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The Most Captivating Gemstones Every Cancer signs Must Have

Cancer Signs are all about comfort. Whether it’s spending time with their closest friends or taking a long soak in a hot bath. Cancers are famous for taking it easy and doing what they love best.

So, out of all the signs of the zodiac, Cancers are probably the most drawn to healing crystals and gemstones.

They feel emotion deeply, and sometimes they need an outlet for that, or they can seek out comfort. Using their gemstones when in situations that challenge their boundaries.

But which gemstones are the most beneficial for Cancer signs?

If you are a Cancer in need of a gemstone to help you out in tricky situations, then look no further. Here is all the information you need to know about your zodiac sign, and how gemstones can help you overcome your greatest flaws.

Gemstones are very versatile and have a bunch of different uses . So let’s take a look at the gemstones that will probably speak the most to you so you can use them with confidence.

About Cancer

Cancer is the fourth sign of the signs, making it one of the earliest in the cycle. Those born between June 20th and July 22nd are Cancers as they are born under the Cancer constellation.

Cancers are sensitive souls which is why they are naturally loves comfort.

What makes a Cancer comfortable does change from person to person. But, there’s no mistake in saying that they are at their happiest when doing the things they love – and most of the time, that happiness is felt at its strongest when side by side with friends and family.

The element of Cancer Zodiac is water. This explains why Cancer signs feel emotions so deeply and personally connect with those around them.

They love in-depth conversations and have a natural, deep intuition that makes them excellent problem solvers.

They are also great healers as water is closely connects with healing. So Cancers are usually the mediators in disagreements or the diplomats in building relationships.

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Always being the one to step up and mend relationships can take an emotional toll on a Cancer’s wellbeing as the burden and stress can often lead to manifesting negative energy, but if there’s one thing Cancers are great at, it’s building strong and meaningful relationships.

For this reason, Cancers make amazing friends. Loyalty is the trait they value the most, so they take those friendships incredibly seriously.

They are great at commitment and can be left disappointed when they find out that not everyone is as committed as they are. But, those who put the time and effort into a relationship with a Cancer will have a friend for life.

Cancers are emotional people. They wear their heart on their sleeve and can feel emotions very strongly as they ebb and flow.

This could be because the ruling planet of Cancer is the moon, which pulls the ocean to create tides. Just like the ocean, a Cancer’s emotion can change direction just like that.

This can make others believe that Cancers are moody people. But this is because a Cancer does not display their emotions in large, grand gestures or displays.

Just like their symbol of the crab, a Cancer will withdraw into their shell when feeling upset, and they will often work on their emotions in private.

Overall, Cancers are sensitive yet sweet souls who typically keep things to themselves but make for some amazing friends.

The Most Captivating Gemstones Every Cancer signs Must Have

Birthstones And Crystals

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Due to their highly emotional personalities, Cancers frequently need the aid of gemstones and crystals to help neutralize negative energy and boost their confidence.

This is because unlike other zodiac signs, Cancers do not deal with their problems by lashing out – they regularly withdraw into themselves and deal with their issues privately.

Healing crystals and gemstones can be a huge benefit for Cancers who frequently do this. They can also provide comfort and confidence during rough times, which Cancers are almost always seeking.

After all, comfort is a number one priority for Cancers, but unfortunately, we all have to do things in life we would rather not.

So whether it’s a dentist appointment or taking an exam, there are gemstones out there to help provide a touch of comfort and support when a Cancer needs it the most.

Two great examples are the two birthstones of Cancer. As the constellation of Cancer is behind the Sun on the dates June 21st to July 22nd, this means that Cancers can be born in July or at the end of June.

So, Cancers can be born with either the birthstone of pearl or ruby, depending on which month they are born in.

Birthstones are always a go-to gemstone for each Zodiac sign as they are often perfectly connects and that strong bond can help an individual out when it comes to building our spiritual and emotional selves.

Birthstones work alongside a zodiac’s elements and ruling planet to provide protection and balance, which is why there are certain stones aligns to each month.

They are also really easy to get your hands on and are already in use to make talismans, jewelry, and lots of other things to help heal your aura.

But birthstones are not the only option available – there are lots of other gemstones and crystals that can help a Cancer out.

So, let’s take a look at some of the best gemstones that will appeal strongly to Cancers and can seriously help them out when they need it the most.


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This gorgeous gemstone are famous all around the world for its bright red glow. Rubies are some of the most desired gemstones in the world for their beauty alone. But, Cancer signs are also drawn towards them due to their cosmic connection.

While Cancers are ruled by the Moon. Rubies are ruled by the Sun and this duality helps bring balance to Cancers. Rubies represent life, fire and warmth that also connects to the water element of Cancer.

This warmth can be a huge comfort to a Cancer or inspire them with energy to step out of their comfort zone and try something new.

Balance is vitally important for Cancers as while comfort is important, they also need a boost of confidence to broaden their horizons.

Rubies are a great way to do just that – just keep it close to your heart, and you will surely drink in the power that radiates from this glowing red gem.

This power can help a Cancer feel as if they can do anything, lifting them from their isolation and helping them to step out into the world.

So, rubies are definitely a huge benefit to Cancers. Although the differences between the two would make one assume that they are not compatible, rubies and Cancers act like Yin and Yang – different but reliant on each other, and they bring the best out of one another.

For these reasons, we would certainly recommend that Cancers use rubies to boost their confidence when in uncomfortable situations to prevent them from holding themselves back.


The other birthstone for Cancers is pearl, the most beautiful gemstone that is born straight out of the water.

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This smooth, round beauty features a luminous and iridescent, reflecting light so that it appears to come from the ruby itself.

They are often use as symbols of purity and sincerity – which perfectly complements the kindness and sensitivity of Cancers.

Pearls are a great option for Cancers when it comes to precious gemstones to use for spiritual healing. This is because pearls are great at taking negative energies and transforming them into positive energy instead.

They radiate softness and gentleness that instantly becomes a soothing balm for a Cancer’s soul. By taking all the negative emotions and washing them away just like the tide removes markings in the sand.

All water signs are drawn to pearls, but Cancer is more than any of them due to their similarities in personality and aura.

Cancers frequently seek comfort and support, and pearls can provide that as they reflect the same emotional sensitivity that Cancers see within themselves.

So, if you are a Cancer who feels drawn to pearls, don’t fight it – it’s your natural reaction to be drawn to the things that you find comfortable and pearls are some of the most popular gemstones for emitting an aura of kindness and softness.


The ruling planet of Cancer is the Moon, so it is only natural to pair together Cancers with this enchanting gemstone.

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Moonstones are amazing gems that are white and dazzling, reflecting light and shining as brightly as the Moon itself on a clear night.

Just like how the Moon can lighten the dark night, moonstones are stones that can illuminate and deepen understanding.

Cancers are famous for their great intuition, especially when it comes to understanding others emotions, making them extremely empathetic people.

Moonstones can be use to strengthen this skill, especially in troubling times when a Cancer might find they need that skill the most.

This can help guide them towards better understanding and resolve issues more quickly.

Moonstones are widely used in meditation and placed in altars to help a Cancer channel the moonstone's guidance towards truth.

This can help Cancers unravel mysteries, solve problems and come to conclusions that can be used to strengthen their relationships and divert the course of their entire life for the better.

Because of this, Cancers often seek out moonstones to help lead them towards better well-being and an improved mental state.


Sensitive, shy Cancer signs are frequently plagued by feelings of anxiety. They much prefer the comfort of their own shell rather than stepping out into the great big world.

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However, life goes on and Cancers will face difficult, unnerving situations that will crank up their fear.

Such experiences can include starting a new job, undergoing medical examinations, changing schools, exams and tests, leaving a long relationship. Any of these can spark a growing sense of fear within a Cancer that can be too much to bear.

This is where aventurine steps in – this green gemstone is capable of driving away feelings of fear or anxiety, allowing Cancer signs to find their courage to power them through.

This stone is very protective as it can build a barrier around you. This is to help prevent negative energies from seeping their way into your heart.

It can also empower Cancers when they have to step out of their comfort zone and into new places they are unfamiliar with, allowing them to not be held back by their own fears.

Aventurine is a great gemstone to use in charms and talismans to carry with you during these moments of high sensitivity and anxiety, plus it is a stunning green color that radiates wisdom and comfort, allowing Cancer signs to feel that they are in safe hands no matter where life takes them.


Water signs like Cancers are often at risk of being swept away with their emotions. While there are other signs who are worse offenders for this. Cancers sometimes still need aid in grounding themselves when things begin to be all a little too much to handle.

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Their withdrawn, quiet meditation that comes with how they deal with strong emotions can be helped with a little carnelian.

Carnelian is a glowing, red stone that radiates warmth and positivity. Just like with rubies, this can help balance the sensitivity of Cancer Zodiac. By bringing a rush of excitement and courage that can help Cancers face their problems head on.

Despite its feisty personality, carnelian is a great grounding stone to help remind Cancers the important facts of life during their more dramatic moments.

It inspires positive thinking, encouragement for the future, and guidance towards the right path.

In their darkest moments, a Cancer can use carnelian to light their world. To remind them that there are still good things about this world. And also, that there are so many reasons to continue on instead of just giving up.

Carnelian works best as a worry stone to hold onto during troubling times. It can help replace all the negative energy in your heart with a new breath of life.

This gemstone inspires optimism which can lead a Cancer from the darker corners of their mind into a new, lighter phase in their life.

Using And Cleansing Gemstones

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Now you know which gemstones are best suits you – whether you want more confidence or comfort in your life. Now is the time to decide how you can use these gemstones in the most effective way.

Jewelry is always a very popular choice. It is an easy way to carry your gemstone with you. Press them against your skin, so the energies soak in easily. Additionally, the jewelry just looks amazing. It’s also very easy to find jewelry that already features birthstones.

However, Cancers are the more withdrawn, meditative type that benefit from long periods of reflection in the comfort of their own space.

It might benefit them more to use their desired gemstones in altars and meditation as they often already do. This works especially well for illuminating and guiding gemstones like moonstones.

Worry stones are also a great choice for Cancers. They often find themselves in periods of isolation, contemplating their feelings and trying to sort their own emotions out.

Worry stones can be use to soak up negative energy easily. They use direct skin contact, plus it can also be very soothing to pass a worry stone from palm to palm.

These are the most popular methods when it comes to using gemstones to absorb negative energies. But, it is also important to remember to cleanse your gemstones. It is to keep them in great condition and to get the best possible results out of them.

To cleanse your gemstones. Run them under running water or smudge them using sage or a different kind of smudging herb.

This will help dispel the negative energies within the gemstone. And then, you must recharge them before you can use them again.

Recharging your gemstone depends on the gemstone itself as there are many types of methods you can use.

Some gemstones require sunlight, others require moonlight, and others can even be buried in soil to fully recharge.

But once they are recharged. You can use them again and again until they fill up and need cleansing once more.

It’s essential to remember to cleanse your gemstones otherwise they won’t be as effective as they could possibly be.

Best crystals for zodiac sign Cancer


Cancer signs are some of the sweetest people out there. But, their empathy and sensitivity can often mean that they retreat into their shells for long periods of isolated meditation.

However, Cancers do not always need to be alone during this process – they can use gemstones and healing crystals. To help streamline the process and shed their emotional burdens even more quickly.

There are plenty of different gemstones. A Cancer signs can use depending on if they want comfort, courage or confidence. To help see them through turbulent times and periods of high emotion.

With lots of options on offer, Cancers are hard - headed for choice when it comes to choosing the right gemstone.

The Most Captivating Gemstones Every Cancer signs Must Have