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The Fascinating Color White And It's Meaning

White is one of the most common colors and is used in a wide variety of contexts.

White symbolizes perfection because it is the purest and most complete color. As opposed to black, white usually has far more positive connotations; including hope, life, and resurrection.

But like every other color, white also has its negative symbols and meanings. Given that white provides little stimulation of the senses, white makes a place look sterile, bland, and unimaginative when overused.

If you want to find out more about the meaning of the color white, you've come to the right place. In this article, we will dive into detail about the universally popular color.

The Cultural Meaning Of White

Color associations are far from universal. Color psychology frequently advocates that every individual color can have its own adverse impact on our mood and behavior.

Though this is true, it's also important to mention that all colors will represent something different in a variety of cultures. Also, each individual within these cultures will have their own experience with all colors. This will create personal symbolism in association with the color.

This is why it is essential to examine all representations of the color white in various cultures before you begin to explore any of the psychological meanings.

  • White tends to symbolize peace, purity, virginity, and cleanliness in many Western cultures. In fact, this is why it is tradition for brides to opt for a white wedding dress on the big day.
  • Eastern cultures view white as a symbol of something a little more negative. It is generally associated with mourning and also bad luck.
  • According to tradition in India, all widows are only permitted to wear clothing that is white.
  • In Brazil, the color white is known to represent feelings of purity and peace. Referring to tradition, white is commonly adorned by those celebrating the move into a new year.
  • In places like Peru, the color white is said to have deep connections with being in great health. It also makes reference to angels.
  • White is also considered to be a sacred color of the gods in Japan, and symbolizes both physical and spiritual purity.
  • In some Native American cultures, white is a sacred color for many other reasons. 
The Cultural Meaning Of White

White And The Bible

Many colors are featured in the Bible, and they all convey particular meanings. Due to its pure color, white is typically used and associated with representing righteousness.

It also symbolizes innocence, honesty, peace, purity, and a redemption of many sins. And, of all the colors featured in the Bible, white has made its own mark thanks to its relativity to light.

One repeated representation of white is depicted by illness, particularly in relation to skin disease. When someone is ill in the Bible, they are deemed as looking pale or "as white as snow," particularly in the hands and face.


Psychological Interpretation Of White

The color white has been perceived to have a variety of psychological meanings and definitions. The color itself contains wavelengths of all instances of light that is visible to the eye.

It also appears as an amalgamation of different colors on the spectrum, and is known to carry both positive and the negative aspects of them all.

White also has a dazzlingly bright aura, making it the ideal neutral balance of various colors out there. It's also an exceptional color as it doesn't prioritize one single hue or shade. This suggests that it is entirely impartial.

White is also said to symbolize everything that is good and right. Thanks to this, it is commonly used as a symbol to directly oppose darker colors and meanings, including black.

Psychological Interpretation Of White


In essence, white typically represents new beginnings closely reflecting the blank pages of a sketch book that are just waiting to encourage you to embrace your inner artist.

The True Meaning Of The Color White

White is a color often associated with the concept of death. This is especially true in cultures where there is a common belief that you embark upon a new and exciting journey after death.

you have passed away. As a result, white is seen as being the color that is most associated with rebirth and reincarnation.

True Meaning Of The Color White


Similarly, white is used to signify the start of a prosperous new year in many cultures around the globe. It’s reflects that a cycle has been completed, and symbolizes the start of a chapter.

Unlike bright colors like red, white doesn't stimulate the senses. Instead, it opens up many paths to enable your creative side and start something new. In short, white helps to enhance and awaken the soul. It also pairs well with near enough every color on the spectrum.

White is frequently tasked with relating to light, innocence, softness, and goodness. For this exact reason, angels are usually depicted as wearing white.

The color white also has associations with understanding, faith, delicacy, and protection, offering a sense of peace and calm that may aid in inner cleansing.

With its bright aura, white is said to purify and clarify.

Negative Connotations Of The Color White

Interestingly, there aren’t many negative connotations of the color white. In western cultures, however, white can often be associated with emptiness, loneliness, and an overwhelming sense of coldness.

Negative Connotations Of The Color White 

This is because white doesn’t stimulate the senses, resulting in detachment from other colors and moods.

In some cultures, white is associated with death, and subsequently mourning (as opposed to the western association of death with black). This is because white symbolizes the transition of the end of one life and the start of another.

White is used in many medical practices such as dental surgeries and doctors' rooms as an indication of cleanliness and efficiency; however it also can give the feeling of sterility and coldness of emotions and may lead patients to think the doctor or dentist won't relate to them on an emotional and personal level. It can be too clinical and sterile.

An abundance of white could potentially cause you to feel isolated and empty. It can also be too pristine and immaculate, making you feel as though you can't make a move for fear of upsetting it or creating a mess.

Business And The Color White

In business, one can commonly see white in various corners of the industry revolving around healthcare. It specifically concerns itself with the ability to communicate safety and cleanliness.

Many laboratories utilize white as a primary color, for the decoration or uniforms, so that it is not distracting.

White is frequently in use in graphic design to effectively demonstrate an understanding of negative space, or as a simple neutral backdrop.

It is able to convey cleanliness and emphasize that complex designs aren’t always necessary, provided you use white space to your advantage.

This particular color is also very efficient at increasing organization thanks to its ability to heighten an overall perception of available space. As a result, it can be a great motivator in decluttering design in the workplace and in our home.

White has also been in use by many businesses and industries as a direct way of communicating both positivity and professionalism.

The Color White And Religion

While black occurs as a result of light being completely absorbed, white is its complete opposite. It reflects light and offers an illumination path to individuals who cannot see the way forward, or those who are in need of some direction.

In Hinduism, the color white symbolizes the Absolute Truth, Brahman. White also represent the Supreme Being, which is an extension of the concept of Brahman.


White is also highly representative of the divine presence on Earth in many religions. It is also in consideration to be a heavenly color that represents paradise.

The Color White And Religion

As a high-ranking Catholic figure, the Pope is the only individual to wear an entirely white cassock. This keeps the color in line with its religious symbolism.

The Physical Impact Of White

Each individual color has some type of physical impact on us. In this instance, the distinctiveness of white reflects renewal, clarity, and a cleansing of the mind. But there are other physical impacts that white has on our physicality that we just have to talk about.

  • Clarification – White helps to refresh and purify our mind. This offers clarity in situations where your thinking may become irrational or skewed.
  • Renovation – This color helps to promote ideas of renewal and of fresh, new starts. It is a great contributor to the purification and cleansing of negative actions and thoughts.
  • Organization – This physical effect helps to increase a sense of order, sophistication, and cleanliness.
  • Calming – Because the color is quite bland, it has some very distinctive calming and soothing properties. It also invites concentration and peace.

Decorating Using White

Whether you live in a certified mansion or small apartment, painting your walls white might make your rooms appear more spacious than they actually are. It will optimize the overall light within the space.

If one of your rooms has poorer natural lighting then it will automatically benefit from all-white walls to add a pop of brightness, whereas a well-lit room with white walls requires additional decor to ensure it doesn’t feel too clinical.

Personality Traits Of The Color White

This color comes with very high standards. Namely, this is because it successfully combines matching amounts of other available colors.

That being aforementioned, if you can confidently say that the color you prefer to look at is white, then it’s highly likely that you may have (or at least resonate with) many aspects of the personality traits in connection with white.

Having a personality in definition by white suggests that you have flawless expectations for both cleanliness and hygiene. You are a neat and tidy individual who finds themselves easily overwhelmed by having a cluttered and chaotic workspace or home.

Personality Traits Of The Color White

Because of that, you may also have too high expectations for yourself and others, making you overly critical of everyone - especially yourself.

The Meaning Of Particular Shades

There are no purely white shades. This is due to the fact that white is an overall combination of multiple colors. Some common impure white shades include: pearl, eggshell, lily, pewter, and alabaster. Here are more impure shades for you to consider:


Hex Code: #F5F5DC

This shade features warm and earthy tones usually one can see in the color brown that are also completely in balance with the sharpness of white. Overall, this creates a relaxing, neutral, and very dependable color.

Ghost White

Hex Code: #F8F8FF

Ghost White is primarily from the white color family, however it does have hues and tinges of blue mixed in. This gives it a distinctive look.


Hex Code: #FFFFF0

Ivory represents the pureness associated with the color white. However, it also features extra warmth thanks to the addition of yellow.

Common Uses Of The Color White

As we have mentioned, the color white has proven to be very popular in the creation of graphic design pieces. In fact, white space is the very factor that makes a design really stand out against its background.


Common Uses Of The Color White

The color white has also commonly been in use in the promotion of health-related and technology-based products such as mobile devices, laptops, and televisions.

In these advertisements any inclusion of the color white is nearly always in balance or in pair with an additional color to really make it pop.

White is also a healing color. In this instance, you can expect to find this color as a decorative feature in medical centers, hospitals, and pharmacies.

Branding Using White

Not only does the inclusion of white bring about implications of luxury and sophistication in terms of branding, but it also sets things up to be far more cohesive.

So much so, there are many brands and companies around today that have chosen to incorporate white into their logo. This is either achieved by including it in the font or successfully utilizing negative space in the design itself. Some of the most well-known companies include:

  • Levi’s
  • Uber
  • Ford
  • Starbucks
  • Volkswagen
  • Michelin

What About White Gemstones?

White gemstones symbolize new beginnings, entice self-care, and bring consciousness to an even higher state as a belief. 

White gemstones are also the most neutral color crystals which means they will look magnificent in any environment. If you choose to use them as a tool for decoration, of course.

Some examples of popular white gemstones include:

  • Agate
  • Diamond
  • Howlite
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Moonstone
  • Pearl

Facts About The Color White

The color white is a very important part of our world. And now we know more about the meaning and symbolism of the color, you may be wondering what else it has to offer. Here are some interesting facts about white:

  • White has no hues and is the lightest color on the spectrum.
  • White is generally not in the list as one of the most popular favorite colors. Regardless, it is definitely an interior designers best friend. It can make a physical space appear to be much larger and far more organized.
  • Off-white happens to be a well-loved umbrella term that covers the many shades that have only slight differences from a pure white color. This includes cream, old lace, and ivory.
  • White colored cars typically offer a safer driving experience thanks to its high visibility. Owners of a white car are also as some of the most fashionable and perfection-seeking people out there.

Popular Idioms Including The Word White

  • White as snow: Something that is very white.
  • White knuckle: The cause of extreme feelings of fear or excitement.
  • Whitelist: An internet-based term that covers trustworthy email addresses and people.
  • White as a ghost: When someone becomes very pale due to fear. This is usually in use in conjunction with the face.
  • White flag: This is a visual symbol of surrender or a truce.


There are many meanings akin with the color white.

White is a highly refreshing mixture of positive and negative attributes. It works to represent that all thoughts and feelings are valid. This includes anything from hope all the way to extreme sadness.

It also has many significant meanings, and is most often in connection with good luck and prosperity. It is a symbol of purity and innocence.

On the other hand, white is for its calming qualities, largely due to its neutral base, which a key reason as to why one can typically find it in spas, hotels, and resorts. This is also a reason as to why it is in many logos and brand identities.

The Fascinating Color White And It's Meaning