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Break A Leg! - 11 Gorgeous Crystals To Bring You Good Luck

What kind of luck does a crystal bring? Does it really work? Let us find out the crystals for good luck!

Crystals are believed to have magical powers and are said to bring good fortune and protection from evil spirits. Some believe they can even cure illnesses.

There are several types of crystals, each with its own properties. The most common ones include quartz, amethyst, citrine, jade, agate, rose quartz, smoky quartz, selenite, and tourmaline.

Each has its own unique benefits. So let's explore the most popular crystals for good luck below. Learn how you can use them to bring prosperity and good fortune to your life.

11 Gorgeous Crystals To Bring You Good Luck

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a very beautiful pink crystal. It is used to attract new opportunities, and it can help to heal emotional wounds and remove negative energies.

Rose Quartz helps very forgiving people and those who are new to using crystals. It makes people more gentle and kind, and it can even bring love and harmony into relationships.

It is said that if one person in a relationship uses this stone, then both will be blessed by it.

Rose Quartz is also great for those striving for money and good financial fortune, as it attracts wealth and abundance.

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crystals for good luck

The rose quartz has a powerful love vibration. Arguably, this is the quality that this crystal is best known for. However, it's also a multi-purpose crystal that has the power to bring anything from healing, good fortune, and love.

So if you're feeling low, and you're in need of some new opportunities, keep rose quartz with you. This will attract and radiate positivity and good fortune.

Green Jade

Green Jade brings good luck and success, and it can help remove obstacles from your path. It is a protective stone that helps empower you to deal with problems, stresses, and anxieties.

It helps you feel confident about yourself. In addition, its healing properties can mend past heartaches from relationships and the loss of a loved one.

Green jade is a great good fortune stone, offering protection from bad luck and negativity. It helps you find happiness and contentment.

crystals for good luck

It also protects you from negative energies and people who might cause problems in your life.

Wearing green jade makes it easier to find happiness in your life. Cleaning the stone under sunlight or near a candle flame keeps its positive energy strong around you.

You should wear green jade as a pendant or carry it close to you for the whole day for best results.

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Smoky Quartz

Smokey Quartz is a stone that provides relief from negative karma.

It opens up new opportunities that were previously thought to be unreachable. This can break our old patterns and open up a new path that leads to success in each area of our lives.

A smoky quartz stone is an amazing crystal that enhances concentration, focus, inner power, and endurance.

crystals for good luck

It also helps you have a better sense of self-worth. It's a great stone for wearing around your neck or wrist to bring good luck.

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If you keep it on you all day but remove it before going to sleep, it'll help you make positive changes in your life.

Moreover, if you're feeling stuck in your ways, and you have a tendency to self-sabotage or get in the way of your own success, this crystal is perfect for you.

So get ready to nurture each part of yourself, and allow happiness and abundance to flow through you.


Malachite is a stunning green gemstone that is used to help you overcome fear when dealing with money.

Organic patterns on the surface of this gemstone remind us that even though things may be hard right now, change is still beautiful.

All types of malachite are infused with powerful, positive energy. Malachite is notorious for attracting good fortune and positivity, and it's even known as the stone of transformation.

crystals for good luck

However, malachite has the power to increase both positive and negative energies. If you're already feeling low, malachite may amplify this.

For this reason, we recommend using other healing crystals to increase your vibration before using malachite.


Amethyst - the best crystal for good luck! People who wear this gem feel lucky and bring positive energy into their lives. The stone also helps them make decisions and inspire themselves to stay optimistic.

Amethyst has an association with good fortune and positivity for thousands of years. It has the power to bring harmony and a restored sense of balance into your life. Whatever hardships you may be facing, amethyst is here to help.

This crystal can enhance your focus and intuition. It can put you in a position to move forward with faith, and attract nothing but positivity along the way.

crystals for good luck

Tiger’s Eye

People who wear tiger's eye jewelry are naturally lucky because they see the many ways to succeed. It helps them open their eyes to the many opportunities around them.

This crystal is celebrated for its ability to keep us grounded, its power to attract good fortune, and its notorious 'ying-yang' energy.

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Tiger’s eye contains both feminine and masculine energies of the earth and the sun. It can bring those who use it optimism, courage, and increased perception.

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If financial fortune is what you're after, then look no further than peridot. Peridot is a beautiful gemstone that can be used as an amulet or talisman.

It brings good luck to people who wear it. It also gives them strength and energy, and it can make them more powerful.

crystals for good luck

Peridot has a natural ability to heal the mind. It can also bring clarity when thinking about matters that concern wealth or finances.

Peridot can also increase your own willpower and mental wellbeing. This makes it the prime crystal to carry with you if you're on a money-making venture and seeking good financial fortune.


Garnets are crystals that offer protection and increase your luck. They help you manifest your dreams by increasing your courage and motivation.

They protect you from bad karma, including illnesses and financial problems. Garnets are powerful protective stones that reflect or absorb negative energy away from their bearers.

We recommend cleansing and charging them under bright light for 30 minutes before wearing them as jewelry. Their energy stays with us throughout the day as long we keep them close to us.

crystals for good luck


Sapphire is an extremely powerful stone. It attracts money and luck to those who own them. Sapphire also brings out the inner wisdom of a person. In fact, it can be in use either as a gemstone or worn in almost any piece of jewelry.

Sapphire doesn't just increase financial prosperity, either. Instead, this crystal enhances your wisdom and natural intuition. This can help and guide you to make the most appropriate choices in life.

These can be matters of the heart or even career-based decisions. With the guidance of the sapphire, you'll be put on a path towards success and prosperity, which will open many more doors for your future success and good fortune.

crystals for good luck


Selenite is a white crystal that clears energy. It also keeps things moving, and it's a cleansing stone that can help you to detoxify both your home and body.

Use selenite to cleanse other crystals, yourself, or anything else in your surrounding environment. Wealth is the space you create to feel abundant.

You must clear out your space before you can fill it up with money or other material possessions.

crystals for good luck

Clearing your space, mind, or other crystals with selenite can help you set more precise intentions to attract prosperity, wealth, love, and even good health.

Remember: Selenite will only work if you put the amount of energy into the world that's needed to make things happen.

For example, if you pair selenite with other high-vibration crystals and put effort into your manifestation techniques and mental wellbeing, you can easily enhance your mental clarity and set the tone to attract good fortune.

Whether you want to be more successful in your relationships, career, or for yourself, selenite can help you get there.

Blue Kyanite

This is a stone of clarity. You should use this stone when you want to clarify something or get rid of any confusion you're experiencing in your life.

Ideally, you should wear this stone if you want to be more confident about your choices.

If your own indecision, lack of self-confidence, or lack of self-worth prevents you from achieving your dreams, keeping blue kyanite close can help you clear any blockages and obstructions and give you the energy needed to move towards success and abundance.

Final Thoughts

According to practitioners across the world, crystals can help us get rid of low energy, transform our own auras, release energy blockages, and move into a better state of mental and physical wellbeing.

Crystals serve all sorts of purposes, from treating illness to attracting lovers, wealth, or an improved mental state.

If you want to bring more good fortune and success into your life, adding any of the above crystals to your gemstone arsenal can help you get there.

Remember to cleanse your crystals and use them carefully to achieve the best results.

Break A Leg! - 11 Gorgeous Crystals To Bring You Good Luck