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Explore The Spiritual Symbolism and Meaning of Mythical Creature Pegasus

Get ready to soar into the celestial realm of Pegasus, where you can discover profound insights, totemic wisdom, and hidden symbolism.

Gracing a special place in the tapestry of spiritual symbolism, this mythical and majestic winged horse embodies grace, inspiration, and creative power.



We will delve deeply into Pegasus's symbolism in this exploration, providing insights that go beyond the ethereal appearance of the figure.

We'll show you how Pegasus can function as a totem animal, including the obstacles it can help you overcome, the acts it motivates, and the life-changing opportunities it presents to those who welcome it.

Prepare to soar with the wisdom of Pegasus and delve into the full breadth of its totemic influence and symbolism.


Key Takeaways

  • Winged Equine Symbolism: Pegasus's symbolizes grace and freedom.
  • Bellerophon And Heroic Tales: Pegasus is linked to heroism and tamed by Bellerophon.
  • Aegis Of The Muses: Associated with the Muses, Pegasus embodies inspiration.
  • Flight And Aspiration: Wings represent the pursuit of lofty goals.
  • Symbol Of Wisdom And Divine Connection: Pegasus signifies wisdom and a divine link.
  • Symbol Of Springs And Wells: Connected to the creation of the Hippocrene spring.
  • Representation In Constellations: The constellation Pegasus is named after the mythical horse.

How Does A Pegasus Represent Spirit And What Does It Mean As A Totem Animal?

As a Spirit and Totem Animal, the Pegasus carries deep meanings and potent symbolism.

Pegasus is a Spirit Animal that encourages us to pursue our creative and imaginative potential by symbolizing the source of inspiration and creativity that resides within each of us.

It represents a yearning for autonomy and freedom and inspires us to overcome obstacles and break free from constraints.

Pegasus also represents personal metamorphosis, helping us to broaden our horizons and achieve new heights in life.


Pegasus Represent Spirit

As a Totem Animal, Pegasus encourages us to see the big picture and pursue our creative goals by highlighting the value of imagination and vision.

It inspires us to set high standards for ourselves and have faith in our ability to reach them because it personifies the spirit of ambition.

Pegasus also represents a link to the divine, serving as a reminder of our spiritual compass and the hallowed path of self-discovery.

Pegasus carries the wisdom of embracing creativity, chasing our dreams, and reaching for the endless sky on its majestic wings.

Pegasus Significance And Interpretation: Uncovering The Ethereal Wings Of Inspiration

  • Pegasus, resembling a horse, holds profound symbolic significance, embodying the essence of the horse with a connection to 'as above, so below.'
  • This majestic creature symbolizes the pursuit of ideals and the highest aspirations in the heavens, offering stability and security on Earth.
  • Pegasus encompasses attributes of magic, clarity of mind, and focus, and signifies the transient nature of transitions.
  • Renowned for its faith in Zeus, Pegasus played a crucial role in obtaining lightning and thunder from Mount Olympus.
  • A significant figure among the Muses, Pegasus is a steadfast companion in the battle against the Chimera, representing charisma, valor, fire, leadership, and the arts.
  • Devotion to Zeus earned Pegasus a place among the everlasting constellations, inspiring poetry, knowledge, and creativity throughout history.
  • Legend holds that Pegasus's hoof strike can release springs bringing inspiration and serenity to those who drink from them.
  • Deeply rooted in Greek and Roman mythology, Pegasus appears in tales like Prometheus and Hercules' trials, with its white hue signifying elegance and purity.
  • Conversely, a black Pegasus's symbolizes the profound mysteries of the vast Universe, reminding us of its immensity beyond comprehension.
Wings Of Inspiration


Pegasus: Your Free-Spirited, Imaginative, And Imaginative Goddess

The Pegasus, as a spirit animal, can manifest in your life for various meaningful reasons.

This majestic creature may herald clairvoyance, sensitively tracking your emotions as you encounter its spirit. It is drawn to those in need of strength, healing, or a boost in virility.

The Pegasus may softly whisper the virtues of faithfulness and devotion embodying the essence of a warrior spirit animal, teaching lessons of bravery and courage.

This magnificent creature's wings represent a time in your life when you should be praying and receiving messages from the Divine or other Astral beings.

It acts as a reminder that there is hope when faced with difficulties. The Pegasus also leads deceased souls to heaven, where they may receive messages from friends or ancestors who have passed away.

The Pegasus is the ultimate Muse for poets, stimulating and nourishing creative energies so that writing meaningful prose comes naturally to them.

In addition to being Zeus' horse, Pegasus can shield you by encircling you in its wings, giving you a sense of security and confidence that you will not falter.

Your Totem Animal Is Pegasus: Reaching High Standards Of Achievement

  • Individuals born with the Pegasus's totem are rare and unique, possessing the ability to uplift others with imparted old wisdom.
  • They express creativity through music, writing, or painting, driven by a sincere artistic passion, and prioritize humility over grandiosity.
  • Valuing beauty, those with the Pegasus totem often exhibit intuition and occasional telepathic abilities, excelling in roles such as healers, environmentalists, or artists.
  • While longing for celestial heights, they may struggle to stay grounded and occasionally lose touch with reality, requiring them to rediscover their sense of self.
  • Remarkably adaptable, individuals with Pegasus's totems can stand out or blend into the background depending on the situation.
  • They are drawn to water and find solace in the calming sound of rolling thunderstorms, which metaphorically replenish their reserves when running low.
Totem Animal Is Pegasus


Pegasus: Your Ultimate Animal For Unprecedented Achievement And Motivation

As a power animal, the Pegasus shares traits with similar winged creatures. They gift us by knowing we can all reach the stars and they give us our freedom.

Unlike a lot of mythical creatures, the Pegasus doesn’t speak in riddles and rhymes and does not offer wise speeches.

The spirit guide instead offers its medicine through silences and resembles the ‘don’t do as I say, do as I do’ attitude.

The thunder and lightning that began when the Pegasus was born, relates to how he is the child of Poseidon and Medusa.

When he enters this world, he can empower those who invoke their energy and medicine with the courage and strength to achieve greatness.

Celtic Symbolism Of Pegasus: Imaginative Wings And Mythological Association

In Welsh tradition, there is a Goddess of Horses named Rhiannon. This sacred female inspires artists such as singers and poets.

She also helps to manifest dreams that promote goodness on Earth. The Goddess rides a very pale horse that usually has wings, however, this is not a Pegasus.

Inspiration And Divine Connection: The Spiritual Essence Of Pegasus

  • Spiritually, Pegasus's symbolizes the unrestrained life we are meant to live, encouraging us to embrace it without fear of judgment.
  • It invites us to envision life at its highest vibration, unlocking doors of possibility and prompting us to live authentically.
  • Living true to ourselves elevates our vibration, allowing us to soar through life like Pegasus, propelled by the wings of power and love.
  • Pegasus serves as a reminder that we are not just flesh and blood but also spirits, offering support for magical pursuits during spiritual development.
  • As a symbol of the creative spirit's power within, Pegasus represents the freedom inherent in joyful living and experiencing life fully.
  • Beyond that, Pegasus's signifies the immortality of the soul, acting as a protector and bearer of the spirit during spiritual journeys, ensuring safety and guidance.


Spiritual Essence Of Pegasus


Pegasus Symbolism In Mythology And Folklore: Tales Of Flight And Mystical Legends

Ancient legends and folklore feature a rich tapestry of symbolism surrounding Pegasus, the majestic winged horse of Greek mythology.

Pegasus, the sea god Poseidon's son and the daughter of the Gorgon Medusa, was born from his mother's severed head, symbolizing the emergence of inspiration from chaos.

Frequently regarded as a representation of liberty and transcendence, Pegasus's wings enable him to soar beyond the limitations of the physical world.

He acts as a divine messenger in various myths, bringing thunderbolts for Zeus or helping heroes like Bellerophon on their escapades.

Pegasus is associated with the arts and the quest for knowledge because of his connection to poetic inspiration.

Pegasus is now seen as a symbol of the triumph of the human spirit, the strength of dreams, and the ability to rise above challenges, making him a timeless and revered symbol.

Pegasus Symbolism In Art And Literature: The Muse Of Creativity And Freedom

Greek mythology's famous winged horse, Pegasus, has had a lasting influence on literature and art throughout history.

Pegasus is a common symbol of elegance, beauty, and the ethereal quality of inspiration in art. He frequently adorns the canvases of great painters and sculptors.

His graceful shape and wings have evolved into decorative elements that adorn innumerable pieces of art, signifying the quest for the extraordinary.

Pegasus has frequently served as a literary muse, inspiring tales of bravery, exploration and inventiveness.

His appearance in epic poems, like Homer's "Odyssey" and "Iliad," gives these ageless tales a mythological quality. Pegasus's symbolism is ageless.

Captivating artists and writers across time and cultural boundaries he acts as a constant reminder of the creative expression and imaginative power of the human spirit.

Pegasus In Native American Tradition

Since Native American mythology and folklore are distinct and separate, Pegasus, a figure from Greek mythology, is not frequently found in Native American traditions.

Deeply ingrained in their unique beliefs and histories, Native American cultures have their own rich and varied pantheon of animals and spirits.

Being a Greek mythological figure, Pegasus has no significance in Native American culture.

Rather, because of their deep ties to the natural world and their ancestry, Native American tribes each have their distinctive myths and spiritual beings that are significant to their cultures.

Pegasus in Japan: Bridging Imagination And Cultural Symbolism

Greek mythological figure Pegasus is not well-known in Japanese mythology or folklore.

The cultural narratives and traditions of Japan are intricately intertwined with the array of legendary creatures, gods, and spirits found in Japanese mythology, such as kitsune, tengu, and dragons.

Since Pegasus is not well-known in Japanese history or culture, it is not a familiar symbol in Japanese contexts.

Although they have certain themes in common with other mythologies, Japanese folklore and mythology mainly draw from their heritage; Pegasus is not included in their traditional tales or beliefs.

Pegasus In Feng Shui: Harnessing Symbolic Energies For Inspiration And Balance

In Feng Shui, Pegasus plays no particular role or significance. Feng Shui is a Chinese method of setting up the surroundings to encourage balance and harmony.

It is mainly concerned with the movement of energy, or "qi." It concentrates on details like furniture arrangement, color scheme, and item placement to maximize energy flow and foster a happy environment.

Chinese mythology and culture are the main sources of symbols, colors, and other elements used in Feng Shui.

Due to his Greek ancestry, Pegasus is not mentioned in conventional Feng Shui theories or methods. Practitioners of Feng Shui usually use Chinese symbols and ideas instead of those from other civilizations.


Pegasus Meaning In The Bible: Unveiling Symbolism And Interpretation

The Bible makes no explicit reference to or definition of Pegasus. The Bible is a religious book that contains allegories, tales, and symbols unique to it.

Greek mythology gave rise to Pegasus, who does not appear in the biblical story.

On the other hand, some might see parallels between Pegasus's imagery and the appearance of winged beings in biblical tales, such as angels, cherubim, or seraphim.

Nevertheless, it's crucial to remember that these are separate ideas with biblical interpretations.

Pegasus Dream Interpretation: Decoding The Messages Of Soaring Dreams

Dream-Theme Interpretation
Creativity Encourages unlocking creative potential.
Guidance Suggests following inner guidance and intuition.
Inspiration Serves as a reminder to follow your dreams.
  • Dreaming of Pegasus or encountering the creature in meditation signifies opening up to extraordinary possibilities and manifesting childhood dreams.
  • Pegasus's acts as a guide, bringing forth the essence to liberate your spirit and turn childhood dreams into reality.
  • The creature urges you to uncover and manifest those childhood dreams by suspending beliefs that don't support them.
  • Accessing your superpower requires transporting yourself to the realm of possibility and belief, escaping the ordinary for the extraordinary.
  • A visit from Pegasus's dream prompts you to rise above obstacles and fulfill the dreams you had as a child.
  • The totem energy of Pegasus's dream emphasizes the power of childhood dreams, granting the freedom to make them possible.
  • Like Pegasus's striking land to create a spring, the truth lies beneath the surface, waiting to be revealed and embraced.

Pegasus's Symbolic Significance In The Far East: An Epic Adventure

In China, there is a mythical creature that is similar to the Pegasus. It is called the Logma or the Dragon Horse.

The creature has wings and dragon scales and when someone sees the Logma, it is often a warning that a wise ruler will come to power

The symbol of the Dragon Horse was popular during the Tang Dynasty and it was here that it symbolizes aristocracy and diplomacy.

It is said that the Logma was also born from the waters of heaven. It can abide in the spheres or on earth and the Dragon Horse walks on water and regulates water flow.

In Chinese classic folklore, there are also two other winged horses. Tianma is a winged celestial horse and Chollima is described as a mythical winged horse.

Astrological Signs Of Pegasus: Celestial Understandings And Explanations

Aspect Zodiac Association Characteristics
Astrological Significance Ptolemy's insights Ambition, spiritual power, and task orientation.
Constellation Location Between Pisces and Aries Spans 40 degrees of the zodiac.
Bright Stars Scheat, Markab, Alpheratz, Algenib Named stars in the Pegasus constellation.
  • According to Ptolemy, Pegasus holds significant astrological importance, with its bright stars symbolizing a period of heightened aspiration, sensitivity, whimsy, and zeal during their ascent in the sky.
  • These celestial stars inspire the inner warrior, representing refined spiritual strength a clear sense of purpose, and a heroic disposition.
  • Individuals associated with Pegasus are characterized by extraordinary skills and agility, prepared to tackle new challenges.
  • Positioned in the northern hemisphere, the Pegasus's constellation lies below Cygnus and above Aquarius, covering 40 degrees of the zodiac in Pisces and Aries with 12 named fixed stars.
  • The Great Square of Pegasus, composed of Scheat, Markab, Alpheratz, and Algenib, is the seventh-largest constellation, situated in the northern hemisphere's fourth quadrant in the night sky.

Seeing A Pegasus: Unveiling The Symbolic Meanings And Messages

Depending on the situation and individual associations, seeing a Pegasus in a dream or vision can mean different things.

In general, it represents creativity, liberty, and pursuing loftier goals.

Meeting Pegasus could indicate that you need more imagination and creativity in your life and that you should rise above your current circumstances and achieve new heights.

It may also represent a yearning for enlightenment on a spiritual level and a prompt to stick to your vision.

To better understand the meaning of Pegasus, pay attention to the particulars of your experience as well as your emotions and associations.

Hearing A Pegasus: Interpreting The Symbolic Whispers And Significance

It can be meaningful for you personally to hear about or come across references to Pegasus in literature, conversation, or other forms of communication.

It might act as a prompt to explore your imaginative and creative side and motivate you to go after your goals. Pegasus's mythological and symbolic significance may encourage you to pursue spiritual development or enlightenment.

Hearing about Pegasus can mean different things to different people based on their personal beliefs and the context in which they hear about it.

Various Aspects Of Pegasus Significance: From Motivation To Freedom

Pegasus's symbolism has multiple connotations that relate to various facets of life.

First and foremost, as it soars through the skies, Pegasus stands for freedom and the desire to be free of limitations. Because it emerged from Medusa's severed head, it is a symbol of inspiration, creativity, and the pursuit of artistic endeavors.

Pegasus can also represent the link that unites the divine and earthly domains forming a bridge between the aspirations of the human race and more profound spiritual realities.

Pegasus is frequently connected to the Muses in Greek mythology, denoting the strength of poetry, music, and the arts.

Furthermore, because Pegasus emerged from an insurmountable circumstance, it represents the idea of overcoming difficulties and barriers.


Meaning Of The Pegasus Tattoo: Setting Out On A Symbolic Flight

Tattoo Meaning Description
Bravery Symbolizes courage and fearlessness.
Freedom Represents liberation and breaking free.
Power Signifies strength and nobility.
  • Opting for a Pegasus's tattoo symbolizes nobility and grandeur, conveying core values of power, strength, and freedom for both men and women.
  • Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the tattoo holds deeper meanings, having been featured on the coat of arms of ancient Templars, representing eloquence, contemplation, and fame.
  • In World War II, the Pegasus's emblem worn by British airborne forces symbolized speed and the element of air, emphasizing its association with swiftness.
  • The body pattern of the Pegasus's tattoo represents various aspects of everyday experience, such as spiritual growth, endurance, wisdom, and sanity.
  • Endowed with mystery and mystique, the tattoo invokes ancient legends and Greek myths, breathing life into its symbolism.
  • The tattoo carries a positive message, believed to bring success and good luck but its effects are maximized when owned by someone with nobility and courage.

Pegasus's Symbolic Meanings: Flying High Above The Domains Of Freedom And Imagination

  • Bravery
  • Stability
  • Magic
  • Inspiration
  • Focus
  • Transcience
  • Leadership
  • Clear-Mindedness
  • Charisma
  • Movement
  • Transitions

Sayings From Pegasus: Knowledge From The Flying Steed Of Imagination

Saying Meaning
"Fly high like Pegasus" Encourages pursuing goals with determination.
"Wings of Pegasus" Symbolizes the potential for greatness.

Pegasus sayings frequently encapsulate the spirit of elegance, liberation, and rising above difficulties.

"Fly high like Pegasus," is a well-known proverb that inspires people to pursue their dreams with bravery and determination.

Another popular saying is "Wings of Pegasus," which represents everyone's inner greatness.

These sayings remind us of the inspirational traits of the legendary horse, encouraging us to embrace our inner strength and follow our dreams with unwavering determination.

Pegasus In Mythology: The Divine Steed Of Gods And Goddesses

Greek mythology's winged horse, Pegasus, was closely related to several gods and goddesses.

Most famously, Pegasus is a representation of a divine and heroic ancestry because he was created from the blood of the Gorgon Medusa following her murder by Perseus.

The hero Bellerophon tamed and rode Pegasus to face and conquer numerous foes and obstacles.

According to certain myths, Pegasus was created by Poseidon, the sea god and horse god, when he struck the Earth with his trident.

Pegasus's mythical significance and its role as a symbol of bravery, adventure, and divine intervention in Greek mythology are enhanced by this divine connection with powerful deities.

Encountering A Departed Pegasus: Exploring Symbolism And Significance

Depending on the situation and emotions involved, seeing a dead Pegasus in a dream or symbolic vision can mean different things to different people.

Generally speaking, coming across a deceased Pegasus's can represent the conclusion of an important quest, goal, or ideal.

It might represent the end of a once very important creative or imaginative project.

A vision like this could also act as a reminder to take stock of past accomplishments and draw lessons from them, realizing that even the most amazing projects have a limited amount of time to live.

Further context and feelings surrounding this encounter would shed light on its significance.

Pegasus's Facts & Trivia: Deciphering The Secrets Of The Flying Stallion

Fact/Trivia Description
Symbol of Divine Inspiration Associated with moments of creativity.
Astral Connection Linked to the sign of Sagittarius in astrology.
Eternal Youth Symbolizes eternal youth and vitality.

Symbol Of Divine Inspiration

Greek mythology describes Pegasus as being born of Medusa's blood and is frequently connected to divine inspiration. Its appearance was thought to portend periods of inspiration and creativity especially in the arts and poetry.

Astral Connection

Pegasus holds a place in astrology as well. In astrology, Pegasus is linked to the sign of Sagittarius. It embodies the qualities of exploration, freedom, and a quest for spiritual knowledge, aligning with Sagittarius' adventurous spirit.

Winged Horse Symbolism

A common theme in many cultures, the winged horse is frequently connected to spiritual transcendence. It stands for the capacity to transcend material worries and establish a connection with higher states of awareness.

Mythical Hero Companion

Pegasus frequently accompanied heroes like Perseus and Bellerophon on their adventures as devoted friends. In terms of spiritual guidance and support on the path to self-discovery and personal development, this role represents that idea.

Alignment With The Heavens

Pegasus is also associated with celestial realms. Its wings represent the connection between the earthly and heavenly, signifying a bridge between the material world and the spiritual dimensions.

Eternal Youth

In some interpretations, Pegasus is seen as a symbol of eternal youth and vitality, reflecting the idea of spiritual rejuvenation and the timeless nature of the soul.

Symbol Of Freedom

The winged horse's ability to soar freely in the sky symbolizes liberation from earthly constraints and the pursuit of higher truths and aspirations.

Guardians Of Pegasus: Organizations Committed To Preserving And Guarding It

  • World Wildlife Fund (WWF): WWF focuses on the conservation of endangered species and their habitats, working to ensure the protection of various animal species worldwide.
  • The Nature Conservancy: This organization is dedicated to preserving natural habitats and the biodiversity they contain, which indirectly benefits various animal species.
  • International Union For Conservation of Nature (IUCN): IUCN is a global organization that assesses the conservation status of species and provides information and resources for their protection.
  • Humane Society International: While not specifically focused on wild animals, this organization works to protect and advocate for the welfare of all animals, including horses.
  • Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS): WCS operates in many countries to protect wildlife and their habitats, often in partnership with local communities and governments.
  • American Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals (ASPCA): This organization works to prevent cruelty to animals, including horses, and promotes their well-being.
  • The Wild Animal Sanctuary: This sanctuary provides a permanent home for rescued captive wildlife, ensuring they live out their lives in a safe and natural environment.

Take Advantage Of Pegasus Symbolism In Everyday Life For Inspiration And Liberation Through Practical Magic

Inspiration For Creativity

Pegasus, who is frequently connected to inspiration and the arts, can inspire people to realize their creative potential. Pursuing artistic endeavors, be it writing, painting, music, or any other creative endeavor, can result in self-actualization and self-expression.

Pursuing Dreams

Pegasus represents the pursuit of one's dreams and aspirations. In daily life, this symbolism can motivate people to set and work towards their goals, no matter how ambitious they may seem. It encourages perseverance and determination.

Intellectual Growth

Pegasus is a representation of knowledge and wisdom. It may arouse a desire for knowledge and intellectual development. Pegasus's symbolism can be practically applied to reading, exploring new concepts, pursuing knowledge, and adopting a lifelong learning mindset.

Spiritual Exploration

Pegasus is frequently associated with the afterlife. Applying this symbolism, people can investigate their spiritual practices and beliefs, such as mindfulness, meditation, or inner-self exploration to discover inner peace and purpose.

Courage And Confidence

Pegasus, with its majestic and fearless nature, can symbolize courage and confidence. In daily life, this symbolism can encourage individuals to face challenges with bravery, overcome fears, and believe in their abilities.

Symbol Of Freedom

Being a creature of the sky, Pegasus stands for liberty. Practically speaking, it can encourage people to pursue personal freedom by making decisions that are consistent with their beliefs and interests, even if doing so requires escaping restrictions or limitations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Pegasus Symbolize In Mythology And spirituality?

Pegasus represents several attributes, including inspiration, inventiveness, knowledge, liberty, and the link between the material and spiritual worlds.

How Can I Incorporate Pegasus's Symbolism Into My Spiritual Practices?

Pegasus's symbolism can be incorporated through meditation on its attributes, incorporating Pegasus's imagery into your spiritual environment, or thinking about its meaning when looking for direction and inspiration.

Is Pegasus Associated With A Specific Spiritual Tradition Or Belief System?

Pegasus is a flexible symbol for spirituality because it is not restricted to any one tradition and can be understood in a variety of ways by people of different religious backgrounds.

What Does It Mean To See A Pegasus In A Dream Or Meditation?

If you see a Pegasus in a dream or during meditation, it can mean that you need creativity, inspiration, or a higher self-connection. It may also represent pursuing your dreams and ambitions.

Are There Specific Rituals Or Ceremonies Involving Pegasus's Symbolism?

You can design your ceremonies to honor Pegasus, focusing on elements such as creativity, wisdom, or spiritual connection, even though there are no set rituals.

Can Pegasus Symbolism Help Me Overcome Creative Blocks?

Yes, Pegasus can help you overcome creative blocks and stimulate your creative juices by reminding you to reach into your creative reserves.

Is Pegasus Associated With Any Chakras Or Energy Centers In The Body?

Pegasus is frequently associated with the Crown Chakra, which stands for enlightenment and a spiritual connection. Chakra activation can be achieved through meditation on Pegasus.

What Role Does Pegasus Play In Personal Growth And Self-Discovery?

Pegasus's symbolism can help people grow personally by motivating them to follow their passions, accept wisdom, and strike a balance between their emotional and intellectual selves.

Are There Specific Gemstones, Colors, Or Symbols Associated With Pegasus?

Though there are no hard and fast rules, Pegasus may be associated with colors like sky blue and white. Amethyst and clear quartz are two examples of crystals that can strengthen spiritual ties.

Can Pegasus's Symbolism Be Integrated Into Daily Affirmations Or Mindfulness Practices?

Of course! To improve mindfulness, you can write affirmations that are in line with Pegasus traits, like "I am creative and inspired" or "I embrace wisdom and freedom."

Explore The Spiritual Symbolism and Meaning of Mythical Creature Pegas