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17 Awesome Crystals All Aquarius' Must Have

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac. People born under this sign are known as Aquarians. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, and has the element of air. This guide will help you find the right crystals for Aquarius!

About Aquarius

Aquarians symbolizes by water bearers. While they may seem to be cool and fresh, they are actually an air sign.

They are always blowing in and out and bring with them sweet breath. They are independent people who are never tie down. Also, each one is a bit different, so they are one of the most original stars in the zodiac pack!

Another, aquarians are very smart people who are often misunderstood because of their emotional detachment. Kind and generous people who want to help others.

In addition, they are also very sensitive people who need to be hold gently. Also, they may appear cold or distant at times, but they are really just trying to protect themselves. Sometimes they feel frustrated by the unfairness of life.

17 Awesome Crystals All Aquarius' Must Have

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Hematite is a powerful stone for grounding and balancing the body. It absorbs negative energy coming from the environment. Living in a big city or being surrounded by many people requires Hematite to absorb negative energy.

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In addition, Hematites names as the “Earth Stone”. They bring balance to all aspects of life. They are good for healing emotional wounds and releasing pent-up anger.


What's more, Jade stones are particularly effective for Aquarians. It helps them find inner peace and harmony. It helps them release stress and anxiety.

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Jade works well for Aquarians who have trouble making decisions. The stone helps them focus and think clearly.

Finally, It gives them courage to act on their ideas. Moreover, Jade is also useful for those who feel overwhelmed by their responsibilities.


Moonstones are calming stones that can help Aquarius stay cool under pressure. You're naturally creative and innovative, and moonstone helps you channel that energy into something productive.

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Moonstones are very calming stones. They help us feel more relaxed and less stressed out.

Aquarians are idealists who are very emotional. Their emotions help them connect with others. But however, they may be disappoints when they fail to reach their goals.

More over, Aquarians often feel disappointed when things do not go according to plan. Moonstone helps Aquarians to overcome disappointment by reminding them that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Lastly, Moonstone also brings people together, connecting them to their loved ones.


Garnets are calming stones that bring peace and serenity. They associates with the crown chakra.

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Aquarians are people who are always thinking about what others think about them. They are very sensitive to other people's feelings and emotions.

But however, they are frequently misunderstood because of this sensitivity. This makes them feel insecure. Garnets help them become more grounded and steady on their own two feet.

Red Jasper

Jasper is a stone that helps people stay strong emotionally and spiritually. It balances sexual energy and raises endurance.

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Red jasper is known for bringing an endless scope of healing energies to all Aquarians.

It boosts self-confidence, increases analytical problem-solving abilities, and helps stay balanced and connected to reality .Also, It keeps Aquarian's natural traits ticking while ensuring that they keep one foot in reality.

Jasper is an earthy stone that brings stability and grounding. It helps you connect with your roots and your body. Also encourages creativity and assertiveness.


Agate is great at increasing energy levels and upping your metabolism. Emotionally, it encourages quick and committed decisions and balanced thinking.

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It keeps you grounded in reality, even when you're soaring high. Mix blue lace agate and moss agate to get the most out of these zodiac stones!


Sugilite is a beautiful pink or purple gemstone that boosts spiritual growth. It encourages Aquarians to release all that pent-up worry and makes room for deep satisfaction. It is also known to help heal headaches and discomfort.

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They encourage people to release all that pent-up worry and make room for deep satisfaction. Sugilites are excellent for helping people let go of past hurts and disappointments.


A great choice for Aquarians! Turquoise is a calming stone that encourages breathing exercises. It boosts immunity and clears the throat chakra.

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This promotes better communication and strengthens relationships. It is also good for those who have trouble expressing emotions.

Turquoise is a soothing stone that helps Aquarians relax. It is said to increase intuition and encourage positive thoughts. This is a wonderful stone to place on the forehead as a meditation aid.

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Aquarians are known for being very emotional. They are usually very intuitive and perceptive. They tend to be very honest and direct in their communications.

Turquoise is a calming stone that calms their minds and eases tension. It helps them relax and recharge.


A ruby pendant can grant you spiritual protection. It's a beautiful red gemstone that harmonizes very well with garnet, but it also functions very well with amethyst.

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Aquarians are very creative people who enjoy sharing ideas and concepts. They are also very optimistic and enthusiastic about life. When using rubies combined with other gems, they can become extremely powerful.


Black obsidian is an extremely powerful tool for those born under the sign of Aquarius. It helps them get rid of negative influences and focus on their goals.

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Adding golden obsidian to your aqua-colored birthstone jewelry collection will help you clarify your life purpose as an Aquarian. You'll be better able to manifest abundance and ground your energy.


Black tourmalines are stones that can help people overcome depression. They can also help people who are anxious or stressed. People who wear black tourmaline bracelets can be more confident about themselves.

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Fluorite is a strong stone for Aquarius because it brings them clarity of mind and temps down their emotions.

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It also helps them stay focused and clear minded. It is also known as the “wisdom stone” because it helps people understand their inner self.


First, Citrine is an optimistic yellow gemstone that brings light and abundance into your solar plexus. It helps you to manifest your goals and increases your energy level. If you wear a citrine anti-stress ring, you'll notice that you'll be more prosperous.

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It is a great stone for Aquarians who are feeling depressed. Citrine is also known to raise your immune system and boost your energy levels.

Rose Quartz

Water Bearer crystals are used to bring unconditional love to your life. These crystals are closely linked to the heart chakra, which helps you feel compassion towards others.

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Aquarius is a healing sign, so their power is drawn from the compassionate properties.

Aquarians are natural helpers who are often misunderstand because of their compassion and sympathy.

They tend to help others before thinking about their own needs. Rose Quartz can help connect with inner feelings. It makes them more confident and appreciative of their current situations.


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Amethyst is an Aquarius birthstone that communicates with their spiritual and air element side. It brings in happiness through enhanced thought and insight into the spiritual side of their lives.

This power crystal is among the noble Aquarius crystals residing within the Aquarius sign. Ideal for those wanting to connect with their intuition and spirituality, the amethyst is an incredibly powerful crystal

As a result, they are able to make decisions that will positively impact their future. Some people are stuck, not knowing what to choose or what path to take – but this crystal activates you to determine what will happen.

Amethyst is a stone that is especially helpful for those who are born under the sign of Aquarius. It is familiar to be a great healer and enhancer of psychic abilities.

Furthermore, this gem also helps you to better understand the world around you by enhancing your intuitive powers.

Black Onyx

Firstly, An aggressive Aquarian crystal, this stone helps you overcome your fears and worries. You become more mentally strong and emotionally stable. Your nervous system gets calmer and healthier. Relationships improve.

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Black onyx is an excellent crystal for those who want to shield themselves from negativity. Wearing black onyx protects them from bad energy.

Another, Black onyx is also use for business people. It helps them manifest wealth and prosperity. Black onyx is a powerful crystal for those who want more motivation.

Aquarians are very brave people who stand up to those in power and help others. Their natural sense of justice is enhance by this crystal.

This crystal helps them use their strength to better serve the greater cause and make positive changes in their community and the world.


Aquarians are kind people who help society. Negative energy comes from people who say they are hypocrites and want to do evil things.

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Labradorite keeps Aquarians far from those people who speak negatively about them.

Finally, A Labradorite pendant enhances the effects of both amethyst and garnet. This combination supports the heart and throat chakras. You gain the ability to face challenges head on.

Best Crystals for Aquarius


Hopefully this guide has helped you Aquarians to find the best crystals to help you achieve success and happiness in your lives!

17 Awesome Crystals All Aquarius' Must Have