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A Guide To The Personality Of People With The Color Black As Their Favorite Color

Let's see how the color black will influence you. They say that our favorite color reflects a lot back on our personality. That those who share a favorite color also share similar traits.

Of course, everyone is unique and different but understanding what your favorite color represents can possibly help you understand yourself on a much deeper level.

This can help you have a better idea of who you are, what your strengths and weaknesses are. It also help you deal with certain difficult situations that may crop up on the bump road we call life.

So - let’s take a closer look at one color in particular to see how this can improve your understanding.

We are going to look at the color black. If your favorite color is black, then you have what we would call a ‘black personality’.

Let’s go through the symbolism of the color black and how it relates to your personality.

Of course, it’s important to remember that you manifest not all of these traits that come with the black personality. But you are bound to relate to some that will deepen your self understanding and provide you with important guidance going forward.

So - let’s dive into the color black and the black personality!

The Meaning Of Black

Traits that come with the black personality are actually closely connected to the meaning of the color black itself.

In different cultures, black will have different meanings and symbolism.

Many associate black with negative emotions like sadness and anger. Hence, why black is the official color of grief in western cultures.

Some view black as an evil color as it is related to darkness and the night, which is often viewed with caution and wariness.

This is because black absorbs all light, so many believe that black can also absorb all positive mood and energy.

However, there are many positive symbolic meanings behind the color black.

It is also associate it with sophistication and elegance. Which is why so many high-end retailers use black in their logos and advertising.

Formal events known as ‘black tie’ events, further push this relation between the color black and status.

There is also an air of seduction around black too, as some may view it as a sexy color especially when related to articles of clothing.

Power is an interesting association with black because depending on your interpretation, this can be a positive and negative symbol.

For example, lots of spiritual stones like onyx and obsidian are considered to be powerful protective stones due to their strong, black coloring.

However, black is also in use as a symbol of negative power and strength.

In literature like Margret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, the oppressive Commanders all wear the same black uniform. This represents their status as the ruling class. It symbolize their power and control over all the women in their totalitarian society.

While the color black has many different meanings that are both positive and negative, it is clear that the most commonly associated themes with black relate to power, strength, sophistication but also evil.

There is definitely a duality to black that makes it mysterious and alluring. Which is why so many choose black as their favorite color.

It has a lot of potential (both good and bad) which instantly draws eyes and hearts to its attention.


The Traits Of A Black Personality

Now we know more about the color black and what it represents for a lot of people. We can now take a look at how this symbolism translates over to the black personality.

Here are some of the most prominent traits related to those with a black personality.


Black is a solid color that does not mess around with shades or varieties.

Any lighter and you are considered a different color entirely - so black is definitely one of the most durable colors out there.

This unyielding stance perfectly translates over into a black personality in the form of the determined trait.

Those with a black personality love to set goals and work towards them, advancing forward unfazed by distractions or blocks.

Although they may have a pessimistic outlook on life, those with a black personality are also relentless when it comes to getting what they want or sticking to their point of view.

They struggle to compromise but this determination truly shines when it comes to working against the clock and climbing the corporate ladder.

No matter their goal, a black personality will strive towards it against all odds and there is often nothing anyone can do to stop them.


Black personalities radiate power due to their innate strength. Other traits are accumulated together to create an aura of mystery and seduction that others are naturally drawn to.

They have a sense of charm and charisma that also demands a lot of respect - something that a lot of other personalities struggle to achieve.

Because of this, black personalities find it easy to manipulate and convince others to do their bidding.

They have no qualms about pulling in favors or using their position to get what they want and yet, their social standing never seems to be besmirched.

This is not necessarily a negative trait. Some black personalities can use their power to promote positive change and use their charisma to help appeal for charities.

They can use their influence to help change things for the better - but alternative, be destructive all in their design to get what they want.


Not everyone is comfortable being open and friendly.

Lots of black personalities prefer to be secretive and conservative when it comes to their thoughts and feelings. This makes them difficult people to read.

Most of the time, they like to keep their cards close to their chest. Until they feel more at ease with those around them.

It’s part of their method to protect themselves from hurt and the judgment of others. Black personalities naturally fear these things and so, they build up walls around themselves as a form of protection.

This also means that black personalities often come across as blank slates when you first meet them. They do eventually lower their guard over time.

So, even though most black personalities come across as aloof or secretive, they often hide a stellar personality.


It is only natural that those who prefers black are also sophisticate and elegant themselves.

Black is the ultimate formal color in use at all serious and major occasions. This perfectly reflects back in a black personality through their own sophistication.

Black personalities are very polite and intelligent, but whether they built that intelligence over experience or education is variable.

They are also complex individuals, who have a thorough understanding of everything around them from the way people work to the cultures they divulge in.

Whether it’s art, literature or business, black personalities know a lot and understand the complexities of the matters they face.

Their refined manners allow them to move in circles effortlessly, pulling a lot of strings in many fields.


Black personalities are plague with insecurities that threaten their way of life whether it’s their relationships, status or wealth. Black personalities often spend a lot of time fretting about things and worrying about the future.

This can make them great planners who always keep a few options open at all times, but it also makes them vulnerable to personal attacks that can unravel their image and emotions.

This is why a lot of black personalities are also very cautious- their insecurities hold them back from anything new, preferring to take the safe road instead of something that could spring a surprise on them.

The reason why black personalities feel so strongly connected to the color black is because it is a very protective color that can help build barriers and provide black personalities with somewhere to retreat to when things get challenging.

This does not mean that black personalities prefer to run from their problems, but they often find themselves over compensating for their insecurities which can sometimes only lead to further issues.


Not all black personalities play by the rules. In fact, many are rather rebellious and prefer to pave their own way. They strive towards the goals they have set for themselves instead of what is expected of them from others.

Although they hate being judge, other black personalities would rather put across a single image of themselves that they have created instead of letting others label them.

Black personalities are very independent in both their way of living and thinking.

They like to break the mold and try new things as long as they are a part of the plan they set.

While they are great at influencing others, black personalities are not great at being influenced themselves.

They march to the beat of their own drum and prefer to make decisions all by themselves.

This does come with a downside - black personalities are often difficult to work with. This is because of their independence and conservative ways.

This can put a strain on relationships as black personalities struggle to let someone else take the reins for once or even consider another’s thoughts and feelings.

Color Black


The most innate desire of a black personality is to have control.

Being born with their insecurities and fear of being labeled by others. They desire control over everything from their image, their life and eventually, other people's lives too.

Although this makes them natural leaders and great planners, their controlling nature means they leave no room for compromise or team working until they end up becoming more of a dictator than a leader.

It is difficult for a black personality to remember that their opinions and feelings are not all that matters and while they can try their best to resolve this flaw, they inevitably slip into old habits now and again.

But, that is just part of being human - a black personality should always strive to remember to be considerate of others and that they cannot control every single detail of their life.

Compromise and communication are both vital tools when it comes to building relationships and finding success. Yet they struggle to get a grip on either.


Their desire for control forces them to have a ‘my way or the highway’ mentality. This causes more problems that it solves - so this is definitely something black personalities need to work towards resolving.

If You Don’t Like Black

Not everyone likes black, so you can tell a lot from someone who dislikes the color.

If you are the complete opposite to the black personality and personally hate the color, then let’s take a closer look at your related traits due to this.

Black can often be a depressing color for a lot of people, especially for those who have lost a lot in life. So, they tend to avoid this color and opt for ones that are brighter and more uplifting, like yellow or pink.

From this, those who don’t like black are usually very optimistic people. They prefer to ignore problems and fill their life with excitement.

Extroverts and those with lots of connections prefer to avoid black and it’s calming, sturdy symbolism.

The people who don’t like black are usually the ones who love spontaneity and ditching their responsibilities. Ignoring reality and preferring to live life while they are young.

These individuals are pretty open and unafraid of making the odd mistake now and then. They are more likely to flit from relationship to relationship, change careers, and be unprepared for the future.

Perhaps these people prefer to live life to the full and enjoy things while they last. While those with a black personality can sometimes miss out on huge opportunities that they come to regret.


In conclusion, black personalities have a lot of duality to them, just like the color itself. While we see some as mysterious and dark, others are respected for their power and sophistication.

This color perfectly represents the strength and power of the black personality. This allows them to have a lot of influence and weight to their words.

Although they can struggle in working with others and compromising, black personalities must work on their desire for control. They should accept that sometimes, you cannot plan or dictate certain aspects of your life.

Once a black personality understands this, they will be able to charge towards success. They can also build better, healthier relationships with those around them and respect others opinions and decisions.

A Guide To The Personality Of People With The Color Black As Their Fav