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Peach Moonstone: Meanings and Crystal Properties and Benefits

Peach Moonstone, as the name suggests, is a type of Moonstone that is predominantly peach in color. It is also found in other hues such as light peach or pink, tan brown, and/or reddish-orange. This gemstone is a variety of potassium aluminum silicate feldspar. It has higher aluminum contents within the feldspar's chemical makeup, which leads to the crystals changing color. The soft peach color of this gamestone comes from the titanium dioxide mixed in with the feldspar.

Peach Moonstone: Meanings and Crystal Properties and Benefits

Moonstones are considered to be the stone of sudden inspiration and of new beginnings. This stone is considered a stone of the goddess and has long been linked to the moon and lunar cycles. As it is closely associated with the moon, it extracts its power from the moonlight and helps you move through different stages of your life with elegance.

A powerful talisman, it represents the feminine side of the divine power that connects and binds the world. It also has an association with the tides and the subconscious. The Peach Moonstone is a beautiful healing crystal that has excellent healing properties. This powerful gemstone can help you with emotional stability, helps in tackling stress and anxiety, and bring peace.

Peach Moonstone and Chakras

Peach Moonstone Meaning and Symbolism

Peach Moonstone is a beautiful gemstone that shares the same divine feminine energies as other varieties of Moonstones but provides you with a special connection between your heart and your solar plexus. Moonstone is a crown chakra crystal strongly connected with love, hope, protection, fertility, intuition, magic, and spiritual purity.

While this crystal increases your sensitivity to the feminine divine and heightens your intuition, it also provides you with many healing properties. Peach Moonstone opens you up to your psychic gifts, assists in accepting love, opens your heart to empathy, and calms and encourages you as it teaches you the natural rhythms of life. It helps tackle your sleep problems and aids in unambiguous dreaming.

Peach Moonstone Meaning of in Legends

Peach Moonstones have a rich history and much folklore associated with them. This stone is associated with Hindu, Greek & Roman mythology. In all the mythologies, moonstones have a connection with the lunar deities.

According to Hindu folklore, Moonstones are considered sacred stones and were believed to have been embedded in the forehead of Chandra, the God of the moon, since the beginning of time. It is believed that the stone on Chandra’s forehead used to grow dimmer or gain more brightness with the waning and waxing of the moon, thus getting the name “Moonstone”.

In Roman mythology, it is believed that moonstones were formed from the solidified rays of the moon. For the Romans, moonstones were much treasured as they believed that moonstones contained the image of the Moon Goddess, Diana, who could empower love, wealth, and wisdom upon the bearer of this powerful gemstone.

In ancient Greece, Moonstone was also known as “Aphroselene.” This name was a combination of the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, and the Goddess of the Moon, Selene.

Cleanse Peach Moonstone

Peach Moonstone Meaning as a Birthstone, Zodiac Sign, and Symbolism

The tumbled peach moonstone is a stone of the feminine divine and is also known as an aphrodisiac. This stone is significantly associated with love as it arouses tender passion. It is believed that when two people wear peach moonstones, they will fall passionately in love with each other during the high moon.

Peach Moonstones are also believed to provide their bearer with the power to foresee their future (especially in the case of lovers) and bring them good fortune. Moonstone was also considered a Travelers’ Stone, as it protected those traveling at night, especially at sea.

This fantastic crystal is associated with the Soma Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, and the Solar Plexus. It vibrates to the number 4 and has Water, metal, and earth as its elements.

Peach Moonstone is the mystical birthstone of June and is associated with the Zodiacs- Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, and Pisces, the water sign zodiacs, as one of the elements of this stone is Water. The tumbled peach moonstone is also an accepted gemstone for the 13th Wedding Anniversary, thus making it an ideal gifting option for those celebrating 13 years of marriage.

Peach Moonstone Meaning

Peach Moonstone Healing Properties and Benefits

Moonstones, including Peach Moonstone, have many healing properties. This stone is said to have a great connection with the goddess energy and can benefit women for a variety of reasons. This stone can be a soothing stone for reducing cramps and hormonal imbalance. It can also help overcome fertility issues, boost circulation, improve immunity, and ease menstrual problems. Peach Moonstone works particularly well for pregnant women and babies. The relaxing energy of the tumbled peach moonstone can help release muscle tension and relieve stress and anxiety.

Peach Moonstone Emotional Healing

Peach Moonstone is an excellent stone to have while dealing with emotional turmoil. The emotional healing properties of this stone increase your body's energy flow, giving you the courage, fortitude, and resources you need to effectively address your emotional challenges. Peach Moonstone is also known to be a stone of new beginnings and fresh starts and will help you to connect to your higher self and help you become the best version of yourself.

Meditation is an excellent tool for emotional healing, and you can benefit significantly from the metaphysical properties of this healing crystal during meditation. It will help enhance your imagination and creativity and help you express yourself with freedom.

Peach Moonstone Spiritual Healing

Peach Moonstones are healing crystals that boost spiritual growth and nourish emotions. This stone has a spiritual connection to the moon and brings hope and new beginnings. This excellent crystal is a bearer of good luck and enhances your intuitive powers and spiritual knowledge.

Peach Moonstones shine brightly, illuminate your dreams and visions, and help you create a more straightforward path for yourself, moving forward in different stages of your life. This crystal has the ability to activate the Kundalini Serpent, which inspires you to explore tantric sexuality as a mode of worship and to attain spiritual connection. This is an excellent stone that encourages synchronicities and serendipity and also bolsters lucid dreaming.

Peach Moonstone Metaphysical Properties

You can use Peach Moonstone as a jewelry product or carry it around in your pocket or purse. It can be used in necklaces or bracelets. Wearing a peach moonstone bracelet on your left hand can help you with your creativity, while wearing it on your right hand can help you establish healthy communication with others. Gently rubbing this stone during stressful or uncertain times can give you a soothing effect.

Places and Location

Having Peach Moonstone in your surroundings is a great way to reap its benefits. You can place it anywhere in your home or your workplace. This will make your environment much more beautiful and relaxing. At home, you can place your Peach Moonstone in a crystal bowl or in the eastern sector, but the best place to keep your gemstone is in the southwest corner of your home.

When you have Peach Moonstones at your home or work, it will have a calming effect on your mind and body. This will help you to relax at home. This crystal can help you sleep better. You can deal with insomnia and nightmares, and will also be able understand the complex dreams better by placing your Peach Moonstone under your pillow while you sleep. Having this crystal in your bedroom to balance your emotions and create harmony. Placing Peach Moonstone at your workplace can help you be more productive at work. It will keep you focused and alert, and help you be your best self.

Peach Moonstone Spiritual Healing

Peach Moonstone and Chakras

Peach Moonstone can be associated with multiple chakras. This stone arouses the Heart and Crown Chakras.

Peach Moonstone is a wonderful gemstone that supports the heart and fills it with love. The Heart Chakra is positioned at the center of the chest, and this chakra is the most well connected with your emotions and infuses you with love.

When your Heart Chakra is balanced, you'll open yourself up to all sorts of fresh opportunities. Additionally, it helps you grow from your mistakes and heals the wounds of the past. The heart chakra, or the chakra of caring. Forgiving and being forgiven will become possible.

You can find the Crown Chakra at the very peak of your head. It's the source of your innate smarts. The Crown Chakra governs your ability to access and direct your innate wisdom, and it is linked to feelings of enlightenment and happiness. It has to do with your religion or spirituality and the divine. If your Crown Chakra is out of whack, you won't be able to think clearly and will feel emotionally distant.

Peach Moonstone is also linked to the sacral chakra which is connected to fertility and creativity. Unblocking this chakra will improve your self-confidence and overall well-being. It will also lead to improved sex life.

Peach Moonstone and Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, Peach Moonstone allows energy flow in your home. It is considered a “water” stone that helps increase the feminine energy in your home and will attract love and happiness into your life. Tumbled Peach Moonstone will also help in solving problems in your home that are akin to a lack of feminine energy.

Best Crystals to Combine with Peach Moonstone

You can pair peach moonstones with different crystals to bring out the best from it. Below are some of the best crystals to combine your peach moonstone with.

  • Combining Peach Moonstone with Rainbow Moonstone will let you achieve mental clearness and protect your soul from all sorts of negative energies, while also activating spiritual connection and transformation. For both men and women, Peach Moonstone is also believed to be a source of love and feminine energy.
  • When you pair Peach Moonstone and Labradorite, your intuition will get sharpened and your creativity will get increased. Both Peach Moonstone and Labradorite have strong metaphysical properties, and the combination of these crystals can help you discover yourself and connect you to better realms so that you can benefit from the power of these crystals. The combination of these two gems can help you change your old behaviors and habits.
  • Combination of Amethyst and Peach Moonstone can be a very useful tool if you like to boost your fertility in all aspects of life. If you are trying for a child then this combination can be of great help. Amethyst can help you deal with emotional instability and stress while trying to conceive, while Peach Moonstone will bring calm and peace to you.
  • Pairing Peach Moonstone with Sunstone can lead you to a healthier lifestyle. This combination will fill you with joy and will encourage you to be independent. The combination of these crystals will also inspire you to take control of your life by encouraging you to set goals and work hard to achieve them. It will also balance, vitality, and other lively energies in your life, and will fill you with positive emotional patterns and strength.
Peach Moonstone Stone

How to Cleanse Peach Moonstone

In order to extract the most from your Peach Moonstone you need to cleanse and charge it on a regular basis. There are numerous ways in which you can clean your Peach Moonstones. Below are the lists of a few of those ways-

Soak it in Water

You can simply place your peach moonstone in a bowl of water with sea salt and leave it overnight. Remove the stone from the bowl in the morning and dry it off with a towel, which will cleanse your stone of any negative energies that your stone might have absorbed.

You can also choose to wash your peach moonstone under the clean and clear water of a stream or use warm soapy water and can use a soft bristled brush if necessary.


If you do not prefer using salt to cleanse your crystal then you can choose to smudge it with Palo Santo wood or with Sage Smudge Stick. In this technique, you need to light your stick and let the smoke from the stick clear all the negative energies.

Bathing your Peach Moonstone in Sunlight

Another way to cleanse your Peach Moonstone is to place it directly under sunlight. The sun’s energy will help cleanse and charge your crystal.

Bathing your Peach Moonstone in Moonlight

Placing your crystal under the moon’s light will allow you to cleanse and charge it.

Peach Moonstone Meaning

Final Thoughts

A warm and bright stone, the Peach Moonstone is a crystal that has a strong connection to the moon and lunar cycles. This stone inspires you to be more accepting of receiving blessings and goodness. This stone is associated with the lunar deities and enhances feminine energies. This is a powerful gemstone that is associated with fertility and childbirth.

Peach Moonstone is a great stone for lovers as it enhances love and also leads to improved sex life. It is a stone of intuition and can help to calm your emotions. This is a positive stone that negates all the negative energies and guides you to perceive the positive in all situations. This amazing crystal brightens visions and dreams and can bring about peace, good fortune, and spirituality in your life.

Peach Moonstone: Meanings and Crystal Properties and Benefits