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Best Of Luck - 10 Crystals For Luck And Money

Most of us sometimes feel like we could use a little more luck, money, or both. Luckily, crystals can help us raise our vibration enough to attract these things into our lives. Don't expect everything to suddenly go your way just because you bought a crystal, however - that's not how it works!

Instead, they can help you to set yourself on the right path to luck and money by improving your focus and restoring your balance.

With that said, let's have a look at some of the best crystals to help you.

Best Of Luck - 10 Crystals For Luck And Money

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is one of the best-known abundance crystals. It helps bring in prosperity and good fortune. Rose quartz also brings love and harmony into your life.

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If you're looking for a stone to help with financial issues, rose quartz will be your best bet. This powerful crystal is known as "the wealth stone" and has been used throughout history to help people who are struggling financially.

The reason for this is that rose quartz promotes peace and tranquility, which allows you to see what's important in your life.

It also increases your sense of self-esteem and gives you the courage to make decisions about change.

If you need help making a decision, holding or wearing rose quartz can help you stay focused on the issue so you don't get distracted.

You can also enhance its power by holding it to your third eye chakra as you meditate and manifest your desired goals.

Green Jade

Green jade has long been associated with wealth and prosperity, particularly in China, where many people still wear it to bring luck and abundance today.

Holding green jade to your heart area will help you connect to your feelings and emotions so you can move forward in a positive direction.

Green jade helps you keep your thoughts grounded, so if you find yourself getting angry or upset about something in your life, green jade can help ground those feelings and calm you down again.

Plus, your physical health will improve when you're able to handle stress better.

When you wear green jade, it connects to the Earth's energy and helps draw from Mother Nature herself to fill your life with new opportunities and possibilities.

A great place to start using this stone is with your second chakra (your sacral chakra).

Once you start feeling more comfortable with your body, try placing the green jade directly over your solar plexus chakra.


People often use amazonite for protection against negative energies that might be making you feel unlucky, and it helps you stay balanced during times of high stress and emotional turmoil.

Amazonite is a protective stone that brings strength and fortitude to deal with your problems and challenges.

If you're facing difficult circumstances, hold or carry amazonite to gain inner peace and perspective.

Amazonite helps you connect to the higher vibrations of nature and learn to accept your situation rather than reacting emotionally.

Also, when worn around your neck, amazonite helps you remain connected to others and maintain relationships with loved ones.

You can also use this stone to help you find the balance between work and home life. To do this, place amazonite near your desk before taking time off or working late.


Amethyst is another stone that can increase your income. Its calming energy makes it helpful for balancing out any bad luck you may be experiencing, especially if it's related to finances.

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This crystal increases your confidence, optimism, faith, and determination by helping you tap into spiritual guidance, while at the same time giving you the motivation to work harder toward achieving your desires.

If you've lost money or had some kind of bad break recently, amethyst can help you recover quickly because it promotes healing and strengthens all parts of your being.

Wearing a piece of amethyst keeps you centered so you know how to take care of every aspect of your life so you have every chance to succeed.


If you want to attract money, then pyrite can make that happen! Pyrite is a great abundance stone and draws money into your life through its magnetic properties.

It enhances your intuition, which allows you to see things clearly in terms of what exactly you need. Pyrite guides you in finding ways to get what you desire without needing other people's permission.

Pyrite helps us realize we don't need anything else to live our best lives; instead, we just need ourselves. By wearing pyrite as an amulet, you'll receive good fortune and prosperity so you can attract riches into your life.

People who are looking to expand their careers should focus on incorporating pyrite into their lifestyle as well.

Wear pyrite in places like your office space where you spend most of your waking hours.

Having pyrite around will help give you clarity -- even if that means going beyond what you already know -- so you can discover ideas and solutions to solve your money troubles.


Malachite is a potent luck stone that might be just the thing you need to turn things around if unwanted energy has been making you feel unlucky recently.

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Malachite absorbs negative thoughts and emotions and turns them into positive beliefs about yourself and the world.

When you wear malachite, you become more aware of the energy surrounding you, so you can identify negativity and avoid getting entangled in it.

Instead, you can embrace everything that supports your dreams, and let go of everything that doesn't. As long as you surround yourself with empowering energies, you can create whatever success you want in life.

If someone close to you needs help dealing with issues, then malachite can assist them with their healing process.

Place malachite under your pillow or next to your bed to dream up new opportunities or put an end to unhealthy relationships. At night, wear malachite to manifest abundance in your life.


Focusing on bright colors is known to bring balance to any situation. Color stones, including citrine, stimulate clear thinking and act as a great motivator when worn as jewelry.

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Citrine stimulates creativity, boosts psychic abilities, protects against harmful vibes, and attracts abundance into your life.

Just like quartz, citrine also brings stability, grounding, and protection to those who carry it. In ancient Chinese medicine, citrine is used medicinally to remove toxins from the body.

Citrine's protective qualities can be applied to anyone who suffers from adverse physical conditions or emotional discomfort.

When you're feeling blue or exhausted, wearing citrine can invigorate both your mind and body, allowing you to achieve more than ever before.


Wear moonstone if you need assistance focusing on your purpose and to attract luck, particularly luck in love, with its abundant positive energy.

Moonstone radiates powerful feminine energy and synergizes particularly well with the energy from your heart chakra.

Wearing it in a necklace over this chakra makes for a particularly powerful effect - try doing it when you're manifesting.

To use moonstone as an amulet, keep it nearby whenever you meditate to align your inner self with your soul's path.

The combination of water-based energy and earth-based matter makes moonstone a strong guardian that strengthens the natural flow of chi (life force) within the human body.

This stone aids in balancing one's energy and attuning to nature's rhythms of change and renewal.


Andalusite is a well-known money stone that can be an amazing goal-setting ally for when you're setting intentions around money.

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It helps you to make better decisions by letting you know your values and what matters to you.

When you wear an andalusite, you'll find it easier to stay focused on what truly matters during times of transition, meaning that you won't lose your determination to achieve abundance.

When all else feels too difficult, simply focus on the value that comes with each decision.

Keep holding onto this belief until you see tangible results. You may even realize that you prefer the less glamorous route of reaching financial success - it's okay! - as long as you are growing personally and financially along the way.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is both a good energy magnet and a strong defense against bad energy.

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It can help you to reach a spiritual balance which can get your flow of abundance going again after it might seem to have slowed down or stopped.

Black tourmaline can protect against negative energies so they never get past your defenses. It can also raise your vibration, bringing out the best in yourself while keeping you grounded.

You can also wear black tourmaline when looking for ways to improve personal relationships, especially friendships.

It will help you maintain a balanced perspective, making you less susceptible to drama and gossip around the dinner table.

Black tourmaline helps dispel negativity from your space while boosting your intuition on how to take advantage of opportunities to improve your luck and build the energy of abundance.

Final Thoughts

These crystals and stones can all be great ways of attracting luck, wealth, and abundance into your life.

You can use whichever ones your spirit seems to be drawing you to, as this is the best way to tell which ones are most suited to you.

Using them in combinations with each other can even enhance the effects, and you can make a crystal grid that's perfectly suited to your spiritual needs.

Best Of Luck - 10 Crystals For Luck And Money