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Fancy Jasper: Meanings, Healing Properties and Powers

Do you know there are over 25 varieties of jasper? In comparison, amethyst boasts six variations and topaz around ten. Moreover, every jasper is different! For instance, red jasper grounds you, and bumblebee jasper opens your subconscious.

So, what’s fancy jasper? What’s the meaning of fancy jasper? Why use fancy jasper?

Fancy jasper is a chalcedony stone you should use for calming nerves, attracting luck, and protecting you from negativity. The best thing is fancy jaspers exhibit all the colors of the rainbow. That’s why you can find all the seven primary chakras in different types of fancy jasper!

Read on to find out everything about fancy jasper history to fancy jasper origins and fancy jasper mystical powers. This A to Z guide also includes uses of fancy jasper, how to wear fancy jaspers, and fancy jasper crystal therapies!

Let’s dive in!

Fancy Jasper: Meanings, Healing Properties and Powers

Meanings Of Fancy Jasper

Jasper is one of the oldest stones that means supreme nurturer. So, what’s the meaning of fancy jasper?

Infamous as ‘rainbow jasper’ for its gorgeous display of VIBGYOR colors, the fancy jasper meaning is tranquility. That’s why fancy jasper symbolism is peace, representing harmony and oneness. The luster meaning of fancy jasper is protection because it’s incredibly vivid.

Fancy Jasper Rough
Fancy Jasper Polished Vs Rough

Do you know fancy jasper’s meaning when worn according to Western Astrology is luck? This way, it brings success and prosperity into your life.

Unlike picture jasper found worldwide, finding places with fancy jasper is tough as it exists in very few places.

Is fancy jasper formed naturally? Where does fancy jasper originate? The natural occurrence of this type of jasper is in the African continent, India, and Brazil. Also, fancy jasper color treatments and enhancements help brighten its blue tones.

How is fancy jasper formed on earth? How long does it take for a fancy jasper to form naturally? This jasper was created about 50 million years ago during mineral consolidation.

Fun fact: Rainbow jasper is older than dinosaurs!

What’s more, the powers of rainbow jasper aren’t limited. So, is synthetic fancy jasper powerful? As amethyst remains potent after heat treatments, simulated rainbow jaspers are powerful.

Can fancy jasper heal?

Yes, rainbow jasper is a healing stone that affects you as a whole. It can remove anxiety from your mind, cure diseases from your body, and bring enlightenment to your spirit.

Is there poison in fancy jasper? Is fancy jasper toxic? The myriad colors in this jasper owe it to impurities from organic compounds and iron oxides. Hence, rainbow jasper has low toxicity due to silicosis. That being said, it’s better not to soak it in water for prolonged hours.

If you’re interested in using fancy jasper, it’s essential to know how durable the crystal is.

Rainbow jasper is a hard stone scoring 6.5 to 7 on the MOHS scale.

Put simply; they’re tougher than fluorites but softer than diamonds!

Does fancy jasper scratch easily?

Not unless it’s scraped by a diamond, topaz, or any other stone harder than jasper. Is fancy jasper harder than glass? The MOHS of glass ranges between 5 to 7; so, it may turn out harder also.

To be sure of the hardness, you should know how to perform a scratch test on fancy jasper. It would help if you got crystals of known yet varying hardness first. Finally, scratch crystals one after another against the jasper and note your findings.

Fancy jasper Physical Properties Overview
Origin India, Africa, and Brazil.
Alternative Names Rainbow jasper, Indian Agate
Colors Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Mauve, Cream, and Lilac
Luster Vitreous
Diaphaneity (Transparency) Opaque
Mohs Hardness 6.5 to 7
Specific Gravity 2.58 to 2.91
Chemical Composition SiO2
Elements Chalcedony, Silicate, and Quartz
Mineral Class Silicates
Class Quartz (Chalcedony)
Family Chalcedony
Chemical Classification Mineral
Crystal Structure Trigonal
Uses Meditation, luck, protection, grounding, enlightenment, physical healing, peace, and divination.

Legends and History of Fancy Jasper

Unlike diamond or ruby, myths and lores about fancy jasper aren’t vast. Most of the fancy jasper origins are intertwined with the history of jasper itself.

That’s why there’s no record of who discovered fancy jasper or when the first fancy jasper in the world was found. However, legends say that the mesmerizing swirls of color on this stone can repel confusion in a wink!

Fancy Jasper Pebble
Fancy Jasper Pebble

Moreover, most of the stories about this jasper aren’t known. This might also be because we don’t know what our ancestors called this stone!

But if you ask me how fancy jasper got its name, there’s a valid explanation! Out of all the jaspers, rainbow jasper looks the fanciest thanks to the plethora of colors. The same is why it’s often called fancy agate too.

What country is known for fancy jasper? The largest deposits of this type of jasper are found in India, Brazil, and the African continent.

Moreover, this type of jasper protects people when worn as an amulet. Perhaps you can discover its powers by exploring its characteristics. For instance, the multifaceted energy of rainbow jasper can bring the protection of three goddesses:

  • Gaia, the Greek Goddess of Earth
  • Bona Dea, the Roman Goddess of Fertility
  • Chiarakan-Ixmucane, the Mayan Goddess of Creation

We’ll learn how to extract maximum benefits from fancy jaspers in the next section.

Metaphysical Properties of Fancy Jasper

You’ve learned about the physical properties and origins of rainbow jasper until now. But unless you understand the metaphysical powers that govern this stone, using it to the fullest is out of the question. The healing powers of rainbow jasper come from the following characteristics.

Chakras of Fancy Jasper

While most spiritual texts would tell you rainbow jasper rules, that’s only the half-truth.

The principle of chakra energy is closely related to the colors of the crystal. That’s why amethyst rules the crown, and blue sapphire empowers your throat.

This type of jasper mainly works on the root and solar plexus chakras, but its powers don’t stop there! Because rainbow jasper contains all the colors of the rainbow, it can unblock all the major chakras in your body too.

Element of Fancy Jasper

Unlike most healing crystals, this jasper is ruled by the fire element. That means tapping into the powers of this type of jasper will light your inner fire. It will increase your passion, ardor, and drive to find your destiny.

The seed mantra of rainbow jasper is ‘RAM’ owing to the fire element. Use it for affirmations!

Ruling Planet of Rainbow Jasper

Mars is the ruler of rainbow jasper and is known as the God of War. That’s why this stone will motivate you to make bold decisions when worn for long. Appeasing mars with rainbow jasper will make you more courageous, fearless, and fiery too!

Rainbow Jasper and Numerology

Vibrating to the number 6, this type of jasper can beckon harmony, stability, and romantic happiness. You can also bring out the numerological luck by using 6-crystal grids of rainbow jasper for manifestation rituals.

Metaphysical Powers Overview
Chakra Mainly root and solar plexus, but can empower all the major chakras in the human body.
Element Fire
Ruling Planet Mars
Numerology 6

Metaphysical Powers of Rainbow Jasper

Fancy Jasper Feng Shui

The arrangement of objects and things to create a positive energy flow is called Feng Shui. So what’s the meaning of fancy jasper in Feng Shui? Fancy jasper uses in feng shui ranges from passion to fame and reputation.

Because it’s ruled by fire, the ideal placement of this jasper for feng shui is in the southern area. Hence, keeping the stone there will attract its benefits.

If you’re wondering where to keep fancy jasper at home, it’s ideal around for southwest directions when your goal is true love. However, if you’re thinking about where to place fancy jasper at work, go for the southeast direction as it attracts prosperity.

What is the Color Energy of Fancy Jasper? How Many Colors of Fancy Jaspers are there?

The tone of fancy jasper includes all the colors of the rainbow. The hue of fancy jasper and the most common colors of fancy jasper are red, green, beige, blue, grey, and lilac.

What about the color meanings? Experts say the meaning of fancy jasper colors are passion, courage, ambition, tranquility, and innocence.

Is fancy jasper clear or opaque? The saturation of fancy jasper is dull but the clarity of a fancy jasper is opaque resembling a bloodstone.

Do fancy jaspers have streaks? Yes, you’ll notice diverse colors like white to yellow, blue, red, and beige. The streaking techniques for fancy jaspers vary from dots to patches and blobs.

Does fancy jasper have luster? Yes, the nature of luster in fancy jasper is vitreous and metallic with a glossy sheen.

Fancy Jasper Shapes and Forms

The healing vibrations of crystals also depend on their shapes. That’s why you can find rainbow jasper in all shapes and sizes. But unfortunately, there aren’t any fancy jasper clusters or fancy jasper geodes that exist naturally.

Next, you will learn about the types of fancy jasper shapes and what they can do for you!

  • Fancy Jasper Plates are great for setting an altar for your crystals or energy healing rituals. That’s how you can keep crystals attuned with aesthetics.
  • Fancy Jasper Tumbled and Bead stones are suitable for attracting wealth with feng shui placements.
  • Fancy Jasper Palm Stones are great for calmness and confidence, especially during meditation.
  • Fancy Jasper Pyramid is the perfect stone to amplify the power of your manifestations.
  • Fancy Jasper points are excellent wands for activating crystal grids. You can also use fancy jasper wands with rounded ends are used for massage therapy and pain relief too.
  • Fancy Jasper Dowsing Pendulum is my go-to option for finding truths about the universe.
  • Fancy Jasper Spheres/ Balls are typically available in small than large sizes. They’re perfect for amplifying energies during divination rituals.
  • Raw fancy jasper is my favorite stone for harmonizing the ‘chi’ energy at home.

Fancy Jaspers Mystical Powers

Rainbow jasper has diverse healing energies from its ruling planets, chakras, deities, and classic elements.

So, what are the benefits of using fancy jasper? Let’s find out!


What are fancy jaspers good for? Rainbow jasper can eradicate guilt, fear, anger, and stress. It enhances your self-confidence besides filling you with courage and confidence.

When most people ask me, “what are the healing powers of fancy jasper” I start explaining how tranquilizing it is. Many describe the focus and motivation this stone imparts to stay ahead in life.

I particularly find it the best stone to help me organize and discipline my obsessive thoughts. This variety of jasper can ground you during panic attacks and fill you with immense willpower too.


Ever wondered about what energy do fancy jaspers have? It’s a supreme nurturer stone that detoxes your body and boosts energy. As a result, this jasper alleviates many ailments like fatigue, restlessness, and even organ failure.

So, what are the diseases healed by fancy jasper? The physical healing powers of this jasper can heal the liver, heart, stomach, kidneys, and reproductive organs.

Moreover, this type of jasper also works on immune-based disorders. Hence, rainbow jasper can heal many chronic diseases such as Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Grave’s Disease, Celiac, and Addison’s disease.


What does fancy jasper do spiritually? Rainbow jasper is a unique stone that can lift your spirit and bring luck and prosperity to you. It also beckons many psychic powers like shamanic journeying and dream recall.

This type of jasper gemstone is often recommended for balancing several chakras at once. Moreover, it can amplify the power of other stones too. Yet another exciting thing about rainbow jaspers is how they can absorb negative energies and protect you.

So, how to use fancy jaspers for protection? Just wear it as an amulet as it can protect travelers whether they’re treading the earth or the cosmic path. It can also help you let go of your ego and live a happy married life.

Is Fancy Jasper a Good Choice for Engagement Rings?

Yes, fancy jaspers are excellent for center and side stones in engagement rings.

While I haven’t seen many fancy jaspers as engagement rings, there are several reasons to choose this jasper.

Fancy Jasper Meanings
Fancy Jasper Meanings

First off, there are countless fancy jasper ring designs. Secondly, it’s unique without much history of fancy jasper gemstone rings.

But the main reason fancy jasper as an engagement ring works is its metaphysical powers.

With that said, there are a few risks of a fancy jasper engagement ring worth noting down. The first thing to keep in mind is that this jasper is very fragile. Hence, it would be best if you cared for your fancy jasper engagement ring.

So, what to look for in a fancy jasper engagement ring? How do you pick the right one?

Let me share a few fancy jasper engagement ring buying tips below so you can do it like a pro.

  • What’s the best color of rainbow jasper for engagement rings? A bloodstone-like jasper with several hues of rainbow tones is best for engagement rings.
  • Are fancy jaspers rough? Like most raw gemstones, this type of jasper starts out rough but can become soft, smooth, and glossy after polishing.
  • Do fancy jaspers have as much shine as other stones? Yes, fancy jaspers are very lustrous and shiny.
  • Are fancy jaspers full of color? Unlike diamonds or quartz, rainbow jaspers are filled with all the colors of the rainbow.
  • Do rainbow jaspers look good as an engagement ring? Whether or not you like the color of this stone,

What to Keep in Mind when Wearing Fancy Jaspers?

We’ve already talked about how this type of jasper can relax you and turn your luck around. But do you know when to use fancy jasper? When is it good astrologically?

If you’re wondering how to extract maximum benefits from fancy jaspers, there’s a solution. You must wear it on Tuesdays because that’s the day of the ruling planet Mars.

But when to wear fancy jasper and at what time? The best time to wear rainbow jasper is between 6 to 8 AM in the mornings.

And, which finger to wear the fancy jasper ring? You should wear it on the ring finger of your right hand.

Do you know who should wear fancy jaspers? Fancy jasper meaning as a birthstone is destiny. It’s recommended for zodiac signs Aries and Scorpio even though their birthstones are different. Aries will find luck with this jasper, and Scorpio will resolve their obsession and compulsions.

But, is it suitable for everyone? Who shouldn’t wear fancy jaspers? Libra and Taurus zodiac-born people shouldn't wear the rainbow variety of jasper. That’s because it can make them indecisive and temperamental.

I’ll share some expert tips to remember when using rainbow jasper next.

  • Is fancy jasper safe in the water? This type of jasper is neither poisonous to wear nor toxic when submerged in water.
  • Does fancy jasper fade under the sunlight? No, this variety of jasper will not lose its colors when left in the sunlight for prolonged hours.
  • Does fancy jasper tarnish? No, this type of jasper is resistant to tarnish and stains.
  • How to store fancy jasper? As a non-reactive gemstone in water, air, and sunlight, you can leave this jasper out in the open. But I’d recommend wrapping it up in silk and storing it in a hard case. Why? It prevents the gem from reacting with negativity as well as breaking.

Fancy Jasper Healing Techniques

Rainbow jasper works by healing chakra blockages, emotional deficiencies, and spiritual guidance. The secret of using the healing energies of this jasper lies in actuating it with specific energy rituals.

I’ll explain ways to do that and how to program fancy jasper for children, kids, teens, and adults below.

Fancy Jasper for Pregnant Women and Babies

Besides grounding expectant mothers, rainbow jasper can also protect them from accidents. In addition, it’s an excellent gemstone for detoxing the mother’s body.

How does that work? Rainbow jasper is a nurturing stone that helps the baby absorb maximum nutrients and mitigate the diseases affecting the mother’s body.

If you’re expecting and stressed, this variety of jasper can protect both you and your baby. All you need to do is cleanse the stone and wear it as a waistlet. Don’t forget to program the jasper by touching it thrice with a clear quartz wand too!

How to Use a Fancy Jasper for Romantic Relationships?

Where to start with fancy jasper for crystal healing? Right in your bedroom!

I say that because this variety of jasper is one of the best ways to rekindle the fire in your relationship.

Whether you’re losing hope or having second thoughts about your relationship, rainbow jasper encourages you to find the truth. It will help shed ego and work on the hurdles in your relationship when you keep a rainbow jasper by your bedside table.

Make sure to charge it with an affirmation beforehand.

I often use these:

  • I am full of love.
  • I love my partner with all my heart.
  • I feel ecstatic love towards my beloved.

How does Fancy Jasper Heal Trauma?

This type of jasper can help with trauma or PTSD because it can touch and heal repressed memories.

Most of us who have dealt with traumatic incidents find a way to shut ourselves down at the moment. Rainbow jasper will help you heal from the inside and change how you respond to those memories.

You need to hold the jasper stone in between your palms and focus your hurt on it. Do it every day, and you’ll start feeling the stone working its magic back onto you instantly or in a few weeks.

Fancy Jasper Feng Shui
Fancy Jasper Heal Trauma

How to Create Gem Water and Elixir with Fancy Jasper?

A gem elixir or gem water is an infusion of gem energies into drinking water. So many people ask me- how does fancy jasper work on diseases? While the reason lies in vibrations and piezoelectricity, the way to make it happen is with gem elixirs.

The following is the right method of using fancy jasper for making a gem elixir:

  • Take a glass of water.
  • Place the jasper inside the glass of water. You can also keep it atop a coaster if you don’t want your crystal to touch the water (it’s always safer this way).
  • Leave it undisturbed for 24 to 48 hours.
  • After the time is up, take it and drink the water right away or over the course of a week.

By the way, you can also make a gem bath with infused crystal energies.

Simple Ways to Use Fancy Jasper for Anxiety

When you’re anxious, your body is out of balance. And, if you use a fancy type of jasper at this time, it can help you calm down. The supreme nurturer stone is famous for tranquilizing the person who touches it.

Nevertheless, it’s best to program the gemstone to amplify its calming effects. I recommend using acoustic healing with singing bowls for this. That’s because their frequencies are designed for relaxation and quietening mind chatter.

How to Make a Wealth Crystals Body Grid with Fancy Jasper

There are many ways to use fancy jasper for healing and manifestation today. But one of the most powerful methods is the crystal grid. It uses divine symmetry and several crystal energies to manifest your wishes.

If you’re thinking of using fancy jasper for wealth, set a crystal grid in the left corner of your bedroom. Don’t forget to activate it with a selenite wand before. Leave it undisturbed for 28 days to let it work.

The best thing is you can also use the setup for health reasons by changing the symmetry and affirmation!

Meditate with Fancy Jasper

You should meditate with this variety of jasper if you’re finding it hard to ground yourself or calm down. So, how does meditation with fancy jasper work? Meditation with rainbow jasper works by helping you find focus by manipulating your breathwork.

But if you’re a beginner, fancy jasper and meditation might seem difficult. Rest assured because I’ll share all the tips for using fancy jasper for meditation that you need.

My favorite crystal meditation method with fancy jasper is using affirmations. But meditation also works with fancy jasper pyramids and plates.

Moreover, this variety of jasper is a detoxification stone, so if you’re wondering what to avoid when using fancy jasper for meditation, it’s nada. However, be careful not to drop it as it’s a fragile stone.

Fancy Jasper Cleansing

The best method for clearing fancy jasper is with natural light sources.

In the world of metaphysics, cleansing relates to removing the negative energy sediment on an object, space, person, or crystal. While the importance of cleansing fancy jasper is numerous, the best benefit is amplified energies.

But how do you know when fancy jasper is cleansed? Typically, you would know it instantly if you’ve bonded with the crystal. But if your crystal is emanating wacky responses during energy rituals, that’s a good sign too.

Best Ways To Cleanse Fancy Jasper

Let’s go through the easiest ways to decode fancy jasper healing properties and benefits right away.

How often do you cleanse a fancy jasper? You must cleanse every healing crystal, including this type of jasper, at least once a day when in use. If it’s in storage, cleanse it after wearing or using it.

  • Natural light: Keeping this variety of jasper for 8-12 hours under the sunlight is a great way to cleanse your jasper off all negativity. Alternatively, you can also keep your crystal outside during the full moon nights for cleansing it.
  • Water: Natural running water like streams are a great way to cleanse any crystal. However, if you don’t have access, a minute under the tap water is enough.
  • Wands: When a beginner asks me, “how to cleanse your fancy jasper before first use”, I often recommend selenite or quartz wands. All you need to do is circle the wand thrice over the jasper, and you’re done!
  • Smudging: One of the pro techniques for cleansing crystals like this jasper is using a sacred herb like sage.
  • Rice: Letting the crystal you want to cleanse on a bed of rice for up to 12 hours is an excellent way to remove negativity, especially curses. Remember to throw the rice afterward.
  • Soil: You can also bury the jasper in your garden for 28 days for Mother Earth to do her magic. It’s the best way to cleanse broken or damaged crystals too.
  • Crystal energies: My favorite and quickest way to cleanse crystals is with other gemstones that absorb negativity. Try black obsidian, selenite, hematite, shungite, and diamonds.
  • The cleansing mistakes of fancy jasper to avoid

You should avoid any of the above cleansing methods if you’re getting direct messages to stop from the crystal. The rule of thumb is that the crystal you want to cleanse will tell you how to do so. So, listen to it closely.

Best Healing Crystals to Combine with Fancy Jasper

The best rainbow jasper combinations also depend on metaphysical properties. Typically you combine healing crystals with one or more similar properties too. Let’s look at how to pick the best crystals to use with rainbow jasper next.

  • By Color: Because rainbow jasper has a unique color with several hues, you can use stones that resemble your jasper closely. While it may differ from stone to stone, bloodstone, carnelian, and orange agate are similar to fancy jaspers.
  • By Element: Because the ruling element of rainbow jasper is fire, you can use other fire-based gems like fire opal, carnelian, fire agate, amber, and garnet.
  • By Ruling Planet: The ruler of rainbow jasper is Mars. That’s why ruby, hematite, moldavite, sardonyx, and spirit quartz are good pairs for this type of jasper.
  • By Chakra: As rainbow jasper corresponds to several chakras at once, it’s best to use multi-chakra crystals. Go for rainbow obsidian, fire opal, fire agate, or clear quartz.
  • By Zodiac Sign: You can go for crystal combinations right for Aries and Taurus. That includes diamonds, red jasper, bloodstone, tiger eye, green jade, and rhodonite.

Cost Of Fancy Jasper

The cost of fancy jasper isn’t on the higher side because it’s not as rare as tanzanite or black opal. That being said, it’s a precious gemstone. So, what makes fancy jaspers valuable? The size and patterns are why rainbow jaspers of high value exist today.

What type of fancy jasper is the most valuable?

Naturally, the larger carats of this variety of jasper are the most valuable ones. This table will help you understand the price ranges of rainbow jasper gemstone.

Type of stone Cost
Raw $0.1 to $2 per carat
Tumbled $1 to $3 per carat
Polished/Faceted $10 and above

Final Thoughts

Whether you call this type of jasper fancy or rainbow, it’s a beautiful stone with powerful energies. Using it regularly can heal your heart, mind, body, and soul. It’s great for the immune system, luck, confidence as well as finding true love.

The first time I came across a fancy jasper, I felt a deep sense of calmness come over me. Although I was frustrated with the heat of the countryside, this gemstone instantly grounded and comforted me. So, I just sat down with the stone on the ground and closed my eyes.

What happened rest I’ve already explained with the types of meditation you can do with fancy jasper. That’s why rainbow jasper meditation is my favorite way to program this gemstone.

But all you need to do is hold it in your hand and chant your affirmations to activate the healing energies. No matter what, always cleanse it before wearing or using it for spiritual purposes!

Fancy Jasper: Meanings, Healing Properties and Powers