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The Beautiful Orange Color And It's Meaning (With Pictures)

Every color has its own meaning and symbolism. The color orange is no exception to this rule.

It can be used for many things, but it’s most often associated with the sun or fire. However, you can find the color orange in various places, all with their own meanings.

In this article, we will uncover the vast range of meanings that the color orange has.

The Meaning Of Orange In Other Cultures

There are various different shades and tones when it comes to this color. Each of these different hues has a different meaning and effect on us.

When it comes to the symbology of color, that is unique to each person and society, which can be affected due to personal experiences. As a result, when it comes to this color in other cultures, its meaning and symbology changes.

It is known as the national color of the Netherlands. The color oranges also represent the Dutch Royal Family.

While in Ukraine, orange is a symbol of bravery and strength. Compared to Hinduism where saffron orange is considered a sacred color. It symbolizes purity and fire

As you can see, it means a lot of things depending on where in the world you are. In Japan and China, it represents many things such as good health, love, courage, and happiness.

Whilst in the UK, the color orange is a symbol of a political party known as the Liberal Party. Compared to America, where orange is mostly associated with prison uniforms.


This color has various different meanings, depending on the culture you face yourself with. In some cultures, it has a much more spiritual and emotion based meaning, as it can represent love and happiness etc. While in other cultures, the color has a more practical use.

Orange And The Bible

In the Bible, colors represent many things. However, when it comes to this color in the Bible, it represents protections, the fire of God and something fresh and pleasant.

Orange And The Bible 

Although, on the flip side, the color orange can also symbolize a warning and that danger is coming. This does vary on which book of the Bible you are reading.


Psychological Meaning Of Orange

When it comes to psychology, it is seen as a color of extremes. It is believed to be a hue of polarizing opinions. As a result, you can either love it or you can hate it.

Although, orange is a bold and dynamic color. It provokes the idea of movement, change, and transformation. Just like with fire and sunsets, that is associated with transformation and change.


You can find the color orange every day. As we said, you can see it in fire and sunset, but it is also seen in vegetables and landscapes.

Most of us will associate the color orange with fall and the harvest. This is due to leaves on trees changing into various darker shades of range.

Psychological Meaning Of Orange

Most know that the season is changing when we start to see foliage and trees turn that iconic orange color.

Alongside this, in Western cultures, orange represents Halloween. Especially, as pumpkins are seen and a big part of Halloween, and they are orange as well.

The Color Of Orange Meaning

Orange is seen as a very warming color, yet it is typically associated with cooler seasons. This is a very calming and comforting color for a lot of people.

Although, as it has such a strong association with the seasons, it is seen as a transitional color. For example in the UK and France, the transitioning color in traffic lights is orange.

As a result, the color orange has many meanings. It is typically very bold and vibrant, and is seen as quite energetic.

The Color Of Orange Meaning


Although, it doesn't just have positive connotations, as it can also be seen as insensitive and abrasive. Although, when we look at anything orange, we think of warmth and heat. This is why, when we think of fire and the sun, we think of orange due to its warming and bold color.

Thus, orange isn't a simple color, it is quite complex. As it has various different shades that you can see, this is a very playful and comforting color.

Orange is actually a mixture of both yellow and red. Thus, it shares similar traits and characteristics with both colors. From the color yellow, orange shares its enthusiastic and happy symbolism. Whilst also, orange is seen as a stimulating color and full of lots of energy just like red.

It is believed that the color orange actually triggers hunger and brings about appetite. As a result, this is why the color orange will be seen a lot in kitchens for decoration, as that is the place where food is kept and to make people hungry to eat the food made there.

Is Orange Just A Color?

Orange isn't just a color, it is also a fruit that many people love to eat daily. We all know that oranges are very healthy for you and full of vitamin C. They are all about healthy eating, but taste sweet and juicy.

Color Of Orange Meaning

Furthermore, the color orange has many connotations, from enthusiasm to excitement. It is a color for people who love to take on risks or go on adventures.

A spontaneous color that will fill you with confidence. The color will give you confidence to face your fears, and to have no second doubts. It is seen as an extroverted color out of all the colors on the spectrum. Thus, it is very social.

Research carried out, showed that millennials resonate with this color the most. Thus, it is due to it provoking feelings of freedom and fearlessness


It provides them with ideas on becoming free spirits. This color makes them feel as if they are limitless and that nothing can hold them back.

Also, as we have mentioned previously, it also provides communication. Orange is seen as a color for those who are up to the task of being themselves and taking risks.

The color orange is actually the second color you will find in the rainbow. Thus, as you can see, it is a powerful color. It has strong physical and psychological effects on everyone.

Not only can it boost your metabolism, but also increase your energy levels and stimulate an appetite within you.

Orange Isn't All Good

As the color orange is such a powerful color, not all of its connotations are good. It also has its own fair share of negative effects as well.

Orange Isn't All Good

This color may make you enthusiastic and confident, however you can become overconfident. This could then lead to being prideful, arrogant, and you have a lack of care for other people.

Typically, we think of the positive connotation with the color orange. However, it still has its own negative ones. It can be a very insincere and superficial color. Alongside that, it can portray a lack of taste and intellectual values.

It is definitely an attention seeking color, just like the color red. As a result, orange and red share a lot of negative connotations. Orange can do what red does, but it is less aggressive in how it does it.

Thus, it is a friendly and softer color, which is a really creative color. You will see this color used in a lot of graphic design or as the logo for companies to appeal to younger generations.

How Does This Color Help?

Unlike yellow and red, orange will evoke an emotional response in how to deal with issues and problems. Therefore, it encourages emotional strength when someone is facing a difficult time. It helps you to overcome what you are going through, and become stronger.

For example, if you are suffering from a relationship breaking down, then adding some orange into your life will help you to feel a lot stronger.

This is also due to orange being a very lively color, that will motivate you to be more optimistic and look on the brighter side of things. It will give you a more positive outlook and will help your soul move on. 


Physical Effects Of Orange

Every color on the spectrum has a physical effect on everyone. This also includes the color orange. This color can:

  • Encourage – Orange is a very vibrant and bold color. This color can help to encourage people to do all sorts of things. This can include taking risks, being spontaneous, or motivation to complete a dream or goal.
  • Enhance creativity – Orange is a mixture of the energy that you get from red, and the mental strength that comes from yellow. As a result, this results in orange, a color that provokes people's creativity.
  • Stimulates The Body And Mind – It is believed that the color orange actually increases the oxygen supply to the brain. This then leads to better and improved physical and mental activity for the individual.
  • Uplift – Orange has very fiery undertones, and gives off a warming effect. It can help to motivate someone and for them to feel enthusiastic about their decision. Thus, they feel good about themselves.
  • Personality Color – From all the colors out there, orange is seen as one of the more rejected colors to choose from. As we have mentioned previously, orange has a place in the heart with the youth.
Physical Effects Of Orange

Orange Shades And Meanings

  • Light Orange – Lighter and paler hints of orange stimulate feelings of good health and friendliness. Alongside that, light orange is considered a very soothing color.
  • Red-orange – Orange mixed with reddish hues is seen as a very hot, raw and impulsive color. Sometimes it can also be aggressive due to the red hues.
  • True orange – A pure orange color is what most people think of when someone says range. It reminds people of Halloween and fire. Alongside this it provokes feelings of cheerfulness, warmth, excitement, and fall.
  • Golden Orange – A mixture of orange and gold. However, due to the gold, this color portrays wealth and wisdom.

There are a vast range of orange shades and hues. All that have their own meanings. Some of the more popular orange shades include the following:

  • Peach
  • Burnt Orange
  • Orange Soda
  • Pumpkin
  • Tangerine
  • Alloy
  • Copper Orange.

Common Uses Of The Color Orange

As mentioned above, the color of orange is commonly seen as a way to promote toys, food, and technology services. It is used to draw our attention to certain objects like life rafts, safety jackets and traffic cones.

A lot of companies and brands are seen to use orange in their logos. Typically, this color is used to promote foods and energetic brands. Some companies that use this color include Nickelodeon, firefly, EasyJet and Fanta.

Orange Color Chakra

The orange chakra is also known as Svadhisthana. This is located in the lower abdomen. The orange chakra represents carnal energy and helps provoke creativity.

Orange Color Chakra

Orange Color Gemstone

The orange gemstone is believed to help the owners protect themselves from evil thoughts. While also easing depression and giving the individual vitality.

Orange Color Facts

  • Orange is known to be a secondary color. It is a complement to blue. Alongside that, this color is a very warming color that goes really well along with a cool blue color. While also, it is a very complimentary color with any kind of purple.
  • It is a very common misconception that there isn't a word that rhymes with orange. Although, rapper Eminem has proven this thought wrong many times.
  • The Golden Gate Bridge is known to be painted a color which is known as international orange. This color is also used in the aerospace industry, as this color is a great way of highlighting objects.
  • Researches and studies have proven that people associated orange and even brown with a must smell or scent.
  • Orange is actually a very unpopular color. It is the second least popular color, with brown coming in just behind brown.
  • The orange fruit's skin actually turns its famous orange color when the weather gets cool enough. Although, in hotter climates, the skin on the orange remains green.

Final Thoughts

Orange has many and various meanings depending on where you are in the world. However, it is known for being a very cheerful, spontaneous, and energetic color.

Young people associate themselves with this color. It also stimulates the individual mentally and physically.

However, orange may be a color that is associated with transformation and the changing of the seasons. However, orange isn't always positive; it can be a symbol of being too prideful and arrogant.

Orange is a symbol of adventure and taking risks. It may not be an overly popular color, but it has many meanings, and that is why so many companies use it in their logos. It is a color of emotion, creativity, encouragement, and appetite.

The Beautiful Orange Color And It's Meaning (With Pictures)