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Libra Birthstone Everything You Need To Know About The Lucky One

Incorporating a specific birthstone into your life can only benefit you. Instead of using some crystals that may not match your energy or aura, your birthstone is made for you, and it will bring a huge amount of positivity!

Since birthstones are represented by your birth month and date, they can connect with you physically, mentally, and emotionally. This can either protect you, fill you with confidence, or bring you clarity. Ultimately, you choose what you wish to receive from your birthstones.

If you are born under the Libra Zodiac sign, carry on to find out what your birthstones are and how you can use them to manifest positivity in your life!

What Is The Libra Birthstone?

Librans are born between September 23rd and October 22nd, making them the seventh sign in the Zodiac collection.

Libra’s predominant birthstone is Opal. It is an incredibly powerful stone, made up of a pearlescent white color that occasionally has rainbow marbling. The opal is well-known for its ability to empower those who use it – something that is very important for Librans’ temperaments.

The Libra zodiac sign is represented by a set of scales, and its element is air. Both of these represent how a Libran is often considered to be the ‘thinker’ in the group.

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What Are Librans Like?

The Scales

Those with the Libra as their star sign are great diplomats. They are incredibly talented at viewing situations from all sides, and this also means that they embody a lot of empathetic traits.

With this tact also comes some people-pleasing, as they like to fit in with everything and everyone that surrounds them.

They are typically known as shape-shifters. They adapt to any situation, and they love to socialize! However, one thing that they love more than bonding, is thinking. Pondering is a sport – and Librans will always take gold.

Image by Dorothe from Pixabay

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This can sometimes bring out a more introverted side to them. Ultimately, it depends on the situation they are in. If they have to be talkative, then they can do that, but if they don’t, then they are very happy to sit back and observe what is happening around them.

The Anxiety of Libra

One thing to be aware of with Librans is their tendency to have anxious thoughts. Because they have to think about every situation from an objective point of view, their brains are wired to constantly be switched on.

While this can be useful, it can also take them down a negative path. Anxiety and negative self-talk, combined with low self-esteem, may bring a Libran down.

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As an air sign, Librans are wonderful listeners. With their minds whirring away, they love to receive new information that they can analyze and give their opinion on. Again, however, this is to be taken with a bit of caution.

Being an emotional and mental sponge can take its toll – it will very quickly lead to burnout if you aren’t careful!

Finally, with all of this information that Librans have collected, they seem to know everything from all points of view – which makes them incredibly indecisive.

As much as they want to use logic and reasoning to make life easier, it can slow them down because they have a tendency to over-analyze every decision they have to make (even what pizza topping to get).

This is where Libra birthstones can be very useful. Because those born under the Libra Zodiac question themselves and their own views so often, they often forget how to keep their personal boundaries in place.

Libra Birthstone Everything You Need To Know About The Lucky One

Libra Gemstones

With the characteristics and traits in mind, Librans are attracted to gemstones that encourage strength and power. These specific birthstones are protectors and supporters, and they help a Libran hold on to their boundaries, while also giving them the courage to speak up.

Carry on reading to find the Libra birthstone that help a Libran remain strong and balanced…

Opal - Associated With Libra Birthstone

The Opal is one of the most stunning gemstones around. This beauty translates into its energy, which firmly focuses on wellness and self-empowerment. It is calming, and positivity simply radiates from the stone.

Image by Alyssa from Pixabay

Since it is the predominant birthstone for Libras, its balancing nature works well with Libran’s calm temperament. However, Librans will typically find themselves relying on the Opal to help them in anxiety-inducing situations.

This is because those born under the Libra zodiac are frequently plagued with self-doubt, and this causes them to fall into a cycle of people-pleasing.

They believe that this will help them navigate their lives because then they will never risk upsetting anyone. This helps a Libran to avoid confrontation – something they absolutely detest.

However, this is a negative coping mechanism. With the Opal’s nurturing influence, Librans can recognize their self-worth while learning how to stand up for themselves.

Rose Quartz - Associated With Libra Birthstone

This crystal is full of love and peace. It naturally aligns with the heart chakra, spreading its light and positivity while encouraging Librans to open up and let others know how they are feeling.

Image by Hans-August Beer from Pixabay

This openness is often more important to focus on for a Libran than the spreading of love. Those born under the Libra Zodiac are well-known for their loving nature and eagerness to make other people happy. The rose quartz will only enhance this already inherent feature.

However, what it can do to improve a Libran’s love is by channeling some of their kind nature inwards. Librans typically struggle to embrace self-love, and they would much rather treat others to the type of compassion that they neglect themselves.

A rose quartz crystal will encourage a Libran to put their needs first and to love themselves more. By doing this, they will be much better equipped to share their compassionate nature with those around them.

Rose quartz is most effective when worn as a necklace since it will be resting over your heart chakra and can consistently channel its warming energy with you!

Bloodstone - Associated With Libra Birthstone

The bloodstone will stand in your corner as your protector. Known as the ‘warrior stone’, bloodstones support Librans through tough situations – particularly ones involving confrontation.

Image by とおる 水原 from Pixabay

With its strength in positivity, the bloodstone is great at building up a Libran’s confidence. Its specialty is in the fear of not being liked.

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Again, this ties into people-pleasing (something Librans survive on), and it is common for a Libran to believe that their personality or looks aren’t enough to keep people interested in being in their life.

This fear of not being liked may be due to past encounters, or it may just be because of their anxious nature. Either way, the bloodstone is brilliant at reinvigorating your mood and giving you inner strength.

It reminds you that you don’t need anyone else’s approval – all you need is the belief that you have a power of your own.

Agate - Associated With Libra Birthstone

There are a number of agate formations that would be wonderful for a Libran’s journey. The most recommended is a blue lace agate.

Image by Robert Ramsay from Pixabay

\Known for its ability to significantly lower stress levels, this agate is incredibly soothing and serene – making it useful for those who may suffer from anxious thoughts and self-doubt.

As well as this, the blue lace formation also stands for freedom! This doesn’t just have to be in a physical sense, either.

For Librans, this could represent freedom from the pressure that they place on themselves. With this agate’s energy flowing through a Libran, they can finally experience moments of calmness.

Another formation of agate that Libran’s should use is fire agate. With a Libra sign being the rational thinker, they often got caught up in the hundreds of thoughts and ideas they have in their brain, without ever acting on any of them.

Fire agate is useful for bringing those ideas and dreams that may have been left behind, back to the surface!

Librans sometimes need a little push when it comes to following their dreams and getting the ball rolling – the fire agate’s dominant energy will help with this.

Peridot - Associated With Libra Birthstone

Peridot’s stunning green appearance is enchanting, and so is its magical ability to absorb negative energy. For a Libran, this can go one of two ways. It will either absorb the negative energy that they are directing towards themselves, or the energy towards others.

Image by Klaus Beyer from Pixabay

With Libra’s overall message of fairness, since they are ‘the scales’, this means that they will frequently pass judgment on situations – and people involved in those situations.

While they may not intend to be judgmental, sometimes the ego can get slightly involved, and they may believe they know more than others.

This can be off-putting for others to encounter. With the peridot in a Libran’s corner, it can make sure that any negativity towards other people will be reduced, and that they only give their opinion from a kind and objective point of view.

Interestingly, the peridot manages to spread this message of balance by connecting with the solar plexus chakra. This is located in a person’s upper belly, and when this chakra is blocked it can manifest issues to do with ego and anger.

A peridot’s readiness to unblock this chakra point is what will re-balance a Libran’s ‘morality’ scale.

Labradorite - Associated With Libra Birthstone

This gemstone is the ultimate protector. If there are any negative exterior forces in your life, labradorite is great at repelling them – while maintaining your calm aura.

Image by MoHo-Art from Pixabay

As well as this, it can even fight against the negativity inside us. For Librans, this can be very helpful.

On top of this, Labradorite is considered to be a mystical stone. It hides plenty of magic, which can help Librans find the courage to speak their mind.

Its connection with transformation will enable a Libran to embody the persona of somebody who knows they deserve to be acknowledged – with practice, Librans can easily become much more confident in themselves and their decisions.

Aquamarine - Associated With Libra Birthstone

Finally, the aquamarine gemstone is perfect for the airy nature of a Libra! While aquamarine is associated with water signs, the natural flow that this stone encompasses is also connected with how air signs can learn to calm themselves (by following the pattern of cool water).

Image by sara graves from Pixabay

Essentially, the stone is symbolic of letting go. For a Libran, this can refer to a lot of things. Their nature is to hold on to their thoughts and issues and avoid confrontation at all costs.

However, aquamarine connects to the throat chakra – which is intended to improve communication.

When Librans use the aquamarine in meditation, they are unblocking this hesitancy to open up to others, which in turn allows them to let go of their fears of not being liked.

Librans also look to have a plan for every single element of their life – if anything veers off this well-planned course, they will begin to panic. Again, aquamarine will guide you through this panic.

Giving in to the natural flow of life is natural! Those born under the Libra Zodiac don’t need to be scared of letting go. Aquamarine opens intuition, allowing a Libran to trust in their gut and go with the flow.

How Should Librans Use These Gemstones?

Gemstones can be used in a number of ways, but every method needs to start from a place of positivity. When you bring good intentions to your crystals, they will respond in kind.

One brilliant way of channeling a gemstone’s energy is by wearing them as jewelry. This is particularly effective because you are keeping your stones and crystals with you at every single point of the day. They remain with you, and they are directly connecting with your skin.

Libra zodiac jewelry is particularly popular in the forms of rings – Opal rings are easy to find and beautiful to wear

However, if there is a particular chakra or place you would like to channel a birthstone to, then you can pick whichever jewelry matches this body part, helping you to heal the spots that really need it.

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Another way of using your birthstones is by meditating with them or using them as worry stones. Again, this is helped along by direct skin to crystal contact. The more these gemstones can become attuned to your energy, the more use they will be to you!

To meditate with them, simply hold your chosen birthstones in your hand as you relax your body and mind. Take deep breaths, and cleanse your mind of any negativity. With this openness, the gemstones can begin to take effect by sharing their positive aura with you.

How Should You Cleanse Your Stones?

Cleansing is a huge component of owning crystals and stones. For their energy to be effective, you need to keep them fresh and charged!

This is because with each healing practice they do with a Libran, they are going to absorb some negative energy in the process. While this shows that they are doing a great job at protecting you, it also could prevent their energy in the future.

To cleanse your birthstone, you can opt for one of two options. The simplest is by washing it in water. However, this could damage some stones and crystals – it is also likely to dull an Opal stone. The other option is to smudge the crystals.

This will involve finding a sage smudge, and lighting the end of it with a match. Let the smoke waft around your crystals, as well as your body and clothing.

Leave the sage to burn out in a ceramic bowl with the crystals resting around it. Warning: This is always going to be a potential fire hazard, so be careful with fire and smoke!

The most potent way to recharge your crystals, as opposed to cleansing them, is to bathe them in the moonlight. While you can also use sunlight, this has the potential to damage your birthstones, and it won’t hold as much charge as the moon. If you need as much power as possible, try to wait to recharge until a full moon!

You should both cleanse and recharge your birthstones every few weeks. However, if you are going through a particularly difficult time, and you are using them frequently, then you may want to consider recharging them after every few days.

Libra Birthstone

To Sum Up

Libra’s main birthstone is the Opal. This is a calm, encouraging gemstone that allows Librans to stand up for themselves and learn their self-worth. This is a common trait amongst the Libra Zodiac.

They don’t like confrontation, and they would much rather let others share their thoughts and feelings than risk making people uncomfortable by speaking up themselves.

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The birthstone associated with Libra are connected to the throat chakra, which enables communication, and the heart chakra which encourages compassion (particularly towards themselves).

In order to use these gemstones, you can meditate with them. You can use them as worry stones, or even have them in a shrine formation. However, the main way to harness their energy is by wearing them as jewelry. As this will give them direct skin contact, and they have all day to work their magic.

Libra Birthstone Everything You Need To Know About The Lucky One