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19 Healing Crystals For Cancer Sufferers (With Pictures)

Crystals have been around since ancient times. The crystals have been used for healing purposes, such as treating arthritis, depression, and even cancer.

Crystals are naturally occurring minerals that come in various colors, shapes, sizes, and densities. Some crystals are believed to have special properties that can affect our health.

Image by Aline Ponce from Pixabay

Crystals have been used for centuries to treat cancer. In recent years, scientists have discovered that certain types of crystals have anti-cancer properties. These include quartz, selenite, calcite, fluorite, and malachite.

Crystals can be purchased at most metaphysical or holistic stores. You may also find them online. The best way to determine if a crystal is safe for you is to ask your doctor before using it.

But which crystals should you be using? And how can you use them? Well, that's what we are here to tell you! Keep reading to find out which crystals you should use to help with cancer and how to use them today.

How Do I Use Crystals?

19 Healing Crystals For Cancer Sufferers (With Pictures)

You can take crystals with water or place them on the body. When taking crystals, make sure they are clean and free from dirt or other contaminants. Place the crystals on your skin, under your tongue, or inside your mouth.

You can also wear crystals as jewelry, like necklaces, earrings, or rings. Choose the method that is best for you when wearing or using your crystals.

Don’t forget to speak to a doctor if you have any concerns. While crystals can help and are known for their healing properties, there is little scientific information to back this up. You should use them alongside your medicine or other treatment plans.

Crystals For Cancer

19 Healing Crystals For Cancer Sufferers

Crystals are natural stones that come in various colors. Some people believe that they help cure illnesses such as cancer.

Cancer comes in many forms and shapes. Different kinds of crystals may help treat them. There are many types of crystals that can be used to heal cancer. Let’s take a look at what these are today.

Root Crystals

Root crystals help heal skin cancers. The chakra for roots is the place where our masculine energy resides. Also, it is the place of our survival and preservation.

Image by Amy Moore from Pixabay

Moreover, it is the place from where we draw our strength. It is the place that connects us to everything. Lastly, it is the place to which we return after a long day

Root chakras are connected to our survival instincts and the ability to ground ourselves. When our root chakras are out of balance, we can feel off-kilter.

We may struggle to connect with others. We may feel anxious and fearful. Our decisions may be questionable. We may feel powerless and give our joy away. A blocked root chakra can lead to slumps in your physical health.


Hematite works for decreasing the number of physical pains in cancer patients who suffer from brain cancers.

Image by György Károly Tóth from Pixabay


Keep wearing Amethyst on your body, because it can impact the way that cancerous cells that are in your lungs grow compared to most healing stones.

Image by NatureFriend from Pixabay


Carnelian is a great stone to fight Kidney Cancer. It helps you to get rid of the pain and malignant cells. You need to wear it when you feel sick.

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Image by Amy Moore from Pixabay

Carnelian is an orange-colored gemstone that balances and opens your sacral chakra. It boosts your vitality. Carnelian is a stone that helps you to be healthy.

It helps your body by helping you to detoxify. This also helps your mind by helping you to focus. It helps your spirit by allowing you to connect with your higher self.

Red Aventurine

Red Aventurine is used to treat Colon Cancer. It helps ease pains and boost the overall healing process in Colon Cancers. Red Aventurine helps with healing by increasing your stamina, helping you feel better about yourself, and improving your overall health.

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Image by Marie Sjödin from Pixabay


Amber crystals are used to heal livers. This is one of the most fascinating gems out there. It is often used in jewelry, but it has many other uses too.

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Image by Stefan Schweihofer from Pixabay

In addition, it is used as a healing agent. Some people think that certain types of amber are very rare because they contain things like plants or even insects.

Moreover, amber is not a real gemstone. It's fossilized tree resin. Amber crystals are prized by people because they're warm and beautiful. Older amber stones, which are worthless, are less than 100 thousand years old.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz crystals reduce mental and physical damage that is due to cancerous growths in the ovaries. Negative thoughts and blocks are released by smoky quartz crystals.

Image by 7924748 from Pixabay

This helps you heal the reproductive sections and tract and even helps to prevent some cancers from spreading.


Pink tourmalines are crystals that help you fight mouth cancer. They also help clear out toxins and other impurities from your body. You should wear them when you smoke or chew tobacco.

Image by Carla Burke from Pixabay

You can place the green tourmaline crystal on your heart to prevent cancer. Wear it on your throat if concerned about respiratory cancers from smoking.

Blue Apatite

Blue apatites are crystals that help you get rid of skin cancer. They also help cleanse the skin and absorb nutrients needed for healing. A friend or loved one who is fighting cancer needs this crystal! This stone protects and guards your friend or loved one from any kind of illness.

Image by starbright from Pixabay

Black Onyx

This can help them fight off cancer cells and reduce the side effects of chemotherapy. Black Onyx crystals are somewhat effective for Cancer. Use them to heal cancer.

Image by bastien rebattel from Pixabay

The stone of higher heart energy melts away the physical and psychological pains of someone with cancer, making him or her feel better.

Onyx stones help to ground you and protect you from negative energy. You can use them to calm down when you're feeling anxious or upset. Onyx stones can help you become more disciplined and focus on your goals.

They can help you gain insight into yourself and others. Onyx stones can also help you see what's important in your life.

Furthermore, Black Onyx has been used to enhance athletic performance and to provide support during recovery from illness. It has been used as a treatment for arthritis and other conditions affecting the bones.


Malachite helps heal the lungs by relieving stress and anxiety. It brings calmness and happiness to those who use it. Malachite moves energy up into your throat chakra, and this is to strengthen this chakra.

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Image by Ondřej Synek from Pixabay

Cancer is a cruel disease, and people who suffer from this should use healing stones for chemo. Gemstones can bring the energy from the chakra worlds to directly heal them.

It takes time to learn how to use these stones, but once you do, you'll feel better.


Citrine helps to aid in relaxing and calming your nerves, prepare yourself for treatment, and help fight off disease. You can use it as a ring, or bracelet. Keep cleaning it with howlite (a type of quartz) at least 4 times every other day.

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Image by Dieter Staab from Pixabay

Citrine stones are powerful tools that purify energy. They are used for fighting off negative energies such as disease and negativity.

Rose Quartz

This is a healing crystal that helps patients cope with the emotional stress of chemotherapy. Rose quartz crystals are also used to heal many types of illnesses, including cancer.

Image by Hans-August Beer from Pixabay

A rose quartz crystal placed over the solar plexus helps to calm an irritated person. This stone also works well when someone needs to be stabilized during chemotherapy.

Moreover, Rose quartz helps heal emotional wounds. Inviting more compassion and care. It is used as a calling card when someone craves more love.

When the chakra is closed, we tend to be jealous, insecure, and unable to commit ourselves to another person.

This is a gemstone that is meant to bring comfort to those who have a hard time dealing with change. It also helps those who are stubborn to understand what is going on around them. Rose Quartz makes people feel better about themselves.

This is the queen of hearts and compassion. She is also a great friend to hold close during a battle against breast cancer. Her pink color brings relief and speedier recovery. With its powerful energy to displace and dissolve malignant brain tumors and its regenerative properties.


Emeralds are also known as the stones of love. It is said to bring peace as well as harmony to the people who wear them. They help the user see things more clearly. They also help you understand the feelings of others.

Image by svklimkin from Pixabay

It can also be in use to cure your eyesight. You should use this stone to purify yourself and get rid of negative energy.

Because of these properties, it makes them great for healing cancers from the inside out. Emeralds represent free-flowing energy and help us access the heart chakra. They also help us let go of negative experiences and face them without being held back by fear.

Green Aventurine

Cancer patients should use green aventurine to heal themselves during chemotherapy sessions. This gemstone absorbs the pain and negative energy around them. It also fills them with positive energy. Try placing the aventurine crystal of the plexus chakra somewhere around you.

Image by Klaus Beyer from Pixabay

Green Aventurine helps people understand and appreciate nature. It protects people from environmental pollution. It makes people more intelligent. People have a stronger sense of self-confidence when wearing green Aventurine.

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Green Aventurine is great for calming down people who get angry easily. It also helps you calm down when you're stressed out.

You should use this if someone is being mean to you. Green Aventurine helps with physical, emotional, spiritual, and energy balance. It slows aging and awakens latent memories. Green Aventurine helps with heart chakra and meditation.


A strong stone of mysteries, sugilite will help to detoxify and heal your body and repel the cells that have been lost to some cancer.

Image by uhi_noko812 from Pixabay

Sugilite may also help you heal from the disease and aid in making your cancer type a faster recovery. To do this, sugilite should be recited daily for programming the powers.

Sugilites are also stones that purify the body. They work by energizing and healing your system to help flush out the deadly cancerous cells. They bring down inflammation when you use them as a more natural type of remedy to treat brain tumors.

Sugilite crystals are also placed in the solar types of plexus, and an affirmation is said. You then go through a detoxification process using your Sugilite powers.

Lapis Lazuli

Moreover, Lapis Lazuli is an excellent tool for cancer prevention. It helps people manifest dreams of their power. Crystals made out of this gemstone are used to heal cancer. Lapis Lazuli crystals are also powerful stones for spiritual travel.

Image by Graciela Zerpa from Pixabay

Place them in more northern areas of your household. Find your optimum sacred space. Safely, try to place your lapis lazuli gemstones and crystals on the areas where your throat chakra is located.


These crystals are known as liquid light crystals. You may use the crystal programs to help heal different types of cancers.

Image by Yinan Chen from Pixabay

Selenium is also in use to protect people from cancers. It can be found in the form of selenite. Selenite keeps cancer away from you while you sleep. You should keep this crystal near your bed. Place them in the north part of your room to protect you from getting sick.


Wear turquoise pendants around your neck to prevent cancer. In the north area of your offices or homes, turquoise prevents the disease from reaching you. Turquoise also helps you heal your disease when placed on the chakra for your throat (the third eye).

Image by ❄️♡????♡❄️ Julita ❄️♡????♡❄️ from Pixabay

You should meditate about the prevention of cancer with turquoise for 5 minutes. Crystals can help you fight cancer by making it easier for you to cope with it.

Crystals are specifically for the additional support, but try to not avoid your personal doctors' treatment during treatments, malicious or benign, for crystal-specific healing. When used together, crystals can make fighting off cancer a worthy and easy task.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, cancer is a very complex disease. There are many types of cancer, and they have different causes. Some cancers can be cured, others cannot.

The best thing we can do is to stay healthy and eat right. If we follow these tips, we can reduce our chances of getting cancer.

Finally, be sure to check out the crystals listed above and find the one that is right for you. Whether you want something comforting to hold during appointments or a necklace to wear to bring you strength, you are sure to find the crystal you need here today.

19 Healing Crystals For Cancer Sufferers (With Pictures)