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Infinity Symbol: Origins, Meaning And Spiritual Significance

The word 'infinity' signifies 'forever.' For almost a thousand years, the Infinity symbol has represented the everlasting in the universe and the cosmos around us. This mystical symbol is the number eight lying sideways, and it has provided people with strength in the past.

The infinity symbol means love, spirituality, power, and beauty. Further, this symbol represents a sense of simplicity and balance in a world full of distractions and difficulties. It is a reminder to be aware of where we are and the limitless possibilities.


This symbol has no beginning or end, and you can draw it in one continuous movement. It is because it embodies the idea of no bounds and infinite possibilities.

After reading this article, you will better understand the origins of the infinity symbol, what it represents in different cultures, and why you might wish to use it in your life.

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Key Takeaways

  • Eternal Connection: The infinity symbol (∞) represents an unending, continuous loop, symbolizing eternity, limitlessness, and the concept of something enduring indefinitely.
  • Endless Possibilities: Often associated with boundless possibilities, the infinity symbol signifies limitless opportunities, potential, and creativity.
  • Unity And Balance: The symbol's dual loops intertwining can symbolize unity, balance, and the harmonious interconnectedness of opposites or complementary forces.
  • Love And Commitment: The infinity symbol is frequently used as a representation of eternal love and commitment, making it a popular choice for engagement rings and romantic expressions.
  • Mathematical Significance: In mathematics, the infinity symbol is used to denote an unbounded quantity or an endless process, emphasizing its universal applicability.

Infinity Symbol Origins

Time Period Origin and Significance
14th Century B.C. Ouroboros in Ancient Egypt
400 AD Adoption of Ouroboros by Greeks
1655 Introduction of sideways eight by John Wallis
Present Evolution of the infinity symbol in various cultures

The Ouroboros (Uroborus), adopted by the Greeks in 400 AD, is the oldest and most famous portrayal of infinity. The Ouroboros is an ancient symbol depicting a snake or dragon biting its own tail in the circular sign.

While the Greeks adopted the Ouroboros in 400 AD, the sign dates back to the 14th century B.C. in Ancient Egypt.

Many people believe the Ouroboros represents infinity, and in some ways, it does. But on the other hand, it represented the cycle of birth and death, often known as the circle of life.

The Ouroboros was initially on one of the shrines surrounding Tutankhamun's sarcophagus. Throughout Ancient Egyptian history and into Roman times, the sign reappears. The Ouroboros also appears frequently in magical talismans and emblems during this period.

Mathematics created the sideways number eight that associates with infinity. The very first person to have written about the infinity symbol was English Mathematician John Wallis in 1655. John Wallis decided to utilize a sideways eight to represent infinity.

It refers to a quantity with no end or bound - a quantity larger than any number. It's thought that the roman number for 1.000, CIƆ, inspired him, which is a similar symbol to the infinity.

While the meaning of the infinity sign has evolved and expanded beyond mathematics, the concept of infinity remains the core idea underlying the image.

Ancient Symbol Meaning

Aspect Description
Mathematical Origin Introduction by John Wallis in 1655
Spiritual Meaning Representing eternity, faith, and religious beliefs
Word Origin Latin word 'infinitas' meaning unending or everlasting
Scientologist View Associated with the eighth dynamic


Infinity holds deep spiritual meaning in Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Daoism, and other religions.Various faiths converge on the idea that life is limitless, and while our time on Earth is finite, our souls are eternal.


The infinity symbol is utilized in meditation to convey balance, peace, harmony, focus, and the interconnectedness of all things.


The term "infinity" originates from the Latin word 'infinitas,' denoting unending or everlasting.

It describes timeless, infinite, and endless aspects, standing out in a world where everything has an end.


Scientologists refer to infinity as the eighth dynamic, representing the desire for an eternal and infinite existence.


Infinity symbolizes the immeasurable, the eternal, and the infinite in its simplest form.


To be infinite means to have no bounds, to be limitless and eternal.

Many religions share the belief that God is infinite, mirroring the endless nature of the cosmos.

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Infinity Symbol in Various Cultures

Culture Significance
Asia (Tibet & India) Represents perfection and balance
Celts Similarity to Celtic knots, representing eternal love
Greeks Originated from the concept of the Apeiron
Egyptians Known as Lemniscates, inspired by Ouroboros
Gnosticism Symbol of eternity and the world's soul

Infinite Wisdom: The Symbolism in Tibet and India

  • Rings adorned with interwoven lines form Celtic knots, bearing a resemblance to the infinity symbol.
  • These knots hold cultural significance, paying homage to Irish, Welsh, and Scottish traditions.

Symbolic Meaning

  • Celtic knots, similar to the infinity symbol, convey meanings of eternal love and the unending circle of life.
  • For instance, the trinity knot's continuous loops symbolize eternal love.

Endless Knots

  • Celtic knots are also known as endless knots or mystic knots.
  • The intricate interlacing gives the impression of a never-ending circle, with no discernible beginning or end.
    celtic notes

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Variety of Interpretations

  • Celtic knots come in various complexities, some resembling the precision of the infinity symbol.
  • The Double Infinity Symbol, akin to Celtic knots, signifies "double absoluteness.

Double Infinity Symbol

  • Represents "double absoluteness," a lesser-known aspect of the symbol.

Underlying Idea

  • Despite variations, all Celtic knots share the underlying concept of life as a never-ending circle.

Infinity Symbol in Greek Culture

Ancient Greek mathematicians and philosophers thought that a defined set of values or whole numbers can represent all things in the world. They even said that ‘Good’ was a measurable value and, thus, finite.

The earliest known philosophy or idea of infinity stems from the Pre-Socratic era in Ancient Greece, which lasted from 610 to 546 BC. Anaximander, a Greek philosopher, was the first to conceive the concept of Cosmology.

Anaximander believed the universe originated from the Apeiron, the Greek term for infinity. It has the same meaning as boundless and limitless, but it was once considered a pejorative word.

‘Apeiron’ was once thought to signify ‘chaotic, without definite form, or crooked.’ “Being infinite is a privation, not a perfection, but the absence of a limit,” Aristotle.

Plato and Aristotle shared a common Greek aversion to the concept of infinity. Aristotle affected thought for more than a millennium with his rejection of “real” infinity (numerical, temporal, or spatial), which he distinguished from the “potential” infinity of being able to count without end.

Infinity Symbol in Egyptian Culture

The Infinity Symbol is also known as Lemniscates, which comes from the Latin word "Lemniscatus," meaning "ribbon." The ancient Greek myth of Ouroboros, which depicts a snake or dragon biting its own tail, inspired this concept

This ancient symbol shows the eternal cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. This meaning has a link, but it comes from a less familiar source.

The sloughing of the snake's skin indicates soul transmigration; the symbol of the biting of the tail represents fertility, with the tail representing the phallus and the mouth representing the womb.

The Ouroboros is thought to have first appeared in a 10th-century copy of Cleopatra's "Chrysopoeia of Cleopatra," a 3rd-century alchemical text.

In Egypt, the symbol of the dragon eating its tail first appeared in a 14th-century B.C. Egyptian funerary writing. Hermeticism, Gnosticism, and alchemy later incorporated it once it entered western tradition through Greek magical practices.


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Infinity Symbol in Gnosticism Culture

Gnosticism means “wisdom.” It is a set of beliefs, systems, culture, and theological ideas that emerged in the first century A.D. from early Christian and Jewish sects.

For example, the serpent biting its tail was regarded as a symbol of eternity and the world’s soul. The Ouroboros was thought to have encompassed the world and completed the round by biting its tail.

Infinity in the Modern times

Symbol Representation
Infinity Cross Represents God and eternal commitment
Double Infinity Symbolizes unity of two commitments
Infinity Jewelry Represents everlasting love, friendship, and connections
Number 8 Meaning Associated with spiritual and religious significance
Swedish Malin Symbol Signifies overcoming challenges for progress
Infinity Heart Symbol Symbolizes limitless or eternal love

The Infinity Cross

The Eternal Being, also known as God, is represented by the infinity cross. Religious people wear an infinity cross to demonstrate their devotion to God and the eternal promise to their religion or faith.

Double Infinity Symbol Meaning

  • Comprising two intertwined infinity symbols, the double infinity symbol represents the merging of two independent commitments into a unified whole.
  • Due to its complexity, the double infinity symbol is utilized in decor, symbolizing commitment and endless love.
  • It signifies the bond between two people and is a popular choice for various occasions.
  • Widely popular, the double infinity symbol is used in jewelry, wedding decorations, flower arrangements, and stationary at engagement parties and anniversary celebrations.
  • Couples often exchange jewelry featuring the double infinity symbol, such as necklaces or bracelets.
  • It is also engraved on wedding bands, serving as a tangible representation of their enduring commitment.
  • The symbol's versatility makes it a perfect choice for gifts, reflecting the timeless and intertwined nature of the relationship it represents.

Infinity Jewelry

Jewelry Type Representation
Single Infinity Symbol Couple's everlasting love
Double Infinity Symbol Unity of two individuals
Triple Infinity Symbol Represents trinity or family bond
Infinity with Cross Symbol of God's eternal love and commitment
Infinity Heart Symbol Symbol of eternal love and close bonds

The symmetrical symbol can be used as the focal point of a piece of jewelry or as a decorative accent, making it an addition to jewelry. In addition, the symbol's multi-layered symbolism adds to its worth. As a result, infinity symbol jewelry is a perfect gift for a variety of events, including:

  • A single infinity symbol can be a statement of a couple’s everlasting love for one another. The combined symbolism intensifies the love connotation when placed into a heart.
  • When given to a friend, the infinity symbol symbolizes eternal bond and friendship, implying that you value and will cherish their friendship.
  • Giving an infinite gift to a graduate or a young adult symbolizes the endless possibilities and paths ahead of them.
  • For Christians, an infinity with a cross represents God’s eternal love for them and the life that everlasting love brings. It can also mean a Christian’s commitment to God and obedience to a supreme being. The trinity or your family can be represented by a triple infinity symbol. Wearing infinity jewelry nowadays means something infinite, such as love or connection. The idea of being ‘together forever’ is embodied by the two rings intertwining, each symbolizing a side of the relationship.

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The Number 8 Meaning

  • The infinity symbol's resemblance to the number 8 has led some to associate it with spiritual and religious significance.

Spiritual Connotations

  • On a spiritual level, the infinity symbol can symbolize regeneration and the concept of eternal life after death.


  • In Hinduism, the number 8 represents the initiate, someone who has traversed the seven heavens and stages of spiritual enlightenment.
  • The infinity symbol, akin to the number 8, can signify renewal, resurrection, and the eternal return to Paradise.

Chinese Culture

  • Given the auspicious nature of the number 8 in Chinese culture, the infinity symbol is associated with good fortune and luck.

What is the Meaning of the Swedish Malin symbol?

The Swedish Malin is an infinity symbol that looks like an arrow that breaks the center. It signifies that you must experience challenges and setbacks to progress.

What is the Meaning of the Infinity heart symbol?

The infinity heart symbolizes limitless or eternal love. This usually represents a close bond between friends, partners, or family.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the infinity symbol used in mathematics?

Yes, in mathematics, the infinity symbol is used to denote an unbounded quantity or an endless process, emphasizing its representation of limitless concepts.

What is the spiritual significance of the infinity symbol?

Spiritually, the infinity symbol is linked to concepts such as the eternal nature of the soul, reincarnation, and the interconnectedness of all things. It symbolizes enduring spiritual qualities.

How is the infinity symbol used in relationships?

The infinity symbol is commonly associated with eternal love and commitment. It is often used in jewelry, particularly in engagement rings, as a symbol of everlasting affection.

What does the infinity symbol signify in art and design?

In art and design, the infinity symbol's elegant and simple form makes it a versatile motif. It is used to convey concepts of unity, balance, and the interconnectedness of opposites.

Are there cultural or religious associations with the infinity symbol?

While not tied to a specific religion, the infinity symbol has universal appeal and is often incorporated into various spiritual and philosophical beliefs, transcending cultural boundaries.

Can the infinity symbol be used to represent empowerment?

Yes, in popular culture, the infinity symbol has become a symbol of empowerment, often used to convey the enduring nature of certain ideals, friendships, or beliefs.

How has the infinity symbol become a cultural icon?

The infinity symbol has transcended its mathematical origins and has become a recognizable cultural icon. It is widely used and embraced, symbolizing enduring themes in various aspects of life.

Infinity Symbol: Origins, Meaning And Spiritual Significance