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Green Opal: Meanings, Powers and Crystal Properties

Green opal is a stunning, beautiful, and powerful gemstone that people of all ages prefer. However, people mostly choose this stone for its innate beauty and distinct properties. Especially, people who are looking for positive energy quite often select this stone in their collection.

Though this beautiful stone is widely available, it is still considered a rare and precious gemstone. It is found in 6 continents of the world. The most notable specimens have come from Australia, the USA, Brazil, Mexico, and Peru.

Green Opal: Meanings, Powers and Crystal Properties

Green Opal Meaning and Symbolism

Meaning of Green Opal Stone

Green opal is the most beautiful and familiar member of the opal family that varies from pale ivory to dark green. It's often called the gemstone of new perspectives and change and it is the meaning of Green opal. It is mixed with Nontronite, an enchanting light-toned green mineral that creates an attractive lime color, dotted with opals surfaces.

Green opals provides nourishing and rejuvenating energies to anyone who has been through emotional breakouts, trauma or grief, heartbreaks or hurtful disagreement. It also encourages pushing forward and rebuilding the strength that one used to have.

Green Opal Meaning of in Legends

The dramatic play-of-colors of the green opal gemstone has compelled several authors and poets to compare it to volcanoes, fireworks and galaxies. Bedouins used to think that this stone caused the lightning, and it dropped directly from the sky during the thunderstorms.

Ancient Greeks believed that opals bequeath the gift of prevention and safeguard from disease. They also thought green Opal stone is used to granting the gift of foresight, lessen inhibitions, and reveal true feelings. Europeans considered Opal to be a denotation of purity, endurance and truthfulness for a very long time. Long ago, these gemstones was supposed to demonstrate the integrity, virtues and dynamics of all colored stones.

Green Opal Meaning as Birthstone

A Birthstone Green Opal is a precious gem marked for people born in October. Besides, people born in October enjoy another stunning birthstone, pink tourmaline, along with green Opals to commemorate their birthdays. Green Opals diffracts light to show a play of multiple colors, offering a full spectrum of gemstones to suit anyone's tastes.

October's birthstone, green Opal, symbolizes faithfulness and confidence. It is also an exceptional gemstone for couples about to celebrate their anniversary.

Green Opal Symbolism

Since the beginning of time in nearly every culture, green Opal has been considered to intensify the emotional states and release inhibitions. It symbolizes both Wood and Water. It is associated with health, emotion, relationship and abundance.

This gem has water inside it, and water symbolizes emotional and spiritual nature. Green opals has a dual function according to the user's need. It works as a dynamic stabilizer, dispersing energy and sending healing energy to the Earth's repairing wear, energy field and stabilizing , and re-energizing the plot. It's no wonder that healers feel these stones contain strong energy.

Green Opal Zodiac Signs

Green opal is harnessed water energy and it is associated with the zodiac signs Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer. Besides, it also corresponds to the water signs such as Aries, Libra and Sagittarius. It is a stone for truth and protection. It acts as a mega amplifier that can balance and harmonize emotions. This green gemstone truly resonates with someone and brings positivity to welcome a new chapter of life, forgetting all past traumas. It provides support for letting go and moving on.

How do mystical powers play a significant role?

Green Opal resembles love, harmony, loyalty, peace, consciousness and faithfulness. It is an emotional gemstone that mirrors the mental state or mood of the wearer. It escalates emotions and releases suppression. This gem uplifts both freedom and supremacy. It also intensifies cosmic responsiveness and persuades psychic and mystical visions. It restores originality and creativity. It strengthens memory.

The savvy, supportive gemstone, is expected to bring balance and harmony to one's wellbeing. It imparts a different form of energy that strengthens the relationship, helps manifestation, encourages optimism, promotes relaxation, boosts energy, and improves memory and our inner strength.

Green Opal Meaning when worn according to western astrology

The astrological and therapeutic benefits of this precious gem are extensive. It is connected with Venus and Mercury and helps the wearer get the benefits of both. Venus symbolizes human desires, and Mercury represents art, skills, music, and romance.

Wearing a green opal stone brings loyalty and faithfulness to one's character. Its beautiful and vibrant color and shine can instantly elevate an outfit. So it can be worn as any form of jewelry like Necklace.

People with the Mahadasha or Antardasha of Venus (Shukra) in their horoscope should wear these gemstones. It can be kept as a stone as well as jewelry.

To extricate the utmost satisfaction from green Opal, the following needs to be done:

  • Selecting a natural green opal gemstone
  • Discussing with an astrologer before wearing it
  • Seeking advice from a gemologist before purchasing.
  • Buying from an authentic brand or certified gemstones store.

The key consideration to be made while wearing the Opal gemstone:

  • Selecting a Friday morning of Shukla Paksha (waxing moon) to wear it
  • Wearing it as a jewelry on the right hand’s middle/ring finger. Also wearing as Necklace.
  • Combining it with gold while making jewelry like necklaces, and bracelets.
  • Before adorning the stone, immerse it in a bowl with 1 spoon of Tulsi leaves, Honey, Curd, Gangajal, and Ghee for ten minutes to activate, energize, and cleanse the stone.
  • Afterward, the ring should be brought out of the mixture and rinse it with pure Gangajal.

Wearing it just after I finish my daily prayers, but also saying the mantra 'Om Shum Shukraya Namah' 108 times.

Green Opal Healing Properties and Benefits

Life improves and becomes healthier from the minute the stone is worn. It raises new hope, new journey of your life. This beautiful stone is good for treating visual problems and elixir eyes, as well as curing cataracts and other eye illnesses. It also helps to relieve fevers and stimulate circulatory functions. Additionally, it was often used to combat epidemics and disorders caused by toxic animal bites or stings.

On a physical level, it escalates the desire to hope, live and love, treat Parkinson’s disease, disperse infections, purify blood and kidneys, pregnancy complications, and regulate insulin production.

Green Opal Emotional Healing properties

The emotional benefits of green Opal are most enticing as it intensifies emotional state and is associated with harmony, love and passion. It is an earth-toned mineral that radiates enough positive energy to help anyone struggling with emotional heartache, past trauma or grief of his/her life.. The presence of this stone enables one to start fresh. It cleanses the emotional being and green opal helps to let go of the past life, allowing for viewing the world with a brand-new pair of eyes.

People who lose focus due to chaotic thoughts also prefer this magical stone to cleanse negativity. It includes hope of self-love, honest communication and inner strength and liberates fear, guilt, or shame.

Spiritual Healing of Green Opal Stone

Spiritual healing properties of Green Opal are very vast. It plays a decisive role in enriching the spirit. It is an excellent tool to unlock creativity and promote spiritual imagination, inspiring beauty.

It possesses sacred energy inside that enables it to receive a message from heaven. In addition, it has powers that let the owners see a precognitive dream. If anyone wants to have foresight, they can try green Opal. With it, they can feel the changes of their life that may occur shortly.

Green Opal Metaphysical Properties

Metaphysical Properties Properties
Meaning This stone has been around for eons and is quite abundant around the world. It’s found on six continents.
Zodiac Sagittarius & Aries
Symbolism Stone of Good Luck
Birthstone October- Faithfulness and Confidence.
Chakra Heart chakra

Places and location

Green Opal at Home: It should be placed where it is often visualized. As green Opal promotes imagination and creativity, it can be set studio or on a writing desk or wherever one undertakes most of your creative thinking. It can also be put on shared spaces, especially if one is willing to create a more harmonic environment filled with harmony and love, listening, and a lighthearted approach to life that gives positive vibes.

Green Opal at Work: Keeping a piece of Opal on the working desk or any corner of the office space helps create art that allows feeling inspired and in-tune with the work. Green opal helps to keep the workplace safer, more secure, and more efficient. It varies among different people.

In-home Feng Shui: Feng Shui is associated with changing the energetics of your own space as well as shifting your vibration. It is a lot more than just altering the position of the furniture. The specific energy of the magical stone creates peace, harmony and prosperity in the home and family.

People and Relationships

Pregnant women and babies: The green Opal gems has supported women on this journey for centuries. It can restore the balance of the body on all levels and encourage calm and positive energies. It also provides benefits of protection and eases the pain of childbirth.

Romantic relationships: This appealing stone is linked to love and desire. It is also aligned with desire and eroticism. It builds cozy relationships, encourages romance, attracts a good match that brings a healthy relationship. This gemstone is known for removing misunderstandings and becoming more understanding of a partner's problems.

Children: arguably the most unique, diverse, and beautiful useful for children and even people who look after children. Green opal gems centers the mind and exhibits happy dreams. Thus, it is particularly soothing for children who have troubled sleeping habits or have recurring nightmares with no apparent reason. It improves the quality of the sleep.

People dealing with trauma and crisis: Green Opal gems are always helpful for those who experience emotional breakouts and are struggling to release old pain and open themselves to new opportunities. It is a "feel-good stone" that invites happiness by healing and harmonizing emotions into the heart.

Metaphysically, it is a cleaning and rejuvenating stone providing nourishing and refreshing energies to individuals dealing with emotional distress, trauma, agony, breakups or bitter dispute.

Precious Opal and Numerology

The gemstone green opal has its significance in the realm of numbers. In numerology, the numerical name for gem (green Opal) is 8. This is because it vibrates to the frequency of 8 and 9. The number 8 symbolizes a new beginning and order, and the number 9 is affiliated with learning to let go, roll with change, and embrace new beginnings.

As per Hindu astrology, the color green is auspicious. In numerology, people with number 8 are ambitious, successful, powerful, realistic, authoritative, courageous, leading, and traits of people with number 9 include humanitarian, self-sacrificing, idealistic, altruist, giving, devoted and romantic.

Green Opal Beauty Products

Almost all form of stones are used to make natural skincare & beauty products.

There are varieties of organic and natural skincare and beauty products like mineral eye shadow, green opal facial cream, green opal flora face cream, green opal liquid and gel etc. These products have been formulated with the miracle ingredient green opal; they are deeply nourishing.

Green Opal and Chakras

Chakras & Green Opal: This is stone is linked with the heart. Precisely, it stabilizes and revitalizes the heart chakra. The heart chakra is also called “the Anahata” and is located in the center of the chest. The heart chakra is tuned with emotions, especially love.

The green Opal stone promotes happiness, heals emotion and mends relationships. It makes it possible to overcome past hurts and heartbreaks and learn from negative experiences. It also removes blocks from the third eye chakra, allowing us to think clearly and purposefully. Green Opal helps to cleanse negative emotions by infusing the spirit with renewed enthusiasm and the third eye chakra, allowing old wounds to melt away and new passions to develop in their place.

By wearing this radiant stone, one can invite joy to live. Moreover, it does immense good to the owner by providing comfort in heartache and attracting a loving and calm vibe in times of difficulty. Furthermore, it creates an opportunity to open up to new experiences and relationships of all kinds.

Green Opal and Wealth: Green opal is also considered a good fortune and growth stone. It is expected to assist in the procurement of personal goals, wealthiness, and prosperity. It can bring abundant wealth, health, and happiness to anyone who chooses to harness its power. Green Opal is usually suggested as a good stone for insomnia. In addition, the stone has power that bestows individuals with survival instincts that helps them to understand when to remove themselves from a business or financial situation if it is not suitable for them at that particular moment.

How do you use Green Opal for protection?

It is an excellent stone that is used for protection. It is a protective stone for deep inner work, past-life recall, or self-retrieval. It can travel into the past, present or future. It also protects against negative energy, unwanted intention and negative thoughts. It gives protection to the spirit. It is also essential to work and prepare the heart for the heavenly journey. It creates a kind of protection that keeps individuals linked to the body.

What is the color energy of Green Opal?

The green color the gem has a dominant hue and has physical and emotional influences. Predominantly, the color Green implies the rejuvenating and revitalizing energies that cure heartache. The points stored in green Opal encapsulate vibrations of unconditional love with harmony and give a massive boost in self-esteem and personal power. It provides strength and power that one lacks. It boosts energy and stamina and motivates one to overcome any struggle one faces.

Most Popular Crystal Healing Techniques

Green opal is an excellent stone that has been used for healing purposes over hundreds of years. The good luck stone enables physical healing amongst patients, and thus experts use it in lithotherapy. It has a wide range of benefits to physical health and is considered suitable for skin, kidneys, and eyes health. Zodiac & Astrology of Green Opal is said to be beneficial to those born under the water signs of Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces, who may have strong emotional ties to their past.

The magical stone is used by females who are struggling with labor pain. To solve the problem of dehydration and issues related to the retention of water in the body, experts use the stone to perfectly balance the body's water content.

Simple Ways to Use Crystals for Anxiety

Stress affects everything one does, thinks or feels. It also impacts how the body functions.

The “feel good” stone green opal promotes good vibes and can help to cope with stress and anxiety in various ways.

• Wear green opal jewelry Necklace to relish its calming energy all day long

• Display green Opal in the bedroom to create a peaceful ambiance

• Use it for meditation

• Placing it on heart chakra during relaxation

• place it office to work in a tranquil environment

Make a Health Crystals Body Grid: Creating a health and wellness grid using crystal needs to be done.

• Deciding the goal or intention needs to be manifested, I.e., maintaining health and wellness

• Picking the suitable stone that is affiliated with the intention of healing. For example, stones associated with heart chakra are the best fit for the purpose.

• Cleansing the space by burning sage or Palo Santo to clear the energy in the area.

• Writing the intention on a piece of paper and placing it in the center of the grid after folding it.

• Taking a deep breath and stating the intention aloud, or visualizing it in mind.

• Setting up the surrounding stones from the exterior moving towards the center in the grid's layout.

• Placing the center crystal on top of the written intention.

• the Last step is activating the grid by taking a quartz crystal and drawing an invisible line between each stone to connect to the next, starting from outside energetically.

Green Opal and Feng Shui

Feng shui is ancient Chinese geomancy based on the belief that the house is built or the objects in the house are arranged for health, wealth, success, and happiness. In Fengshui, the universe is divided into five elements; water, fire, metal and Earth. The green Opal is connected to the water and wood element. The water element represents prosperity and abundance, and the wood element symbolizes vitality, growth, and kindness.

In feng shui brings change and attracts the flow of abundance into life. It strengthens relationships like platonic, romantic, family and business.

Best Crystal to Combine with Green Opal

Choosing gemstones whose energy complements each other is very important to attain the specific intention.

These gemstones can be combined with Rose quarts because the pink stone rose quartz is soft and light, whereas the greenstone green Opal is intense.

Green opal works best with Amethyst, Aquamarine, Selenite, Chalcedony, Celestite together within their elements.

Stones can be combined based on the properties of the mineral it possesses. For example, green Opal can be highly compatible with Pink Quartz to strengthen love, waken deep emotions and even reveal psychic abilities.

These gemstones can be merged with any stone related to the heart chakra (Rhodonite, Green Calcite, Rose Quartz, and Amazonite) to procure any specific intention. Greenstone can also be paired with Black Tourmaline, Hematite, or Galena to ground them during meditation.

Green Opal and Meditation

Meditating with Green Opal regularly will help one fully open and cleanse all unwanted emotions from their heart. These gemstones are beneficial for those who are struggling with constant daydreaming. Green opal helps in cleansing one's mind and raising awareness. It is a good stone for meditation, and it helps to improve people's mental health.

For anyone looking to ground themselves during meditation, green opal is one of the best choice. It can be used to practice mindfulness meditation, spiritual meditation, focused meditation, progressive relaxation or loving-kindness meditation.

It is often incorporated into meditative sessions. It can be applied to chakras or include large prisms or raw stones in the meditation room. The radiant energy will reach the soul and navigate a new spiritual plane in both cases.

Many individuals use the stone in their meditative practices as well. Tumbled stones can be applied to your chakras, or big prisms or raw stones might be included in your meditation area.

One should meditate every day or, if not regularly. The best way to meditate with green opal stones by holding them. It develops a tangible connection of the holder with the green opal stone. The meditation should be done in the same place simultaneously for better results. The mind should be prepared and devoted to meditation only. Time bounded mediation often fails to provide results. Besides, the intentions should be investigated regularly and checked if the choices are being met.

To meditate with these gemstones, one needs to –

• Find a comfortable and relaxed ambiance

• Seat quietly with the green Opal for a therapeutic session

• Close the eyes

• Hold the crystal in your hands and feel its energy

• Visualize the intention

• Sit quietly for 11 minutes or more

• Close the practice once connection of body and Earth is felt

How to Cleanse Green Opal

Green Opal green Opal gathers energy as it is used. So it should be cleaned regularly to keep away the bad energy that it has absorbed. Green Opal will be cleansed and given a new way of being in sync with all the pleasant feelings if this ceremony is performed on a regular basis.

Gemstone lovers highly prefer green Opal. It is a delicacy of the stone that requires tender care. The following should be kept in mind-

  • It should be cleaned regularly so that it doesn’t lose its glow
  • To avoid cracks, it should be kept hydrated by soaking in water.
  • It should be washed with warm water, neutral soap and a soft-bristle brush.
  • It should be dried instantly.

When somebody else touches the green Opal to clear their energetic fingerprint, it is time to remove the stone. Also, if any old gemstones is found, that has been hidden away and forgotten for a while, that's an excellent opportunity for a quick cleanse as well. Make sure your Opal isn't exposed to direct sunlight. Because opals are made up of water, they can dry out and crack if exposed to direct sunlight.

As it is incredibly delicate, it should be cleaned very gently. The best way to clean it is by placing it directly into the cleaning solution made with warm water and soft detergent for a few seconds and then swishing around to remove any dirt from the surface.

There are various ways to clean and energize green Opal. The best ways to fill the stone with positive and clear are moonlight charging or direct sunlight charging. For moonlight charging, it should be kept under the moonlight overnight during the full moon, and for direct sunlight charging, it should be kept under the sun for a few hours.

Cleaning mistakes to avoid

Opal is highly delicate and has an additional vulnerability; it should be handled with extra preventive care to avoid damage.

  • Avoid chemicals, bleach and cleaners.
  • Avoid ultrasonic cleaners
  • Avoid exposure to extreme heat.
  • Prolonged exposure to liquid can weaken the glue and result in water penetrating the space between the layers.
  • It shouldn’t be cleaned with salt
  • Avoid using an abrasive tool like a scrub pad

How Does Green Opal Work for Disease?

Green opal gemstones have amplifying power of its own, for which it is considered a “soul anchor” stone. It can guide and heal from disease. It works as an immunity booster to ease discomfort caused by flu and fever, protect against many other viruses, and help the healing process. In addition, it helps relieve ailments in the lungs and liver and pulls out mucus.

It is connected to the heart chakra and thus purifies the blood allowing it to flow freely. It helps cure vision disorders and boosts circulation to fight hypertension. It also eases childbirth and menopause. It is also helpful to get relief from diabetics and Parkinson's disease.

Precious Stone Physical Properties

Physical Properties Properties
Origin Found on six continents.
Names Used None
Color Pale Ivory to a Dark Green
Streak White, pink, yellow, red-orange, green, brown, black, blue or even colorless.
Luster Subvitreous to waxy
Diaphaneity (Transparency) Opaque
Cleavage None
Tenacity Brittle
Density (Weight) 2.09
Diagnostic Properties None
Chemical Composition Silicon dioxide
Crystal Structure Amorphous
Uses Jewelry
Occurrence Occurring in most varieties of rock, Australia, United States, Mexico, Peru, and Brazil.
Hardness (Mohs Hardness) 5.5 to 6

Green Opal History:

The name of the traditional Opal stone is believed to be derived from ancient sources. Initially, it was derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Upala,' which meant 'precious stone.' Then it became ‘Opalus’ in ancient Rome and then the Greek ‘Opallios,' which means 'to see a color change.' Ultimately, it got its modern name opal with an evaluation of time. The green Opal gemstones are named by its color as it varies from pale ivory to dark green. Opals were highly valued in ancient times, and they were even valued higher than diamonds.

Archeological evidence suggests that Opals were mined in Africa back as 4,000 BC. Afterward, opals, including the green opal gemstones, were rediscovered in Australia in the late 1800BC. However, green Opal is majorly mined from Peru.

Green opal gemstones has been used for centuries but has known to carry special significance amongst the Ancient Greeks. They believed that this stone grants the gift of foresight, exposes genuine feelings, and lessens diffidence. It also has a significant impact on Greek Mythology. For example, legends stated that Opal was formed when Zeus, the god of the sky, shed tears of joy upon triumphing over the Titans, and those tears turned into Opal after hitting the Earth.

Is it meaning of Green Opal color?

The green color of the stone represents "Abundance & Growth." It symbolizes the beauty of everyday life and relationship, the abundance of nature, and the energies of nature. It is a restful color that strengthens the sense of building a relationship and promotes the imagination and creativity in those who hold it.

Green opal with striking shades of emerald, yellow-green, or muted jade. It is the most common variety of Opal that is found worldwide. But there are several other shades of Opal. For example, natural opalite is green in color with a shade of purple; Opalite is visualized as mossy-green with dark dendritic inclusions that show chatoyancy (cat’s eye effect) Tanzanian prase or African jade opal glowing neon teal color.

In Australia, opals are admired for their stability as much as their brilliance.. Australian green Opal possesses the reputation of being the most valuable and expensive Opal globally. Opals are mined in Australia in large quantities, accounting for 97% of the world's total. The remaining 3% are from Mexico, Brazil, Ethiopia, and Hungary, however they are not of the same high grade as Australian Opals.

Crystal Color Wheel provides a unique reference to color concepts. The complementary color palette represents the colors found at the opposite ends of the color wheel, and the complementary color of the Green Opal is Rosewood. The analogous colors are precisely in the right and left of the gemstones with 30 ° separation on each side.

Opal Green's similar colors are Midnight/Eagle Green and Deep Green. A split-complementary color scheme consists of base color, and two secondary colors and the split-complementary colors of Opal Green are Imperial Purple and Seal Brown. Besides, there are various other combinations on the color wheel.

Although the color of green Opal gemstones are rarely enhanced by any other than cutting and polishing, it may be treated to improve its play-of-color. It can simply be soaked in water to enhance the color for 8 hours. After taking it out of the water, it will turn into a light brownish green similar to a clear transparent crystal. Next, it should let to fully dry naturally (air dry) to restore its original color.

Green Opal Occurrence

Green opal is formed from a solution of silicon dioxide and water. It is formed when silica-rich water seeps into deep cracks caused by natural faults or decomposing fossils and voids in the Earth's crust. It takes roughly 5 million years to solidify just 1cm of Green Opal. The combination of Potassium hydroxide and hydrofluoric acid can dispel the opal.

At present, it is found in over 3000 places around the world. Green Opal gemstone is one of the few minerals economically mined. The precious opal is extremely uncommon and only found in a few locations around the world.

Green Opal Varieties

The most common type of Opal is Dendritic or Moss Opal, which has dendritic inclusions. One of the rarest types of green Opal is Tanzanian Prase Opal. It is an electric-green type of Opal with trace amounts of Nickel minerals. It is pretty similar to the color of Chrysoprase. It can only be discovered in the same places in the world. Milk opals, noble opals, and stone opals, as well as donuts and chain, are incredibly rare.

So far, the best noble opals have been mined in Australia. Green Opal is a type of common Opal that has been combined with Nontronite, a gorgeous pale green mineral that gives it a stunning lime hue and crystal surfaces.


Green opal is not much different from common Opal other than its unique color. It has a beautiful color, and for this reason, it is widely used for jewelry. It also has other robust characteristics. It brings an incredible abundance of wealth, fortune and luck. This gemstone is also trendy amongst the crystal healing community. Healers have used it for years to revitalize soul immunity and give the user more insight into healing their path and body. In addition, it provides a more spiritual experience in everyday life and is used to manifest more money.

Green Opal: Meanings, Powers and Crystal Properties