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14 Interesting Candle Color Meanings (With Pictures)

Candles come in various shapes, sizes, scents, and colors. Some candles are meant to be burned during religious ceremonies or rituals, while others are simply decorative.

This article will explain what each color means, and what you should use the colors for.

Each type of wax has its own specific qualities. The color of the candle wax indicates the purpose of the candle.

White wax is typically used for ceremonial or religious purposes, while colored wax is usually chosen for decorative, or spell purposes. Read on to learn more about candles and the importance of their colors.

What Is Candle Magic/Magick?

The word “candle” comes from the Latin word “candelum” meaning a lighted torch. Candles have been used throughout history as symbols of life and death, love and hate, good luck and bad luck, and many other things.

They were also used in religious ceremonies, such as Christian baptism. In fact, the Bible says that God himself was once manifested as a burning bush (Exodus 3:2).

Today, candles are still widely used by people around the world for countless reasons; they can be used for decorating, lighting, cleansing, healing, purifying, blessing, protection, meditation, divination, and much more. 

Candle magic is a form of witchcraft, where different elements are mixed - fire, earth, water, and air are represented by different colors, herbs, and oils to create spells.

Candle Magic

The fire of the candle is the transformational element that is needed to manifest the changes that you want to see after you have finished performing your spell.

Knowing the importance and meanings of candle colors is really important, as it will help you understand the color you need to have maximum efficacy with your candle magic spell.

The transformational properties of fire have to be channeled, amplified and directed by the color of the candle, so the color of the candle is determined by the intention of the spell.

Then, you can add the necessary oils, herbs, or crystals to your ritual.

White Candle Color

A white candle is an excellent choice for any type of ritual or ceremony. It is very versatile, and can be used for many purposes. It is often used as a prayer candle, and is associated with lunar and goddess workings.

White Candle Color

White candles are said to be pure. They are typically used to invoke purity and innocence, as well as being used to give thanks, celebrate life, and honor the dead.


Black Candle Color

Color black candles are associated with power, strength, and darkness. Black candles are often used to cleanse negative energy, or to bless someone who needs help.

Black Candle Color

It's thought that black candles have an impact on evil spirits and negativity, so they can be used to protect against those entities.

Burning a black candle can give you protection and ensure your safety, so are great for protective and maintenance spells. They can also be used to banish negative energy and evil from your life.

They can also be used to bind together people in a binding ritual.

Purple Candle Color

Purple candles represent royalty, spirituality, and wisdom. Many cultures associate purple with royalty, since it was a difficult color to dye.


Purple Candle Color

Purple candles can be used to promote happiness, success, prosperity, fertility, and spiritual growth.

They have a secondary purpose of widening both imagination and knowledge, making it a great candle to burn if you are having difficulties with creative tasks, or struggling in school or universities.

Red Candle Color

Red candles are associated with passion, courage, anger, and blood. People sometimes use red candles to bring out feelings of anger and rage.

Red Candle Color

However, if you already feel angry, you might choose to light a red candle to try and calm down.

If you are performing a spell out of love or lust, then red is the color of candle you need to select. They can also invite things such as joy and success into your life, as red is a color that is used to fortify strength and courage, making you more daring.

Orange Candle Color

The orange candles are said to be a neutral color, and can be used to balance any emotion, to calm you and increase your emotional clarity.


Orange candles are often used to encourage positive emotions, such as joy, hope, and love, and can bring change and opportunities into your life. It is a stimulating color that can kick-start big changes in your world.

Yellow Candle Color

Yellow candles are said to be lucky, and are frequently used to attract both wealth and prosperity. In addition to being an excellent choice for attracting money, yellow candles are also helpful when trying to find something lost.

Yellow Candle Color


The color yellow also has a big impact on your mind - aiding with memory, intelligence, learning, focus and creativity. So, if you are struggling with intellectual work or suffering from a creative block, burn one of these candles.

Green Candle Color

This green candles are said to bring abundance, prosperity and wealth. Green candles = green money, it checks out.


Green Candle Color

Furthermore, green is also a healing color, as it can be used to banish negative energies, such as ghosts, and to protect against illness.

Green is also a great color to use when performing a fertility ritual, as it is connected to mother nature.

Blue Candle Color

Blue candles are said to be calming. They can be used for relaxation, sleep, and peace. Blue candles are also known as "dream" candles by a lot of candle magic practitioners.

Blue Candle Color

It will also help you find guidance in your life, from the spiritual realm, meaning that you will gain a deeper understanding of your life.

The color blue can help you to open up lines of communication, and will bring truth and honesty into your life. Like green, blue is a healing color in both emotional and physical contexts, and brings both calm and relaxation into your life.

Brown Candle Color

Brown candles are said to be grounding. They can be used during rituals to ground oneself, create more balance and reconnect with or rediscover yourself.

Brown Candle Color

They are also connected to family and protection, so if you are casting a spell on behalf of someone in your family, these are the candles that you need to use.

Pink Candle Color

Pink candles are said to be loving, nurturing, and gentle. They are often used to bring good luck, and to attract romance. They are like a toned down version of the red candle - romantic and love filled, without all the lust.


Pink Candle Color

Pink can also be used in spells to promote self-love, and devotion. Furthermore, they can increase faith as well, so are a great candle to burn during a religious ritual.

Gold Candle Color

Gold candles are said to be powerful and strong - like a fortified version of the yellow candle. It can attract wealth, good fortune, and success into your life. The color gold is also said to be very protective.

Gold Candle Color

You can use them to help you gain confidence and self-esteem. For instance, if you're feeling down about your job prospects, you may want to try burning some golden wax.

They can be used in spells to increase sexual desire, or to strengthen relationships. You can also use gold candles when you are working towards enlightenment, like when you are meditating.

Gray Candles

Gray candles are said to be mysterious. They are usually used to call forth angels, or to summon spirits, allowing for further psychic growth. This means they are great to have around whilst you are trying to perform a summoning ritual.

They are also revitalizing and energy neutralizing, making them great for when you meditate. They create emotional balance and stability in your life.

Silver Candles

Silver is the color of the moon. It represents psychic receptivity, dreams, love, rest, and healing. On a witch's altar, a silver/gray candle is often used to symbolize the goddess. Silver is the color of neutrality, and of balance.

A silver candle may be used in magical work when you want to neutralize the negativity that may be directed at your person. It is also used for gaining insight and wisdom. Lit candles help create a mystical atmosphere during a ritual.

Silver Candles

Their flames ring the element of fire and can be used to ignite incense or burn materials. The flame, of course, can also be used for ignition purposes.

Copper Candles

Copper is the color that is associated with water, as well as with emotions, intuition, and creativity. In addition, copper has been known to ward off evil spirits, and keep away negative energies from one's home.


If you are performing a ritual to protect your home, burning a copper candle would be beneficial.

It is also associated with fertility, prosperity, and money. This makes it a perfect choice to burn during any kind of financial ritual. However, remember that copper is not necessarily good for spells involving money.

Candle Colors And Their Connection To Days Of The Week

Each day of the week has its own candle color associated with it (as well as other deity associations, planets, gems, crystals, and even herbs).

Like each color, each weekday has a vibration, and the correspondences work in harmony with one another. As you will know, using some of these associated compounds together will strengthen all of your spells.

So, use these candles on their specific day for maximum efficacy.

  • Sunday is connected with the colors orange and gold.
  • Monday is connected with the colors silver, gray and white.
  • Tuesday is associated with red, and other warm autumnal colors.
  • Wednesday is associated with the colors gray and yellow.
  • Thursday is connected with the colors dark blue and purple.
  • Friday is connected to the colors light blue, green, copper and pink.
  • Saturday is connected to darker shades, such as black and maroon.

Kinds Of Spell Candles

There are many kinds of spell candles available. Some of the most common types include:

1. Incense Burners - These are generally used for rituals that involve the burning of incense.

2. Ritual Candles - These are typically used for ceremonial purposes. A ritual candle burns slower than an incense burner, but it lasts longer.

3. Double action candles - These are basically two candles in one, with a black component and a colored component. The black section reverses/removes any negativity, whereas the colored part will bring more positive things into your life.

Ensure that you always burn the candles starting with the black side.

4. Reversible candles - These are used to reverse a spell, especially ones that are placed on you with evil intention. They can also be used to reverse bad luck or bad fortune.

5. Colored figure candles - These are used in a spell/ritual to represent a specific person.

6. Knob candles - These are used in sympathetic magic rituals, and can bring around beneficial things like emotional healing, prosperity, and peace.

7. Adam and Eve candles - These can be used to strengthen the passion/love between a couple, so you can use it with a partner to reinforce love.

8. Witch candles - these can be used to manifest and set intentions, as well as express your affirmations and gratitude.

Candle Flame Meanings

Sometimes, you will get a candle that burns a different color than expected, and this may mean something else. For example:

- if you have a candle that burns bright orange when you expect it to burn yellow, then it could mean that you need to focus more on the positive aspects of your life.

- And if you have a candle that doesn't burn at all, this could be a sign that you need to take care of yourself and give yourself time off from everything.

-In addition,f your candle burns blue, then a spirit is probably nearby. It could be a spirit, or a divine entity.

- If your candle burns with a red or yellow flame, then there is a mundane energy that fuels the flame.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there are many ways to create a magical atmosphere. You can use certain scents, colors, and materials to make this happen.

However, if you want to really get the full effect, then try to find out which type of candle that matches your time and requirements.

And, if possible, choose one that matches your intention. It's better to have too much than not enough!

14 Interesting Candle Color Meanings (With Pictures)