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Powerful Pisces - A Complete Guide On The Pretty Colors Of Pisces

There’s a lot of energy and power you can draw from colors associated with your zodiac sign.

Whilst your favorite color can say a lot about your personality, your zodiac color can reveal a lot about your true essence.

According to color theory, colors are known to affect our moods, and can even convey messages.

For instance, yellow symbolizes happiness, red can represent anger, and green makes people feel refreshed.

But the psychology of colors can get even more interesting when comparing the energy of a color with the different astrological signs.

Whilst each star sign has a myriad of colors that represent their characteristics, personalities, and moods, each sign also has its power colors.

When you think of the Pisces zodiac sign and the colors that are associated with it, oceanic colors tend to flood your mind.

But as one of the three water zodiac signs, and is represented by the fish, it’s not uncommon to think that Pisceans feel most at home when surrounded by watery colors.

Whilst shades of blue, green, and even purple can energize and comfort a Pisces, some colors can antagonize the star sign.

So, read on to know about what colors attract the right energies for a Pisces and what colors to steer clear of.

Pisces: The Dreamer Of The Zodiac

People born between February 19th and March 20th are born under Pisces, which is the twelfth sign in the zodiac.

Known as the dreamers and the poets of the star signs, Pisces are creative, imaginative, sensitive, emotional, and empathetic.

Composed of water, Pisces is portrayed by a pair of fish. The Greek myth behind this symbol is quite interesting.

The Myth of Pisces

The story goes that the Goddess Aphrodite and her son Eros were walking alongside the river when they were attacked by Typhon, a deadly monster.

According to the legend, Zeus turned Aphrodite and Eros into fish so that they could escape. In another version, the two were whisked away to safety by a pair of fish.

But whichever story you follow, the two swimming fish became the symbol for the Pisces zodiac.

The two fish are very important in understanding the personality of a Pisces.

Pisceans are often torn between wanting to accomplish something both important and meaningful to the world, and wanting to flee to the most secure parts of their inner worlds where they feel comfortable - this is depicted by the two fish swimming in opposite directions.

Out of all of the zodiac signs, Pisces are regarded as the most sympathetic and sensitive to others and their feelings.

Because of this effort that they put into caring for others, Pisces are highly valued amongst their friends and family.

Their compassion and empathy make Pisceans able to feel the joys and burdens that other people feel with the same intensity at which they feel their own.

As the dreamer of the zodiac, Pisceans are considered imaginative, creative, and spiritual.

Due to their affinity for creativity, those born under this star sign are often drawn to creating or consuming art, as it is the best way for them to understand and express their emotions.

But their natural dreaminess can also cause a hindrance, as they often pursue unrealistic plans or ideas, even when others try to persuade them that they should follow a more rational path.


Pisces as Escapists

As escapists, Pisces often find it troublesome when creating concrete plans, as they get swept up in the idealistic notions that they conjure up in their minds.

With that being said, their innate creativeness and their ability to collaborate well with others often bring Pisceans success.

Just be wary as a compassionate Pisces that others may try to exploit you, or take advantage of the fact that you like to help (and often please) others.

Pisces Ruling Planets

Two planets rule Pisceans: mystical Neptune and lucky Jupiter.

It is Neptune’s magical and illusory psychic attributes that connect this planet to the ever imaginative Pisces.

Neptune also represents the universal ocean of oneness, which not only influences the imaginative and creative side of Pisces, but also their compassionate, idealistic, and escapist tendencies.

Interestingly, Neptune is the God of the Seas in Roman mythology, and it is a highly spiritual planet.

With Neptune as their ruler, Pisceans prefer to exist “up in the clouds”, as they so often toe the line between fantasy and reality.

Although others often criticize Pisces for existing in a dream-like state, their ability to connect with emotions on a deeper level means that others often seek help, sympathy, and understanding from their Pisces friends.

Jupiter, on the other hand, is the planet of faith, optimism, growth, and adventure.

For the open-minded and free-thinking Pisces, Jupiter connects with their spirituality. Jupiter is deeply concerned with your beliefs and how these beliefs can shape your life.

Best Colors For Pisces

Now that you are more familiar with the dreamy and compassionate nature of Pisces, it’s time to look at what colors work best with this water sign.

As you can imagine, most of these colors echo the introspective and escapist moods that Pisceans often find themselves in.

Some of the other colors that complement Pisces will help this sensitive sign lighten their moods when they're weighed down by the pain that they’ve internalized.

Aquamarine: Pisces’ Lucky Color

Aquamarine: The color of the ocean in which the fish calls home, can you think of a color more fitting for Pisces?

Aquamarine: Pisces’ Lucky Color

This oceanic blue has such a powerful effect on Pisces as it both invigorates and makes them feel right at home.

This water-like color suits Pisceans best, and reflects their dreamy, escapist, and glamorous personality.

Aquamarine is also the birthstone of the Pisces zodiac. When translated from Latin, Aquamarine means ‘Water of the Sea’.

This birthstone is all about instilling positivity, releasing anger and negativity, and bringing peace of mind to Pisceans.

Why not try wearing an Aquamarine gemstone as a talisman to bring you peace, tranquility, and balance wherever you are?


Sky Blue - Pisces Colors

As Pisceans are dreamy, the color of the sky seems like a pretty important color to add to the Piscean color palette alongside aquamarine.

Sky Blue - Pisces Colors

Whilst blue is often in consideration as a calming color, it is also akin with productivity, which makes it the perfect color to use in office spaces.

For Pisces who are craving a burst of energy, deepening pastel shades of blue to more intense sky blue shades work perfectly.

Seafoam Green - Pisces Colors

As a water sign, the inclusion of seafoam green in the color palette of a Pisces seems rather fitting.

This beautiful green shade is a reminder of the ocean, and as Pisces tend to take on the problems of others they need some time to recharge and rejuvenate - having a reminder of the ocean can help a Pisces relax.

Seafoam green also pairs beautifully with many other colors in the Pisces color palette.

Lavender - Pisces Colors

Ancient Hebrews believe that this common herb to be holy and has been in use for centuries for its medicinal purposes.

Lavender - Pisces Colors

As it is so closely related to healing, lavender is the perfect shade to incorporate into the Pisces color palette.

Besides its association with healing, lavender in itself is a soothing color. Its soft yet strong nature makes it suitable for Pisceans.


White - Pisces Colors

White is often in reference as the presence of all colors, which is extremely fitting for Pisces. As the twelfth sign, Pisceans have long been called the wise, old souls of the zodiac.

White - Pisces Colors

With white’s long relationship with peace, this reflects Pisces' strife to constantly create peace within themselves and the world that surrounds them.

As white is also added to bold colors to create pastel variations, it is a brilliant addition to the Pisces palette.

Peach - Pisces Colors

Both peach and coral tones are ideal for Pisceans. These colors have a soft nature that doesn’t overstimulate the Pisces mind.

Peach - Pisces Colors

However, their bright and hopeful quality makes them the perfect addition to this zodiac’s color palette.

Most pastel colors that are Pisces-friendly are often cool colors, like blue or purple, however, the warmth of peach and coral is a welcome addition to an otherwise cold color palette.

Colors That Inspire And Invigorate Pisces

Ocean Blues - Pisces Colors

The many ocean blue shades make Pisces feel right at home. From deep marine blues to bright Aquas, these colors have a calming effect on Pisceans, but also help inspire their dreamy and creative side.

Tranquil Teals - Pisces Colors

Teal-colored blues bring feelings of peace and tranquility to Pisceans. Reminiscent of tropical waters, many Pisces surround themselves with teal in both their wardrobe and their home decor. However you choose to incorporate teal into your life, it will bring about a sense of comfort.


Natural Greens - Pisces Colors

What many often forget is that the color green is also an ocean color.

Various seaweeds and plant life that live on the ocean floor all range from light. They're almost translucent shades of greens, to darker green colors. But this makes green an ideal color for Pisceans.

When feeling overwhelmed by the pressures and challenges that they face. Pisceans can use green to uplift and raise their spirits, especially whilst they are landbound.

Paler greens often remind Pisces of gentle ocean currents, making life on land more bearable.

Power Colors

With Neptune as their ruling planet, dreamy blue shades are ideal for Pisceans, however, there are a couple of power colors that work well with these signs, especially if they’re looking for a boost in confidence.

Sunshine Yellow

With Jupiter residing over Pisces as their traditional cosmic ruler, this gigantic planet has a predominant yellow hue.

Pisceans can draw upon this powerful planet and its signature color for power.

Whenever you feel like your inspiration has run dry. Jupiter’s yellow can boost your creativity and get your ideas flowing once more.

If you have an important meeting or event coming up in your calendar, why not wear yellow?

Combining Jupiter yellow and Neptune blue is not only stylish, but it can instill confidence and courage into a Piscean.

Light Green

Another color that is often overlooked is light green. Translucent, aqua greens remind Pisceans of the ocean, weaving in and out of the floating seaweed.

This color not only brings the call of the sea to Pisces but reminds them to look deeper than the surface to uncover hidden treasures.

Indigo For Intuitiveness

This inky-purple color is often associated with intuition and the third eye. Also known as the sixth chakra, when your third eye is “opened”, your intuition is heightened.

As Pisces is often regarded as having strong “psychic” abilities, they’re thought to have a heightened intuition.

As intuitive energy is ruled by the color indigo, this can be an extremely powerful color for Pisceans.

Colors To Avoid As A Pisces

As a Pisces, you often have drama-filled tendencies and you tend to feel everything intensely.

Bold colors can only exacerbate your emotions, which makes it a lot harder for you to process these emotions.

As receptive as you are, using the wrong colors can have a significantly negative influence on your emotions. Here’s what colors you should avoid as a Pisces.

Colors To Avoid As A Pisces


In color theory, red evokes the strongest emotions of any other color on the spectrum.

As you’re already highly sensitive, you don’t need red to heighten your already strong emotions.

Red often symbolizes love and passion - two emotions that Pisces already experiences in abundance. Instead of red opt for a pale pink.

It has very similar connotations without the heat and intensity of red.


According to color theory, black is often symbolic of sadness and introversion.

If you have a special event or important meeting coming up, wearing black will not help you get the positive vibes that you need.

Navy Blue

Navy blue is a bold and intense color. Whilst it’s a much cooler tone color than red. The depth of Navy makes it a rather emotionally intense and dramatic color.

Just like black, navy can easily overwhelm a Pisces. So it’s best to steer clear and opt for paler, brighter, and softer blue tones instead.


Like yellow, orange is a very energetic color, and it seems like the perfect addition to the Pisces color palette.

Whereas yellow can uplift, orange has the opposite effect. As it is a combination of both yellow and red, orange shares the same intensity as red.

This intensity often feeds into Pisces' tendency for drama and can be a rather distracting color.

However, if you simply can’t part with orange in your life, try opting for peach-toned orange instead. This softer shade of orange is more in line with the Pisces mindset.

Final Thoughts

The creative, dreamy, expressive, and intuitive Pisces needs a color palette that works in harmony with its true nature.

Pisces tend to feel everything intensely, so they should surround themselves with colors that calm them, rather than antagonize them.

As a water child, Pisceans should surround themselves with oceanic reminders to help stimulate their creativeness and make them feel at peace.

It can be hard to feel so comforted when landlocked. So keeping the ocean close by through color can make a Pisces feel more at ease.

But as the Pisces is often weighed down by both the problems of those around them and their weighty thoughts. They need to feel uplifted and energized from time to time, so they should look towards their power colors for refuge.

The depth at which a Pisces feels means that they need to surround themselves with calming color tones that will have a positive impact on their emotional well-being.

Ocean blues, natural greens, and warm pastels can make a Pisces feel at peace.

Powerful Pisces - A Complete Guide On The Pretty Colors Of Pisces