns its back on tradition in favor of new, futuristic ideas.

Uranus’ energy promotes originality and innovation - which are two things that Aquarians value within themselves.

Uranus aids those who think outside the box with new modes of thinking, and Aquarians often like to see things beyond what can tangibly be seen.

Many also see Uranus as the controller of natural disasters, which is often in you too, dear Aquarius. When it comes to your passions and interests, you are a force in deem with.

In traditional astrology, Saturn is the ruling planet of Aquarius, but this strict and rule-oriented planet doesn't seem to align with Aquarius’ unconventional vibe.

However, one can see its influence in Aquarius’ sense of structure and seriousness, which lies beneath their visionary plans.

Best Colors For Aquarius

Now that we’ve looked into the idealistic and unpredictable nature of Aquarians, it’s time to look at the colors that most align with this zodiac sign’s energy.

Aquarius Color Blue: Aquarius’ Lucky Color

Did you know that the ‘aqua’ in Aquarius stands for water? This is why this air elemental is usually mistaken for a water sign.

But, Aquarian’s lucky color, blue, is the color that is most widely in connection with water.

Aquarius Color Blue

But Aquarius’ association with blue runs a lot deeper than its water connection. For once, Aquarius’ ruling planet, Uranus, is a blue gas planet.

Which is one of the many reasons why blue energizes and empowers Aquarians.

Blue is also a color that people appreciate universally, and Aquarians love nothing more than to be in the good books of others.


The calming hue of blue helps encourage Aquarius’ brilliant ideas and can help balance their restless energy.

After all, blue has been in acceptance to be one of the most calming colors, so surrounding yourself with mellow blue tones can help you recharge your energies.

But it’s not just water that’s akin with the color blue, and as an air element, Aquarius has us thinking of the blue skies.

The vast open skies are symbolic of Aquarius’ smooth flow of ideas and conversation, not to mention their affinity for experimentation.

Although blue has a calming effect, it’s also in connection with productivity - especially the brighter shades.

This makes it the perfect color to incorporate into office spaces, which is perfect for the ever-planning Aquarius.

Colors That Inspire And Empower Aquarians

Aquarius Color Turquoise

With air as their elemental sign, Aquarians tend to breeze through life without ever really stopping to catch their breath. After a while, this can become exhausting, but this is where turquoise can help.

Aquarius Color Turquoise

This beautiful blue shade can provide some tranquility by bringing a sense of calmness to the often eccentric Aquarius.


When you feel stressed, surround yourself with turquoise to make you feel stable once more.

And as this color promotes emotional balance and self-awareness, it’s a great color to wear during yoga, meditation, or any form of spiritual contemplation.

Aquarius Color Electric Blue

This bold shade of blue is the ideal power color for Aquarius.

This vibrant hue connects with Uranus’ chaotic energy, which will bring out the boldness of an Aquarian's personality, and allow them to embrace their inner strength.

Aquarius Color Electric Blue

When you feel like your confidence is lacking, electric blue can make you feel like your powerful, go-getter self again.

Electric blue is also a “statement” color, and as Aquarius likes to stand out from the crowd, it’s the perfect shade for them to adopt.

Aquarius Color Violet

The birthstone for Aquarius is a beautiful purple crystal in the name of Amethyst. This beautiful violet gem is in use to relieve stress, alleviate sadness, and enhance psychic abilities.

So, it’s no surprise that the color violet is a power color for Aquarians.


Just like Amethyst, violet help replenish Aquarius’ eccentric energies, which makes it the perfect color for those Aquarius’ who are completely a creative project, as it can help promote inspiration and innovation.

Aquarius Color White

White is quite significant for Aquarians, and as a rather intuitive sign, white can help power this energy even more.

Aquarius Color White

When overcome with a wave of self-doubt, white can provide reassurance by bringing your feelings of peace.

It can also aid mental clarity, which can help you cleanse your aura and drain any bad energies from your spirit.

For the Aquarius who never slows down, white can bring you a sense of peace and tranquility.


Colors To Avoid As An Aquarius

Although you’re optimistic and innovative, Aquarius, your perfectionist tendencies can put a real damper on your mood.

For instance, you can often be overly idealistic, and when things don’t go according to how you planned them you can often feel irritated and discontented - but what does this have to do with color theory?

Well, in the same way, that colors can uplift and inspire you, there are a lot of colors that can have a significantly negative impact on your mood.

And when you’re experiencing moments of “failure” and “self-doubt”, these colors can boost these negative energies.

Here are some colors that you should avoid as an Aquarius.


Black has a lot of symbolic meanings, and whilst it’s often in connection with power, mystery, and sophistication, it also has a lot of negative perceptions.

For once, it’s often in citation as a gloomy color, especially because it’s customary in many countries to wear all black to funerals.


For Aquarians, there’s nothing wrong with black per se, but black is too plain of color for a star sign who prides itself on being original.

You, Aquarius, want to stand out from the crowd, so why would you wear a color that fades into the background?

You don’t see or do things in the same way everyone else does, and you can afford to take much bolder risks.

In addition, black doesn’t do much for your personality or your intellectual well-being. You’re creative and innovative, and you should opt for colors that inspire you.

Neutral Tones

Neutral, earthy tones like brown just don’t do much for you Aquarius. They often evoke feelings of dullness, sadness, and blandness - all of which can dampen your creative energies.

Neutral Tones

Like black, neutral tones often blend into the background, and as an individual, you’ll want to express yourself more boldly.

The dullness of neutral tones doesn’t match your free spirit and can hinder your creativity.


Although green has connotations of growth and new life, it also has several negative connotations. Such as envy, selfishness, and inexperience - all of which you are not, dear Aquarius.

Final Thoughts

Although it can be difficult to understand the emotions of an Aquarius. They are not afraid to be bold and outspoken.

An Aquarius is honest, even when you don’t want them to be. But in their minds, they’re just saying (or doing) what they believe is right.

As an Aquarius, you should take pride in your creative and innovative ideas. After all, you’re only striving to make the world a better place.

But don’t let your perfectionist tendencies get the better of you. As this can make you feel like a failure - and a failure you are not!

As one who strives for a better future, you often feel like the weight of the world on your shoulders. And so, don’t be afraid to slow down from time to time and give yourself a much-needed rest and recharge.

Don’t forget that you can rely on your zodiac colors to empower you. Moreover, they can help charge the energies of all the best aspects of your personality.

For instance, soft blues and whites can bring you a sense of calm, and clarity. Thus, can help you make better sense of your wonderful idea.

But most importantly Aquarius, don’t be afraid to be bold! You are not for sitting on the sidelines, and your originality should be glorious in any way it can.

Aquarius Color: Best Shades For This Innovative Sign Plus Colors To Av