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Lovely Gemstone That Every Libra Must Have

You often see Zodiac articles discussing things about a star sign's birthstone. But, it's rare to see things about their gemstone.

You may now be wondering, what's the difference between a gemstone and a birthstone? Well, there's not too much difference as such. Typically, they can be described in this way:

A gemstone is a gem, usually made of minerals while a birthstone can be one of twelve different gemstones traditionally links or associates with the month of somebody's birth.

This guide focuses on Libra. If you're a Libra, that means you were born between September the 23rd and October the 22nd, and you are in the seventh sign of the Zodiac.

Personality traits of the Libra are said to be fairness, diplomacy and cooperation. A Libra's element is air, their symbol is the scales, and they are ruled by the planet Venus.

Lovely Gemstone That Every Libra Must Have

Generally, Libras work better when in a pair and tend to be patient whilst waiting for their perfect match because they're typically searching for a long term relationship.

Even though they are typically stronger in a pair, they do hold strong personality traits of their own. They stand for justice, righteousness, honor and fairness. The ones that balance the scales will take that role with seriousness and passion.

Ready to know more? Let's dive further.

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What Is The Libra Gemstone?

The primary Libra gemstone is their birthstone Opal. This is a pale and white stone that is famous for protecting Libras at all times from negative energy that comes from others, including from those closest to Libras.

The stone is also there to prevent Libras from getting into accidents, problems and frightening nightmares. It also aims to boost a Libra's positivity and promote personal growth and inspiration.

A Libra's birthstone also help guide them to positive influences in their lives and promote the good in them. On the flip side, it's also there to show a Libra who needs to be taken out of their circle of friends by showing them who is a danger to them.

But as mentioned previously, this is only the primary gemstone for a Libra and there are others that we have to look at.

The second gemstone for a Libra is the Aquamarine. This stone perceives to promote further fairness into a Libra and see tolerance for all people. Which aids in justice and views for an unbiased, balanced opinion of others.

With other personality traits that we've spoken about with the Libra, this further boosts what they already have.

A third gemstone for Libras is said to be the Peridot which allows Libras to release and let negative things leave them. Highly judgmental and egotistical feelings will vanish with the stone around.

This personality trait is normally because Libras deal with balance and fairness so much that their views on people can often become unbalanced. So, the Peridot can help stabilize their beliefs and thoughts once again, bringing a Libra back to the path of justice.

Another gemstone is the Aventurine that promotes Libras' focus on the world and on people. It allows Libras to stop becoming fixed on a person or onto a feeling which drags them away from balance.

Quartz is also a Libra gemstone, but there are many types. All of them though help Libras to continue building their relationships and friendship groups in an effort to find their soulmate for life.

The Key Traits Of The Libra Gemstones

Each one of the Libra's gemstones all hold with them some fascinating traits that help the Libra to bolster their own personality traits. Let's take a look at the main traits of Libra's gemstones.

Libras typically seek out balance and fairness in their daily lives but because of the nature of their traits, they can often get lost and jaded within their own lives. This is why gemstones become crucial in bringing them back to their correct paths.

The healing properties that come with their birthstones are critical in allowing a Libra to develop on a personal level.

Starting with the Opal, we notice this to be the perfect gemstone for a Libra. This is because the gemstone can help with a Libra to resolve conflict and restore balance. It brings a protective and prosperous energy to a Libra.

Not only does it do this, but it helps a Libra not detract from their own destiny and personality trait strengths that they hold so dear.

When it comes to the Aquamarine, this is also a crucial gemstone to a Libra. This stops a Libra from getting far too involved with judgement and holding their own particular personal views on people – stopping judgmental thoughts and actions.

It also helps a Libra with their courage and inner strength because it links to the throat chakra. It gives a Libra the power, courage and conviction to stand up for what they truly believe in, including the justice for others and demanding to get what is right.

The throat chakra helps out in this regard and becomes an ideal connection for the Libra.

Because of how they are, Libras often get stuck in a vicious circle of their own thoughts and feelings. They often feel it is difficult to let go of their dispositions. And sometimes appear to be narcissistic and better than others.

This is likely due to the ability to see others in all of their flaws and strengths. They also believes that it is only them that can do such a thing. Which brings about a sense of an inflated superiority complex.

This is when the next gemstone becomes crucial – the Peridot. This stone will give a Libra that release of negative energy that they need to remain centered. Also, return to the path of normality and balance.

The next stone, quartz, links to the heart chakra and this is perfect for Libras because of their deep desires to be with a partner and long term relationship.

Their desires are boosted as the quartz stone allows them to open up and let their true feelings and true self loose for all to see. It also lets them accept others into their heart and into their lives which can bring them a perfect partner – providing balance to the balancer.

This is supported by Aventurine which lets a Libra's burning desires for a partner work with them and bring a partnership into an everlasting relationship. It combines the power of the heart and the head for a Libra to finally let love into their lives that they've been searching for.

The Libra Birthstones/Gemstones: Colors And Meanings

A Libra's birthstones exist to help a Libra in their everyday lives by bringing them back from their own downfall caused by their power drawn from the Zodiac sign.

They want a Libra to return to balance and justice, leave the darkness on their path and come back to the light. Stepping out their shadows can allow in a light of love – and as a Libra is seeking a long term lover, this is the only way they will be able to do so.

Libra signs will lean on and absorb the assistance from healing crystals and maximize their own powers by getting a better balance and a better method of communication. By developing their skills, Libras can move forward in their life and get what they want.

We're going to look at some of the gemstones we mentioned in some much further detail. We'll discuss their color and what they mean.


An opal is a milky white and paste-looking color which sometimes can sparkle. This is the gemstone which becomes the birthstone for those born under the Libra, and it shimmers with good look and positive energy.

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Image by Alyssa from Pixabay

It tries to harmonize a Libra and let them shine with their best traits in life. It tries to offer protection to a Libra and stop them from falling off their true path. Sometimes, Libras struggle with tough anxiety and depression – and the opal wants to provide comfort to the Libra.

It looks to Mother Venus and asks for a comforting arm to wrap around the Libra, allowing them to keep going in their lives.


The Libra's air signs power through this majestic and beautiful stone of bright, sea-blue with tints of green stone. It promotes calm and collection and tries to cool the anger that some Libras can exhibit, and stops a Libra from dominating situations with biased views.

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Image by sara graves from Pixabay

It brings back courage and uses the throat chakra to lend further strength for a Libra to stand up for their convictions and help those in need that require a powerful voice of reason.


This beautifully pink and strong standing stone looks to provide the Libra with their inner self to look for love and stronger relationships.

Image by ha11ok from Pixabay

It's a natural stone that wants to fill the Libra with feelings of love and light that is crucial for a Libra to get further in their search for a partner.


Despite its less than desirable appearance with a dark green opaqueness, the aventurine looks to heal a Libras inner pains and let them come back to where they should be.

Image by Klaus Beyer from Pixabay

It tries to stop the Libra from focusing too much on the negative energies and bad influences in their lives.


Peridot appears pretty with a lovely shine of yellow and green. It aims to stop a Libra from getting too stuck in their ways of judgement and self-importance and returns them to their usual thoughts and judgement processes.

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Image by Klaus Beyer from Pixabay

It works with the solar plexus chakra to give grounding to a Libra who is going off their correct track and path.


We're now looking at the lesser known stones for a Libra, but Labradorite is a very beautiful gemstone that has a shiny, dark blue look with a dark outer coating.

Image by Stefan Schweihofer from Pixabay

This represents that of the Libra's personality which can be inviting but also at times mysterious.

The gemstone looks to relieve a Libra's sense of anxiety and acts as the healer of the Libra, making them more centered and better placed for the years to come.

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Lapis Lazuli

Appearing as a blue sapphire, this stone looks as though you're the sun to the earth as you're staring at it and this is connective to the gemstone bringing a power of light and life strength to the Libra.

Image by Resi Innocent from Pixabay

It tries to nurture the self-expression and opinionative lifestyle of a Libra and lets them seek out their inner truth and promote a harmonious boost.

It also invites a cleanse that Libras sometimes need to ensure they don't stray away from balance and unbiased judgements.


Image by とおる 水原 from Pixabay

Bloodstone at a glance looks dark and deadly, with splatters of red that resemble blood and pain. However, this warrior stone lets a Libra draw from their inner strength. Also, get the courage they need to help others in need.

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It helps Libras that have an inner feeling of solitude, loneliness and abandonment and helps to ease a Libra's anxiety if they're feeling as though they're not good enough or strong enough to go on.

It can powerfully stabilize a Libra that is emotionally broken and divided, pulling them away from the depths of despair.


Agates can come in many colors. But, they all act as a talisman to help a Libra among their communication difficulties and embrace their inner courage.

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Image by Robert Ramsay from Pixabay


Citrine appears as a bright, orange looking stone of fruit and light. It lets a Libra remember the good times. To remind them that there is light to be found in the darkness.

Image by Dieter Staab from Pixabay

It strengthens the sacral chakra and brings about more balance and reduces division in their everyday lives.

It also looks to help a Libra with their own decision-making processes. This is allowing them to make final choices and not to continue debating with themselves of the right path to choose.

How You Should Use Your Gemstones

Drawing on the powers of your gemstones can only happen in the right way. It's important that you're keeping the stones cleansed and away from harm's way.

Consistently pouring water occasionally over your stones gives them the life power and hydration that they need to act for you.

Letting them sit and drawing further power from the sunlight and moonlight is also a good ritual to bolster their true potential and furthering a Libra's hope for a helping hand in life.

Remember, healing stones will be there to draw away negative energies. It also needs to be cleanse as much as we do. Be sure you're not blocking their path. And let them see the earth and space around them – and remember to channel your positivity to them too.

A Libra's True Traits

Understanding why these gemstones are helpful to a Libra is best shown through the Libra's true personality traits.

As the scales are their symbol. We know that a Libra is famous for their sense of balance, justice and righteousness. Diplomacy is key to a Libra. And they will always look at every side of issues and arguments, as well as people to determine truth.

They can act as life's peacemaker and keep people forever on the path of virtue. Speaking of people, Libra's are by nature, very social people but sometimes due to their traits. They can inadvertently ostracize others and this brings about feelings of serious anxiety to a Libra.

They can often look too much at options and weigh up scenarios too often. It is allowing for Libras to sometimes get lost or stuck in their ways.

Their flaws can also extend to vanity and a feeling of self-importance. They feel as if they can read people better than others.

As a result, they require gemstones to stop them going too far off their own path of virtue.

Libras are frequently very idealistic with a strong sense of what they believe to be right and what is wrong. This can sometimes be detrimental to a Libra that seeks the truth as they become too narrow-sighted and need another person or entity to help them realize any wrongdoings.

Libras are frequently looking for their forever partner but due to their idealistic ways and often shadowed lifestyle. They can frequently find themselves hiding away from what could be the best match in a relationship they could hope for.

Despite all of their flaws though. Libras can make ideal partners for others, because once they love – they love strongly and passionately. This can sometimes make others fearful due to the Libra's burning passions. But overall – a Libra will do anything to protect and cherish the ones they hold dear.

Lovely Gemstone That Every Libra Must Have

Final Thoughts

Prosperous and kind-at-heart, with flaws frequently beyond their control. It's no wonder that a Libra needs their gemstones to come back down to their correct path.

Understanding how these stones work and the best way to use them is good to know. We hope we've given you a comprehensive look at a Libra's gemstones.

Lovely Gemstone That Every Libra Must Have