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12 Easy Crystals For Beginners Kit (With Pictures)

Crystals are natural materials that contain energy for beginners and are believed to be powerful tools for healing and protection.

They can also be used for meditation, relaxation, and spiritual growth as well as to boost creativity, improve health, and enhance relationships.

These little miracle stones are perfect for turning to in your day-to-day life.

However, if you're just starting out on your crystal journey. It can also be overwhelming to know which stone can help you and how. But fear not! We've got all the information you need to create your crystals for beginners kit.

If you're ready to discover which crystals should be included in your collection, read on to find out our recommendations.

12 Easy Crystals For Beginners Kit

Amethyst Crystal

Amethyst is an excellent crystal to have on hand when you're feeling stressed out, anxious, depressed, or angry. The purple color represents patience, inner strength, and wisdom. And if you are just starting on your crystals for beginners, this stone is a must-have for your kit.

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Amethyst is connected to our crown chakra, which is our highest energy point. This chakra connects to the universe and higher realms on a spiritual level. If you are searching for guidance or want to elevate your life to a higher level, this crystal is a must for you.

Amethyst is also great for calming the mind and grounding those who may feel overwhelmed. It helps clear the mind of unnecessary thoughts, so any decision-making can easily be made.

Crystals For Beginners

Rose Quartz Crystal

Rose quartz is often referred to as the "healing" stone. It helps bring harmony back into your life after a breakup or divorce and using this stone during meditation will encourage you to forgive yourself and others and let go of any negative energy.

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If you are aiming to grow your self-love, this stone is a must-have for your kit. Connected to your heart chakra, it can help to soothe past wounds and place you in a position to accept new love, both from yourself and others.

Rose Quartz is a great stone to have if you are wanting to find out who you truly are and to learn to love that version of yourself.

Although this stone is usually seen as a way to invite new romance into your life, it's also incredibly useful when learning to love yourself.

Crystals For Beginners

Citrine Crystal

Citrine is another wonderful crystals for beginners kit. It is said to promote happiness, optimism, and prosperity. It's often referred to as the 'Merchants stone' due to the luck it brings to those who use it.

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Like a little shot of sunshine, this crystal helps to promote confidence, so you can achieve all of your goals with ease. Its warm energy makes this stone perfect for those who often feel drained or fatigued from life's challenges.

If optimism is lacking in your life, add this stone to your collection and watch the opportunities that come your way.

Citrine Crystal

Moonstone Crystal

Moonstone is a beautiful crystal and is considered to be a protective stone. It helps to keep your mind clear while protecting you from negative energy and thoughts as well as self-doubt.

This crystal is high in feminine energy and is typically considered a stone of inward vision. If you frequently lack self-confidence, moonstone will help you discover exactly who you are and what you stand for.

Just as the moon goes through phases, this stone serves as a reminder that we must adapt and learn from changes that we experience in life.

Moonstone is also a great stone for promoting self-love. If you are struggling to accept who you are, what you look like, or decisions you may have made, meditating with this stone will provide all the support and guidance you need.

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Moonstone Crystal

Clear Quartz Crystal

Clear quartz is one of the most powerful crystals for beginners available. It brings clarity to your thoughts and emotions.

When you first receive a piece of clear quartz, you'll notice how bright it sparkles. You can store it in a pouch or bag made specifically for crystal storage.

This crystal is best used by itself. If you find yourself getting too attached to it, it might be time to move on to something new.

Clear quartz is a very powerful crystal. You should only use it in conjunction with other stones, however. Clear quartz can also be used to increase your energy levels.

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Clear Quartz Crystal

Lapis Lazuli Crystal

Lapis lazuli is known as the "master healer" stone and is said to promote balance and mental stability.

If you are wanting to tune into your intuition, so you can learn to trust yourself more, having this stone nearby is a great way to increase this ability. It allows you to tune into your thoughts and to feel comfortable with your own opinions.

This stone is connected to the throat chakra which helps with communication. If you are struggling to clearly express your opinions and connect with those around you, lapis lazuli is a great crystal to use and add to your kit.

crystals for beginners

Carnelian Crystal

Carnelian is an excellent crystals for beginners as it helps you connect with your intuition, which is important when it comes to self-belief and decision-making.

It's a great stone to hold when you want to manifest positive changes in your life. Carnelian encourages you to believe in yourself and supports you by providing you with the energy needed to reach your goals.

If you are lacking a lust for life, the energy from this stone can pick you back up and help you feel positive about the future.

Carnelian is connected to the root chakra which, when activated, allows you to feel grounded and centered and strengthens your sense of safety.

This stone also connects to the sacral chakra and taps into what you desire. If you're craving intimacy or facing struggles in this area, using this stone is a perfect way to overcome any hurdles and unleash that warrior spirit.

Carnelian Crystal

Hematite Crystal

Hematite is a crystal that provides you with strength and courage and shields you from any negativity that may enter your life.

This stone is perfect for providing you with inner strength and allows you to feel grounded and centered. In Ancient Greece, hematite was hugely popular and many worshipers of the stone believed it held healing powers that could protect against battles or ailments.

If you are experiencing ill-health, meditating with this stone and keeping it close by will protect you and guide you back to health.

crystals for beginners

Black Obsidian Crystal

Black obsidian is a protective stone. It also helps you to ward off negative energies and acts as a protector of the realm. This is an excellent stone for crystals for beginners kit.

If you are trying to avoid toxic energy or emotions, you need this stone in your collection. It's especially useful for empaths who often allow themselves to feel others' feelings and leave themselves feeling drained.

As well as protecting you, this stone is great for keeping you focused as it is connected to your root chakra. It allows you to remain in control of your emotions and build the skills you need to keep yourself protected.

Black Obsidian Crystal

Selenite Crystal

Moreover, Selenite is considered a saintly stone and oozes shimmering goddess energy.

If you are seeking clarity on a particular situation, selenite is the perfect stone to help guide you to the outcome. It radiates peace and allows your energy fields to remain protected.

If you have a special place where you meditate and want to keep this place sacred, inviting selenite into this space will keep any negativity from entering your space. It helps you bloom into the divine being that you envision yourself to be.

Moreover, If you are interested in exploring higher realms and other worlds, this stone is a must for your collection. The crystals for beginners kit.

crystals for beginners

Pyrite Crystal

Pyrite, often referred to as Fools Gold due to its appearance, is a stone that is also packed with positive energy. Having this crystal in your collection will protect you from any negativity that tries to shift you off balance.

If you are also suffering a stagnant period in your life. This is also a stone that will help you build the strength to pull yourself out of it. It helps increase your confidence levels and supports creative energy by connecting to the solar plexus and sacral chakras.

Moreover, if you see yourself as a leader, this stone will boost your confidence and ability. So you can achieve your goals and carry your duties out with ease and self-belief.

Pyrite Crystal

Black Tourmaline

Moreover, Black tourmaline is also a popular stone for those just starting on their crystal journey.

It holds the power to protect you from electromagnetic fields as well as any negative energy that may be dragging you down. It can ground you and do so quickly, so keep this stone on you if you are entering a stressful or emotional situation.

Furthermore, it helps to boost your self-confidence and belief and keeps your mind stable enough to withstand the toughest of situations.

If you also feel as though you need a cloak of protection, from people, situations, or generally low energy, adding this stone to your collection can work miracles.

crystals for beginners

Final Thought

To conclude, it's important to remember that they all hold different properties and strengths. Select the ones that resonate most with you and learn how to use them to the best effect.

Being new to the world of crystals can seem like a daunting experience. However, once you learn what each crystal represents and helps with, you will soon live your life feeling protected, full of positive energy, and with the motivation to achieve your wildest desires.

12 Easy Crystals For Beginners Kit (With Pictures)