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The 6 Best Crystals Every Capricorn Needs To Own

The Capricorn sun sign runs from December 22 to January 19. These dates are special as they signify the start of winter within the Northern Hemisphere.

Capricorn is the last Earth sign in the zodiac, preceded by Taurus and Virgo respectively. This Earth sign resonates with stable, ambitious, and resilient energy.

We all have unique energy traits that not only affect us, they also affect others around us. If you were born under the Capricorn sun sign, your discipline, patience, and creativity will benefit the people you care about.

You can emphasize these traits by using crystals. Crystals possess unique forces that can affect your energy.

If you want to remove negative vibes, increase your strength, and heal on the inside, using crystals can be a simple way to do so.

You’ll learn about Capricorn's unique traits and the best crystals to enhance them in this article. Whether you want to increase your wealth, become more motivated, or clear out negative thoughts, there’ll be a crystal for your Capricorn nature below.

Capricorn Zodiac Sign Characteristics

Capricorns are determined, motivated, and focused. This makes Capricorns strong forces within the workplace. But they’re wonderful friends and lovers too (though compatibility will differ with each sign).

The 6 Best Crystals Every Capricorn Needs To Own

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Many people believe that Capricorn's disciplined nature makes them too practical, but these Earth signs love to surround themselves with beautiful luxuries.

However, they always ensure that they can afford these items before buying them. Whether it be home decor or clothing, high-priced, classic pieces are a way for Capricorns to measure their success.

Capricorns are also fiercely loyal to those that they care about. It can take a while to become a Capricorn's friend, but once you break down that wall, you’ll realize that Capricorns love to have fun!

Their humor may be too sarcastic for some, but when they’re with their close friends, Capricorns can let loose like any other sign.

As mentioned above, Capricorns like to surround themselves with material things, but this can be their downfall.

As Capricorns tend to gauge success by their possessions, they can succumb to depression if they feel like they aren’t living within their idea of perfection. It can be hard for Capricorns to pull themselves out of a tough spot.

However, this sign is heavily influenced by Saturn, a planet that resembles perseverance, success, and a non-stop pursuit of perfection. It can be very difficult, but Capricorns are well equipped to overcome periods of negative energy. They just might need a helping hand to do so.

Image by Dorothe from Pixabay

All signs have their positive and negative traits. As long as you’re aware of these, you can begin emphasizing your good qualities and start working on your negative ones. Capricorns can have many high and low periods, so they might find it beneficial to work on balance.

Their aim should be to make room for relaxation periods instead of concentrating on their goals all the time. This sign is prone to depressive tendencies, so trying to bring positive energy into their lives will truly benefit Capricorn.

Best Crystals For Capricorn

Crystal healing may not be for everyone, but it can have an amazing effect on your unique energy. Capricorns can benefit from stones that help bring out their amazing qualities, like perseverance, motivation, and ambition.

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Crystals can also help to reduce their less than amazing traits, like blocking out negative energy and providing protection against burnout.

The crystals below can help anyone, but people born under the Capricorn sun sign may find these especially useful.


Garnet is the established birthstone for January, making this a great choice for Capricorns born in the first month of the year. This stone is known for its deep red hue, though some varieties can look brown or even orange.

Image by starbright from Pixabay

This stone can make one focused and grounded, giving people the determination to work on their goals. This may seem practical, but garnet can also make one concentrate on their passion, making them realize why they love what they do.

Capricorns are passionate by nature, but they can fall into a monotonous spell when their goals don’t go to plan. It can give these Earth signs a helping hand to see their goal through to the end, no matter what problems may happen along the way.

Black Tourmaline

This impressive dark stone is a strong purifying stone. Black tourmaline is famous for its protective properties. Psychics and shamans used it to remove negative energies that affected the mind and body. Black tourmaline can repel any negative thoughts and toxic thought patterns.

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Image by Anne Marie McCormack from Pixabay

Black tourmaline may resonate with Capricorns more as it can help a racing mind focus. Capricorns with too many ideas and thoughts may find that this stone helps them focus on their goals, one step at a time. It also aids those with low confidence periods.

These can often occur if Capricorn doesn’t believe they are where they want to be, career, relationship, or self-development-wise.

A Capricorn may find it useful to meditate with black tourmaline, as this can help remove dark thought processes to purify the mind.


Fluorite is one of the most stunning crystals on this list. It comes in many shades, like purple, green, clear, yellow, and blue. Rainbow fluorite has several of these colors that shine beautifully when placed under the light. Fluorite will have different properties depending on the color you go for.

Image by Sheila Shafer-Roberson from Pixabay

Capricorns will do well with this stone as it can help clear a cluttered mind, helping these signs concentrate on their ambitious goals.

Purple fluorite can increase your intuition, which is great for Capricorns in the workplace. Clear fluorite encourages the mind, body, and spirit to become balanced. This can help Capricorns understand other people’s points of view, becoming more empathetic individuals as a result.

Rainbow fluorite has all the properties of each Fluorite color within itself. It can help forces flow freely throughout the body, helping Capricorns clear their mind, balance their energies and become more harmonious individuals.

All fluorite, no matter what shade it is, can prevent Capricorns stop focusing too much on logic. Instead, fluorite can help them open their mind and connect to the wider universe.


Many Capricorns will be drawn to this stone, thanks to its gorgeous green hue and healing qualities. Malachite can be as light as sage or as deep green as a forest. Capricorns can sometimes be set in their ways.

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Image by Яна Тикунова from Pixabay

This may help them in their careers, but it can be exhausting for a Capricorn’s partner. Malachite has transformative powers, helping people become more open to new possibilities and experiences.

Malachite resonates with the Heart Chakra, so it can help Capricorns who put up walls when they believe they are incapable of receiving love.

Capricorns are known to not show emotion, but malachite can help this Earth sign express their romantic feelings to their partner, a necessary step in all relationships.

Malachite isn’t just good for relationships. It’s a powerful protective stone that can help you get out of your comfort zone. This is a great choice for Capricorns that want to go traveling and see the world. It also promotes wealth and glory, all prospects that Capricorns value deeply.


Amethyst has been known for its many protective properties. It doesn’t just defend one from possible threats, it protects one against intoxicating actions and thought patterns. Amethyst is instantly recognizable due to its pleasant purple hue.

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Image by …♡… from Pixabay

This soothing stone is great for Capricorns, as it helps calm down a racing mind, promoting balance and relaxation.

Amethyst is also good to take when traveling, as it can help you become more intuitive. The Capricorn that follows rigid logic may find it beneficial to connect to the Divine. This calming stone can help those with insomnia or those that find it hard to relax.

Capricorns that feel overworked but can’t bring themselves to take a break should try placing Amethyst underneath their pillow before going to bed.

Smoky Quartz

Image by 7924748 from Pixabay

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Lastly, we have smoky quartz. This stone resembles the colors of the earth, appearing brown, black, or gray. Smoky quartz is another protective and stabilizing stone. Capricorns will be drawn to its supportive nature.

It can defend the user from harm but it also brings one's spirit and energy back to the earth. This is perfect for Capricorns with their head in the clouds, struggling to keep track of all the thoughts in their head.

Smoky quartz’s most significant power is that it can turn negative energy into positive energy. This stone also magnifies positive forces, helping to overcome any darkness within.

Capricorns can be prone to depressive tendencies. It’s sadly ironic, how this Earth sign falls into negative thought patterns if they aren’t where they want to be. But, these destructive tendencies stop them from reaching their goals and desires!

Naturally, depression can’t be cured just by purchasing a stone. However, smoky quartz can be a tool to help Capricorn pull themselves out of their dark thoughts. It can be useful to meditate with, but if you often experience negative thoughts, wearing smoky quartz jewelry may be a better option.

Best crystals for capricorn


Crystal healing can help everyone, so the stones listed above can be beneficial for all signs. That being said, this list was made with Capricorn’s unique traits in mind. If you were born under the Capricorn sun sign, adding a few of the stones above may help you navigate life a little better.

Capricorns have amazing traits, like resilience and loyalty, but they tend to need balance and protection. The stones above will help Capricorns enhance their good qualities. But they’ll also help them become more aware of their bad ones.

Crystal healing might be the tool you need to reach your never-ending goals.

The 6 Best Crystals Every Capricorn Needs To Own