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Give The Green Light - A Guide To Light Green Crystals

For centuries, people have called upon the power of crystals to help them navigate through this uncertain and challenging world. Today, let us find out what will be the contribution of light green crystals to our lives.

Known for their metaphysical and therapeutic powers, these fascinating and seemingly magical earthly elements have a spiritual significance that many people benefit from.

By utilizing the energy which these precious stones emanate, we can recharge and realign our mind, body, and soul. This will help us live more balanced and focused lives.

Typically, crystals are used to align our chakras, cleanse our spiritual aura, and provide us with protection and power.

Whether you use crystals as means to recenter yourself and keep yourself grounded, or to enhance certain aspects of your personality and let yourself fly high, crystals can help shift your spirit.

Although these natural wonders have many mystical and beautiful shades and patterns, green crystals are particularly interesting to look at and study further. Popular among both enthusiasts and non-collectors, green gemstones have a multitude of meanings and uses.

light green crystals

It is hard, to sum up, what green crystals symbolize as it is one of the most wide-ranging color options. This is because a lot of green-colored gems come from particles of iron, vanadium, or chromium.

However, some of the rarest and most valuable green gemstones like Jade, Emerald, and Garnet are difficult to come by.

With myriad options when it comes to green crystals, we’re going to look at some of the most common benefits that green gemstones provide. We will also learn some common themes that they represent and promote.

We’ll also take a look at some of the most precious, useful, and stunning green crystals you can find.

Benefits Of Green Crystals

There is something soothing about the energy that green crystals provide. From bright yellowy-green scorched grass to the deep, dark emerald tones of the forest, green is one of the most dominant colors in nature.

Because of this connection, often, green has an association with calmness and serenity. This can help us feel connected to the earth.

This ecological connection also makes green color of vitality and growth. Which can help with recharging and cleansing our souls.

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In terms of crystals, the color green is associated with the heart chakra. This is arguably one of the most important chakras when it comes to love, compassion, trust, hope, and healing.

The color green also has deep rooted symbolism of luck. The four-leaf clover is a universal symbol of luck. As a green plant, this helps to establish green as a lucky color.

In addition, green has connotations of wealth and prosperity. People believe that if someone wears green on any given day the likelihood of them being rich and successful increases.

This is why green is often worn by those who want to attract money and success into their lives.

Physical Healing

Because of its connection with heart chakra, people think that green crystals have a myriad of physical health and healing properties.

Green gemstones will bring an abundance of health to your cardiovascular system. It will strengthen your heart, lungs, and respiratory system to help you breathe deeper and clearer.

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These glistening green gems can also offer your body a burst of vitality. If you find that you often struggle with low energy, lethargy, and a seemingly weak immune system, the green crystals can give you a renewed sense of strength.

Where they bring us energy, green gemstones can also help us with rest. For those that find their anxiety keeps them awake as they toss and turn during the night, green crystals can be useful to encourage deep restorative sleep.

By calming our conscious mind, these crystals help our bodies recover, which is important for our overall health and wellbeing.

Green crystals is also effective to detoxify our bodies. This can help eliminate toxins in our digestive systems, clear mucus and phlegm out of respiratory tracts. It can also minimize the appearance of pores and blemishes on our skin.

Soul Healing

Open your heart and soul to the light, love, and healing that green crystals offer.

Being openly trusting will allow green gemstones to release any stagnant energy that may be weighing on your heart. By so doing, you will be able to overcome heartbreak and issues with mistrust. It will also help you overcome any other feelings of sadness that you have been carrying around.

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Allowing your heart chakra to relieve itself carrying around these heavy troubles will allow love to enter your heart chamber once more. This will result to a more happy and hopeful feelings. Letting go of bitter behaviors will attract good, positive people and things into our lives.

Green crystals are known for cleansing and purifying our emotions. So, don’t feel afraid to use them if you are harboring negative feelings such as anger, resentment, jealousy, and greed. To move forward we need to let go of the hurtful past.


If you engage with energy from green gemstones, you will begin to see a difference in the quality of your connections and relationships almost instantly.

Green crystals raise your spirits, which means that they help you connect with partners who match your energy. They also help to rekindle the flames of fiery connections that may have started to die down.

When it comes to love, there’s so much good energy in green gemstones. It will help you build beautiful bonds rooted in trust. It can make you feel secure so that you don't become a victim of insecurity and jealousy.

More generally, they will encourage you to be more open to love, friendships, connections, and communications. These bonds are what build inner strength.


Green is a color that often has an association with money and wealth. This makes green gemstones a symbol of abundance and prosperity. Using glittering green gems will bring you scores of success and luck.

By helping us to focus on wealth, green gemstones will stimulate our minds and hearts to seek ways to increase our financial stability.

This is because when we think about money, we tend to focus on its material form rather than its spiritual meaning.

We should always remember that money is just a tool; it doesn’t define us or determine our worth. It simply helps us to express ourselves.

But it’s not just in terms of finances that green gems can offer us wealth and success. Green gems will keep you energized and focused. When it comes to projects, ideas, and work, it can give you the kick you need to achieve your goals.

Wealth comes to us in a myriad of ways, and green gemstones can re-establish a connection to nature. This can send a wave of energy rippling through your body.

Green Crystals You Should Use Every Day

From the deep, luscious forest green shades, to softer, ethereal tones, there are tons of different green crystals that can help with all of your deepest desires. Which gems you are drawn to, however, will vary from person to person.

This is because it is a personal choice, and you will choose gems based on the wisdom and guidance that you feel like you’ll need.

Each green gem has its power - whereas some deepen connections to nature, and nurture love, others bring material gain, success, and luck.

Find gemstones that call out to you and what parts of your mind, body, and soul need a surge of energy.

Green Jade

Centuries of history surrounding this precious rock is what have cemented Jade as one of the most powerful stones around.

This stone carries the energy of the Earth and provides comforting and nurturing energy that will uplift and soothe.

Jade will bring an abundance of nature into your life, which not only helps with your wellbeing but provides physical prosperity.

light green crystals

The energy it radiates encourages you to slow down and just enjoy being alive - take some time to smell the flowers now and again.

Whether business or pleasure, Jade will attract wealth, prosperity, personal fortune, and joy. With this abundance of luck comes a higher level of self-confidence, and the stone’s positive energy will help protect you against misery and misfortune.

The boost in confidence that Jade provides will help you get over any blocks that are driven by fear which may be holding you back.

Jade is also highly valued in Chinese culture. Historically, it was thought that Jade possessed mystical powers that we're able to ward off evil.

For centuries people in China have worn Jade as a talisman to protect them from dark forces and negative energies.

Green Amethyst

Prasiolite, also known as Green Amethyst, is a heat treated form of Amethyst. This mystical stone acts as a bridge between the heart chakra, solar plexus chakra, and the third eye and crown chakras.

This makes Green Amethyst the perfect tool for aligning the body, mind, and spirit into a whole.

Green Crystals

If you find that you are way more loving in a theoretical sense than a practical sense, then Green Amethyst can help bridge the gap and translate your spiritual growth into real life peace and compassion.

Amethyst will activate your heart chakra as the leader of both your thoughts and actions.

Green Amethyst can awaken the heart and place it as the center of your human experience. By enabling your “heart vision”, you will be able to see beyond the flaws and failings of others, and instead focus on their spirit - this is how deep compassion is established.


Like the cat’s eye, Peridot glistens, and this precious gemstone radiates nothing but positive energy.

They’re known for bringing peace, harmony, and understanding, and these gorgeous crystals protect against negative energies.

If you are looking for a way to clear away stress, anxiety, and worry, then the Peridot can be your saving grace. In times of stress and anxiousness, you can call upon the Peridot to settle your worries.

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Green Crystals

Keep it out of sight and close to your heart, as this is where your emotions reside.

This beautiful, vibrant stone shares its color with the first shoots of green life in Spring, bringing with it an abundance of joy that will bring your mind, body, and soul into alignment.

This sparkling stone is also the birthstone of the Leo zodiac (July 23rd - August 22nd). Wearing this stone can help enhance the personality of Leo, as it works on both the positive and negative traits of these individuals.


The gorgeous green Garnet is an uncommon variety of this precious stone and is amongst the finest of all green gems.

Overflowing with vitality, Garnet was said to be the only light that burst through the darkness on Noah’s Ark, and it became a symbol of hope. Because of this lore, Garnet has become a traveler’s talisman across the world which guides and protects.


Known for strengthening bonds between bonds, Garnets can help you find common ground when socializing. It is also known to bring love, affection, and happiness, as it encourages feelings of kindness, compassion, and forgiveness.

They’re also said to be excellent gems for attracting money. If you want to attract financial success, Garnets are a great option, as they are known to increase your capacity to receive blessings and help you manifest your dreams.

Green Tourmaline

The soft and soothing shades of green Tourmaline help balance both your spiritual nature and physical power. Tourmaline sends ripples of courage and calm throughout your soul, bringing with it a sense of self-confidence and peace.

The gorgeous Tourmaline is used to bring a burst of creativity in which you can manifest and bring to reality all of your dreams and ambitions. Known to improve focus, the Tourmaline keeps you on task so that you achieve what needs to be done.

Green Tourmaline

The stones are also known to promote health, vitality, and longevity. Considered an excellent grounding stone, Tourmaline can be used to balance the nervous system with its soothing energy.

Tourmaline is also considered to be a powerful tool for overcoming addictions. They are thought to help eliminate cravings and reduce compulsive behaviors.

Green Aventurine

Nicknamed the gambler's stone, the Aventurine is a gemstone you want tucked in your pocket for luck. A form of quartz, this gem is cool to the touch, which hints as to what type of energy it brings.

Though it’s considered a lucky talisman, Aventurine’s deeper purpose is to help us recognize and release old habits and patterns so that we can seek out new opportunities that will help us grow and develop confidence.

Green Aventurine

Not only does it bring an abundance of change and good fortune into your life, but Green Aventurine also helps you to reclaim what you have lost.

Whether this is loss of love, fortune, or passion, Aventurine brings back what has slipped through your fingers.


Like the sly snake, the Serpentine gemstone reminds us of how important it is to shed our skin and habits so that we can embrace our new self. This earth-oriented crystal connects us with the natural world so that we can embody our true nature.

As the serpent symbolizes transformation and rebirth by releasing its skin to reveal a new version of themselves, the Serpentine crystal resonates with the rhythm of cyclical change that can be found in nature.


This inspires us to embrace new changes and growth that are happening in our lives. Serpentine is also associated with the heart chakra, and its regenerative energy is thought to help us increase our life force on all levels.

As we become resilient and flexible like the serpent, the Serpentine also priests our hearts and emotions.


Amazonite, the stone of the Amazon warriors, brings a sense of personal power, truth, and confidence to its wearer.

As a symbol of authenticity, Amazonite will do all that it can to connect to what your heart truly wants. It will break down any big feeling that may overwhelm, into more manageable, bite-sized pieces.


Through harmonizing different motivations and interests, Amazonite will bring the truth to light, but without emotionality. This will enable you to see the other point of view without being clouded by your emotions.

Amazonite is an excellent gemstone to use during meditation as it works to clarify inner conflicts and confusion to bring you a sense of inner peace.


Known as the ‘Guardian Stone’, Malachite is the protector of your strength and willpower. Its energy enables you to access your inner power so that you can be protected from any negative influences, feelings, and energies.

As a protector, Malachite will keep you alert, so that you will always be able to sense any impending danger. It also acts with a sort of protective luck, which increases the chances of you avoiding ‘wrong place, wrong time’ scenarios.


As a mentor, Malachite will help you see yourself in a balanced way, which will enable you to see your shortcomings in a way where you’ll be able to improve them, rather than seeing them as a failure.

If you find that you give away too much of your time to other people’s problems, Malachite will help you realize that you need to make yourself a priority and that other people should manage themselves.

Green Agate

If your decision making skills need an improvement, then welcome the power of Green Agate into your life. This stone helps you to become more flexible when it comes to your emotional feelings, which can help you stay level headed when needing to make important decisions.

This precious gemstone can give you a helping hand when you feel like you’re having a hard time achieving your goals and reaching success, then you can draw upon the power of the Agate to help you.

Green Agate

It is also said that Green Agate has strong healing powers, which is perfect for those who have trouble getting over an illness, or are feeling lethargic.

Agate is also thought to help those who are struggling with addiction. Agate will provide you with the strength to help you fight back against the urges.

This protective stone also heals emotional wounds, as it helps us find closure on old traumas and issues that are impacting our development and growth.

How To Use Green Crystals

For these glistening green gemstones, it’s important to use them in both a spiritual and tactile way. One of the simplest ways of doing this is to keep them close to your skin, especially near your heart.

Wearing crystals around your neck and close to your heart will allow for the vibrations in your body to sync up with the vibrations of your crystal.

This will send ripples of good energy across every nerve in your body, helping to clear your chakra, protect your aura, and elevate your well-being.

You can also use green crystals as meditation tools so that you can manually cleanse your aura and align your chakras. Placing crystals under your pillow as you sleep will also help you to relax, and drift away in peace.

What Other Color Crystals Can You Use With Green Crystals?

As a heart chakra healer, green crystals work in harmony with pink gemstones as they both complement each other’s powers. Soft pink gems like Rhodonite and Rose Quartz make a perfect match for green stones/

Clear Quartz will also amplify the energy that green gemstones provide, which is perfect if you want to increase the power of your gems without interfering with their energies.

Black gems are another great gem color to partner with green crystals as they provide protection. Black crystals can also act as a shield for those who are apprehensive about opening their hearts.

Final Thoughts

For those who want to live enriched, joyful, and balanced lives, then using green crystals can help recharge and realign our minds, bodies, and souls.

These gemstones will protect against negative or evil energies, bring joy and energy to those feeling down-and-out, and can instill confidence as we rid ourselves of unhealthy habits in favor of growth.

The connection between green and nature encourages growth, vitality, and abundance, and these can all be amplified by the use of crystals.

Whichever crystal you choose to guide you through life’s arduous moments, make sure that it resonates with your wants and needs, so that you can transform into the person you were truly meant to be.

Give The Green Light - A Guide To Light Green Crystals