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The Ultimate Guide To The Extraordinary Meanings of The Color Orchid

Orchid is one of the colors inspired by the natural world - it is named after a flower that blooms in a similar shade and it is part of the X11 Web Colors.

The earliest record of the word Orchid being used to refer to the color comes from England in 1915.

Orchid is a vivid shade of Purple that many confuse as a shade of Pink. Both Pink and Purple carry heavy spiritual significance for many across the world.

Orchid's Meanings In Different Cultures

There are many different things that affect our view on a color - our personal experiences, where we were born, the people who raised us, and much more.

Like most other colors, Orchid and other shades of Purple are held with different significance across the globe and in different religions.

Orchid's Meanings In Different Cultures

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Here is what Orchid means across the world:

In Judaism, Orchid is often related to one's relationship with God, his judgment, and his forgiveness.

For the most parts of the world, Purple and its shades (including Orchid) are the colors of royalty.

Egyptian considers Purple as a virtuous color.

Orchid's Meanings In The Bible

There are many different shades of Purple mentioned in the Bible - the shade Orchid was not named until 1915, so while older translations of the Bible do not mention the shade, newer translations do.

The shade Orchid is used interchangeably with the shade Lilac in the Bible. It is often used when talking about God's love for his people. Especially, when talking about how he watches over his followers and how he continues to protect them.

Purple is referred to as the color of protection and judgment in the Old Testament.

Orchid's Psychological Meanings

How does the color Orchid make you feel when you look at it?

The way we relate to Orchid and other shades of Purple are influenced by ways of thinking that are much older than us. Culture, trade, religion, and spirituality affect how we see it.

A lot of countries associate shades of Purple with riches, luxury, and royalty - this is because Purple dye was hard to make and expensive to buy before the industrial revolution.

It is said that it took over 10,000 shellfish to make 1 gram of purple dye and the average dress needed 20 grams of dye. That means one dress would require hundreds of hours of work to make.

Orchid - Meanings Of The Colours That Make Up Orchid

Orchid is a shade of Purple that looks nearly Pink, and it requires Red, Blue, and White to be mixed.

The color Orchid has many meanings of its own, but it is also tied to the meanings of the shades that make it - as well as the meanings of the color Purple.

If you strongly relate Orchid to the color Pink then you may also notice that it shares a lot of meanings with that color too.


Red is the color of love, anger, and lust. It is the color of blood. And Red is the color of wine.


Red is also the color of strength. It is the color of kings and empires. Red is the color of fire. It is the color of Autumn leaves. It is also one of the colors of the sunset.

Red is associated with the Root Chakra which grounds us in real life - it is the home of strength, safety, and comfort.

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Red is a very powerful color.


Blue is the color of the water. It is the color of the sky. It is the color of sadness and it is the color of forgiveness.


Blue is also the color of healing. It is the color of fresh starts and endless possibilities. It is a creative color and the color of wild ideas.

In Hinduism, Blue is an auspicious color. It is the color of the gods and the holiest men. For the Celts, blue was the color of the god's blessings, it was the color of good luck, and it was the color of bravery.

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White is an interesting color - it is the color that we associate with light and with purity. However, white light is made up of a combination of all of the other colors.

White is an important color in Christianity. It is associated with the doves of peace. With the washing away of sin. Also with angels. With fresh starts and with much more.

White is often associated with virginity and purity. This is while women wore white on their wedding days and why many holy men wore white.

White is also the color of harsh winters - of snow, of ice, and of a barren field.


Pink is the color of flesh. It is the color we see in both sunrises and sunsets. A color of innocence and purity. It is the color of blushing cheeks.

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Pink is also believed to be a feminine color but it once represented masculinity. Pink is the color of lips. It is a color of love. It is the color of hedonism.

Pink is a color that we associate with Spring, with rebirth, and with new beginnings. Pink is a soft and pure color that brings happiness to many.


Purple is the color of royalty - from Africa to the UK, and all around the world. It is the color of bravery. It is the color of sweetness - many people associate it with chocolate and other sweet treats.


Purple is the color of immortality and new life in the West. It is the color of rest. Purple is the color of sleep and of rest. It is the color of spirit and of pride. Purple is the color of flowers blooming in the fields.

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Purple is the color of joy. It is the color of Early Spring, Deep Summer, and even the start of Fall.

Orchid's Physical Meanings

Looking at a color can affect the way we feel physically - Orchid is not the only color that can do this, but it does have a strong effect on many people.

Orchid can be used to foster creativity and boost the imagination. If you are struggling with writer's block - try surrounding yourself with purple crystals or candles.

Orchid's Physical Meanings

Orchid is both a calming color and a color that inspires bravery. It is a color you can turn to when you are nervous about a new situation.

Orchid is also an enlightening color.

Orchid's Personality

Orchid is a color with a distinct personality.

It contains elements from both Purple and Pink. It is a calming but reassuring color like Purple. But it is a playful and emotional color like Pink. Orchid is a soft color that evokes feelings of fresh starts.

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The personality of the color is also associated with the plant. The plant is often gifted when people move into a new home or take a new job. The flowers are high maintenance but with the right treatment, they can produce beautiful results.

The Orchid family is the second-largest flowering plant family.

Orchids - Shades of Orchid and Related Shades

Orchid sits between the colors of Pink and Purple - and people often disagree about which category it falls into. But it is technically a vivid shade of Purple.

There are 5 shades of Orchid:

Orchid (HEX #DA70D6)

Wild Orchid (HEX #D470A2)

Orchid Pink (HEX #F2BDCD)

Dark Orchid (HEX #9932CC)

Dark Pink/ PerBang (HEX #B300A3)

Here is some more information on a few Orchid shades, as well as some closely related shades of Pink and Purple.

Wild Orchid / Medium Pink

HEX #D470A2

RGB 212, 112, 162

CMYK 0, 47, 24, 17

China Rose

HEX #A8516E

RGB 168, 81, 110

CMYK 0, 52, 35, 34

Orchid Pink


RGB 242, 189, 205

CMYK 0, 22, 15, 5


Hex #BCA7E8

RGB 188, 167, 232

CMYK 19, 28, 0, 9

Orchid's Relation To The Chakras

The color Orchid is not related to one specific Chakra, however, it does overlap 2 - The Crown Chakra and The Third Eye Chakra.

The Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra is associated with the color Purple.

It is the Chakra that controls fulfillment, knowledge, spirituality, and consciousness. It can be found at the top of the head.

The Third Eye Chakra

The Third Eye Chakra is perhaps the most famous of the 7 Chakras. It is associated with the color Blue.

It makes it possible for us to trust, gain lucidity, meditate, and use our intuition.

Orchid Gemstones

There a three gemstones and crystals that the color Orchid is associated with - Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, and Amethysts.


Amethysts traditionally come in Violet or Orchid. They are powerful crystals that are typically used for healing and to aid intuition

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is one of the most useful and powerful crystals out there. Everyone should own at least one Clear Quartz crystal. They are used for amplifying and cleansing other crystals.

Clear Quartz

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is used in a different way to its clear sister. It is tied to the Heart Chakra and can aid in spiritual and emotional healing. It pairs well with Clear Quartz and Amethyst.

Rose Quartz

Orchid Facts

The color Orchid was first used in England in 1915. It was inspired by the petals of the plant with the same name. The plant is not native to England but was very popular with the Victorians and the subsequent generations.

There are over 28,000 different species of orchids and they bloom in nearly every color - including white and black. There are twice as many species of orchids in the world than there are species of fish.

Quotes About The Color Orchid And Orchids

"What is the pattern that connects the crab to the lobster and the primrose to the orchid, and all of them to me, and me to you?"

-- Gregory Bateson

"Hope is like one of those orchids that grow around toxic waste: lovely in itself - and an assertion, if you like, of indefatigable good - but a sure sign that something nasty lies underneath."

-- Rachel Cusk

"The orchid is Mother Nature's masterpiece."

-- Robyn

"When speech comes from a quiet heart, it has the strength of the orchid and the fragrance of rock."

-- Stephen Mitchell

Orchid hunting is a mortal occupation.

-- Susan Orlean

Orchid Idioms

Many colors are used in Idioms across many languages.

Orchid, however, is a fairly new color and not used in many sayings or phrases around the world.

The only Idiom that uses the word Orchid actually refers to the flower. The phrase "worth a bunch of orchids" refers to someone who has done something worthy of praise and reward.

Will we see new Idioms involving the color be invented soon?


"The graceful and eloquent orchid epitomizes love, luxury, strength, and beauty"

– Unknown

Orchid is a fascinating color that looks like it could be a shade of Pink but is actually a vivid shade of Purple. It holds elements of both colors as well as has its own identity.

Orchid is a new color that was first named in 1915 and was made popular after the creation of the world wide web. It is an important color in all the major religions and represents multiple Chakras.

It is a color of solidarity, bravery, passion, and forgiveness.

The Ultimate Guide To The Extraordinary Meanings of The Color Orchid