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Black Tourmaline: Meanings, Powers and Crystal Properties

Tourmaline is adored for its availability in a myriad of shades and hues. Being a complex silicate crystal, tourmaline appears in multicolored forms, depending upon the chemical elements.

Black tourmaline crystal is one variety of the tourmaline supergroup, which is revered as a powerful grounding stone, protective amulet and a psychic shield that deflects destructive energy and forces.

Black Tourmaline: Meanings, Powers and Crystal Properties

Black Tourmaline Meaning and Symbolism

What Is Black Tourmaline?

What Is Black Tourmaline?
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Black tourmaline is the iron-rich member of the tourmaline family.

It is the most abundant and affordable tourmaline species.

Though less colorful than other tourmaline varieties, black tourmaline or Schorl is one of the most important stones for spiritual and metaphysical purposes.

It is highly valued for its superb prismatic crystallization, dark intensity, opaque jet black color and lustrous finish.

Black Tourmaline Legends and History

Tourmaline has been valued since medieval times, but it wasn't until the late 1800s, when luxury jewelry retailer Tiffany and Co. propelled its demand and popularity.

During the Victorian period, midnight-black schorl was fashioned in mourning jewelry.

However, schorl is no longer considered a gem of sorrow. Today, it is thought to attract love and money.

Burmese black tourmaline was traditionally sent to China, where it was used to make buttons for the mandarins' caps.

Black tourmaline was also used in ritual work by Shamans and Native Americans as protection against earth demons, negative spells, and past life curses.

In antiquity, it was believed that this stone glowed because of its own energy.

Black tourmaline possesses a faint yet constant electric charge, which is why it is known as the ‘Electric stone,’ especially in Asia.

Due to its attraction-repulsion property, black tourmaline was named the ‘Ash-drawer.’

Infact, Dutch mariners used the stone to draw ash from their long-stemmed pipes.

Black Tourmaline Meaning as Birthstone

Black tourmaline is the traditional birthstone of October, which is a transitional month in the northern hemisphere, signaling the winds of change from fall to winter.

Black Tourmaline Symbolism

Black tourmaline has been considered the quintessential stone of stability, grounding and protection for a number of years.

The stabilizing, grounding energy of black tourmaline will help you to anchor your physical and subtle bodies on solid ground, deeply connected to the healing and positive vibrations of Mother Earth.

It can be a part of any grounding ritual, particularly if you are going on a walk-in nature.

Most black tourmaline contains iron, making it a potent protective stone.

Due to the vertical striations on its structure, black tourmaline has a channeling quality which helps blocked energy to move out of the auric field.

Thus, black tourmaline can be aptly referred to as the 'energetic first line of defense' because of its exceptional ability to deal with the negativity found in everyday life.

The piezoelectric property of black tourmaline- meaning it can convert mechanical energy into electric energy - encourages the balance of the whole body’s energetic framework.

It is essential to maintain this balance because of the many levels of environmental stress that affect humans in the modern world.

Black Tourmaline Zodiac Sign

Black tourmaline is considered a birthstone for those born under the zodiac sign of Capricorn and also possesses a particular affinity with Libras, who can significantly benefit from its grounding energy.

Black tourmaline also aligns with the third fixed sign of the zodiac- Scorpio.

Keep one black tourmaline crystal close at hand to help ensure you are capitalizing on your power as a scorpio.

Mystical Powers of Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is one stone that crystal healers most appreciate and seek out, and for good reasons.

It protects your auric field from psychic attacks and other harmful vibrations.

The magic of black tourmaline is not just about ‘defending you,’ but rather its ability to recycle negative energy into positive energy.

It also brings unbalanced energy into an equalized state for an optimal energetic flow.

Black tourmaline makes way for the light of the soul to clear out any unwanted energies and detrimental patterns out of the physical, etheric and astral bodies.

Black tourmaline also improves communication across the various levels of functions in the human body, connecting spirit, soul, and mind in a single harmonious whole.

In the age of 24/7 technology, we are bombarded with unseen electromagnetic radiation from electronic devices, which can have adverse effects, especially on energy-sensitive ones.

Fortunately, black tourmaline can dispel the EMF and balance disruptive energies.

How To Wear Black Tourmaline for Maximum Benefit?

How To Wear Black Tourmaline for Maximum Benefit?
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To best harness the powers of black tourmaline, wear it in jewelry.

As long as the stone is close to your body, it will be within your aura where its positive energy can support you.

Schorl tourmaline is a hard stone resistant to daily wear, so it is occasionally used for inlay work in jewelry.

The most common use of black tourmaline in jewelry is as a natural form crystal pendant.

  • Wear a black tourmaline brooch on your left side if you find mixing with people having obsessive or compulsive behaviors.
  • If you are nervous about an upcoming social event, wear a black tourmaline bracelet to promote self-confidence and power.
  • Wear black tourmaline over the thymus to stop jealousy, ill-will, or psychic attack.

This helps to defuse the attack safely.

  • Wearing black tourmaline necklace helps to compensate for the effects of radiation and unfold positive effects.
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Symbolism and Powers Overview
SYMBOLISM Grounding, Detoxification, Protection
MYSTICAL POWERS Interdimensional communication, Dispelling negative energies & EMF
BENEFITS /HEALING POWERS Disperse negativity, brings self-confidence, strength of mind & body
MEANING IN LEGENDS Mourning gem, Protection talisman
ZODIAC SIGN Capricorn, Libra, Scorpio

What Are Black Tourmaline Healing Properties and Benefits?

Physical Healing

  • Black tourmaline is an excellent stone to detoxify the body, favoring the elimination of heavy metals and environmental pollutants.
  • It mobilizes the immune system and corrects autoimmune conditions.
  • This stone strengthens the nervous system and alleviates stress and fatigue.
  • It is good for the heart and adrenal glands.
  • Stimulates digestion, excretion, bowel movements, and relieves stomach ache and constipation.
  • Regenerates the female reproductive system, thereby aiding menstrual problems.
  • Schorl helps with motor problems like strained or torn muscles, arthritis, numbness and provides pain relief and support for the spinal column.
  • It soothes ear complaints and combats deafness and progressive hearing loss.
  • It also balances and regulates hormonal levels.
  • Black tourmaline clears the energy blockages and stimulates vital energy flow.

Emotional Healing

Black tourmaline works as an emotional detoxifier.

This is a mineral of purification, cleansing the emotional body of negative thoughts, bad energy, fear, victim mentality, embarrassment or feelings of unworthiness.

Black tourmaline stone encourages you to blossom into your true and confident self.

It acts as a supportive companion, helping you to embody new skills by dissolving away what no longer serves your life.

Black tourmaline is especially helpful to empaths and sensitive folks, helping to build healthy boundaries between yourself and others, and acts as a buffer against dark energies and ill intentions.

The grounding qualities of black tourmaline helps you feel calm and emotionally stable, bringing serenity and inner peace.

Black tourmaline also promotes a laid-back attitude and objective neutrality with rational thought processes.

Spiritual Healing

Black tourmaline is a strong spiritual grounding stone.

When we move towards our Divine Energy, it's essential to protect our personal agency of the Spirit. It helps to have a crystal ally such as black tourmaline for this.

Black tourmaline is beneficial for shamanic journeying and acts as a homing device for spiritual travelers when they are returning from the spiritual world.

Schorl aids in spiritual practices such as astral projection, meditation, contemplation, and inner work for uncovering past lives.

Another application for black tourmaline is etheric purification.

Carrying this stone will refresh and cleanse the etheric body, even in the presence of destructive energies.

Healing Benefits

Black tourmaline benefits are:

  • It stimulates 121 openness, freshness and clarity.
  • Increases physical vitality.
  • Confers neutrality and serenity by activating logical thinking.
  • Helps balance high-and-low vibrations.
  • Helps you feel grounded and secure.
  • Disengages from the source of fear, anger or agitation.
  • Ease panic attacks and motion sickness.
  • Develops psychic shield deflecting evil and negative forces.
  • Stimulates altruism, creativity, intellect and positive attitude.
  • Protects against electromagnetic energy and harmful radiations.
Healing and Metaphysical Properties Overview
PHYSICAL CONDITIONS Supports immune system, spinal column, detoxification process.
EMOTIONAL CONDITIONS Develops emotional balance, dispels worry, fear, anger.
SPIRITUAL PURPOSES Spiritual grounding, cleansing of the etheric body.

Metaphysical Properties of Black Tourmaline

Places and Locations

Black tourmaline acts as a protective shield, absorbing all the negative energies within a space and transforming them into protective energy.

Place black tourmaline stones around your workplace and home to minimize the impact of negative vibrations that are present in the immediate vicinity.

The energy these stones radiate out into the environment brings tranquility, peace and harmony.

Where to place Black Tourmaline at Home?

Safety, security, serenity is what black tourmaline brings home.

Place this stone in a grid to protect your home from unwanted energies and create a calming atmosphere.

It helps to eliminate negative thoughts and lethargy someone in the home may be experiencing so that it doesn't pass on to others.

Placing some black tourmaline crystals at the entrance of your home keeps bad vibes at bay, ensuring that negative energies get checked at the front door.

If the crystal has a pointed termination, point it away from your own house to deflect negative energy.

Black Tourmaline At Work

Black tourmaline is your most useful ally in the workplace.

Its profound ability to shift stress and negative energies into positive ones will make your work life more productive.

If you work in a large office environment with lots of different energies, place black tourmaline on your desk or in your bag to absorb the dense energies.

Placing the crystal on your computer blocks harmful emanations and strengthens your auric field.

People and Relationships

If you have experienced a toxic relationship and you feel energy remnants of that relationship still alive in your body, working with black tourmaline will cleanse you of all the hooks and unhealthy cords of attachment.

Black tourmaline can make you feel more confident and help open yourself up to others.

This crystal energy also may bring people to show their true intentions towards you and what they think of you.

Pregnant Women and Babies

Black tourmaline is a crystal every mother should have because it does many jobs.

It protects you and your space during pregnancy and while giving birth.

Connecting with this crystal during childbirth absorbs any fear or chaotic energy in your space, whether it comes from you or those around you.

Black tourmaline can help children to release any fears around sleep. Keep a few pieces in your child’s room or under the bed to help him feel safe and eliminate night terrors.

People dealing with Trauma and Crisis

Black tourmaline is an excellent stone for people recovering from trauma.

It dispels negativity from mind, body, spirit and environment.

It is especially used by empaths to protect against energy absorption from others.

Black tourmaline prevents anxiety and panic attacks.

It helps you feel calm and collected under even the highest pressure situations.

Black Tourmaline and Numerology

Black tourmaline resonates with the vibration numbers 3 and 4.

Stones for number 3 tend to be distinctive, much like the person who numerically corresponds to this number.

While stones vibrating to the number 4 represent principles of family, foundation and healing.

Black Tourmaline Gem Water

Gem elixirs are a wonderful way of interacting with the crystalline energy of stones.

Black tourmaline is a powerful cleaner that releases toxic energy from emotions, mind and body and boosts recovery of energy blockages.

You might wonder, Is Black Tourmaline Toxic?

Black tourmaline is non-toxic in tumbled and polished form.

So if there has been a lot of negativity in your life, you can make a black tourmaline gem elixir or black tourmaline grounding bath.

The stone can be put into a mister in water and sprayed into the room.

Black Tourmaline Shapes and Forms

Credit: Canva

Black tourmaline is rarely cut as a gemstone.

When cut, it is almost exclusively fashioned into cabochons.

This opaque black crystal forms naturally striated pillars topped with three-sided terminations.

Doubly terminated crystals are ideal for body layouts because the linear flow of energies is enhanced equally in both directions.

Black tourmaline wands (long, thin crystals) focus energy to areas where it is most needed and are good for aura healing.

Black tourmaline palm stones can help you remain detached and neutral and make wise decisions even amidst confusing situations.

Black tourmaline spheres are perfect for grounding before healing work, protection during readings and keeping on your workspace’s desk.

What Chakra Is Black Tourmaline?

In chakra use, black tourmaline realigns our energy centers and channels healing light throughout the body.

Black tourmaline protects all the chakras and creates a clear channel between the earth (root chakra) and heaven (crown chakra).

Primarily, black tourmaline is associated with the Root Chakra- the first center in the chakra chart.

It is located at the base of the spine.

This helps to ground energy and brings inner peace and balanced emotions.

Black tourmaline also activates the Earth Star Chakra.

The need to ground yourself down to Mother Gaia and to connect to the earth is achieved through this chakra.

Place black tourmaline crystals at the feet during a spiritual alignment session and envisage connecting to deep within the earth.

Black Tourmaline for Wealth

Black tourmaline means business. It provides a stable base for you to operate from.

If you wish to succeed in your projects and create a life where you aren't struggling financially, this stone can help you manifest those desires.

Black tourmaline promotes discipline and perseverance, helping us to gain prosperity and abundance.

Since black tourmaline empowers the root chakra, it helps to declutter and awaken the mind. This makes it one of the best crystals for finding solutions and getting out of debt.

It will pull luck towards you and help to achieve your goals.

Black Tourmaline for Protection

Black tourmaline is a classic protection talisman.

The all-time favorite stone for deflecting negativity within the kingdom of gemstones is black tourmaline.

With negativity banished from your life and your consciousness, you automatically increase the feelings of protection and safety.

As a bodyguard stone, schorl shields from external influences, mainly energetic.

It protects your auric field from harmful vibrations, geo pollutants, electrosmog, psychic attacks and spirit possessions.

Considered the strongest protective stone, black tourmaline protects from avarice, disloyalty, intolerance and bigotry and penetrates into the deepest blockages to clear them.

Black Tourmaline Crystal Grid

A crystal grid is a strategic arrangement of healing crystals in a geometric pattern around a person or space to amplify an intention.

Black tourmaline is an excellent crystal for a home protection crystal grid.

Black tourmaline crystal grid is an intensive cleansing and protective grid used to clear long standing negative energy, lower vibrational energies and to repair tears in the auric field.

Using black tourmaline in layout around a person can help relieve all sorts of pains and stiffness.

For this, place black tourmaline between the feet to anchor and ground a person’s energy during healing.

Black Tourmaline and Feng Shui

Feng shui, in Chinese culture, is the system for arranging surroundings to promote harmony and alignment with the natural world.

Black tourmaline is a great addition to Feng Shui for keeping negative energies away from your aura and home space.⠀

  • Placing black tourmaline near the front door provides total security of your residence.
  • When placed in the front middle room, this crystal represents the journey of life.
  • Place a black tourmaline at each of the four outermost corners of your room that feels particularly affected by adverse energy.

This helps to avail the stone’s earth healing powers and electromagnetic pollution blocking properties.

What are the Best Crystals To Combine with Black Tourmaline?

By Color: Black tourmaline can be combined with black crystals like hematite, onyx, black andradite garnet, jet and obsidian.

By Chakra: Black tourmaline works well with base chakra stones like bloodstone, coral, garnet, rose quartz, and brown jasper.

By Crystal Family: Black tourmaline can be combined with its mineral cousins rubellite, watermelon tourmaline, green tourmaline and dravite.

By Element: As the ruling element of black tourmaline is Earth, pair it with agate, calcite, diamond, emerald, peridot.

By Purpose: Black tourmaline with Mica returns ill-wishing to its source.

This combination is also efficient at nullifying electromagnetic smog.

When placed in home, or a crystal grid, black tourmaline is paired with selenite to aid its charging and cleansing.

Black Tourmaline and Meditation

Source: Canva

One of the most common crystals for meditation is black tourmaline.

Meditating with black tourmaline can help you to discover your inner light.

It cleanses your mind and emotions of anything weighing you down and helps you regain balance.

How to Meditate with Black Tourmaline?

  1. Sit in meditation surrounded by a grid of black tourmaline crystals.
  1. Place the crystal in your left hand to cleanse your aura.
  1. Close your eyes and breathe deeply.
  1. Take whatever negative energy you are experiencing and channel it into the stone.

This allows you to communicate and energetically transfer to the stone what exact energies you would like to transform.

  1. Then feel yourself absorbing the balanced energy produced by the stone, and observe how this shift in energy affects your personality.

How To Cleanse and Program Black Tourmaline?

Black tourmaline needs to be cleansed often as it rapidly absorbs negative energies.

The simplest way to cleanse black tourmaline is to rinse it under running water.

It's advisable to clean the crystals with warm, soapy water and avoid harsh cleansers.

As the crystal was born from the ground, it’s beneficial to bury it into the ground from time to time.

You can put the stone in a small cloth bag and bury it for a few hours to allow its energy to be neutralized by the earth.

Black tourmaline can be recharged by placing it under the warmth of sunlight for a couple of hours.

You can also clean black tourmaline with smoke from a smudge stick or incense.

Alternatively, black tourmaline can be cleansed by soaking it overnight in a bowl of brown rice grains. You can toss the rice away in the morning.


Once the crystals have been cleansed, infuse them with Reiki energy to make the healing quicker, stronger and more powerful.

To program the crystal, hold it in your palm, thinking about how you want your crystal to help you.

Affirm your positive intentions to the Universe and send them telepathically into its structure.

Black Tourmaline Physical Properties

Physical Properties & History Overview
Origin Brazil, Africa, Sri Lanka, India, USA
Names Used Schorl, Afrisite
Is it Mineral? Yes
Occurrence Easily available
Mohs Hardness scale 7-7.5
Colors Deep black
Streak White
Luster Vitreous
Tenacity Brittle
Cleavage Absent
Refractive Index 1.62-1.64
Specific Gravity 3.1-3.25
Diaphaneity (Transparency) Opaque
Chemical Composition Sodium, Iron, Aluminum, Borosilicate, Hydroxide
Crystal System Trigonal

How Did Black Tourmaline Get Its Name?

The word 'tourmaline' is derived from the Sri Lankan term 'turumali,' which was a word used to refer to yellow zircon.

This came about because of a mistake in labeling a consignment, and the name just stuck.

Black tourmaline, in particular, is known as schorl.

The German village Zschorlau, nestled in the Saxony Ore mountains, used to be known by this name since the region contained tin mines in which black tourmaline was a common by-product.

Schorl is also an old mining expression meaning 'false ore'; it looks useful, but it isn't the thing you actually need.

Where Is Black Tourmaline Found?

Black tourmaline accounts for a very high percentage of all tourmalines in nature.

Almost 95% of tourmaline mined in the world is schorl.

This stone is found at a large number of localities, such as : -

Africa, Brazil, India, Pakistan, Australia, Sri Lanka, Germany, Madagascar and the US state of Maine.

Some of the finest black tourmalines in the world come from the Erongo Mountains of Namibia.

How Is Black Tourmaline Formed?

Credit: Canva

Black tourmaline forms in a variety of rock types, such as igneous or metamorphic rocks.

Schorl is a relatively common occurrence in pegmatites and is widely found in localities that produce other forms of tourmaline or beryl.

What is the Color Energy of Black Tourmaline?

Black tourmaline has inclusions of iron, manganese, and aluminum giving it its dark color and density.

Although it is referred to as the black variety of tourmaline, not all black stones are black but dark blue.

Black tourmaline often has an intense deep green color if light is able to penetrate through it.

In a deeper sense, the color of black tourmaline crystal comes from the mineral’s ability to absorb what’s around it.

Black absorbs light and acts as a sponge to dark or harmful energy.

If you are choosing a talisman to protect you against the unwanted, black is more befitting than any other color.

Black crystals are receptive. They represent grounding, stability, self-control and resilience.

What are the Varieties of Black Tourmaline?

Credit: Canva

Black tourmaline is itself a variety of the tourmaline group.

However, it can also occur as long thin needle-like crystal inclusions in colorless quartz. Quartz with such inclusions is called ‘tourmalinated quartz,’ and the clear quartz amplifies the powers of black tourmaline.

How To Tell if Black Tourmaline is Real?

An easy way to recognize if black tourmaline is real or not is to observe its crystal habit.

Natural black tourmaline forms as elongated parallel crystals and is heavily striated.

It has a triangular cross-section with rounded edges instead of points.

Once polished, gemological tests like measuring refractive index and specific gravity can help ID natural tourmaline.

What Does it Mean When Black Tourmaline Breaks?

Black tourmaline has immense protective energies. So when a piece of black tourmaline breaks, it has absorbed all the energy that it could and needs to be given back to nature.

Is Black Tourmaline Piezoelectric?

Black tourmaline is highly conductive due to its piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties.

One end of the stone will have a positive charge while the other end has a negative one.

This inclination to create polarity is also reflected on a subtle level, allowing the stone to take in negative energy on one end and transform it into positive energy on the other.

Is Black Tourmaline Magnetic?

Black tourmaline is highly magnetic.

It is rich in iron and manganese, which contribute to its magnetic properties.

The stone also becomes electrostatically charged when rubbed.

Is Black Tourmaline Good for Sleep?

The combination of black tourmaline’s grounding energies and its ability to transmute negative situations makes it an excellent stone for those having trouble sleeping because of restless thoughts or nightmares.

Sleeping with black tourmaline at the base of your bed draws toxic emotions out through the feet, turning them into powerful earth-healing energy.

What is the Difference between Black Obsidian and Black Tourmaline?

Obsidian is a natural volcanic glass, unlike tourmaline, which is a mineral.

Black Obsidian has a smooth uniform texture and doesn’t have a lumpy rough surface like tourmaline.

Magnification might reveal gas bubbles in obsidian, uncommon in black tourmaline.


In the crystal healing circle, black tourmaline is one of the most popular cleansing and grounding stones, used to counteract negativity and detoxify the system.

Black tourmaline takes all energy present and turns it into a neutral free-flowing frequency.

With this crystal by your side, you may feel energized and overall have a good energetic base to grow anything further up on it.

There is no turning back when you work with the divine healing properties of black tourmaline.

Black Tourmaline: Meanings, Powers and Crystal Properties