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Is Your Favorite Color Red? Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Your Personality

From an early age, we are asked what our favorite color is. It doesn't seem like a complex question but what if we told you that your favorite color can actually tell not only yourself but others a lot about you?

A favorite color can give insight into the personality traits you may have as well as represent your desires in life and what your goals may be.

In this piece, we focus on the color red, and for anyone who views red as their favorite color well then, this is the piece for you!

Here we look at what your favorite color says about you, dive into the personality traits you may have, and also give some interesting facts about the color red.

What Does The Color Red Say About You?

There are a lot of associations with the color red and it is a color that is used often in marketing, business, and areas of passion due to the strong emotions the color raises in people.

Below we look at the top five personality traits linked with people who consider the color red to be their favorite color. These traits may ring true or you may discover something new about yourself.


The color red is often associated with power and success. As a result, those who love red are viewed as ambitious people.

In your professional life, you are constantly trying to improve and better yourself to enable your professional growth to not become static.

You are always striving to progress along the ladder of success in your career. Demanding a lot from yourself, which can have its positives and negatives.

In addition, you need to be aware of burnout as this will not only affect you professionally, it will also affect you mentally.

You are also ambitious in your free time. You don’t have a lot of patience and expect things to still operate smoothly and efficiently without any room for error.


Color Red

Whether you are out for dinner with family and friends or playing board games at a dinner party you do not like to lose and so fun is not your strong suit.

Try to relax in your free time to ensure you get some downtime rather than constantly pushing yourself for greatness.

If you can’t relax when spending time with family and friends this can impact your relationships as they will realize that there is no off switch with you and your personal and professional ambition.



Links between the color red and courage can be found in many different cultures around the world. The personality trait of courage and the color red were first linked together hundreds of years ago.

Since ancient times, red represents courage and the Romans used red to symbolize blood and bravery.

Red is a prominent color used in gladiator costumes and the robes that nobility wore.

In modern culture, the color red still linked with courage and it represents power and strength, which are key traits of courageous people.

Courageous people use the color red in their clothing and accessories which makes these brave individuals stand out from the crowd and they make sure that everyone knows that they mean business.

Color red is often used in sporting uniforms, such as boxers shorts, soccer teams jerseys, and other aggressive and physical sports.

In addition, this color is used to make the sportsman or team appear brave and to highlight to others that they will do what it takes to win and succeed.

They are not afraid to stand out and use the color red to trigger emotions within their opponents, playing with them psychologically hoping to make them scared or worried about the game ahead.


People often associate red with being energetic and enthusiastic. Energetic people are not afraid to stand out and they may even wear red to try and attract attention.

To be noticed is their goal and they will do anything to achieve this goal.

This energy is necessary to fuel their ambition and also their courage.

Energetic people are bundles of energy that can be positive. It enables them get things done as they are not afraid of taking risks and leap into taking action.

This is when the energy can be viewed negatively, as mentioned previously, people who love the color red often lack patience and so this combined with their energy means that they instantly jump into situations without taking time to consider their actions.

You should try to channel your energy into something positive, such as working out or else work on focusing your energy on other channels.



Speaking out can often take a certain amount of bravery, especially if you have taken time to consider what it is you need to say to get your point across.

Impulsive people have the ability to simply state exactly what is on their minds, in both professional and personal situations.

Voicing your opinion can be admired as you may be seen as a representative for others who do not have the confidence to do this, but sometimes if you have not taken time to consider what it is that you can say you may come across as aggressive.

Often people will associate the color red with anger and when you act impulsively you can be led by this emotion to both say and do things that you may regret.

Try to work on your temper and control your emotions. This will help you focus on allowing your impulsivity be viewed in a positive light.

Often, impulsive people can make fantastic and fun friends. They are always up to hanging out or going to do a fun activity.

With your impulsive nature, you may find that you are saying yes to every invite you receive. It will soon make someone wait because you are not able to make all your promises happen.

Always remember what you have said yes to previously. To ensure you spent the day meaningfully and won’t be left in a position on letting someone down.


In recent years, red is hugely in use by marketers all over the world as a symbol of love.

For St. Valentine's Day shops are filled with red gifts and bunting. Red hearts cover the front of cards in stores worldwide. It is no surprise that those that love the color red are extremely passionate people.

People that like the color red are considered to have a need for physical fulfillment, especially with their partners.

Color Red

You love ferociously and fall hard. You are extroverted and so public displays of your passion and affection are not something that you shy away from.

Being the center of attention is what you like. Your outgoing nature and love of life help you in making sure that you stay in the spotlight.

Passionate people can often be fixated on the things they love and they struggle in redirecting passion to other areas.

Color red is a reminder to you of your passion for love, this draws you to this bright, vibrant color.


Innermost Desire

People who favors red usually share innermost desires, what they wish to achieve in life, and their hidden secret are.

Innermost desires can be hugely personal things and often people don’t consider that. In fact, there are other people who crave the exact same thing.

For people whose favorite color is red, their innermost desires tend to be related to relationships and love.

It seems as though these people are looking for a partner to share their lives with. They seek a relationship where they can express themselves freely and openly without fear of judgment.

They prefer finding a partner than have a large circle of friends. Someone who would understand them better and someone that can truly focus on them and their needs.

Often people with strong personality traits, such as those mentioned above, are struggling to find someone who accepts them for their loud, extroverted, and intense selves.

Apparently, all these people want to be loved and adored by someone who offer the same level of adornment as they do.

They want someone who loves them unconditionally and who will always be there for them.

Finding that soulmate is something that drives those who like the color red. They want to find their perfect match and a partner who will never leave them.

They say that everyone wants to feel loved and be loved by someone. People who like the color red crave this with such intensity and that is what makes it their innermost desire.

Focusing in improving themselves and succeeding in order to attract someone into their life to help them to continue to grow and become a better version of themselves.

What It Means If You Do Not Like The Color Red

If you don't like the color red then this also says a lot about your personality. Below we look at the most common traits within people that don’t like red.

You may be a calm and collected person who prefer more muted and neutral colors.

Creating in calm and relaxing environments is what you like. Bright colors can be triggering and disturbing to your peace.

You are a shy person who does not like to stand out or appear too much to others.

The color red can be intimidating to you as you associate it with energy and vivaciousness. This may results in unwanted attention.

You may be healing or recovering from an illness or past trauma and the color red can raise anger or trigger flashbacks for you. In this you may need calming energies around you in your healing space and the abundant energy that the color red emits is too strong for you.

The color that you favor may be a calmer color, such as earth tones like blue, green, and beige. These colors calm you and add to your environment in an understated and comforting way.


Facts About The Color Red

Here are some interesting facts about the color red.

  • The color red was named after the Roman god Mars
  • It is one of the most popular colors in the world, ranking within the top four most common favorite color
  • It is the second-brightest color next to white
  • You can make red by mixing magenta and yellow together.
  • According to research, men tend to prefer the color red over other colors, yet approximately 8% of the global male population has blindness to the color red.
  • Red is a very common color in nature.
  • In sports, the color red is used in team sports kits as it stands out and makes it easy to follow sportsmen as they move around, for example in soccer or American Football.
  • Restaurants often incorporate the color red into their menus and decor as it is believed that red can stimulate appetite.
    Color Red

Final Thoughts

We hope that this piece taught you about new things you never realized about yourself before. Also, given you an insight into what people who favor red over all other colors may be like.

Next time you are speaking about colors with friends or colleagues, keep this piece in mind to give you the ability to understand and learn more about others, purely from their favorite color.

If you are trying to find out more about yourself it is worthwhile to consider your favorite color and reading about what personality is often associated with that specific color.

This will help you get a better understanding of who you are and what you desire the most in life.

Is Your Favorite Color Red? Here Is Everything You Need To Know About