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The Beetle Spirit Animal: A Guide To Symbolism, Dreams, And Power

Have you ever contemplated the intricate world of beetles, and wondered about the deeper meanings they hold in the grand tapestry of nature? Exploring the realm of Beetle Spirit Animal might provide insight into the unique energies and symbolism these creatures offer.

These tiny yet resilient creatures are often overlooked, yet they carry a profound spiritual significance. Today, we embark on a journey of exploration, delving into the enigmatic realm of the Beetle as a Spirit Animal.

Are you ready to unlock the symbolism that beetles offer, explore their role in dreams, and tap into the power they bestow on those who seek their wisdom?

Join us as we delve into the symbolic significance of the Beetle, transcending the ordinary to uncover the hidden wisdom it carries.

Discover the secrets of transformation, persistence, and the deeper revelations that the Beetle as a spirit animal can bring into your life.

Key Takeaways

  • Profound Spiritual Significance: Beetles, often overlooked, carry deep spiritual meaning, symbolizing transformation, resilience, and strength.
  • Spirit and Totem Animals: As spirit and totem animals, beetles represent personal growth, adaptability, and the power of teamwork. Their hard exoskeletons act as shields against negativity.
  • Cultural Symbolism: Scarab beetles were revered by ancient Egyptians for immortality and rebirth. In Japanese culture, rhinoceros beetles embody strength, while Greek mythology associates beetles with transformative journeys.
  • Adaptability and Grounding: Beetles symbolize adventure, adaptability, and grounding. Their vibrant colors signify sensitivity, clairvoyance, and the importance of the mind-body-spirit connection.
  • Dream Insights: Beetle dreams offer varied interpretations—health reminders, joy, opportunity, and drama-free living. Specific scenarios and colors provide nuanced insights, emphasizing adaptability and survival.
  • Tattoo Symbolism: Beetle tattoos, such as scarabs and Hercules beetles, symbolize power, transformation, and personal meanings. Tribal beetle tattoos represent cultural symbols like love, luck, and prosperity.
  • Astrological Connection: Scarab beetles in the Pre-Incan Zodiac signify Libra, representing reciprocity, relationships, and balance. Librans value independence and social intelligence.
  • Mythical Insights: Scarab beetles in Egyptian mythology symbolize life's cycle, while Japanese rhinoceros beetles embody strength and perseverance. Greek mythology associates beetles with Aphrodite, signifying the soul's journey.
  • Dream Interpretation: Beetle dreams offer diverse meanings—from health reminders to embracing change and financial insights. Specific scenarios, colors, and actions provide nuanced guidance.
  • Artistic Echoes: Beetles inspire art and literature symbolizing metamorphosis, resilience, and environmental messages. Their diverse forms contribute to the rich tapestry of human creativity.
  • Celtic Minimalism: While not prominent in Celtic mythology, beetles may have appeared in local folklore or superstitions, with a minimal role compared to other revered animals.
  • Beetle Landing Interpretation: A beetle landing on you can signify good luck, protection, personal transformation, or a connection to nature. Interpretations often blend superstition, cultural beliefs, and personal perspectives.
  • Fascinating Facts: Scarab beetles in ancient Egypt symbolized rebirth, while dung beetles were linked to the cycle of life. Beetles across cultures represent divine elements, emphasizing personal transformation, resilience, and adaptability.
  • Environmental Indicator: In modern times, beetles symbolize ecosystem health, aligning with the growing awareness of environmental spirituality. Their presence reflects the delicate balance within nature.

What is the Symbolism and meaning of a Beetle as a Spirit and Totem Animal?

Beetles, as spirit and totem animals, hold profound symbolism representing transformation, strength, and resilience. Their remarkable metamorphosis from larvae to adults mirrors our capacity for personal growth and adaptability in the face of life's trials.

These resilient creatures, often characterized by their physical might relative to their size, inspire us to persevere and surmount obstacles with unwavering determination.

Beetles are seen as protectors in some cultures, their hard exoskeletons symbolizing a shield against negative energies and adversities.

Moreover, their penchant for teamwork and cooperation, exemplified by species like dung beetles, underscores the importance of collaboration within communities and families.

Beetles also teach us resourcefulness, urging us to utilize our talents and opportunities efficiently. Additionally, their synchronization with natural cycles encourages us to reconnect with nature and live harmoniously within its rhythms.

Furthermore, the cyclical nature of beetle life cycles, involving periods of dormancy and emergence, serves as a potent symbol of renewal and rebirth, reminding us of the potential for transformation and growth after challenging phases in our own lives.

The Symbolism and Profound Meaning of Beetles

  • Resilience and Determination: Beetles symbolize resilience and determination, known for their hard work and unwavering persistence.
  • Teamwork and Independence: Beetles can work together as a team or independently, representing both teamwork and independence.
  • Scarab Beetles: Scarab beetles, a subset of beetles, have ancient symbolic meanings related to the sun, power, and more, particularly in Egyptian culture.
  • Adaptability: Beetles are highly adaptive creatures, capable of tricking predators. They symbolize adaptability, adventure, and grounding.
  • Sensitivity and Clairvoyance: Beetles are associated with sensitivity, enhanced vision, clairvoyance, and the ability to communicate with angels and spirits.
  • Body and Colors: The beetle's body is seen as representing the mind, body, and spirit, divided into three parts. Beetle colors can carry various symbolic meanings, such as black beetles symbolizing bad luck.
Beetle Spirit Animal

The Beetle as a Spirit Animal: Embracing Its Symbolic Guidance

If the Beetle Spirit Animal comes to you, it is telling you that you will soon be going through a transformation and big changes are ahead. These changes can be daunting, but you need to remember to stay true to yourself and have faith in yourself.

Changing you or your beliefs for the sake of others will not help you, and you need to put yourself and what you believe first. To get through these changes, you may want to find help in your community and other people that you identify with.

There, you will find the strength and understanding which will help you get through your problem.

The Beetle may also be coming to you to tell you to stand still and look around you. When this happens, there might be something happening around you that you are not fully aware of, so you need to pay attention to it.

By using the antennas of the beetle, you will become aware of the issue and will be able to deal with it.

The color of the beetle is important, too. Below are the beetle colors and what they may mean for you:

  • Green: Green beetles often carry messages about finances, as well as providence.
  • Red: Red beetles will speak to you about the matters of the heart, such as love and family

To summarize, the Beetle may appear as your Spirit Animal if you:

  • Need to stay true to yourself and your beliefs
  • Need to become aware of something in your life
  • Are going to go through a big change or transformation

The Beetle Spirit Animal


The Beetle as a Totem Animal: Embodying Its Symbolic Significance

  • Instincts and Psychic Insight: Those born with the Beetle Totem Animal possess exceptional instincts and may have psychic insights.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: They excel as problem-solvers and are sensitive individuals who understand that there are multiple sides to every story.
  • Eco-Friendly and Thrifty: People with the Beetle Totem often prioritize eco-friendliness and thriftiness to reduce waste and care for the planet.
  • Embracing Change: They are comfortable with change and find positivity in evolving situations.
  • Mind-Body-Spirit Connection: Recognizing the significance of the mind-body-spirit connection they understand concepts like Karma and the idea that what goes around comes around.
  • Positive Living: They focus their energy on meaningful things avoid unnecessary problems and aim for a drama-free and joyful life
Beetle As A Totem Animal

The Beetle as a Power Animal: Harnessing Its Strength and Symbolism

You may need to call upon the Beetle Power Animal if you feel like you need to work on your spirituality and gain some spiritual meaning nourishment.

The Beetle will help you be more sensitive to the universe and enable you to pick up on vibrations around you.

This Power Animal can also be called upon if you need the strength to get through a difficult situation, or when you feel stuck.

They will teach you how to overcome the numerous obstacles you will experience in your life and help you persevere, whatever you do.

To summarize, you may call upon the Beetle Power Animal if you need help:

  • Finding or improving your spirituality
  • To be more sensitive to the world around you
  • Getting out of a rough patch in your life
  • Overcoming obstacles in your life

The Beetle in Religion and Culture: Exploring Symbolism and Traditions

Culture Symbolism
Egyptian Immortality, transformation, protection
Japanese Strength, perseverance, warrior spirit
Greek Soul's journey, transformation, rebirth
Native American Grounding, stability
Hindu Movement of the sun, surface traversal
Chinese Strength, tenacity, protection from evil spirits

Beetles are not as revered as many other creatures are across the world. However, there are some cultures, like the Egyptians, who worshiped these beetles.

In Ancient Egypt, the scarab was a symbol of immortality, transformation, protection and resurrection. These insects were depicted in art and were often used during funerals.

After someone died in Ancient Egypt, their heart would be removed and a beetle amulet called a kheper would replace it.

Khepri, the Father of the Gods and the Creator, is said to have created everything out of clay. This resembles the scarab, as this beetle rolls up waste into a ball, which they would use to feed their young.

Many believed that these insects were born from the soil, hence creating the connection between resurrection and new life.

When the heart was replaced with the kheper talisman, the people believed that they were removing a number of human qualities such as desire, fear, and weakness, from within. The talisman was an untouched life and gave the deceased peace.

Exploring Various Types of Beetles and Their Symbolism

Beetle Type Symbolism
Lady Beetle Good luck, joy, love, happiness
Scarab Beetle Transformation, renewal, protection
Dung Beetle Prosperity, organization
Japanese Beetle Resilience, adaptability
Ground Beetle Grounding, stability
Stag Beetle Strength, power

Beetles are a diverse group of insects with a wide range of species, each with its own unique characteristics.

While beetles are not typically associated with symbolic meanings in the same way as some animals, certain types of beetles have cultural or symbolic significance in various contexts.

Here are a few different types of beetles and any symbolic associations they may have:

Lady Beetle (Ladybug)

Symbolism: Ladybugs are often associated with good luck and protection in many cultures. Their bright red colour and spots are seen as symbols of joy, love, and happiness. In some folklore, it's believed that seeing a ladybug brings good fortune.

Scarab Beetle

Symbolism: In ancient Egyptian mythology, the scarab beetle, specifically the sacred scarab (Scarabaeus sacer), was a symbol of transformation, protection, and rebirth. It was associated with the sun god Ra and represented the cycle of life.

Dung Beetle

Symbolism: In some African cultures, dung beetles have symbolic significance related to their behaviour of rolling dung balls. They are associated with perseverance, transformation, and the cycle of life.

Japanese Beetle

Symbolism: The Japanese beetle is known for its distinctive appearance and can be seen as a symbol of resilience and adaptability in the face of challenges.

In Japanese culture, the beetle is sometimes featured in art and literature.

Ground Beetle (Carabidae)

Symbolism: Ground beetles are often associated with the natural world and can symbolize the importance of staying grounded and connected to the Earth.

They are also recognized for their role in pest control.

Stag Beetle

Symbolism: Stag beetles, with their imposing mandibles and appearance, have made appearances in folklore and mythology in various cultures. They are sometimes seen as symbols of strength and power.

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Interpreting the Meaning of Beetles in Dreams: Insights from the Subconscious

Beetle Behavior Dream Interpretation
Potato Beetle Health reminder, self-love
Jeweled Beetle Appreciating small joys, hard work pays off
Dung Beetle Seizing opportunities, decision-making
Scarab Beetle Drama-free life, adaptability, survival
Various Dream Scenarios Omens and financial implications
  • Beetle dreams vary in meaning based on the beetle type, its actions, and your emotions within the dream.
  • Potato Beetle dreams emphasize self-care, health, and the need to break unhealthy habits while promoting self-love.
  • Jeweled Beetle dreams encourage finding joy in life's simple pleasures and diligent pursuit of dreams.
  • Dung Beetle dreams symbolize the presence of opportunities and emphasize the importance of careful decision-making.
  • Scarab Beetle dreams suggest embracing a drama-free life, reevaluating relationships, and resolving conflicts.
  • Beetles in dreams signify adaptability, survival through challenges, and an acceptance of change.
  • Specific dream scenarios, such as a swarm of beetles or a falling beetle, offer insights into financial aspects.
  • Beetles crawling on you warn of impending financial crises, while those in your hair indicate concerns related to business or love.
  • A flying beetle represents good luck at work and in love, while killing a beetle suggests improved finances following a crisis.
  • Dreams featuring a black beetle may allude to impending difficulties or magical elements in your life.
Meaning Of Beetles In Dreams

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The Beetle in Tattoos, Astrology, and Spiritual Contexts: Symbolic Significance Explored

Beetles have many meanings across astrology and even tattoos. If you are thinking about getting a tattoo of a beetle, check out what it could symbolize and what the different species mean. That way, you will be able to pick the perfect tattoo for you and have a meaningful piece of art on your body.


Beetle Type Tattoo Symbolism
Hercules Beetle Power, strength
Scarab Beetle Transformation, spirituality
Dung Beetle Prosperity, organization
Tribal Beetle Personal meaning, cultural symbols
  • Hercules Beetle Tattoo: Symbolizes power and strength due to the beetle's large and robust nature.
  • Scarab Beetle Tattoo: Often found in Egyptian culture, scarab beetles hold historical significance and represent creation, transformation, renewal, and spirituality.
  • Dung Beetle Tattoo: Part of the scarab family, symbolizes prosperity and organization.
  • Tribal Beetle Tattoo: Meaning varies depending on the specific tribal pattern, but in general, tribal tattoos can symbolize prosperity, love, luck, and a connection to the Divine. The exact meaning is often highly personal to the wearer

The Beetle in Astrology: Celestial Connections and Symbolic Interpretations

There is little to say about the Beetle in the world of astrology. However, the Pre-Incan Zodiac has 12 Zodiac signs as the Scarab Beetle is one of them.

The Scarab Beetle sign, which equates to a Libra, symbolizes reciprocity, relationships, and union.

In many ancient cultures, like the Egyptians, this beetle was seen as a symbol of progress, grace, and balance, so it is a perfect fit for the lady with the scales.

People born under this sign are independent and enjoy their own time, but are also socially intelligent. These people can do well in either leadership positions or acting as a team player, so the possibilities are endless.

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The Spiritual Significance of Beetles: Insights into Symbolism and Connection

Beetles are symbolic of the sun, renewal, rebirth, and life, but also can be a sign of bad omens like death and the Devil. There are those who believe that if a beetle walks across your shoe, it is an omen of looming death.

However, beetles also symbolize power, strength, and also finances. To find out the meaning of beetles in your life, you need to take note of your surroundings and the climate of your life. Only then can you find the true meaning of these insects.

The Mythical Significance Of Beetles In Mythology And Folklore

Beetles, with their diverse forms and behaviours, have appeared in mythology and folklore across various cultures, often symbolizing a range of qualities and concepts. Here are some examples of beetle symbolism in mythology and folklore:

Egyptian Scarab Beetle

In ancient Egypt, the scarab beetle, specifically the dung beetle, held significant religious symbolism. It represented the cycle of life, death, and rebirth.

The way dung beetles rolled balls of dung across the ground was seen as analogous to the sun's daily journey across the sky.

Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle

In Japan, the rhinoceros beetle, known as "kabutomushi," is highly regarded and even used in beetle-fighting competitions.

These beetles are associated with strength, perseverance, and the warrior spirit.

Greek Mythology - The Beetle as a Symbol of Transformation

The beetle has appeared in Greek mythology as a symbol of transformation.

It's said that the beetle, or "scarabeus," was associated with the goddess Aphrodite and symbolized the soul's journey through different stages of life, including death and rebirth.

Native American Symbolism

In some Native American cultures, beetles are linked to earth elements and considered symbols of grounding and stability.

They may represent the importance of staying connected to the natural world.

Hinduism - The Beetle and the Chariot of the Sun

In Hindu mythology, the beetle is sometimes associated with the chariot of the sun god, Surya.

This association underscores the beetle's role in moving across the surface of the Earth, much like the sun's movement across the sky.

Chinese Beetle Symbolism

In Chinese culture, certain beetles, like the rhinoceros beetle, have been used symbolically in art and folklore.

They can represent attributes such as strength, tenacity, and protection from evil spirits.

African Folklore - The Click Beetle

Some African cultures have myths and stories involving the click beetle, which is known for its ability to right itself when flipped over.

The click beetle symbolizes resilience and resourcefulness in the face of adversity.

Beetles in Dream Interpretation

In various cultures, dreaming of beetles can have different interpretations. Some see it as a sign of positive transformation, while others may interpret it as a warning or a call for self-reflection.

Transformation and Metamorphosis

Beetles, as insects that undergo metamorphosis from larva to pupa to adult, symbolize transformation and change in many cultural contexts.

Persistence and Adaptability

Beetles' ability to thrive in diverse environments and their resilience in the face of challenges often symbolizes persistence and adaptability.

Creativity and Artistic Inspiration

In some cultures, the intricate patterns and colours of beetles, especially iridescent ones, serve as sources of inspiration for artists and creators.

The Artistic and Literary Echoes of Beetle Symbolism

Artistic Context Symbolic Usage
Metamorphosis Transformation and personal growth
Resilience Persistence and adaptability
Environmental Message Conservation and biodiversity awareness
Creative Interpretation A versatile source of inspiration

Beetles, with their diverse forms and behaviours, have made appearances in art and literature, where they often carry symbolic meanings. Here's how beetles have been symbolized in these creative realms:

1. Metamorphosis and Transformation: Beetles, with their life cycles involving larval, pupal, and adult stages, have been used as symbols of metamorphosis and transformation in literature and art. They can represent the idea that change and personal growth are natural processes.

2. Resilience and Adaptability: The ability of beetles to adapt to various environments and overcome challenges has been portrayed in art and literature as a symbol of resilience. Beetles can embody the idea that individuals can adapt and thrive in adverse conditions.

3. Symbol of the Insect World: Beetles are sometimes used as representatives of the entire insect world in literary works or as artistic subjects. They serve as a reminder of the vast and diverse natural world, highlighting the interconnectedness of all living beings.

4. Rich Color and Pattern Inspiration: The vibrant colours and intricate patterns found in some beetle species, such as iridescent beetles, have inspired artists and designers. Beetle-inspired art may incorporate these visual elements to create aesthetically pleasing and imaginative works.

5. Mythological and Mystical Imagery: In some works of literature and art, beetles may take on mythological or mystical significance. They can be portrayed as creatures with hidden or magical qualities, often linked to ancient beliefs and folklore.

6. Symbol of Environmental Conservation: In contemporary art, beetles may be used to symbolize the importance of environmental conservation and the preservation of biodiversity. They serve as a reminder of the delicate balance of ecosystems and the need to protect all species, no matter how small.

7. Surrealism and Absurdism: In surrealistic art and literature, beetles may appear in unusual or absurd contexts, challenging conventional interpretations and inviting viewers or readers to explore the unexpected and unconventional.

8. Creative Interpretations: Artists and writers may use beetles creatively, employing them as symbols to convey personal or abstract concepts, allowing for a wide range of interpretations by the audience.

Beetle Symbolism in Celtic Mythology: An Exploration of Ancient Beliefs

Beetles do not hold a prominent or well-documented role in Celtic mythology. Celtic mythology primarily features other animals, such as the stag, boar, and various birds, which are often associated with Celtic deities and legends.

While beetles are not central figures in Celtic mythology, they may have been mentioned in local folklore or superstitions specific to certain Celtic regions.

When a Beetle Lands on You: Interpreting the Symbolic Encounter

The meaning attributed to a beetle landing on you can vary widely depending on cultural beliefs, personal beliefs, and superstitions.

In many cases, the interpretation is more based on folklore and superstition than on scientific or factual evidence.

Here are a few interpretations that people might associate with a beetle landing on them:

  • Good Luck: In some cultures, especially in Asia, it is considered a sign of good luck if a beetle lands on you. It is believed to bring positive energy, prosperity, and fortune.
  • Protection: Some people see beetles as protective symbols, so if one lands on them, it might be interpreted as a sign of protection from negative energies or harmful influences.
  • Change or Transformation: Beetles are insects that undergo metamorphosis, transitioning through different life stages. Seeing a beetle land on you might symbolize a personal transformation or change in your life.
  • Connection to Nature: Beetles are creatures of the natural world, and their interaction with humans might be viewed as a reminder of our connection to the environment and the importance of respecting and appreciating nature.
  • Attention or Message: Some individuals interpret a beetle landing on them as a sign that they need to pay attention to a particular aspect of their life or that they are receiving a message from the universe or the spiritual realm.
  • Random Event: It's important to remember that sometimes, a beetle landing on you is purely coincidental and not necessarily indicative of any specific meaning or symbolism. Insects, including beetles, are often attracted to light, warmth, or certain scents, which could lead to such interactions.

Fascinating Beetle Facts and Trivia: Unveiling the Wonders of These Small Creatures

  • Scarab Beetle in Ancient Egypt: Symbolized transformation, protection, and rebirth.
  • Khepri, the Sun God: Associated with the rising sun and creative renewal.
  • Dung Beetles and Symbolism: Linked to the cycle of life and rebirth in Egyptian beliefs.
  • Beetles and the Divine: Representations of divine or spiritual elements in various cultures.
  • Transformation Symbol: Beetle's life cycle as a metaphor for personal transformation.
  • Resilience and Adaptability: Symbols of persistence and adaptability in spirituality.
  • Beetles in Dreams: Interpretations related to growth, finances, and warnings.
  • Ladybugs and Good Luck: Symbols of good luck and positivity.
  • Beetles in Tribal Art: Represent prosperity, love, and spiritual connections.
  • Environmental Spirituality: Indicator of ecosystem health in modern environmental awareness.

Organizations that Protect Beetles

The Beetle Conservation Trust: Based in the United Kingdom, this organization is dedicated to the conservation of beetles and their habitats. They conduct research, provide educational resources, and work on conservation initiatives.

The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation: The Xerces Society, based in the United States, focuses on the conservation of invertebrates, including beetles. They work to protect pollinators, aquatic insects, and other critical species.

The Natural History Museum - London: Research institutions and museums often play a role in beetle conservation. The Natural History Museum in London, for instance, conducts research on beetles and contributes to our understanding of their diversity and distribution.

Local Conservation Groups: Many local and regional conservation groups around the world include beetles in their broader conservation efforts. These groups work to protect habitats and ecosystems that are home to various beetle species.

National Parks and Wildlife Services: Government agencies responsible for managing protected areas, such as national parks and wildlife reserves, often indirectly protect beetle species by conserving their habitats and the biodiversity within them.

While there may not be as many organizations exclusively dedicated to beetle conservation as there are for more charismatic species, these insects benefit from broader conservation efforts aimed at preserving ecosystems and biodiversity.

These efforts help protect the diverse range of beetle species and the vital roles they play in various ecosystems.

The Beetle Spirit Animal

Final Thoughts

Beetles, especially scarabs, can have many meanings in your life. They can be both good and bad omens and can appear to warn you of approaching dangers and situations.

If you feel like you have a connection to the beetle, or feel that this insect may be able to help you, I implore you to find out more about them.

You never know when you may need the help of these beautiful creatures and need to borrow some of their power to get through something in your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the spiritual significance of encountering a beetle?

Encountering a beetle can symbolize aspects of persistence, transformation, and adaptability in spiritual contexts. Beetles are often seen as reminders of the importance of perseverance.

How do beetles feature in spiritual practices and beliefs?

Beetles are associated with qualities like tenacity, regeneration, and the ability to overcome obstacles in spiritual practices. They symbolize the potential for personal growth and transformation.

What does it mean to dream about beetles?

Dreaming about beetles can have various interpretations. It may signify a need for inner strength, the desire for change, or a message related to personal transformation and growth.

Are beetles linked to any specific deities or spiritual figures?

Beetles are sometimes associated with deities or spiritual figures related to renewal, transformation, and protection in different cultures and belief systems.

How can I incorporate beetle symbolism into my spiritual practice?

Incorporating beetle symbolism can involve meditation on their qualities, rituals that emphasize transformation, or reflection on the importance of perseverance and adaptation.

Are there any rituals or ceremonies involving beetles in spiritual contexts?

While beetles themselves are not typically used in rituals, their symbolism may be invoked to emphasize spiritual lessons related to transformation and resilience.

Are there any cultural variations in the symbolism of beetles?

The symbolism of beetles can vary across cultures. While some may emphasize their transformative qualities, others may associate them with themes of protection or regeneration.

Can beetle symbolism help in daily life for personal growth or overcoming challenges?

Yes, beetle symbolism can inspire individuals to develop qualities such as persistence, adaptability, and resilience. It can also encourage a mindset of continuous personal growth.

What are some misconceptions about beetles, and how can they be corrected?

Common misconceptions include viewing beetles as pests. Correcting these misconceptions involves understanding their ecological role and recognizing the value of their presence in ecosystems.

Are there any organizations or initiatives dedicated to beetle conservation or education?

Organizations focused on wildlife conservation may include information about beetles as part of their educational efforts. However, beetle-specific organizations may be less common.

The Beetle Spirit Animal: A Guide To Symbolism, Dreams, And Power