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The Best Gemstones Every Leo Needs To Have

Leo signs are very striking people with an air of magnificence that reflects in all the symbols that associates with them. Their constellations, their zodiac elements, and even their gemstones.

But what are the gemstones most commonly associates with Leos? How can you wear them to fully display your radiance and confidence as a Leo yourself?

Here we are going to be looking at the zodiac sign of the Leo. Their associated gemstones, and how you can wear them to get the most out of these gemstones.

So, if you are a Leo yourself and in need of a bit of inspiration. Find out here everything you need to know about the Leo zodiac sign!

About Leos

The Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac. It applies to those born between July 23rd and August 23rd, and it corresponds to the constellation of Leo.

The Leo constellation is often associates with the Nemean Lion, one of the twelve labors of Hercules from Greek mythology. The lion was a vicious monster that had impervious golden fur and claws sharper than swords.

It was defeated by Hercules, who slayed the lion and is frequently depicted wearing the lion's pelt as a cloak. Thus, the lion is also a prominent symbol for Leos.

Lions are animals found in the savannas of Africa, and yet are commonly depicts in European artworks and mythologies. They live in groups known as 'prides' that conventionally feature a band of lionesses and one single male, set apart from the others by his huge, luscious mane that acts like his own personal crown.

In western cultures, lions are typically percieves to be a symbol of bravery and strength. They are a true symbol of royalty. Often referred to as the 'King of the Jungle' – so it's easy to see why this creature fits the personality of a Leo so well.

Image by Dorothe from Pixabay

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Leos are all about confidence. They are naturally loyal, born leaders, and are all about the good things in life. Leos are not afraid to kick back and take things easy, but this does not mean that they are lazy.

They are also drawn to the spotlight and love to be the center of attention. So, Leos are willing to work hard to get the praise they believe they deserve. Of course, this can come with a few flaws such as arrogance or stubbornness as a result of their strong characters.

Leos are also very warm and bright people with passions that burn incredibly strongly for whatever they desire. For this reason, the Leo sign is often associated with its own element – fire!

Just like how fires burn hot and bright, Leos act in a very similar way. Which makes it the perfect element for those born in the height of summer. The ruling planet of Leos is actually not a planet at all. It's the Sun, the center of our universe and our main source of heat and light.

This fits Leos perfectly. They shine like stars and bask in the attention, and often get very competitive when there is a rival on the scene. This is only natural – the lion is a territorial creature, after all.

However, Leos are also good people who make fiercely loyal friends who will always be there to back you up. Protective and loving, Leos will do their best to bring a little sunshine to your life, making them the perfect companion for dreary days.

Big-hearted and sometimes big-headed, Leos are easy to spot and also easy to love thanks to their confidence, loyalty, and passion.

The Best Gemstones Every Leo Needs To Have

Birthstones And Crystals

For someone to have Leo as their zodiac sign. They must be born between the dates of July 23rd and August 23rd.

Image by sara graves from Pixabay

As a large chunk of the sign applies to dates in August. The birthstone of most Leos is peridot, a gemstone frequently associated with purpose and focus. However, some Leos born on the cusp will have the birthstone of July which is the ruby. A gemstone that symbolizes confidence.

As for crystals, Leos are typically seeking out healing crystals that match their astrological sign to help them in a number of ways. There are stones available to help clear chakras and balance our emotions. It is allowing Leos to be their true selves and overcome their insecurities.

For Leos, the reoccurring issues often revolve around showing weakness and openness. Leos regularly build up an image of themselves and project it, but hold onto that image too tightly.

Just like lions, they typically allow themselves no room for weakness. And believes that they must constantly display this strong personality and constantly project confidence and happiness.

This means that Leos are afraid to show vulnerability and are plagued by insecurities that threaten their mental well-being – am I doing well enough? Am I really as good as I think I am? If I show that side of myself, what will people think of me?

So, if these thoughts sound familiar, it's time to look at some healing crystals and gemstones that prove to be the most advantageous to Leos and which ones best represent them.

This way, all Leos will be able to radiate and shine just like they were born to do without the threat of burnout.


As we said earlier, peridot is the main birthstone for most Leos as it is the birthstone of August.

Image by Klaus Beyer from Pixabay

It is a gorgeous light green color that is bright and sparkling, perfectly encapsulating the main attributes of a Leo. More than just bright, peridot is a gemstone that associates with playfulness and healing, specifically healing the heart which can be a huge help to Leos whose main issues stem from insecurities.

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Peridot can help raise up your energy with firm commitment, ready to help you open up and wash away those feelings.

Leos also have problems stemming from possessiveness. Either from being challenged by a rival or a sense of entitlement they believe so surely in due to their confidence, but peridot can help with that.

Its properties can help a Leo let go of the things weighing their heart down. It is making it an ideal healing gemstone for those in need.

If you are suffering from a heavy heart. Then peridot is a great gemstone for you to wear close to your chest to help relieve those aches.


The other birthstone for Leos is the ruby. A bright red gemstone that perfectly channels the fire and radiance of the zodiac sign. As red is often called the color of love and passion. Rubies are a gemstone that is associated with themes of love.

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Image by 杰杰 张 from Pixabay

It is also a very regal stone, often used in crowns and scepters. It is making it a perfect gemstone for the sign of the lion.

Rubies do not shy away and proudly display their color for all to see. Bold and confident, it is easy to see why ruby is one of the obvious choices for a Leo's birthstone. A single ruby can hold so much strength that perfectly complements a Leo's that it just makes sense that the two go hand in hand.

Whereas peridots are famous for healing, rubies are known for boosting confidence and enhancing one's courage. So, this kind of gemstone is best used during unsteady times of nerves. And worry such as before a test or moving to a new place.

Leos typically have a lot of courage naturally, but even they can sometimes feel the bite of fear. So, wearing or holding rubies can help you draw some of their strength and help project your own. This allows you to feel stronger when facing difficult circumstances.

Black Onyx

Black onyx is a great grounding gemstone to help those who need it find stability and structure when they need it most. It is a deep black gemstone that is not delicate or clear to say the least – this gemstone is one that gives off a serious air that can be advantageous to a lot of Leos out there.

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Image by bastien rebattel from Pixabay

Leos are famous for their confidence and desire for limelight, but this can often inflate their heads and their egos. Before they know it, too much praise can lift a Leo off the ground and give them false ideas of themselves that can make them unbearable to be around.

Black onyx is a great gemstone for Leos to use to help ground themselves without discouragement. It offers disciplined encouragement, allowing Leos to stay humble while still recognizing their accomplishments.

It is ideal for Leos who find themselves in positions of power and leadership, allowing them to feel a sense of structure that helps relieve the pressures of command.

When things get a little overwhelming, black onyx is the gemstone to help a Leo find their feet on the ground again. It's a great comedown gemstone to use after long periods of attention, so when you need a little time to yourself, black onyx is the gemstone to use to help yourself recharge.

This means that black onyx is the ideal alternative birthstone for Leos as it helps balance their emotions and meets their spiritual needs.

Tiger's Eye

One of the main symbols of Leo is the lion. One of the most iconic and dangerous big cats out there. Just like the lion, tigers are also very powerful predators. This makes their gemstone of the Tigers Eye an ideal counterpart to the Leo gemstone.

Image by Klaus Beyer from Pixabay

Tigers Eye is a fierce gemstone that matches the hues and tones of a real tiger iris perfectly. Because of this, Tigers Eye is an absolutely enchanting gemstone that radiates power and confidence. With one look, you can feel yourself falling into this gemstone's power.

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This is what makes it a great gemstone for Leos. The big cat element aside, this gemstone complements the royalty and confidence of a Leo. It can help promote your own inner feelings of power and strength, allowing you to face new and exciting experiences with confidence.

This is because Tigers Eye is a gemstone use to purge toxic and negative energies, leaving you with a healthy dose of optimism and confidence.

Tigers Eye is a great stone to use to energize yourself before competitions or auditions, helping you find a new perspective when the pressure becomes all a bit too much.

It can help you get rid of intrusive thoughts that weigh you down, allowing you to focus on your best elements when you need it the most.

So, Tigers Eye is an ideal gemstone for Leos as it can help them take the edge off any bitterness after dejection, plus it can banish any thoughts or falsehoods that affect your performance and behavior.


Leos are often thought to be performers – those who enjoy the attention and thus will put on a show to entertain others, so they can receive the praise they desire. They are frequently optimistic and playful individuals, but that does not mean that they must always be this way for the sake of others.

Image by Uwe Baumann from Pixabay

Leos like to focus on themselves, but while they do typically care too much about the opinion of others, they are not afraid to take things easy when they feel the need to.

Leos like to feel fully in control of themselves, but there can be times when they feel they are losing their true self to please others – and this is why amber makes for such a great choice for Leos to use.

Amber is like fire crystallized as it is a golden color that rivals the Sun itself. It's warm and feisty, giving Leos the confidence to do what is right for themselves and put the emotions of others on the back burner for a moment.

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This is because amber is a very powerful cleansing gem, allowing your soul and mind to shed burdens and negativity. It helps Leos stay in tune with their true selves and can help them enjoy life for themselves for a while.

Because of this, amber is the perfect 'me time' gemstone for Leos. It reminds them of who they are, that they should put themselves first, and give them the confidence to say to those who would use a Leo for their own personal gain.

It offers up an energy that features a different kind of power and confidence – the power to focus on oneself, and the confidence to turn away from the limelight to enjoy some time for themselves.

So, if you find that you are devoting too much time to work or feel that you have spent too much time uplifting others and need some time to uplift yourself, then amber is the gemstone to use to give yourself the time you need to find some self-control.

Wearing Jewelry

Now that you have all the options of the perfect Leo gemstones at your fingertips. It's time to look at how you can use them to your full advantage.

Wearing these gemstones as jewelry is a great way to incorporate them into your everyday life. Also, this method works best for Leos who are sure to love flaunting their newest accessory.

It also allows healing crystals to have direct skin contact. This can allow them to let their unique vibrations get to work with cleansing your chakras. As well as starting your healing process.

Also, physically wearing your ideal gemstones can help you embody their personality. And can manifest your own true self through using the gemstones.

The only thing to be wary of when using gemstones as jewelry is that some gemstones are better than others when it comes to being worn.

This is because some gemstones are harder to chip or fracture. Thus they make better choices for heavy-duty jewelry like bracelets and rings.

The gemstones on these kinds of jewelry pieces are more likely to be knocked about and sit on surfaces. It's making it likely they will be scratched or fractured. So, make sure that you use tough, durable gemstones for these kinds of jewelry.

Softer, more delicate gemstones can still work but are better off being worn as earrings or as part of a necklace – but they still require a lot of tender loving care.

You should always ensure that your crystals are cleanse. Also charges as this is how you are able to enjoy their healing energy best.

As Leos are often very confident and strong characters. Your gemstones need to be in their best possible condition to help channel your energy.

How exactly to cleanse your gemstone depends on the gemstone itself as methods can range from running it underwater to smudging it with sage. Different gemstones can also vary in how frequently they need to be recharged, especially depending on its use.

All you have to do is leave it in sunlight or moonlight after an emotional period of time to help recharge its energy.

Gemstones and crystals for Leo


Overall, Leos are bold characters with a unique approach to life that makes them easily noticeable (which is exactly what they want!). They are the party sign of life and the life of every party as they love to surround themselves with people and have a good time.

They radiate so much confidence but that kind of energy is sure to falter and fall slack. So Leos can always help shed that emotional weight by using any of the above crystals and gemstones.

These stones are ideal for Leos as they match the Leo's energy while healing their more delicate traits. It is allowing them to recover quickly and return to their former glory in no time.

So – if you are a Leo in need of some gentle help with your healing process. Then choose from of the gems above to help do just that!

The Best Gemstones Every Leo Needs To Have