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Everything You Should Know About Eight-Pointed Stars

The eight-pointed stars appears in traditions from many different cultures around the world. These cultures are Hinduism, Buddhism, Gnostics, Egyptian, Judeo-Christian Babylonian, Wiccans, etc.

An eight-pointed star represents, in general, encouragement to open our eyes and see beyond the material world to spiritual qualities. Learn more about the meaning of eight-pointed stars in the sections below.

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Eight-Pointed Stars

Eight lines signify the four corners of space and time and are associated with different meanings in different cultures.

Key Takeaways

  • Islamic Symbolism: In Islamic tradition, the eight-pointed star is often associated with the Seal of Solomon, a symbol of divine wisdom. It can be found in Islamic art and architecture.
  • Alchemy And Occultism: In alchemy and occultism, the eight-pointed star is sometimes referred to as the Octagram. It may symbolize balance, cosmic order, and the integration of opposites.
  • Christian Symbolism: In Christianity, the eight-pointed star is linked to the Nativity Star or Star of Bethlehem, representing the guiding star that led the Magi to the birthplace of Jesus.
  • Navajo Culture: In Navajo culture, the eight-pointed star is a symbol associated with the Morning Singer, a deity related to dawn and new beginnings.
  • Astrology: In astrology, the eight-pointed star is connected to Venus, the planet of love and beauty. It is sometimes used as a representation of the goddess Venus.
  • Masonic Symbolism: In Freemasonry, the eight-pointed star is associated with the Rank of Knight Commander of the Court of Honour, a high degree within the organization.
  • Asian Cultures: In Asian cultures, the eight-pointed star is seen in various contexts, including art and religious symbolism. It may represent different concepts depending on the cultural context.
  • Universal Symbolism: The eight-pointed star is often seen as a symbol of harmony, balance, and cosmic order. Its geometric structure suggests symmetry and interconnectedness.

Eight-Pointed Star In Hinduism - The Star Of Lakshmi

Hindus believe that Lakshmi is the goddess of love, prosperity, beauty, joy, fortune, and wealth. Thus, Star of Lakshmi, one of Hinduism's principal feminine deities represents it.

The eight emanations of Lakshmi, also known as the eight forms of wealth of Lakshmi, are represented by the 8-pointed star. These are health, family, material wealth, nourishment, endless prosperity, victory, patience, knowledge, and the ability to transport.

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Buddhism - The Dharma Wheel

  • Buddhists use an eight-spoked wheel to represent the Eightfold Path, a teaching by Buddha emphasizing the release of attachments to escape suffering.
  • The eight-spoked Dharma wheel is a crucial symbol in Buddhism, part of the eight fortunate symbols.
  • To break free from worldly attachments and sorrows, one must follow the Eightfold Path, which includes right intention, awareness, concentration, action, view, right living, right effort, and right speech.
The Dharma Wheel

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Valentinus, a second-century Gnostic, wrote about his idea of the Ogdoad, which consists of four female and four male pairings of fundamental principles. Abyss and Silence brought Truth and Mind first, which then produced Word and Life, and eventually Man and Church.

Several esotericists nowadays have tapped into numerous Ogdoad concepts.

Eight-Pointed Star In Egypt

  • Old Kingdom Egyptians honored eight deities: Amun, Amunet, Nu, Nanet, Huh, Hauhet, Kuk, and Kauket.
  • Four female deities mirrored the names of the four male deities.
  • Each pair symbolized primal forces: air, water, infinity, and darkness.
  • Together, these deities contributed to the construction of the sun god Ra and the creation of the world.


  • Number eight often symbolizes beginnings, salvation, resurrection, and abundance.
  • In contrast to the competition-centric seven, eight signifies a new start.
  • The eighth day marks the beginning of a new seven-day week.
  • In Judaism, a child enters God's Covenant through circumcision on the eighth day of life.

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Babylonian - The Goddess Ishtar

Symbolism Description
Starburst Represents the goddess Ishtar linked to Venus.
Fertility Signifies the goddess’s association with fertility.
Battle Symbolizes the goddess’s connection to warfare.

An eight-pointed starburst in Babylonian symbolism, symbolizes the goddess Ishtar which is related to planet Venus. However, today, some individuals confuse the Greek Aphrodite with Ishtar, whom the Romans identified with Venus. Ishtar also represents fertility and battle, while both goddesses are associated with lust and sensuality.

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Wiccan Wheel Of The Year

Wiccans express their annual cycle of holidays with a pointed star or a circle with eight spokes.

Each star point signifies a major celebration known as a sabbat, such as Ostara, Mabon, Beltane, Litha, Imbolg, Lughnasadh, Samhain, and Yule.

Native Americans And The Hope Symbol

Symbolism Description
8-Pointed Star Represents optimism and direction.
Outer Circle Symbolizes protection.
Star Points Represent the four cardinal points, elements, solstices, equinoxes, summer, and winter.
  • Native Americans use geometric symbols to represent natural phenomena, celestial bodies, and animals.
  • An example is the 8-pointed star with two circles, symbolizing optimism and direction.
  • The number eight holds significance in achieving balance in Native American symbolism.
  • In the symbol, the outer circle symbolizes protection, while the star points represent the four cardinal points, elements, solstices, equinoxes, summer, and winter.
  • Referred to as Star Knowledge, this symbol embodies hope in Native American culture.
eight-pointed stars

The Eight-Pointed Stars In Islam

Aspect Description
Symbolism Represents various concepts, including the Seal of Solomon and the "khatam" as the "seal of prophets."
Day of Judgment Signifies the eight angels surrounding Allah's throne.
Use in Quran Aids in learning and reciting the Quran.
Rub-el-Hizb Refers to the star when resembling two conjoining squares with a circle in the center.
  • In Islamic culture, 8-pointed stars, along with 5-pointed and 6-pointed stars, are common symbols.
  • The shape's origin is linked to the Seal of Solomon in Judaism.
  • In Islam, the 8-pointed star is known as the "khatam," interpreted as the "seal of prophets."
  • On the Day of Judgment, the eight points of the star symbolize the eight angels surrounding Allah's throne.
  • The star is also used to aid in learning and reciting the Quran and is referred to as the Rub-el-Hizb when resembling two conjoining squares with a circle in the center.
Eight-Pointed Stars In Islam

Overlapping Squares - Yin And Yang

Representation Description
Overlapping Squares Symbolizes duality, balancing spiritual and material, and male and female aspects.
Positive Aspects Represents positive aspects of the four elements.
Negative Aspects Signifies the negative aspects of the four elements.

Representing duality, like yin and yang, spiritual and material, and male and female. Therefore, the overlapping squares octagrams, are often make use of.

The physical world is commonly associated with squares: four cardinal directions, four components, etc.

When used together, they can refer to both positive and negative aspects of the four elements, such as balancing them.

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eight-pointed stars

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does The Eight-Pointed Star Symbolize?

The symbolism can vary across cultures. In Native American and Islamic cultures, it can represent optimism, direction, balance, and, in Islam, it is often associated with the Seal of Solomon and the "khatam" as the "seal of prophets."

Are eight-pointed stars specific to a certain religion or culture?

No, they are found in various cultures. Native Americans, Islam, and Judaism, for example, use eight-pointed stars for different symbolic purposes.

What Is The Origin Of The Eight-Pointed Star In Jewish Culture?

The eight-pointed star's origin in Judaism is linked to the Seal of Solomon.

In Native American Symbolism, What Does The Outer Circle Of The Eight-Pointed Star Represent?

The outer circle often symbolizes protection, while the star points may represent the four cardinal points, elements, solstices, equinoxes, summer, and winter.

How Is The Eight-Pointed Star Used In Islamic Culture?

In Islam, it is known as the "khatam," interpreted as the "seal of prophets." It is also associated with the angels surrounding Allah's throne on the Day of Judgment.

Is there another term for the eight-pointed star in Islam?

Yes, it is also known as the Rub-el-Hizb when it resembles two conjoining squares with a circle in the center.

Are There Educational Uses For The Eight-Pointed Star In Islam?

Yes, it is used to help people learn and recite the Quran.

Can The Meaning Of The Eight-Pointed Star Change Based On Its Context?

Yes, the interpretation can vary based on cultural and religious contexts. It may symbolize hope, spirituality, protection, or specific celestial and divine concepts depending on its usage.

Everything You Should Know About Eight-Pointed Stars