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Trust Your Gut - 10 Illuminating Crystals For Enhancing Your Intuition

What is intuition? Intuition is a natural ability to perceive information without conscious reasoning or analysis. It is often described as a sixth sense.

Intuition is a powerful tool that helps us make better choices. It also plays a role in decision-making processes such as investing, relationships, and career development.

Trust Your Gut - 10 Illuminating Crystals For Enhancing Your Intuition

Intuition can be developed by learning how to trust your gut feeling.

If you are not sure what it means, think of intuition as the voice inside your head that tells you when something is right or wrong.

When we have an intuitive feeling about something, it is usually because we have some sort of knowledge or experience related to it.

If you feel as though your intuition is not as strong as it should be, then you may want to think about using crystals to help you harness your intuition.

Crystals are believed to hold energy within them which can be transferred into our bodies. The benefits of crystal therapy include improved focus, increased creativity, enhanced intuition, and more!

We've put together a list of crystals that will help you with your intuition.

Ten Crystals For Intuition

Check out the ten best crystals we have found to help with intuition!

10 Illuminating Crystals For Enhancing Your Intuition

Rose Quartz

This stone has been used for thousands of years. Rose quartz is known to bring clarity, calmness, and love. This is perfect if you need to recharge after dealing with difficult emotions.

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Rose Quartz

If you want to trust your intuition then the first thing you need to start with is love. It is said that if you trust something then you love it, and that is why this crystal is perfect for developing your intuition.

Rose quartz is one of the most popular stones for intuition. It is a stone about compassion and helps you to learn to love yourself.

This stone can help you to find trust in yourself to make decisions. This helps you strengthen your intuition.


A stone of balance and harmony Agate brings peace and serenity. It is great for those who struggle with anxiety and stress. It can help you to stay grounded during times of chaos.


Agate is a beautiful calming blue color. It is said that Agate is good for helping people to develop their intuition. They help you to become aware of what you are thinking and feeling.

It is said that Agate helps you to see things from different perspectives. It teaches you to look at situations objectively. You can use agate to help you gain insight into your own life.

This is a great stone if you need help communicating with others. If you feel you are struggling, then you can hold this stone in your hands when you need a boost for your intuition.

Clear Quartz

One of the best crystals for intuition is Clear Quartz. It is a stone of truth and honesty. It is said that clear quartz helps you to communicate clearly with yourself and others.

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Clear Quartz

It helps you to understand where you stand in any situation.Clear quartz is a very versatile stone. It can help you with communication issues, emotional healing, and self-esteem. It helps you to get rid of negative thoughts and feelings.

Clear quartz can help you with your intuition as it helps to clear your mind and give you a clearer picture of the situation you are in.

It can help you to tune out the things that are distracting you so you can focus.


Amethyst is another wonderful stone for intuition. Moreover, amethyst is said to help you to connect with your higher self. It is a stone that helps you to open up your third eye. It is helpful for meditation and psychic development.

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Also, amethyst is a crystal that connects both your crown chakra and third eye. It helps you to tap into your inner wisdom. It helps you to meditate and relax. Moreover, It also helps you to have better dreams.

Amethyst is a powerful stone that can help you to heal emotionally. Keep this stone close to you so that it can guide you when you need to use your intuition.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is an excellent stone for intuition. It is said to be a stone of protection. It is a stone for spiritual growth and transformation. Lapis Lazuli helps you to manifest your desires. It helps you to achieve success.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli helps you to keep your energy balanced and strong. It is a gem that can help you to overcome fear and negativity.

In terms of intuition, this stone helps to make you more self-aware. Lapis Lazuli is also known as the stone of wisdom. This crystal can help you to become wiser about the world and yourself.


Citrine is another fantastic crystal for intuition. It is said to be a protective stone. It is a stone used to protect against evil. Yet it is also a stone said to bring joy and happiness.

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This is a stone that helps to increase your confidence. It helps you to attract positive energies. It helps you to become happier.

When you are happy, you will naturally start to trust yourself more. You can use citrine to help you to find answers to questions you may not even know how to ask. It can help you learn new skills.

The great thing about Citrine is that it brings you a lot of joy when you need it and removes negative energy.

This can help you to feel more confident in your decisions as you no longer have negative thoughts making you doubt yourself.


Malachite is a favorite stone for intuition. Moreover, malachite is a stone of inspiration. It is a stone associated with creativity and imagination. It is a stone said to help you to see what is possible.

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Moreover, Malachite is a green stone that has black swirls. This stone helps to clear out your chakras so you have space for other things like trust.

When it comes to believing in your intuition, trust is one of the most important things you need.

Furthermore, Malachite is a wonderful crystal that can do more than just help your intuition. It can make you feel grounded and stabilized which helps you to develop your intuition.


Obsidian is a beautiful black stone. This is a stone that helps us to understand our life purpose. It is a stone of self-awareness.


The Obsidian is a stone that can help you create balance in your life. It can help you to get rid of stress and anxiety. It can help you gain clarity and focus.

Moreover, Obsidian is a stone that helps to protect you from negative energy. This crystal allows you to stop being so fearful.

Fear is something that can be holding you back from developing a strong intuition. Fear can make you doubt yourself and your gut feelings. However, Obsidian can help you overcome your fears and make you believe in yourself.


Moonstone is a beautiful white stone. It is a stone that helps you to connect with your inner self. It is a stone that helps your intuition to grow.


Moonstone is a stone that can guide you. The moon is often considered to be a guiding light in the night sky. The same can be said about moonstone. It can help you find your path in life.

Moreover, moonstone is a stone that supports you on your journey. It can help you become more aware of your emotions. It can help you realize that you don't always have to follow the crowd.

This crystal is also said to be linked to feminine energy. This is great for boosting your intuition because feminine energy is believed to be linked to it.

This crystal helps you to see things with clarity. So, keep this stone with you for example on a ring, to be guided through life.


Celestite is a lovely blue stone. It is a stone that helps people to communicate their ideas clearly. It is a stone for connecting with others. Moreover, it is a stone known to bring peace and harmony into your life.

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Celestite is great for those who tend to overthink. This stone can calm down your thoughts which might be stopping you from harnessing your full intuitive nature.

This stone allows us to slow things down and look at the power we hold within ourselves.

It is best to use this stone by meditating with it so you can clear your head. Although, you can also wear this stone so you can meditate when you need to think clearly.

Final Thoughts

Many different crystals can help you to develop your intuition or strengthen your connection with your intuition. We hope these tips will help you to start using them.

You should try some of these stones if you want to boost your intuition. You can use a combination of these stones as some are for protection and some help to improve your confidence.

We hope you found this article useful. Please share this article with your friends and family. Thank you for reading!

Trust Your Gut - 10 Illuminating Crystals For Enhancing Your Intuition