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A Guide On The Most Harmonious Crystals For The Home

Crystals are a great part of any home's decor. Not only do they look nice, but they can also bring an incredible wealth of benefits into your home, from protection against negative energy, help in keeping harmonious relationships in your family, and good luck for your whole household, as well as others.

But which ones are the best? And how can you tell? It can be tricky to find the right crystals to promote harmony, especially if you are new to the world of crystals.

Well, no more! Today we'll look at some of the best crystals to keep in your home harmony. Just keep reading to find out more.

Best Crystals For A Harmonious Home

Let’s dive straight into it! Below is a list of the best crystals that can provide harmony. Read on to find your new crystal today.

A Guide On The Most Harmonious Crystals For The Home


People say that amethyst is very calming and protective, and this makes it ideal to keep in your home. This crystal has been useful since ancient times by both indigenous people and cultures worldwide, for hundreds of years. Its use continues today with many peoples using them for various spiritual reasons.

In modern-day Western culture, amethyst is seen most often in jewelry ornaments, but it can make excellent home furnishings due to its unique qualities.

Amethyst will attract love from your partner and protect you from outside threats and danger, so you can feel safe and relaxed within your home environment.

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Aquamarine is one of the best crystals to keep on hand because it helps create a sense of peace and harmony in your home while attracting abundance, success, and positive change.

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Aquamarine's unique vibration creates a feeling of balance and calmness, making it a perfect crystal to keep in your home, where you want to experience these things naturally!

Photo by Andy Holmes on Unsplash


Like quartz, agates come in many different colors and shapes. Agates have been found throughout history dating back thousands of years, in places like Ancient Greece, where they were believed to provide strength and courage.

Aside from looking beautiful, they are ideal stones to keep in your home because they will help repel negativity and keep your house peaceful, which we all need.

They will keep your home protected from psychic attacks (from bad energies) and help bring out joy and happiness inside your home.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is perhaps the single strongest stone against anger, stress, worry, and fear. Because of that, it is one of the best crystals to have around for anyone who suffers from these afflictions.

This makes it ideal to place on a fireplace or prominent place in your home so that its energy can flow freely throughout it.

Many people put rose quartz within their bedroom as well, because it calms fears and worries associated with sleeping. It will promote love and compassion among those around you when kept in your home.

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Image by Oscar from Pixabay

Clear Quartz

Another crystal that represents tranquility and peace within your home environment, clear quartz should be there at every turn! Whether placed in your kitchen, living room, bedroom, or office, keeping this crystal where you spend much of your time will keep you feeling centered and balanced.

Clear quartz brings about clarity, balance, and understanding, making it a powerful tool in helping others understand themselves better. It will remove unwanted spirits from your home, bringing the right loving vibrations that all families desire.

Image by Manfred Antranias Zimmer from Pixabay


The color red signifies power and passion, and this is what iolite carries with it. Iolite makes those who keep it in their homes strong in body and mind, as well as have a high level of confidence.

Its use in healing therapy has proven effective, because it encourages the release of emotional issues through meditation, self-realization, and releasing emotions held in the heart.

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When kept in your home, it promotes a comfortable atmosphere free from anger, worry, and frustration, and inspires creativity!

Lapis Lazuli

This beautiful blue stone is popular to enhance spirituality and intellect, as well as increase mental stability.

It is also very good for protection, both of your home and your person, as it protects you from negative forces around you and sends out light into your surroundings. This will do wonders for your home when carried by you or your loved ones!

Lapis lazuli can also be in use by yourself to attract wealth and prosperity, so you'll see an improvement in your finances in no time.

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Image by teaad012 from Pixabay


If you have interest in creating your aura of success and money, then jasper should be high on your list of stones to collect. Jasper is considered a "stone of luck" by some cultures. Keep this gem in your home and it will help you create the life you deserve!

It is particularly useful for building abundance and encouraging generosity and honesty within your relationships as well.

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Image by Nat from Pixabay


People often think that sunstone is only suitable for drawing energy and working with the sun, but this is far from true! Sunstone is a grounding stone that helps keep us grounded despite the chaos of daily life.

It is especially helpful if you work from home, as it will make sure you don't feel too overwhelmed by stress and other unwanted energies.

If you'd like to improve your relationship with money, then this is the stone for you! Its energy helps bring forth money as long as you are honest about your desire for it.

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Image by olga volkovitskaia from Pixabay


This greenish-blue stone is thought to prevent and protect against accidents and crime, meaning that it's a great stone to keep at home if you're most concerned about your own (and your family's) safety.

Turquoise is an excellent stone to have near your front door since it removes negative influences and bad vibes from your home more efficiently this way.

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Image by Birgit from Pixabay

Smoky Quartz

This powerful protective crystal is ideal to place in your home to protect you against unwanted energy entering. Smoky quartz acts as a protector and removes negativity and even harmful diseases from the area surrounding it.

It is recommended for protection during pregnancy when you need extra support during birth and after childbirth.

Image by 7924748 from Pixabay


It's important to ensure that your home is safe from negative influences because these could damage you in any form. Kyanite is one of the best crystals for doing just that. It removes negative energy from areas of your home, preventing you from being negatively affected by them.

So you can breathe easy knowing that this stone stays close to keep your space safe. In particular, it can protect you against energies that will cause you to lose money.

Image by starbright from Pixabay


For those of you looking to attract love, happiness, and opportunities in your life...well, now would be the time to get moonstone in your home!

Moonstone brings its user many blessings and joys throughout their lives, whether they are single or not. It boosts feelings of love and passion, bringing joy to all types of people. A perfect stone to put in your bedroom to boost romance and connection.

You'll find it hard to resist using it when you want to fall in love!

Photo by Renee Kiffin on Unsplash


Opal has strong spiritual properties, making this mineral a powerful healing tool and a valuable ally for dreamers and daydreamers to keep in their homes.

It's also beneficial for those who are creative and passionate and may benefit greatly from working through ideas and projects.

Its energy helps us connect with new possibilities while calming our nerves and relaxing our minds.

Image by Jana Veselá from Pixabay

Black Tourmaline

When you've had enough of stress and worry, look no further than black tourmaline to soothe away your anxiety and restore calmness to your body and home.

This beautiful stone calms the brain by removing excess negative frequency and helping it process stressful thoughts.

When placed on the crown chakra, it helps balance the nervous system. It strengthens intuition and clears confusion between different aspects of self. Black tourmaline is also useful for those with insomnia and restless sleep habits.

Image by Anne Marie McCormack from Pixabay


Chrysoprase is known as the 'Stone of Success' and is particularly effective in boosting confidence. Place this potent gem in places like your home or office to help bring prosperity into your business as well as increase motivation and drive.

Chrysoprase is also good for easing back pain, encouraging positivity, and promoting longevity, allowing you to live a healthier lifestyle.

Image by starbright from Pixabay


This natural source of serenity helps us tune into our innermost desires and awaken our highest potential. Citrine's ability to clear blocks and enhance vitality makes it an excellent addition to someone struggling with depression.

It is also used to draw out dark emotions and energy before letting go of them. To clear space of lingering anger or resentment, place citrine next to where you stored something that triggered your aggression. In each case, the citrine aids to remove negative energy and promote positive change.​

Photo by benjamin lehman on Unsplash


This lovely crystal is great at soothing anxiety and so it can bring a sense of harmony to your home if you keep it there. Sodalite works wonders for those suffering from premenstrual symptoms, but also anyone who gets overwhelmed by a stressful situation.

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Sodalite reduces the impact of stressful situations by balancing the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. It encourages greater awareness and compassion. ​

Image by Resi Innocent from Pixabay

Rainbow Quartz

It is said that rainbow quartz can improve the quality of relationships. This stunning gem holds energies that attract love, friendship, success, abundance, and beauty into our lives and homes. Rainbow helps us to manifest our dreams and make them come true.

Place this mineral in your bedroom if you'd like to see more romantic love enter your life. If you feel a friend needs attention, place rainbow quartz next to them to encourage conversation and communication.

Image by stephwalther from Pixabay

Final Thoughts

Your home can benefit from the presence of so many different crystals and stones. Combining several can introduce wonderful energy into your dwelling.

You'll be able to relax and enjoy your home life, even more, knowing that you're protected, blessed, and covered by all kinds of luck and positive vibes from your favorite crystals.

A Guide On The Most Harmonious Crystals For The Home