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Cancer Colors: The Best Shade For The Crab Plus Those To Avoid

As a Cancer, you can embrace the energy of your sign by drawing upon the color most associated with your zodiac sign.

See, your zodiac color holds a lot of power, and can bring a lot of positive influences and energies into your life that your favorite colors can’t.

Colors in themselves are pretty powerful, and there’s a lot of discourse surrounding color theory which suggests that color has an influence over our moods, and can even be used as a means to convey certain messages.

For instance, blue is often associated with calmness, and red often symbolizes anger.

But color theory can be taken further when comparing the energy of a color to the traits and personalities of the zodiac signs.

Each star sign has a color that represents them best, which you can think of as a sort of good luck charm.

Your zodiac’s color is thought to empower you, and you should consider using it. This is because it is thought to best represent your personality, characteristics, and values.

As a water sign, Cancer is often associated with pale blues, silvers, and other calming ethereal colors.


Best Shade For The Crab Plus Those To Avoid

But as the sign of the Crab, it’s not uncommon to think that Cancers feel most at home when surrounded by soft, pastel, oceanic colors.

But whilst some shades comfort Cancers, and heighten their soft personalities, equally, some colors can antagonize Cancerians, which you should avoid at all costs.

This article will identify which color best symbolizes a Cancer, as well as power colors, colors that inspire, and which colors they should steer clear of.


Cancer: The Sensitive Soul Of The Zodiac

People born between June 21st and July 22nd are born under the Cancer star sign, which is the fourth sign in the zodiac.

Represented by the humble Crab, Cancer is one of the most difficult zodiac signs to understand.

They often come across as cold, restrained, and may appear to loom taken away. Just like the Crab with its hardened shell, Cancers may come across as a tough nut to crack.

Yet, underneath this hard exterior is a sympathetic and empathetic soul who loves deeply, listens intently, and understands completely.

Like their fellow water signs, Cancers are considered to be highly intuitive, which means that they are easily able to pick up on the energies in the room.


But because of this, they are also highly sensitive to their environments and are often deemed very self-protective.

Other Characteristics Of Cancer 

If you have a very close relationship with a Cancer, they are often extremely possessive and stubborn, which makes them extremely protective and wholly devoted to their friends and families.

At first, it may be hard to reach a Cancer, as they’re not too fond of small talk or awkward humor, but once you break through their tough barrier, you’ll have one of the most loyal friends you could imagine.

Their devotion, perceptiveness, cautiousness, and loving dispositions make them lifelong friends, who will always lend a loving hand.

The Cancer has a reputation of being hyper-emotional. This means that they often come across as temperamental or spiteful as they often react without thinking first.

In addition, their devotion to their loved ones can sometimes come across as suffocating.

As they place their family and friends in such high regard, they often go above and beyond to defend their loved ones, even when they haven’t been asked to.

As intuitive people, Cancers often act on their instincts, and their capacity to sense the moods of others.

This means that they often act on their emotions, rather than on pragmatic, reasonable judgments.

But don’t feel disheartened Cancer, as you are regarded as highly passionate and giving people.


Your emotional depth and loyalty attracts many friends and lovers which allows you to establish deep and meaningful bonds with others.

Water signs can tap into human emotions, which makes them sensitive and emotional, and intelligent.

As a Cancer, you have no trouble connecting with others, and they appreciate your caring and loving nature.

Cancer Ruling Planet

The Moon holds a special rulership over you, Cancer.

Cancer Ruling Planet

As a moonchild, you often emanate comfort, and radiate strong maternal energies, just like the celestial body that rules over you.

Just as we become more intense with each phase of the moon, Cancers experience heightened emotional and empathetic abilities.

With the moon as your guide, you’re considered to be gentle, sensitive, and nurturing.

Cancers adapt this maternal energy from the moon, which makes them natural caregivers.

As noted, this means that you’re extremely protective over your loved ones, and they often come to you when seeking comfort.

However, like most overprotective mothers, this can come across as overbearing to some.

Like the ever-changing moon, Cancers can appear moody, and their feelings can change just as quickly as the lunar phases do.

Best Colors For Cancer

Now that we’ve looked at the sensitive and nurturing nature of Cancers, it’s time to look at what colors match this zodiac sign best.

As expected, these colors emanate the calmness, peace, and nurturing nature that is often associated with the spirit of Cancer.

Some of these colors will help the sensitive Cancer feel more at home - a place they are often reluctant to leave.

Silver: Cancer’s Lucky Color

With the moon as its ruler, it’s no surprise that the ethereal tone of silver best represents the Cancer zodiac sign.


Cancer’s Lucky Color

The soft tones of silver perfectly emanate calmness and peace, which are most associated with the higher self and spirituality.

As a Cancer, you are both emotional and sensitive, but the mystical silver of the moon will protect you against appearing defenseless.

The brightness will connect Cancer with its intuition, and provide a nice clean and clear slate.

As silver is very close to white, it is also associated with purity, and this can help boost Cancer’s sensitivity and understanding, which will allow them to let their love flow to the deepest of levels.

Think of the moonlight glistening across the surface of the water, and use silver as a means to calm your soul.

Sky Blue

This rich and bright shade of blue represents the ocean in which the Crab resides.

Sky Blue

The ocean is such a bright blue shade as it absorbs blue light, and this can represent how Cancers aspire to be loved and to love in return.

The ocean is also a vastly open and deep space, which can often symbolize a Cancer's reluctance to open up to others.

However, once you find a way through their tough exterior, Cancers have such an emotional depth thanks to their sensitive and empathetic natures.

Although blue is often associated with calmness, deeper or bright shades of blue are associated with productivity, which makes this particular blue shade the perfect addition to any office space.

Sea Glass Blue

Known for their emotional depth, sea glass blue perfectly encapsulates the deepness, coolness, intelligence, truthfulness, and faithfulness that Cancers embody.

Sea Glass Blue

Also, a color that is deeply related to the ocean, sea glass blue can make a Cancer feel right at home, and we all know that Cancers are highly sensitive home bodies.


Green is another cool color that can provide a relaxing influence over the emotional Cancer.


Just like blue, green holds a lot of meaning for water signs. For instance, seafoam green is reminiscent of the ocean.

Darker, bottle greens look like sea glass or even remind Cancer of the seaweed that dances through the water.

Green is also the color that best represents new life, creation, and growth.

Like other water signs, Cancers are considered creative individuals, so it’s not uncommon for them to write, make art, or create music.

As a creative, surrounding yourself with green can be both centering and inspiring. As you emanate calmness, soft pastel shades of green will work best for you.

Colors That Inspire And Empower Cancers

White - Cancer Colors

Although there are a lot of arguments surrounding whether or not white is a color in its own right, it does hold significance for Cancers.

Colors That Inspire And Empower Cancers

White is reminiscent of pristine beaches that flirt with the shore, or the whitecaps of the waves as they power through the sea.

But white doesn't just have oceanic significance, as it’s also the color of both the moon and moonlight. As Cancer’s ethereal cosmic ruler.

As you walk along the beach at night. You’ll see the stunning calm of the waves as the glittering moonlight ripples across the surface.

As a Cancer, white can bring you a sense of peace and tranquility.


Although it is already in mention that blue as a very empowering color for Cancer. Any shade of blue instantly brings a wave of calm and clarity over any Cancer.

As the color most associated with water, blue can make a Cancer feel most at home.

But whilst medium, bright blues are often in connection with the beach. Then darker blues can also have a lot of influence over Cancers.

Darker blue shades are more reminiscent of deeper pools of water. And it is often said that “still waters run deep”, which is especially true of Cancers.

Cancers that appear quiet and often put their guards up against the rest of the world. They have an incredible emotional richness that runs deep.


This seem to be an odd color to associate with the Cancer especially seeing as though it’s bold and overpowering. But certain shades of yellow can be calming, which compliments the nature of Cancers well.

For instance, soft pastel yellows are reminiscent of harvest moons, or early sunrises. Hence, which can provide a balance of energy and calm to the emotional Cancer. But there’s more to it than that.

Almost every color mentioned on this list is akin to the water in some way. Thus, if you spend a day at the beach, you know that bright sun beats down on the warm sand.

Therefore, yellow is often a reminder of sunny days.

Colors To Avoid As A Cancer

You’re probably sick and tired of hearing how sensitive you are Cancer, but this is an important characteristic of yours.

Your heightened sensitivity often leads to emotional outbursts which can be brought on surrounding negative energies.

You often act on emotional impulses, rather than taking rational approaches, so you must surround yourself with calming energies.

As intuitive as you are, some colors have a significant negative impact on your emotions. As a general rule, you should avoid dark and gloomy colors, sweet Cancer.

You are often subject to moodiness. And surrounding yourself with dark colors can only trap you in these negative emotional spells.

Here are some colors you should avoid as a Cancer.


Black can symbolize a lot of different things. For instance, it’s often associated with authority and power, and can simultaneously look sophisticated and mysterious.

These are generally good things, but how does this negatively affect the Cancer zodiac?

Well, black can also have some strong negative connotations. For one, it’s often associated with evil or darkness.

In most countries, it’s customary to wear all black to a funeral, or whilst you’re in mourning.

There’s also a pretty common reason as to why ceilings and walls are very rarely painted black. As such a bold color, it can often feel suffocating, which isn’t good for water-yearning Cancer.

As Cancers are prone to mood swings. Black can encourage them to give in to these depressive episodes, and wallow in despair.

Although Cancers are to avoid bright, overstimulating colors. Black can have the opposite effect on Cancer, dragging them down rather than uplifting their moods.


As a Cancer, you should avoid red as much as you can. This is because red is the color that is most strongly connected to emotions.

Whether it’s anger or danger, or love and passion. Red can stir up some strong feelings in Cancers, who are under by their emotions.

It’s best to avoid colors that may inspire feelings to become even stronger. Opt for soft pinks instead.

Not only do these tend to have a calming effect on Cancers. But they’re also not as overwhelming as red shades.

Final Thoughts

Cancers: Known for their sensitivity, empathy, serenity, supportiveness, and caregiving energy.

As a Cancer you will often use your emotional depths and heightened intuitiveness to help others in need.

These colors may not seem like an important thing, surrounding yourself with the right energies can help shape your mood. Moreover, as a Cancer, you’re prone to mood swings.

As both a water child and moonchild. Cancers should surround themselves with soft, calming shades which are reminiscent of both the ocean and the Moon.

Think soft blues and greens, ethereal silver, and warm yellows.

As a homebody, it’s important that you feel comfortable. And using these calmer shades can help keep your emotions in check, and make you feel more at peace. Thus, after all, you're happiest when at the beach!

Cancer Colors: The Best Shade For The Crab Plus Those To Avoid