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Spectacular Scorpios - The Total Guide To The Colors Of Scorpios

If you are a Scorpio, there are certain colors that will keep your energies up.

There are colors that you should surround yourself with and there are colors that it is best to avoid as they can bring your energy down.

In this article, we will discuss what colors you should surround yourself with and their meanings. While also looking at which colors would be best for you to avoid as well.

Zodiac Signs And Colors

Your zodiac color carries a lot of important symbolism and meaning behind it. The color also has its own energy that helps to shift your mood for the day and those around you as well.

In astrology, every zodiac sign has its own corresponding color, and if you channel this color in the right way, it can awaken positive emotions within you.

Your sign color is unique to your zodiac sign, so it doesn't matter about any ruling planets or personalities. Your zodiac color is specific to your sign.

It can influence how you see yourself and how you feel about yourself as well. It can even show you how other people perceive you as well.

In this article, our focus is on the astrological sign known as Scorpio.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign

If you are a Scorpio, you were born between October 23rd and November 21st.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign


You have an intense personality and are very passionate about everything you do. You are also very secretive and tend to hide things from others.

Yet, you are very sensitive and love to take care of others. Thus, this makes you a very emotionally driven person who likes to get into fights when you don't get your way.

Alongside this, you are very intelligent and are great at making money. You are very good at getting what you want and being able to manipulate others to get what you want as well.

Loyal to friends and family, but you can be very stubborn and can't stand to lose anything. An ambitious person who always tries to make sure you succeed at everything you do.

Due to all of this you can often be mistaken for a fire sign, but you are a water sign who gets their strength from the emotional realm.

As a Scorpio your spirit animal is a Scorpion, and like a scorpion you will strike when people least expect it. As a Scorpio, you can have a very seductive and sensual nature, so you are always trying to control your own emotions through self-control.

Spectacular Scorpios


On a good day, you can be calm yet ambitious. Whilst on a bad day you can be jealous and power-hungry. Although, all of these qualities make you a great investigator as your curiosity is endless. You love to unearth as much as you can.

The planet of destruction and transformation, Pluto, and the planet of war, Mars, both rule over the Scorpio. For a lot of people black may be seen as a sad and upsetting color. Yet for a Scorpio, black is your lucky color.

Scorpios Colors

Black As Scorpios Colors

Black is an extremely powerful color. It represents authority, power, and wealth. Black is the color of life, fertility, and abundance. It can be associated with death and rebirth.

Thus, it can represent the darker side to your life and showcase your ability to be able to change and transform yourself into something new and better. As a result, black is the color for those who want to be successful.

Like the Scorpio, black is the color of luxury and mystery. It is a sophisticated, elegant, and luxurious color. It also captures the darkness and drama associated with the Scorpio sign.

Most of the other colors associated with Scorpio are darkly-dramatic and effortlessly-intriguing. Blood reds, crimsons, and maroons are warmer colors that are meant to capture the warmth and luxury associated with the Scorpio color.

Try adding black to your wardrobe to pull off a charming yet mysterious look. Likewise, try adding black to your home.

It doesn't have to be in every room, but black around your home will deter any negative energy that is trying to get in.

Burnt Orange As Scorpios Colors

A part of your zodiac color palette is burnt orange.

Burnt Orange

Scorpio aren't all doom and bloom when it comes to colors they should be using. This is where burnt orange comes in. Burnt orange will pair up with your intense feelings and opinions.

Scorpios like to be striking, thus this shade will draw everyone's attention, including your inner-self.

Apart from drawing attention to your inner self, this shade of orange gives in to the Scorpios desire to gossip and listen to gossip. However, even though a Scorpio may find out some gossip or secrets, they will hold onto that information and won't ever tell anyone else.

As a result, when a Scorpio wants to find out the truth and do some digging, having burnt orange tones around them will help get them into this mood.

Pomegranate/Red As Scorpios Colors

Scorpios are serious about their emotions, as they are extremely empathetic and sensitive. While also, they can be very manipulative and conniving. As a result, it can take a while for a Scorpio to trust anyone.


Scorpios style is always dramatic, and they tend to wear red clothing to match their moods. Scorpio's actions aren't necessarily nefarious, but they're always thinking.

There's an underlying passion to these signs that make them amazing lovers, constantly seeking physical closeness, spiritual illumination and emotional intimacy.

So it's no wonder that deep red, pomegranate, burgundy, and cabernet are colors that suit the scorpion. It's all about desire and fervor here. So how do you wear the color of anger, love, passion, and power?

Next time you need a boost of confidence and fiery energy – go for a perfect pair of stiletto heels, an all-leather outfit, or try a deep red dress or outfit that will give you confidence and passion for the day ahead.

Maroon As Scorpios Colors

Scorpios are creative, imaginative, and artistic. Maroon is a bold color that Scorpios love. This color is great for Scorpios because it makes them stand out.

If you're looking to really show off your creativity, then maroon is the best choice. It's a vibrant color that brings out the Scorpions natural talents.

Burgundy As Scorpios Colors

The color burgundy is a classic color that suits both men and women. Burgundy is a rich, deep, warm brownish-red color that is often used in fashion and interior design.


Burgundy As Scorpios Colors

This color is a good one for Scorpios because it's not too bright and is also a bit muted. Ideal to be painted on walls around your home, or to wear on a day out. A very versatile color, that will help a Scorpio to keep their energy positive.

Crimson As Scorpios Colors

Crimson is a beautiful color that is usually reserved for formal occasions. It is a lively, energetic color that is ideal for Scorpios.

Crimson As Scorpios Colors

This color is great for Scorpio because it's not too loud, and it's a bit subdued. It's a great color for Scorpios because it goes well with their personality.

It may be one of the brighter colors that you will see a Scorpio wearing, but it is a bold color that showcases a Scorpio's passionate nature perfectly.

Purple/Violet As Scorpios Colors

Scorpios are known for their ambitious nature and need for control. Purple is their color, and they love wearing purple clothes. It represents royalty and wealth, two things that are highly associated with the Scorpio sign.

Purple/Violet As Scorpios Colors

Purple is associated with royal families and old rich people. As a result, purple is a very expensive color. Scorpios are fueled by an intense desire for control, but also to succeed.

Their ego is always in charge, as they have dreams and ambitions that they want to achieve.

When trying to connect with your inner self, go for an elegant purple outfit that will undeniably impress people.

Brown As Scorpios Colors

Scorpios are intelligent, thoughtful, and observant. They are often seen as being aloof and distant, which is why brown is such a popular color. Brown is one of the most versatile colors there is. It goes well with everything and everyone.

Brown As Scorpios Colors


Bottle Green As Scorpios Colors

Scorpios are passionate, energetic, and full of life. They are usually quite happy, and enjoy spending time with others.

Bottle Green As Scorpios Colors

Bottle-green is a great color for Scorpios because it matches their personality perfectly. The bottle-green color is a light bluish-green color, so it's not too bright, and it doesn't look too dark either.

As a result, bottle-green is a good color for Scorpios who want to keep their cool, and stay calm during times of stress. If you're looking to feel more energized and alive, then bottle-green is the way to go!

Colors For A Scorpio To Avoid

The Scorpios color palette is made up of very intense colors. As a result, there are some colors that this sign does not agree with. Thus, it is better that you try to stay away from them as much as possible.

Colors For A Scorpio To Avoid


This is one of those colors that Scorpios don't agree with. Pink is too girly for a Scorpio. They prefer more masculine colors such as black, navy blue, brown, and gray.


Also, as pink is such a delicate color, it can stir up a physical weakness within a Scorpio. For this zodiac sign, the color pink is a symbol of a lack of self-reliance or self-worth. This can dampen the energy of a Scorpio.

Alongside that, pink is associated with innocence and inexperience. Which is the complete opposite of a Scorpio, they are ambitious and passionate that take all matters extremely seriously.


While yellow is not a bad color, it is still considered a feminine color. Yellow is also a color that is associated with happiness and joy. As a result, it's best to avoid this color if you don't want to appear happy and joyful.

Scorpios aren't known for being very lighthearted or carefree. As a result, you should steer clear of yellow, unless you want to confuse people. You should try to look how you feel, otherwise people could misjudge you.


White is a good color, however Scorpios hate white. It is akin with purity, innocence, and peace. Just like with yellow you don't want people to misjudge you. Therefore, it is best to stay away from white as well.



Blue is seen as a sad color that is also associated with anxiousness. As a result, due to Scorpio being a sign about passion, the calming and gentle color of blue isn't the best match.


Pastel colors are also known for being calming and soothing. However, Scorpios dislike pastels, they don't work for them. They feel that they are too soft and delicate. As a result, they would rather wear darker colors such as black, brown, navy blue and gray.

Pale Colors

If you have pale skin, then you might find that pale colors suit your skin tone well. However, Scorpios do not like pale colors. Pale colors are often associated with weakness and illness. As a result, Scorpios will not like wearing pale colors, because they are strong and adventurous souls.

Final Thoughts

Anyone who is a Scorpio has a strong personality. As a result, the colors they should surround themselves with should represent this as well.

The main color that is most associated with a Scorpio is black, and this is the main color that a Scorpio will be attracted to. Alongside that Scorpios love really bold and rich colors that suit their personality and help their powerful energy flow much better.

Due to this, lighter shades don't suit the energy of a Scorpio. Thus, it is important, as a Scorpio and for any zodiac sign, to make sure that you are surrounding yourself and wearing the right colors that truly represent who you are and your energy.

The wrong colors can bring your energy down and people may misjudge your energy as a result of wearing the wrong color too.

Spectacular Scorpios - The Total Guide To The Colors Of Scorpios