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Safe Travels: 11 Crystals For Car Protection

Crystals are naturally occurring minerals. The properties of crystals are said to be healing, but each crystal has its own unique properties, with different benefits. People use crystals for all sorts of things such as car protection.

As an example, some crystals are for empowerment, others are for anxiety, and some crystals are for safety. Crystals have been used for thousands of years for their healing properties.

Safe Travels: 11 Crystals For Car Protection

Crystals can also be placed in a car for added protection. The best way to stay safe in a car is to ensure that you are driving safe, have your seatbelt on, and ensure your car has no faults.

If everything is good, then crystals can be used to help people feel safer when driving. While a crystal cannot prevent an accident, it can help balance the energies inside the car.

This might be especially good for those who get stressed and anxious while driving.

If you drive a car, or you want to buy a crystal for someone who drives, then continue reading. We discuss the very best crystals for car protection!

Crystals For Car Protection

11 Crystals For Car Protection

1. Malachite

Malachite is one of the best stones to use to feel protected in a car.


This stone is great for alertness, which is critical for driving safely. Bring Malachite crystals on any long-distance car journey for an extra layer of protection. While it certainly isn't a replacement for coffee, it can help people feel more awake.

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They're also a really great stone for protecting energy, as it is said to absorb any negative energies. This includes negative energies from people, as well as in the atmosphere. Some people even think that Malachite can absorb pollutants.

Malachite is a great stone to use when people need to increase their inner spiritual guidance. This is really important while driving, as the driver needs to be as alert as possible.

2. Amethyst

Amethyst is another great crystal to use for car protection.


This is a crystals in a car that helps people feel calm and relaxed. Amethyst is a very spiritual stone, which can help the owner of the stone with their intuition. This is very critical when driving when the driver needs to be alert.

It's good to have an amethyst in the car, as the energy of amethyst is very calming, which can help people feel safer. Amethyst is a significant crystal for the driver, as they are in control of the car. It's a good idea for anyone in the car to wear amethyst, too, as the amethyst is more effective when worn.

3. Howlite

Howlite is a very good stone to have in the car.


Also, this is ideal for anyone who experiences travel sickness. This stone can help prevent nausea and is said to help reduce the effect of motion sickness, making symptoms more manageable.

This stone is very good at helping people cope with nerves while traveling. For those who are anxious about traveling, and have negative views about traveling, this stone can also help you focus on the positive. This will make traveling feel calmer.

It is also a good stone for those who suffer from road rage. While it's not a fix, the stone is a calming influence, which can help balance the energy within the car.

It's also a good stone for the driver. This is because it is said to help drivers stay more alert.

4. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is one of the most common crystals for car, due to its calming energy.

Rose Quartz

Traditionally, the main purpose of Rose Quartz is to help people feel balanced within their hearts. This is because Rose Quartz is connected to the heart chakra. Rose Quartz can be used to help individuals find love, heal broken hearts, and is seen as a romantic stone.

The energy of Rose Quartz is very calming, so this makes it a great choice for someone who has been feeling stressed. It's also a great stone for anyone who suffers from anxiety, which is common with travelers.

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The reason Rose Quartz should be worn by travelers who are not driving is because Rose Quartz can keep people safe from recklessness. As Rose Quartz is linked to the heart chakra, it can help calm down the individual, especially if there is a conflict occurring in the car. This may be the case if someone has to travel with someone they do not get along with.

5. Citrine

This is a good crystal for those looking for car protection.


Citrine is a crystal that is known for calming chaos. It is a crystal that is used when someone feels stressed, or anxious.

It is useful in helping people calm down when they are stressed, if their head feels chaotic, and they are anxious, it is not safe.

This is because drivers, and even passengers, need to remain as calm as possible in a car. When people are loud, stressed, and anxious, it can make the driver lose alertness, which is very dangerous.

Citrine helps to clear out confusion and bring clarity into the mind. It can help you see things clearly, and think rationally. If your thoughts are confused, or your emotions are chaotic, then it can help you to become more aware.

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6. Moonstone

This is an excellent crystals for car protection.


Moonstone is often associates with aiding anxiety and nervousness. It is believed that it helps to ground people, and brings peace and tranquility. The energy of it is said to be calming and can help to relieve stress.

When traveling, it can help to keep the driver-focused, and calm. It helps to keep the mind steady and helps people to relax. It's a good stone to wear during long drives, as it can help to keep people calm. Many people get anxious in cars, both the passengers and the driver. It's important to make sure that the car is as calm as it possibly can be.

It is also used to help people connect with their intuition. This is really significant for car protection. Both the drivers and the passengers need to have a good level of intuition, as this can help them stay safe while in the car.

Moonstones should be placed in the Northwest area of the car.

7. Clear Quartz

It is another excellent crystals for car protection.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is associates with clarity. If you use clear quartz in your car, you should tell your affirmations to your Clear Quartz. You can say something like, "I am always safe in my car." Or "My car is protected from all harm." Whatever you want to say about protection, you can say it to your Clear Quartz.

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This is a crystal that helps to clear negative energies from the body. It is a crystal that clears negativity from the mind. It helps to remove blocks and is great for clearing the aura. Furthermore, it can help people think clearly, which is crucial for driving safely.

Luckily, Clear Quartz is a very common crystal. This means it should be easy for most people to buy a Clear Quartz.

The Clear Quartz should be placed somewhere in the center of the car.

8. Black Obsidian

It is a great crystals for car protection.

Black Obsidian

This is a stone that absorbs negative energy, but it does even more than that. This stone will not only absorb negativity from others, but it will send the energy back to the person who sent it. Black Obsidian works like a mirror.

One reason Black Obsidian is great for car protection is because road rage is very common. While road rage might seem normal, it can be quite dangerous. That's because if someone does not calm down, they will stay angry, which will mean they may not be as focused on the road. This could result in a crash due to a lack of concentration.

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If you're feeling stressed about traffic, then it can help you feel calmer. It can protect you from the negative energy of other people, which is very common during traffic.

9. Turquoise

Turquoise is a good crystal for car protection.


This has been used for centuries as a stone of protection. It is said to be a stone that can protect people from what is not serving them. Furthermore, this stone has many properties. One of these properties is that it can help to balance emotions.

Driving is not always a positive experience, it can cause a lot of emotions in people. Some people get really irritated when driving, especially if there's bad traffic. It helps to balance emotions so that you don't become too emotional or too upset.

Another property of turquoise is that it helps to ground the spirit. This is especially helpful when driving when ego should not be present.

10. Selenite

Selenite is another crystal that can be used for car protection.


This is used for mental clarity. If someone needs to think clearly, then they should keep Selenite around them. Selenite is a stone that promotes calmness. It also protects against stress.

When driving, it is important to stay calm. Stress can lead to accidents, so it is crucial to avoid it at all costs. This can help to do just that. It can give you a sense of peace, which makes it easier to drive.

It is a crystal that can remove negative energy, which will help with mental clarity.

11. Tiger's Eye

It is a good stone for car protection.

Tiger's Eye

Tiger's eye is a stone that helps to focus the mind. When driving, it is essential for thoughts to remain focused. A distracted driver is much more likely to have an accident.

This is why it is such a useful crystal. It helps to focus thoughts and make sure that the driver is thinking about the road ahead.

This stone can also help people make decisions, which is very useful for drivers. Driving is always about making the safest decision possible.


There are many types of crystals that can be used for driving. This article discussed some of the best crystals that can be used for car protection.

Crystals have many properties, and the crystals in this list have tons of unique properties. They all have some similar properties, however, such as protection and helping people stay focused.

Safe Travels: 11 Crystals For Car Protection